What's In My Bag?

Find out what's inside my bag/purse/pocketbook (those are all the same thing, there's just one bag here)! I have watched so many other "What's In My Bag" videos and I was so excited to do my own! Hopefully you guys love receipts as much as I do...

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Mon Chéri
Good Time

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Автор Safiya Nygaard ( назад)
LOVE U GUYS!!! next video coming out TOMORROW! see u guys then & hope u guys enjoy this little silly one! <3

Автор POVgames ( назад)
Apple absolutely downgrades older generation iphones, that's been confirmed, it also means that they don't need to spend as much money buying new gen tech for new models because in comparison old gen is still better than your worse gen and downgraded model, Nvidia does this too with it's GPUs

Автор HurricaneHetta ( назад)
I always call my purse my garbage bag.

Автор shewolfpup ( назад)
Hey Saf! I just ordered the glasses like yours. I've been seeing them for ages and wondering where you get them. Yay. Now we can be cat eye buddies. Mraw. =^.^=

Автор Shannon Marquis ( назад)
Amen to the iPhone conspiracy! My husband and I think about that often. We want to switch back to Samsung. 😍

Автор Exodus Nymph ( назад)
Dang it Safiya, you're distracting me from writing my fan-fiction >:(

Автор mycolourfulife ( назад)
saf please do a how to style in black video !!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

Автор angie siles ( назад)
i have the same ipsy bag

Автор Leah Johnston ( назад)
What's b b go

Автор ctinasu ( назад)
OMG my sister's favorite number and lucky number is 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U remind me of my sister so much!!! Lol but my sister is 20

Автор Lauren Stephen ( назад)
saf is my spirit animal

Автор Kaitlyn O'Donnell ( назад)
Absolutely love your channel. Never related more to a YouTuber.❤❤❤❤ lots of love 😊

Автор Nadja Baum ( назад)
"sometimes I just don't want to leave my makeup at home alone.." <-- so relatable

Автор Olivia ( назад)
my favorite number is 16 too❤

Автор Kelli Spaulding ( назад)
Crater Lake Oregon is absolutely beautiful. We vacation there almost every Summer. Lived in Southern Oregon for 7 years. Too uptight for my liking. Now I'm back to Humboldt County and couldn't be happier

Автор latronqui ( назад)
I love it when she says "shmash"

Автор Sierra G ( назад)
16 is my lucky number too!!

Автор maria maldonado ( назад)
Did she say the WEAST COAST?!?!?! #SpongeBobreference

Автор Lynn Bernheim ( назад)
Got one of those Starbucks mess up cards a couple days ago

Автор Francis Smith ( назад)
A bag? Golly, I can't wait to find out what's inside of somebody's precious bag. How entertaining! Hey look, everybody! A bag! Yaaay ... Please kill me.

Автор Shterlit shterlit ( назад)
16 is my lucky number too !!!

Автор Katie Mahony ( назад)
What?? do you have different coins for every state or something?? Knowing me it make it my mission to collect one from every one, but we only have one general design for our coins in Australia (except for special ones tho) love your videos xx

Автор Salma Zaidi ( назад)
my lucky number is 16 too! I was born on the 16th lol

Автор TheManWhoDoubts ( назад)
I actually don't care what's in your bag!

Автор Gail Fabrigas ( назад)
Your purse is so similar to mine with all the receipts, straw wrappers, chargers and other random things =)

Автор Sydney Lane ( назад)
What your lucky number is sixteen, That's my birthday which makes it mine too!! Also love your videos.

Автор Beautiful Tragedy ( назад)
I was doing my nails as I was listening to this so I wasn't looking at the screen, and at the end when you said, "Thank you Savannah for watching," I got so excited because that's my name and when I looked up I got so sad and I'm like PLEASE NOTICE MEEEE.

Автор Sami Eckert ( назад)
"just incase... i sob" 😂😂

Автор Teresa Bartley ( назад)
I have trident white in my purse too but I do not swallow it

Автор lizzer ( назад)
I'm glad I'm not the only one that checks the states on quarters

Автор sarah williams ( назад)
i love the alba acnedote scrub oh my god. also i was on the new iphone train until i found out apple uses cobalt partially harvested from slave labor/trafficking so. nah to that

Автор Lauren Craven ( назад)
Lol, you may be right about the iPhone conspiracy. I have the 4s, and yes you read that right. The battery sucks, my apps crash 24/7, I can't connect to wifi, and it's just all sorts of awful. I console myself by looking at my bank account and telling myself my money is better kept there. I will continue to stall on getting a new phone.

Автор Lupita Martin ( назад)
lol everyone's purse at 3:10

Автор Emily Elizabeth ( назад)
Hahaha I'm watching from Oregon :-D You can come and visit as long as you don't stay lol

Автор The Painted Belle ( назад)
I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY ABOUT IPHONES. Conspiracy theory confirmed. I'm watching you, Apple.

Автор Gina van Vliet ( назад)
:O you don't keep your diary with you?

Автор alexandra johnson ( назад)
my lucky number is 16 too!

Автор Wendy Heng ( назад)
When she says "hello, friends" I feel like she's inviting you to let her read her palms lol

Автор Uh oh! You Friccin moron! You just got memed! ( назад)
bruh what is a Ralph's its all about that winn-dixie and publix

Автор Madye xycx ( назад)
it's not just a theory it is true that they make your ip work a little worse to make you wanna get a new one

Автор IONIC ( назад)
Tampon, Cell phone, Key's, Lipstick, Eye Liner, Make up, Various Brushes... Nail File,Pepper Spray, Tissue paper, Kitchen Sink?

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
I agree with your conspiracy about the iPhone

Автор Ellen Houtz ( назад)
Our lucky number is the same! I was born on July 16! :)))

Автор Elizabeth Harris-Fain ( назад)

Автор Emily Borgman ( назад)
Why did you sing that song after the zoella comment? Lol

Автор Annie Zohra ( назад)
I resonate too much with this too much! I too have many bags that are hanging or have hung by threads. I am also #teammillionsofrecipts xD

Автор KayRocker ( назад)
I always have a bunch of receipts.

Автор Caaryn Sadoway ( назад)
I love whats in my bag videos omfg I'm so nosey

Also one of the best things I've found for organizing my purse contents (esp when there isn't any/many pockets) is to put stuff you always keep in your purse (like an external charger and cord, tissues, gum ect) all into a makeup bag. The bag is way easier to fish out of your purse and theres less digging for items, plus theres less items to dig around when you are looking for the makeup bag. And as an added bonus if you want to switch purses you can easily grab the bag and throw it in the new purse and then you forget less things when switching bags and its faster.

Автор Siobhan Walker ( назад)
You don't carry much in your bag. I have way more crap have to admit I'd prefer yours lol

Автор AngelLight13 ( назад)
My mom has that same theory about how Apple makes the older iPhones work a little less better once a new one comes out

Автор Not So Perfect ♡ ( назад)
There are not making a 7s and are going straight to 8

Автор justbelievelt21 ( назад)
I believe in that conspiracy theory as well except I have the Galaxy s7. I recently updated my phone (the software) and I swear it made my phone slower and shittier.... how convenient for them... but jokes on them cus I'm keeping this phone til it dies

Автор Crystina Yu ( назад)
The Starbucks recovery card hasn't been circulated in a longggg time, but that's wrong. they can still use it or at least they can accommodate you still!

Автор CKBeauty&Music ( назад)
what lipstick are you wearing? looks great on u!

Автор Silver lining ( назад)
When you were pulling out that charger i lost my shit cause that's exactly what it would look like for me

Автор Awesomeness ( назад)
I like how she didn't clean up and organize her bag. Most youtubers look too organized for real life.

Автор stephieb0587 ( назад)
Back when I was with a cell phone company that still had contracts my phone would quit working EVERY time right before my contract was up. If it was after my contract was up I could get either a free iPhone or pay very little for it, but before I had to pay full price. I swear they did it on purpose to get more money.
But, I always just borrowed a phone from someone if my phone wasn't usable (sometimes I couldn't still use it, but it didn't work well) and wait until my contract was up and sign a new one and get a new phone. Then every time I got the newest phone they immediately came out with a new one lol.

Автор jamee henry ( назад)
I'm really glad you have your own channel because i love all the content you were in and im excited to see whats to come.

Автор Carlie Jules ( назад)
This has nothing to do with the video but Saf's teeth are really nice

Автор Benny Tobias ( назад)
Love it

Автор Jewel K ( назад)
You already have 1million 😮

Автор Rebekah Grace ( назад)
I love fun home!!! Such a good musical! 💕

Автор weed man ( назад)

Автор Ashley Lowe ( назад)
This, is, great. lol

You honestly keep a purse the EXACT same way I do.

Makeup, Receipts, and random stuff you wouldn't ever think that would be/should be in a purse.


Автор Saiko Kokoro1 ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Автор Gianni Yanez ( назад)
Shmash? 😂👌🏼❤️

Автор Krnjevac ( назад)
It''s 5:30 am and i am watching a girl showing her stuff from handbag...And i am a guy...what am i doing with my life???

Автор SpiderShimaa ( назад)
Drop ipsy, get boxycharm. You're welcome.

Автор Emma Hudson ( назад)

Автор Amber Liu ( назад)
When you talked about Oregon you really sounded like my orchestra conductor

Автор DorissaClaire Tyndall ( назад)
I think you're totally right about that apple thing!!! Also, Apple isn't releasing a 7s, they are going straight to the 8 because they want to make some major changes

Автор david qrobinson ( назад)
half way through reading "What's in my bag" I said WOW ! she's freaking hot!! hopefully there's ice in that bag to cool me off...😉

Автор Ramiel ( назад)
So you didn't had 2 spare perfumes in case someone smelled you and noticed you smelled like sex at work, and tried to use them to disguise the smell to your friend/crush who is just trying to fucking work without all the drama and distractions?
Oh... Were did that come from...

Автор Belinda Valenzuela ( назад)
whats in my makeup bad

Автор Lydia Aldridge ( назад)
SAAAMEEE! I totally don't won't the iPhone 7!

Автор AnKariah Calsonia LaRay ( назад)
YEY my lucky number too!

Автор Danielle May ( назад)
We have exactly the same feelings on the iPhone conspiracy. I have experienced the destruction of my old iPhones on multiple occasions

Автор electric giraffe ( назад)
can u do a skincare routine video pls

Автор Rebecka Wood ( назад)
OMG I have that same ipsy bag inside of my purse!!I love the stars <3 I use mine for my receipts and coin change though

Автор Sophie Wysocki ( назад)
I broke my 6 and bought another 6 (iPhone) lol

Автор Elena L ( назад)
do unboxing ipsy

Автор marianaminou ( назад)
safiya, wash your brushes. now. or later. just go do it. i peeped that elf brush.

Автор BrotherGreed ( назад)
When girl wears that curly plastic choker shit you know she sucks mad dick

Автор Nassim xd ( назад)
no dildos?

Автор k bote ( назад)
hi!saf ! good 2 c you again :)

Автор redolentone ( назад)
You give yourself and others permission to not have it together. Your receipts, rather than giving advice you give rat's nest permission. Maybe when you have the time......you can remake this with helpful organizational ideas and tips rather than waist your time and that of those who watch this?

Автор Kailey Short ( назад)
I work at a Starbucks and we still use those recovery coupons, so maybe you just got a grumpy barista?

Автор Agatha Dela Cruz ( назад)
pleasee try glossier products

Автор Natalia Andrea ( назад)
i have the canon g7x mark ii! IT'S SO GOOD!

Автор J Gaming ( назад)
are you still doing videos with your friends at Buzzfeed like Freddie

Автор Dominika Szczęśniak ( назад)
Hi :) these glasses are very similar to the ones that are sold by Bluekiki on Aliexpres or Amazon

Автор Ryan A. ( назад)
Look at meee and my pep pep

Автор Holly Young ( назад)
Micro Muff !!! In England a Muff is slang for a vagina so when you say its oddly sexual I guess you're right !! xx

Автор MyuNeptune ( назад)
Gurl i have those glasses! xD I have them with mirror green glass and i need more. I think i paid for mine 6,50$. They are also my fave and i consider buying more colours. xD

Автор daddy Lawrence ( назад)

Автор Emily Mayes ( назад)
When you said welcome it made you a little vampirish and it was great

Автор Naurani Persaud ( назад)
Do a morning routine

Автор afaqabas ( назад)

Автор Chromosomes O' plenty ( назад)
a bomb

Автор 31Sparrow ( назад)
I don't know what's in your bag

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