Fan Mail Unboxing - Part 17

  • 5 Unique Product on Ebay - part 10 -
    P.O. Box 49
    Waynesville, NC 28786

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  • Robin Gould
    Robin Gould 13 days ago

    Get rid of those blyatski ads.

  • Royax Tabs
    Royax Tabs 17 days ago

    I want that paint mixer

  • Lezzi Gang
    Lezzi Gang Month ago

    Calls it tea yet its clearly coffee

  • sammy cardoso
    sammy cardoso Month ago +4

    He doesnt realize that the reason why companies send him stuff is so he without thinking makes videos and features those products. And he is the companies free advertiser basically.

    • Boo Peep
      Boo Peep 25 days ago +1

      He knows. He has even talked about it.

  • zune lotoo
    zune lotoo Month ago +1

    Taras, finally, We find our survival shovel in this video :)

  • Saige M
    Saige M Month ago

    This would be ao cool if my product would be in a video but to who ever wants a custom keyboard or keychain i make them by hand let me know

  • gwar2222
    gwar2222 Month ago

    I will send you some austria candys and pastete. I know you love those things, and they taste awesome, goos stuff in austria.

  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White Month ago

    I want to see more fan mail unboxing!!

  • waterwixxxer
    waterwixxxer Month ago

    I like fan mail videos and would watch more, but really any unboxings or mystery boxes or whatever is valuable to you will do.

  • Hasan Haroon
    Hasan Haroon Month ago

    The company’s have made it once they make it to the almighty test

  • Wayne Friedman
    Wayne Friedman Month ago

    The water filter products are by " DAFI "

  • rlhanks
    rlhanks Month ago

    A few more interruptions for commercials.

  • Yeshneel Nundcoomar
    Yeshneel Nundcoomar Month ago +1

    Please do hot sauce reviews. I would love to see that and I'm sure others will too

  • Hanifa Bibi
    Hanifa Bibi Month ago +1


  • Hanifa Bibi
    Hanifa Bibi Month ago +1


  • Hanifa Bibi
    Hanifa Bibi Month ago +1


  • pro-second amendment kid #love guns

    Ever buddy share with friends

  • oofSauce
    oofSauce Month ago +1

    You should do fanmail unboxing with Katherine again!

  • Asia Mcilwain
    Asia Mcilwain Month ago

    He should do giveaways to his fans 🙈🥺

  • Сава Средовић VIII-1

    At this point it ain't even fan mail, it's company mail

  • MrSquareart
    MrSquareart Month ago

    Very very very nice video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dumboli0321
    dumboli0321 Month ago +1

    Thank you for doing another fan mail unboxing. I miss these!

  • ronnie valley
    ronnie valley Month ago

    that is too funny taras, "at first i thought it was a paint mixer", ha ha ha, yeah, does look like a meat cooking device for hotdogs or leg of lamb.......maybe even a burger too!!!!

  • Exposed Gaming
    Exposed Gaming Month ago +1

    "Wow So Many Gajics"

  • Bob Billy
    Bob Billy Month ago

    I like you vids🔥

  • Fadel Yousef
    Fadel Yousef Month ago

    Yes crazy hacker we want to see more

  • Denis Cerviakov
    Denis Cerviakov Month ago

    i sent u cocaine bag, why didnt u show it? did u sniff it all?

  • outdoor and bushcraft

    I know what this is, is a gas can poster. Lol

  • CP gaming
    CP gaming Month ago

    Airplane peeler

  • Comment Removed
    Comment Removed Month ago +3

    I thought he said eggplant peeler.
    Was like, looks like a pillow to me lol.

  • Bigshow101171
    Bigshow101171 Month ago

    Fan mail part 2

  • anton gorbonosov
    anton gorbonosov Month ago

    скажи пожалуйста. а что всё это если купить в магазине оно не будет по той же цене.

  • Daniel Lomas
    Daniel Lomas Month ago +4

    taras is such a great guy i hope only the best for him!

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray Month ago +2

    "Lipton Tea, I love that kinda tea!" ..... its totally coffee..hahaha

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will Month ago +4

    Remember Taras, to make sure you take time for yourself from RUclip, you seem tired. Love you guys!❤❤❤

  • Barimus Bari
    Barimus Bari Month ago

    airplane pealer

  • clodwolf
    clodwolf Month ago

    Announce your divorce already

  • nostickpeople
    nostickpeople Month ago

    Pull ur pants down

  • Lucille Renaud
    Lucille Renaud Month ago +3

    I love fan mail opening videos. I miss you doing them with Katherine too. I hope to see dagger videos and lighter videos as well soon. Thanks for the time and effort you and Kate put in to do these videos.

  • Joshua Garcia
    Joshua Garcia Month ago +1

    I only watch him cuz he’s a fool 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Odinox
    Odinox Month ago

    lol who sends 40 gas nozzles?

  • undergagorder
    undergagorder Month ago

    Where's the wife?

  • planetshadow
    planetshadow Month ago

    Why is it so hard for RUcliprs to shout out to people that send them stuff. Entitled much?

    • Rainey
      Rainey Month ago +1

      He announced the names before opening them, weren't you listening?

  • Rod Pasichnyk
    Rod Pasichnyk Month ago

    What's a pilla?

  • Lauri Lee Roberts
    Lauri Lee Roberts Month ago +1

    Yes I like seeing what you get

  • Fatima
    Fatima Month ago +7

    Who came to the comments right away after he opened the tea called Frolgers coffee lolll

  • Debbi Schaldecker
    Debbi Schaldecker Month ago


  • Spencer Bukosky
    Spencer Bukosky Month ago +1

    “Once I acamalate more packages”

  • Linda Klann
    Linda Klann Month ago

    Love Mail Videos!!!

  • Lynne Babb
    Lynne Babb Month ago +1

    More unboxing please.

  • Franz Louise Baterna

    This is the only guy who loves everything he recieve even if he gets a bottle opener all the time. Hahaha

  • Luigi Viking
    Luigi Viking Month ago

    hawaii over ratted been only cool thing sea and food and parle harbor

  • chad smith
    chad smith Month ago

    I comment down here in the comment section wouldn't hurt. We do provide you with millions of dollars

  • preacher0057
    preacher0057 Month ago

    Well I hope you like the coffee tea bags.

  • Zayse Gacha
    Zayse Gacha Month ago +21

    Folgers: COFFEE!!
    Taras: I LOVE DIS TEE!! It’s always in my background 4:11

    ARIEL NIR Month ago +1

    Company mail unboxing*

  • Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan Month ago +2

    lol... "Traditional Hawaiian Gummy Bears"

  • Coloring With D
    Coloring With D Month ago

    Your fan mail videos are hilarious. Please keep them coming. But one thing I have to tell you is that the "folders is really coffee in a tea bag. Thank you for sharing, I wish I was able to do what you do. 🌞🌞🌞

  • DashDrones
    DashDrones Month ago

    I love gajjicks too

  • Alan Gascon
    Alan Gascon Month ago

    I'm from Hawaii

  • socal frank
    socal frank Month ago

    Lying taras "wow guys i like this folgers tea" loool

  • mary rybicki
    mary rybicki Month ago

    Bee roaster

    MR TEAGLE Month ago +2

    Finally a new great fan mail unboxing video! I'm trying to get a Russian special forces MRE so I can send you it! I saw another RUclipr have it and it's really good!

  • Milán Moiseanu
    Milán Moiseanu Month ago

    Nice video Taras!

  • Nerri Zenitroc
    Nerri Zenitroc Month ago +1

    Love these videos!!!!!

  • Jonathan Levander
    Jonathan Levander Month ago +3

    You are always so entertaining to watch! 😀👍

  • Kheshav Ramtohul
    Kheshav Ramtohul Month ago

    I really think you should get a session for the unboxing and review all the items from 5:07
    They sent those stuffs for you to review. Maybe other people will be interested

  • Lauraelizabeth Cohen

    Love your fan mail and kitchen gadget videos Taras

  • Liam Oihan Sadlier Puy

    I sent you some traditional Irish1 potato chips after your last fan mail video, 2 years ago, pleeeeeasse show them in another one if hou haven't eaten them already

  • Lei Wulong
    Lei Wulong Month ago

    Trembly shaky hands.

    • Chill Will
      Chill Will Month ago

      He's restless, the guy is a dad, a d being a parent is hard work.

  • Brekner Catalin
    Brekner Catalin Month ago +37

    I want some of that tea called Frolgers Coffee.

  • Linan 345
    Linan 345 Month ago +36

    *opening coffee packages* Wow, you guys know, I really like this tea!

      MR TEAGLE Month ago +5

      Tea coffee is the best

  • Ulrik Larsson
    Ulrik Larsson Month ago

    Fun mail or fan mail...or both?

  • Michelle Hren
    Michelle Hren Month ago +1

    The HOT SAUCE: I think that may he Louisiana Hot sauce; it looks just like that.
    I am a store stocker & just stocked those this morning!

  • James A
    James A Month ago

    Yes another fan mail unboxing I've been missing these

  • CollCollK
    CollCollK Month ago

    Can I have some of your fan mail? And a spare laptop if anyone has one.

  • Gaming with PURG3 anarchy

    I wish people sent me food from other nations. That would be my dream lol

    • Vin2live
      Vin2live 22 days ago

      @Fitness Enthusiast Lol

    • Fitness Enthusiast
      Fitness Enthusiast Month ago +4

      You want crickets, lizards, cockroaches and snakes as food?
      Many people consider them as food.. hope your dream comes true

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith Month ago

    Do the Hawaiian taste test

  • Ruthie May
    Ruthie May Month ago +1

    The Russian Millionaire who can make or break your company. 🥰🥰🥰

  • El Niño
    El Niño Month ago

    I bet these mails have coronavirus.