How to Survive a Grenade Blast

Just some helpful science if you ever find yourself face to face with a grenade :)

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Really good paper on why jumping into the pool is a much worse idea than the pool deck: http://www.scuba-doc.com/uwblast.html

2:00- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- http://www.andrewapplepie.com/
4:40- I’m So- Andrew Applepie- http://www.andrewapplepie.com/
5:00- Apple pies and butterfly's- Blue Wednesday- https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/apple-pies-butterflies

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Автор Art25000 Animations ( назад)
Well, if I have 5 seconds, I would kick both grenades in the pool, or press r2, pointing at the annoying neighbors.

Автор Sqiggly lines ( назад)
I chose water but, for the balloons in the water u blew up the grenade right next to it but i would run like 15 feet then jump in so like
keep the balloon 15 feet away and check it so its more accurate

Автор Chris Albert ( назад)
and someday they'll​ end up being dead

Автор philsouthus1 ( назад)
enjoyed that very much, I picked the water but now I know better, lets hope we never have to use this info but just in case,,,, thanks

Автор darren u know it ( назад)
u died

Автор DavidTheParty PepporoniGuy ( назад)

Автор 関野政太 ( назад)
i chose water. what if diving into the water with the explosion on the land

Автор riccardovamos ( назад)
the silver ball thing

Автор Gamer Conor 965 ( назад)
"We are men of science" ...5 minutes later "These silver ball things"

Автор Alec Longo ( назад)
Water doesn't compress like air does so the blast wave would kill you further away than in air. The more you know

Автор Captain Swagger23 ( назад)
i would go in the pool because i would want to die having fun in water.

Автор Ignited Springtrap ( назад)

Автор XxCaden knightxx ( назад)

Автор 0xAlfiex0 ( назад)

Автор lamont sible jr ( назад)
The US military stopped using the Mk2 (Pineapple) grenade over 50 years ago, during the Vietnam war. The M26 replaced the Mk2. The M26 explodes into thousands of tiny pieces.

Автор TheMysteryMan - MC5 & More ( назад)

Автор seanthepowerdavies ( назад)
I chose the wrong one

Автор Isac Jonsson ( назад)
Thanks! This solves some everyday problems.

Автор Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbajo123 ( назад)
Water 💦

Автор Tony Otts ( назад)

Автор Bree Johnson ( назад)
I chose water

Автор Joseph st.germain ( назад)

Автор Pharoc ( назад)
Depending on the grenade, it's not even the shockwave that kills you, but the fragmentation slicing you up and destroying vitals.

Автор Jackson Barr ( назад)
I choose water

Автор recordman555 ( назад)
The "waffle" pattern was found to be practically worthless. Grenades that were made in this fashion segmented in random pieces, not necessarily along the crosshatched pattern upon detonation. Knowing this, the production also became simpler, grenades having a smooth casing as we see today.

Автор Jim Selix ( назад)

Автор Ethan Tisdall ( назад)
i chose land

Автор Unbox Lab ( назад)
I have a story

Read more

Автор Eithyn Billingtong ( назад)
100000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 90000000 0000000000000000000000000 00000000000 50000000000 0000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000

Автор GrizzlyBear airsoft34 ( назад)
They actually would of had time to get beside the house

Автор Adrian Nixon ( назад)

Автор Daben Dinosaur ( назад)
Dude just get away from it as fast as you can

Автор Andrew Fisher ( назад)
both live

Автор Jackson Barr ( назад)
Like it u agery water will win

Автор RandomGgames ( назад)
So, if one grenade fell... You could just do the opposite (In a perfect world..), however, when one is in water AND on land... what if you stayed at the water surface, but just underneath, while lying down?

Автор Codey Jack ( назад)
i pick pool deck

Автор Gabriel Nieves ( назад)
Yees pooooooool pooooooool pooooooool

Автор Djfunkiller 137 ( назад)
or get back up and run. 0:48

Автор Martin Green ( назад)
The lumps on the surface are to help grip the thing.

Автор PHAN VANNARETH ( назад)
I chose on land

Автор Skizzlebuddy_YT ( назад)
Do you guys think Mark looks like Dale Atwood? AKA Roman Atwood's brother

Автор Khan Phimmasone ( назад)

Автор reece flynt ( назад)
if on land hopefully you dont get shrapnel in the taint.

Автор Diego Motta ( назад)

Автор BonziBuddy Exploits ( назад)
0:19 gave it away for me.. i thought they were real until I saw the hole in the bottom.

Автор Keith Gordon ( назад)
dont go in water!!!

Автор TheDaxxC ( назад)
Except that your friend will die in the water from the explosive concussion....

Автор Jun - Neo ( назад)
can you survive my squirt blast?

Автор Memer_Rick ( назад)
ehm pool is better because on land you can still die easy

Автор VolumeHunter ( назад)
arent explosives more lethal in water?

Автор Mads Lund ( назад)
I would eat the grenade in panic xD

Автор Joey's Garage ( назад)
What happens if the Grenade is on land and ur on water? Would you still get hurt?

Автор noah sammut ( назад)

Автор Mr. JayJay MCPE Gaming and More!! ( назад)
I chose land. Lucky!

Автор Mr. JayJay MCPE Gaming and More!! ( назад)
1:36 with captions on: And since there are 40 bumpbs
You mean bumps?

Автор ayaan butt ( назад)

Автор 123 456 ( назад)
what that at 3:37 please

Автор airida railiene ( назад)

Автор LenLu ( назад)
I Love this Video

Автор kvh ( назад)
How to Survive a Grenade Blast ..... maybe?? run away get some cover?

Автор Mohak Pandey ( назад)
jump in water

Автор Harvest Hearts ( назад)
good reference for Sweden

Автор Isaac Breezy ( назад)
In the pool will be better👍🏾

Автор Justin French ( назад)
the pools safer leak 🔥 power🔌🔌🔌🔌

Автор Justin French ( назад)
is this guy a animal noob?

Автор Justin French ( назад)
that's a moniter lizerd

Автор J55187 ( назад)
I choose water

Автор coolkovier 248 ( назад)

Автор Khi Mac ( назад)
Does balloons be trippy

Автор catalina heredia ( назад)
i choose water/pool

Автор Will Iam ( назад)

Автор Shane Morgado-Rivard ( назад)
mark Robert

Автор A.A. B. ( назад)
So if someone shoots at you jump in the water but when you jumped they stopped firing and they will throw a grenade , then you go out of the water to be shot at by guns ... and repeat until they are out of munition (ipoteticaly)

Автор Arkiitos Exvoxio ( назад)
I'd imagine that the shockwave would travel faster and stronger through the water yet the shatds themselves would slow down.

Автор Sandwich Break News ( назад)
As an army vet I can tell by the blue spoon: Those are not "live grenades."

Автор kawala Dy ( назад)
if u choose land u have a chance to get hit by tje dick/v

Автор Casi Casada ( назад)
I will say because I know water

Автор Emma Morris ( назад)

Автор Tanzy Walters ( назад)

Автор Moist Monster ( назад)
i said land you know why? cuz iam smart.

Автор Nkb Studios ( назад)
Aw a baby alligator!

Автор creepy creeper guy 100 ( назад)
Land so if you pull it you can run away

Автор YoMoma 26 ( назад)
But the grenade was still out of water not in it so I would go in the water if it was dropped out of it. Not sure if I'm right

Автор DailyDo Brooke ( назад)
dang man this channel is cool ima sub

Автор TheUltimate EnderLord ( назад)
Hmmmm il take my knowledge of minecraft. And since that tent doesn't destroy anything in water. I'm guessing that it won't here. But it actually might be true. Do remember that minecraft is educational.

Автор Dakota Newton ( назад)
jump in the pool

Автор Mary Rose Akina Dela Cruz ( назад)
I choose water :(

Автор Mary Rose Akina Dela Cruz ( назад)
I choose water:(

Автор Tgernos ( назад)
i should go sleeping

Автор Lior Kay ( назад)
Q I live in Florida

Автор picacho Lejons ( назад)
Jump in the pool

Автор Superchubbyninja ( назад)
how about a apple grenade

Автор Mr. Neil ( назад)
Imagine sticking a live grenade in your butthole.

Автор AnoGamma ( назад)
you can also just lie in the water but with half of your body above it

Автор Ggyhdhdhdndjekeidnej ( назад)
No baby alligators, Kevin's, or Gernades were harmed in the making of the video

Автор carl witt ( назад)
Kevin's a dead man

Автор Tankle ( назад)
imagine that the bullets from grenade hits right at ur balls while ur sleeping ....

Автор Paul John Enriquez ( назад)
Of course in the pool

Автор Ognjen Simic ( назад)
i chose pool deck

Автор Matthew Holbrook ( назад)
I chose the pool deck

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