How to Make a Helicopter

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Автор Tayab Shaikh ( назад)

Автор Abdullah Azhar ( назад)
bloody mother fucker fly it sister fucker

Автор taufan maulana ( назад)
sia tai nipu ngajieun teh

Автор wiilka Faaajo ( назад)
OMG it's not flying

Автор Harjot Sandhu ( назад)
What's that gun with which u fix everything

Автор abhijit chetia ( назад)

Автор Harpreet Singh ( назад)
ghaint aa kam


Автор Moses poul ( назад)

Автор Santosh Achariya ( назад)

Автор WeeklyDavid ( назад)
can't fly :( 🚁🚁

Автор Jose Vasquez ( назад)

Автор Paul Wood ( назад)
'Get to the choppa'

Автор Ibzo Ngom ( назад)
c incroyable

Автор Jorge Nuñez Rosales ( назад)
me quede esperando como para que no volara!!

Автор Patry Beningo Cayetano ( назад)
How can it fly?

Автор Nature Beauty ( назад)
Nice One

Автор The World Entertainer ( назад)

Автор aman bnr ( назад)
garbage.. no kids would like that copter which can't fly. waste of glue and time

Автор Sagar Raj ( назад)
it's no flt

Автор Samuel Kutty ( назад)

Автор Willet Makosa ( назад)
Watch girl I really like you by Willet Makosa

Автор Franklin Culbreth ( назад)
He would have to make the tail rotor turn 3 times as fast as the main rotors, also the makeshift swash plate would have to be calibrated perfectly to give it lift. It needs a lot more RPMs.

Автор Gio Andrew Serrona ( назад)
it's working and so cool that is the coolest helecopter

Автор Pua Slankers ( назад)
om pesan dua

Автор Chandan Das ( назад)
thats cant fly

Автор Namiq Seferli ( назад)
yarlm saat sənə baxdım amma yçmadı ^^KÜL TƏPƏVƏ^^^

Автор anom anom ( назад)

Автор Simperfit Minecraft ( назад)
it think don't fly ??

Автор Sri Krushna ( назад)
Its a good idea for project's for children

Автор The talking twin Le ( назад)
The king of random? Mr Gear? Dr Drill? What's next Mrs Drill?

Автор Bradford Crowe ( назад)
honestly, it probably could if he used a 9 volt

Автор Bindu Tushar ( назад)
Mere ko bahut acha lga

Автор Sadaquat ali khan ( назад)
What gum you have used ?

Автор nowyat silentdust ( назад)
Next you need to add a camera.

Автор manoj kumar ( назад)
it's not fly...

Автор adrian ( назад)
what is this song?

Автор chervas perez ( назад)

Автор The Technology ( назад)
it helicopter is non-flying

Автор ANY INFORMATOIN Yubetube Chainal ( назад)
गुड टूटोरियल टूटोरियल

Автор Azam Ali ( назад)

Автор Heri Nst ( назад)

Автор Si Bolang ( назад)
Wow, cool

Автор trigger1808 ( назад)
wew i thought it's gonna fly.

Автор Why so Serious ( назад)
this is cool

Автор Addie Lam ( назад)
Not only wasting material, it's wasting my time watching too.

Автор Amita chettri ( назад)
is very cool

Автор Eizlan Daniel98 ( назад)
what is nme the song plying on this vdeo?

Автор the wrench ( назад)

Автор the wrench ( назад)

Автор Shubham Keer ( назад)

Автор Anna Gruber ( назад)
make dat shit fly son

Автор Prabhav Chauhan ( назад)

Автор Wilma Delos Santos ( назад)

Автор Xavier H. ( назад)
was going to be legitimately impressed if you could actually make a DIY heli that could fly. guess not though lol. nice clickbait.

Автор Siddhant Rimal ( назад)
I get it. Dr. Screw is screwing with us 😂😂😂🤣

Автор trollface laugh gamer 2.0 ( назад)
i need the name of the song please

Автор 4 ohm ( назад)
Wtf video is this ? are u kidding us ?

Автор J T ( назад)
buy games here: http://www.play-asia.com/?tagid=2811475

Автор Bernard Ellefsen ( назад)
Motherfucker the volume

Автор Insane Clashers ( назад)
Asshole who need your shitty helicopter that can't fly. Put that helicopter in your ass

Автор Vann Randolf Igarta ( назад)
Waste of everything

Автор Alok singh ( назад)

Автор Arip1260 ( назад)
This video wasting my time

Автор Jarek kowalski ( назад)
pull ap :)

Автор jawad ali ( назад)

Автор harlene sentones ( назад)
its pretty cool guys but its expensive

Автор Eduard Chernov ( назад)
Нечего делать....

Автор Emdadul Haque ( назад)
Why it cannot fly

Автор United power ( назад)
you waist all those materials for like 40 and i can just go on eBay or somewhere and purchase a flying more cooler helicopter for $20 or even less

Автор Ronzz Ron ( назад)
waiting for the helicopter to fly such a waste

Автор Miguel Peña ( назад)

Автор TROLLERZ NOPE ( назад)

Автор MegaFares19 ( назад)

Автор Esther _ ( назад)
so cool!

Автор aman yadav ( назад)
U r dum

Автор Mygiam ( назад)

Автор Sample Text. ( назад)
Instructions unclear.
China is declaring war.

Автор Enoch Mosaola ( назад)
like that's so cool, that's worth trying

Автор king of crusade ( назад)
Nice fan .. well done man

Автор علي طالب ( назад)

Автор Avs Benni ( назад)

Автор Avs Benni ( назад)
du er norsk din pikk

Автор Justin Wright ( назад)
there is more hot glue propaganda on youtube than there us at hobby lobby.

Автор Ajay Gurung ( назад)
fucking waste of time

Автор subhash Kumar choudhary ( назад)
A good thing (app)

Автор subhash Kumar choudhary ( назад)
A good thing (app)

Автор Youtube Guy ( назад)
the sounds he got from real helicopter in youtube

Автор chandu 123 ( назад)
it is nice

Автор himanshu patel ( назад)
Are hatttt....jhatura helicopter sala chalata hi nahi.......maiya ka loura sala!!

Автор marwadi vidio new2 ( назад)

Автор hassan iftikhar ( назад)

Автор Anuj Kumar ( назад)

Автор Anuj Kumar ( назад)

Автор Gsaygyy Gyy ( назад)

Автор Olly Peake ( назад)
i watched the whole thing and it didn't even fly

Автор Real BD ( назад)
nice video

Автор Buner Funny ( назад)

Автор Power-Play 350 ( назад)
hot :-S

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