Fiction Tattoo - Ana's Cameo

  • Опубликовано: 28 сен 2011
  • Ana visits Ken Broken from Fiction Tattoo
    41-31 53 St. Woodside, NY 11377

Комментарии • 3

  • Ellie Goodman
    Ellie Goodman 5 лет назад

    how long did this take? couldnt hear how long you said?

  • Maria Flannery
    Maria Flannery 6 лет назад

    Would love to see some pictures of her later on with her tattoo, just to see how well it looks on an everyday basis. I absolutely love it, bravo to everyone involved in creating it, a work of art!!

  • Gheemoo
    Gheemoo 6 лет назад

    Ken Broken is amazing. Ana's tattoo is awesome; So fitting for her... and M2J is awesomesauce at media/coverage. What a team!