30 Most Ridiculous People Of Walmart

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30 Most Ridiculous People Of Walmart or Funny Pictures of People Shopping at Walmart
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Комментарии: 1157

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Автор Diane Beaudry ( назад)
No accusations towards the maker of this video, but how many of these do you think were staged/& or photo shopped?

Автор Vitoria Melloo ( назад)
Eu invoco os BR!

Автор Brett D ( назад)
holy shit! I think all these pictures were taken at my local Walmart!

Автор Mad Hatter ( назад)
Welcome to Music Tube. All of the most annoying and loud looping music in a lame attempt to ????? thumbs down

Автор Bennett Gatlin ( назад)
Ok people NEED to wear CLOTHES!

Автор Frances Elaine Thurston ( назад)
sick. Once in a blue moon I'll shop at WM. However, I never saw anything like these, and I'm going to stop watching this.

Автор Dino Nerd ( назад)
Stupid video

Автор Ann Marie Nti ( назад)
was that a turcky stuck in the woman vagina

Автор Connie Bucci ( назад)
Best place for entertainment ,,, 3 ring circus!!!

Автор kaelyn webb ( назад)
Go to the Butler Township Walmart on a Saturday night at 9:00😲😱😨😯

Автор Shadarian Williams ( назад)
wtf was number 3 !!! fat me lady naked

Автор Tatum CRazyer ( назад)
I saw a guy in a gorilla suit buying bananas

Автор Jaeda Collins ( назад)
18 wtf

Автор Monique Braynen ( назад)
what is the name of the song

Автор Daniel Newhall ( назад)
Weird all

Автор Jeffy not a bad boy ( назад)
what is the name of the song?

Автор Renee Thomas ( назад)
was the bitch putting a chicken in her pussy?

Автор CSG AKA COOL SISTER Gaming ( назад)
Thank you pillow bull

Автор Kathleen M. ( назад)
...I will never eat chicken again!!..

Автор Sami Gonzales ( назад)
hear me!!!

Автор Sami Gonzales ( назад)
how made it you need to mind your own business and no won else

Автор CSG AKA COOL SISTER Gaming ( назад)
At number 2 is the girl real

Автор Cecilia Gardner ( назад)
That might be all they have

Автор Landyn Hyde ( назад)
I love this song

Автор PeachyPie Gal msp ( назад)
2:24 what is she doing??

Автор SIck BoY ( назад)
what is the name of the song??

Автор Dar Y ( назад)
the last one on 30 most ridicolous people at walmart was the stupidist thing i ever seen

Автор Ms. MG ( назад)
they always showing black people

Автор Sam ButterWorth ( назад)
Actually only 0.3 seconds

Автор Dre' White ( назад)

Автор Galaxycookie011_aj 9 ( назад)
#21 is me when I get older tbh

Автор Puppy Popo ( назад)

Автор Jeff Noyes ( назад)
Dude Walmart has some weird shit

Автор N'Dea Greenwood ( назад)
17 is so fucking racist

Автор Court Rogers ( назад)
this video is basic lying saying that fat people have a dress code and aren't allowed to ware servants things that other people ware

Автор Yovani Cardona ( назад)
Wow that person POOPED their pants 😁😆😋😜😄😓😔

Автор kjsklb ( назад)
You guys are making fun of other people

Автор IT'S KEACE ( назад)
number 11, 9 were hidious

Автор Bailey townsend ( назад)
If y'all think that's nasty then you should see even half the people in my class!!!

Автор Rahima Mubeen ( назад)
The way people dress and their weight is not ridiculous!

Автор Tesfaye Brehe ( назад)
hahahah that is not funny now so do dome thing better with it ok i did not teases you i teached you

Автор Tesfaye Brehe ( назад)
this is mean you dhould stop it is like imbersing them you should tjink they may have a reason what about one of them was you

Автор Devils Rebel ( назад)
I don't get number 9 can someone explain please???

Автор Charlie Galeana ( назад)
what is that song called

Автор Elizabeth Epperson ( назад)
Wtf is #9

Автор Carla Seymour ( назад)
The pictures go way WAY to fast

Автор Ashlyn Evans ( назад)
people are nasty if you took a picture of those people they wouldn't like that if I did that to you

Автор gaming guy ( назад)
this is disgusting.

Автор Steph K ( назад)
was she masturbating with raw chicken in the store? ew

Автор Karyl Katt ( назад)
Are you for real?
Nothing better to do?

Автор angel doll ( назад)
its a background music of a song but I don't know the name plzzzz tell me

Автор angel doll ( назад)
plzzzz anybody tell me the name of the music !!!!!!

Автор Nina Baba ( назад)
really insane craziest
a lots of mad mad peoples out there 😨

Автор Jessie Violetrose ( назад)
They can wear what they want to wear , But please not at Wallmart

Автор flufferstuff ( назад)
I have never seen anyone like this at Walmart. The location of this Walmart has to be relevant? Is it Miami?

Автор Ocdesignzz Amy ( назад)
I never shop at Walmart! Products are made by slave labor! 🖕them

Автор Wendy Vijosa ( назад)

Автор Wendy Vijosa ( назад)
what the fuck

Автор baby khan shaikh ( назад)
Loha picture Hindi ke full HD

Автор saniyyah evans ( назад)
1:46. Was literally me

Автор Anime Person ( назад)
No word here for the stupidity of these people... 🤐🤐🤐

Автор Puppy lover101 ( назад)
This is kind of racist because so of those people might only have those things to wear

Автор Shane Iversen ( назад)
You might want to slow down the time between pics! It's literally like a flash!! Need a little more time to fully Ingest pictures .

Автор Deanna Hanisch ( назад)
we need more time to look at it

Автор Galaxy Kitty :3 ( назад)
Could you tell me the song?

Автор Sleepy Hyena ( назад)
First one is like are you going to a rave? It's not so bad XD.

Second is to elaborately done and hilarious if of dubious fashionable taste imo. Fashion is relative though and I bet a lot of people would call my sex pistols shirt and skinny jeans dubious fashion taste so I cant rag on that woman's weave XD it was elaborately done.

the rest are typical Walmart scum though. absolutely horrible.

Автор Rita Hastings ( назад)
Some of these people were in Halloween costumes...some were real...but why show this?...to make fun?

Автор colo jgo ( назад)
Let the people be free

Автор B Sugar ( назад)
Why do people care about it?

Автор happy ghost ( назад)
lol i want to go to America just to go to Walmart to see this comedy for real... what a crack up!

Автор Jessica Sharma ( назад)
I would b embarrassed if 1 of them was me (not I am not of them)

Автор Sharkman2000 Stott ( назад)
no ones perfect we're just human

Автор richelle reynolds ( назад)
Know that if this video brings you joy, then your conception of joy is not yet one born of genuine experience. The more you love yourself the less you will enjoy laughing at others imperfections and pain. Not a cool video at all man

Автор LukeWarmWater ( назад)
2:26 what's even happening 😂

Автор Gamer Filip ( назад)
Number 16 is me

Автор Ms K. Johnson ( назад)
It's a shame people are taking pictures of these people. These are people with problems but yet people are okay with taking their picture and laughing at them. What are we in Middle school????

Автор Jaime Wells ( назад)
Was that woman putting food in her hoodoo? It's almost sad. You'd have to be really hungry to eat THAT!

Автор all4tubekids fan 1 ( назад)
number 18 in front of the child... to shay

Автор Tongue Twister :p ( назад)
1:42 me asf 😂

Автор alice partosa ( назад)
are these real?

Автор SALEM V. ( назад)
So we're just going to ignore the fact that a woman had a turkey, or chicken stuck in her vagina? Nasty asf beyonddddd nasty.

Автор Nora Aracely Covarrubias ( назад)
how is a guy wearing a shirt with writing on it make him ridiculous?

Автор Xena Sinawai ( назад)
Pics flash by too quickly!

Автор Talissa Rayann ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Betsy Archer ( назад)
HORRIBLE music. If your next video has music even half as bad as this, I'll never click on any of your videos again. Too horrible!

Автор harper levert ( назад)
only is the USA

Автор Barbara Harris ( назад)
this world is funny...

Автор Noah Vale ( назад)
That back flab is just so so hot !!! Just sayin..

Автор Fgau17 ( назад)
Seriously this is really fucking annoying barely get to see the image before another one comes on space it out so we actually can see what the fuck is happening

Автор Chrissy Stepford ( назад)
some of these pics are so wonderful they need more than 1/2 sec of screen time. I feel for the woman with her period.....the music, however, SUCKED.

Автор Squibbadoh D ( назад)

Автор Tracy Cox ( назад)
I had no idea that people had boobs on their back

Автор Lilly May ( назад)
This is kinda mean(and racist)

Автор Ave Plays ( назад)
What is this song?

Автор Matthew Fletcher ( назад)
i live in spain i wish we had walmart these people are amazing

Автор Glenn Chesney ( назад)
n a s t y a z z h o g s

Автор Glenn Chesney ( назад)
that's is some nasty azz hogs

Автор Glenn Chesney ( назад)
that is the absolutly the biggest bunch of hogs I ever seen.
that is some nasty azz hogs

Автор Tamera Dehoedt ( назад)
please tell me #2 is a doll??????

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