What do Russians know about China? | Easy Russian 56

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
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    Producers of this episode: Ekaterina Vertelina & Nikita Tatarskiy
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  • carebear09 White
    carebear09 White 5 days ago

    i love how honest and blunt Russians are lol

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis 8 days ago +2

    Мой совет для Уильяма: слушать музыку Виктора Цоя!!! Это мне помог выучить русский язык и лучше знать звук языка.

  • Vladimir Tyan
    Vladimir Tyan 8 days ago

    Среди всех выпусков Easy Languages Easy Russian отличается среди всех манерой диалога людей на улицах. Необычно.

  • Семён Семёнов

    Россия 2019

  • ThisCannotBeTheFuture
    ThisCannotBeTheFuture 13 days ago

    Что это за музыка? (1:15)

    • Easy Russian
      Easy Russian 6 days ago

      Это You Left Behind (Instrumental version) - spring gang :)

  • Louis
    Louis 14 days ago +1

    Russian sounds like Portuguese.

    • Cplusplus Dude
      Cplusplus Dude 12 days ago +1

      @Louis Yeah I checked it out lol that sounds dumb really, seems like lots of them are arguing whether it's Portuguese that sounds like Russian or it's Russian that sounds like Portuguese.
      I'm Russian and I don't see similarities between them at all. Melodics, sounds are completely different. Portuguese is closer to Italian or Spanish, in my opinion, but then again phonetically, they are still quite different.

    • Louis
      Louis 12 days ago

      @Cplusplus Dude
      I'm just joking, because a lot of people say that Portuguese sounds like Russian.

    • Cplusplus Dude
      Cplusplus Dude 12 days ago +1

      Not even close.

  • Julienne Bay
    Julienne Bay 17 days ago +1

    Катя, где твоя собачка? I'm waiting for his (or her) next appearance! 😃

    • Ekaterina Vertelina
      Ekaterina Vertelina 9 days ago +1

      Julienne Bay спасибо, это очень мило с твой стороны 😊 надеюсь, она найдёт время в своём плотном графике и согласится ещё как-нибудь принять участие в съёмках!

  • Marquis Brown
    Marquis Brown 21 day ago +1

    Her red hair is awesome. Also lovely episode

  • Christian Maravillas
    Christian Maravillas 22 days ago +1

    как россиянин, я не верю, что Китай для нас хороший союзник

  • Joan
    Joan 25 days ago +3

    Очень интересное, классное видео! Уильям очень впечатлил, у него очень хороший(для иностранца) русский язык, и он неплохо общается..
    Ответы на вопросы были очень прикольные и непосредственные..
    Больше всего понравилось видеть как люди из разных культур нашли общий язык и даже могли смеятся и шутить..
    Здорово!! Уважение..! 👍

  • David King
    David King 25 days ago +1

    Obviously, American people know China a lot more than Russians...

  • David King
    David King 25 days ago +1


  • Jennifer Check
    Jennifer Check 28 days ago

    What was the word he used instead of advice? I've never heard that word in Russian.

    • Ekaterina Vertelina
      Ekaterina Vertelina 28 days ago +4

      Jennifer Check he used the word “предложение”, which means suggestion/offer and isn’t quite right what he meant :)

  • ña na
    ña na 29 days ago +2

    hes a spy

  • League of legends Russian server

    Какие же русские девушки тупые. Особенно трое молодых.

    • zero tolerance
      zero tolerance 18 days ago +1

      Да это нормально, обычные ТПшки.

  • Didi Prangsak
    Didi Prangsak 29 days ago +2


  • 雨緑
    雨緑 29 days ago +2

    I guess, woman here meant that Chinese food is expensive, not fat.

  • david he
    david he 29 days ago

    come from china learning russian

  • Jungbae Eriel
    Jungbae Eriel 29 days ago +11

    RUclip please give me a love button. I don't like these videos but I LOVE them because watching people exchanging ideas through a common language really makes me happy.

  • 马天力
    马天力 29 days ago

    这个братан 的 俄语 уровень 不是非常хороший, склонение и спряжение 需要наизусть

    • 李家愷
      李家愷 29 days ago +1

      да я тоже так думаю 哈哈

  • Kianglek Tan
    Kianglek Tan 29 days ago +12

    Saint Petersburg has very intelligent and sophisticated people living in it

    • s
      s 7 days ago

      true, this is in moscow though

    • Семён Семёнов
      Семён Семёнов 9 days ago

      Judging by their answers, exclude handsome man in glasses, overall IQ is moving towards zero...

    • Joan
      Joan 25 days ago +4

      @Kianglek Tan.. Two people look out of the window.. One focuses on the mud in the street, and sirens, and yells of the drunk, while another one focuses on the beautiful trees, laughter of the beautiful people in their houses and warmth of love and friendship..
      Needless to say, these two people do not attract same reality within the same city.. 😃

    • Kianglek Tan
      Kianglek Tan 28 days ago +2

      @Kate S then feel better if there are idiots living in Athens, Sao Paolo, Sydney, London and New York City
      After that, try to have friends and focus on the positive aspects of life (not that I'm telling you to be ignorant about reality) 😉

    • Kate S
      Kate S 29 days ago

      Huh? Here are also a plenty of uneducated idiots, just like everywhere else. Believe me, I have been living in SPb for 9 years

  • Rupert Bloomsbury
    Rupert Bloomsbury 29 days ago

    William was educated and trained by the Chinese Communist Party and is now there to drive China First.

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 29 days ago

    Good ending music

  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 29 days ago


  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 29 days ago


  • Michael Stewart
    Michael Stewart 29 days ago

    I like this

  • Iouri Belov
    Iouri Belov 29 days ago +2

    Девушки путают Китай и Японию. В вагоны метро пассажиров запихивают в Японии.

  • SouthPark333Gaming
    SouthPark333Gaming 29 days ago +22

    His Russian is pretty good! I mean sure, he forgets to use the cases. But so do I! And my native Language is at least Indo European.

    • Joan
      Joan 24 days ago

      @SouthPark333Gaming Wow! That is very impressive to me!
      I grew up with Russian as a first language, and I speak English for many years (I am Canadian).. My other languages are French, Hebrew and Spanish (currently studying French and Spanish) I do not know Danish at all, but heard that pronunciation is hard.. My respect to you!

    • SouthPark333Gaming
      SouthPark333Gaming 25 days ago +1

      @Joan My native Language is Danish, but I speak Russian as well (alongside German and English)

    • Joan
      Joan 25 days ago

      what is your native language then? You understand Russian?

  • z h
    z h 29 days ago +5

    the central neighborhood in Moscow is actually called "kitay-gorod", which translates literally to "china-town", how funny is that.

    • z h
      z h 26 days ago

      @type9d I wasn't saying that you were wrong. If you're a strong believer of your opinions, why not.
      Our history is not set in stones, what history can provide us is only hypotheses of the past, some more likely than others, as it's physically impossible to return to the past. People choose what their versions of history to fit their worldview and values. If you pull out of article on the internet to prove one thing, others can pull out probably others to prove others. One should especially be cautious with Wikipedia sources as it's user edited. There's no historical consensus on the subject that you're trying to argue on. And I have no intention of continuing this meaningless troll fight that I had no intention of getting involved further.
      If you want to have the last word, be my guest.

    • z h
      z h 26 days ago

      @type9d such a troll.

    • z h
      z h 26 days ago

      @type9d like i said, it's your own belief. Others may believe otherwise.

    • z h
      z h 26 days ago +2

      @type9d there are many existing theories on why it is called Китай-город, settlement of of people from Китай, name of from Italian "città" because of the Italian architects of the fortification, and the theory you mentioned of course... Anyone can believe what they want to believe. I was just saying in modern russian "Китай-город" translates literally to "China-town", you can't argue on that one.

    • type9d
      type9d 26 days ago +3

      It doesn't mean China.
      Kita (pl. kity) is a somewhat obsolete word for "plait" or "an item made by braiding". A 17th-century Russian source states "У шапок янычары имели киты" ("U shapok yanychary imeli kity"), meaning "The Janissaries had braids hanging from their caps".
      An article entitled "Kitay-gorod as part of Moscow"(«Китай-город часть Москвы») in the Imperial Russian Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary said: "At first this part was called New Town and Another Town, and from the end of the 16th century onwards, - Middle Town or Kitay-gorod (in the Tatar word "Kitay" means middle)."

  • Mario A. Guzman
    Mario A. Guzman Month ago +1

    I love these cultural exchanges and I love the host’s flowing red hair.
    By the way: Whatever happened to Vita?

    • Gollum Mullog
      Gollum Mullog 29 days ago +1

      She's busy with ПриветGuys, I think

  • Sanji Chury
    Sanji Chury Month ago +9

    Chinese people are actually the most discriminated people around the world and throughout the modern history and the histories of Chinatowns in Western countries are a testament of that

    • Fsesra Rseax
      Fsesra Rseax 29 days ago +1

      It's always the Chinese or the Jews. After all, money is hidden behind any historical or modern day's event.
      And they both happen to have a talent for manipulating money. Other races will be seen "lazy" compared to them.
      Remember if there're "geeks" in the class, they tend to be looked down & bullied. In other words, oppress the "geeks" so they can't "steal" our money. It's similar I assume.

    • ferruccio
      ferruccio 29 days ago +1

      100% agree. if there was a "the most discriminated people around the world and throughout the modern history and the histories of Chinatowns in Western countries are a testament of that" award, they for sure would take it hands down.

  • Sanji Chury
    Sanji Chury Month ago +3

    Уильям :) ЛОЛ. Лучше бы сказал свое настоящее имя. Тут в Америке / Канаде смеются над китайцами, которые используют Англосаксонские имена. Их здесь называют бананами, говорят, что они во всем копируют белых. Типа китайцы - это люди, которым не повезло родиться белым в Америке/Канаде. Трамп эти настроения подогревает.

    • Olga Patson
      Olga Patson 29 days ago +1

      Я говорю про тех кто родился за пределами Китая , они же не сидят безвылазно в чайнатаунах и с какого им ляда быть китайцами если они выросли в Америке Канаде или Европе и в Китае никогда не бывали.

    • Sanji Chury
      Sanji Chury 29 days ago

      Есть те, которые без проблем говорят на Мандарине.

    • Sanji Chury
      Sanji Chury 29 days ago

      @Olga Patson Вполне реально. Ты в Chinatowns, которые находятся в США была? Там китайцы сохраняют свои традиции и даже повадки, которые есть в континентальном Китае. К примеру, они плюют на улице и громко чавкают, когда едят.

    • Olga Patson
      Olga Patson 29 days ago +1

      не звизди, если они родились за пределами Китая, то иметь поведение китайца будет не реально.

    • Sanji Chury
      Sanji Chury Month ago +4

      @Cookie Cookie у китайцев есть упрощённые фонетические имена. Европейцы вполне могут их произнести. Имена Ли, Ву, Вонг вполне может произнести любой европеец, американец, канадец

  • canko15
    canko15 Month ago

    Free Hongkong, you disgusting insectoids

  • mrmvpvip
    mrmvpvip Month ago +36

    I love that when Chinese to a foreign country to work, they always speak (or at least try to learn) the language of that country. Unlike some Americans and Europeans who expect people to speak English to them even they're in a different country...

    • mrmvpvip
      mrmvpvip 29 days ago +7

      @Matthew Marasigan I have worked in Russia, South Korea, Japan, and all the Chinese I've met speak the respective language of the country. Japanese use interpreters or speak poor English. That's my observation after working in different countries for many years. Chinese usually speak English in the Philippines or South East Asia.

    • Barron Hung
      Barron Hung 29 days ago

      i guess the exact opposite

    • Matthew Marasigan
      Matthew Marasigan 29 days ago +8

      this is not true. many chinese do not put in effort to speak the language of the country they are in. they should though, i think it would improve their image here in the philippines.

  • Jerry113
    Jerry113 Month ago +8

    Moscowvites in an enthusiastic mood today

    • Hands Down
      Hands Down 13 days ago +1

      @IwasUnknownUser are you Ukrainian? Did you know that Ukrainians are descendants of Turkic people? Cossacks came from Khazars who where Turkic-Judic people.

    • IwasUnknownUser
      IwasUnknownUser 13 days ago

      @Hands Down No need to understand, Russian is mixed race with Mongols.

    • Hands Down
      Hands Down 13 days ago

      @IwasUnknownUser dont understand, sorry

    • IwasUnknownUser
      IwasUnknownUser 13 days ago

      @Hands Down No what, Russian is problematic.

    • Hands Down
      Hands Down 13 days ago

      @IwasUnknownUser what?

  • jerkkyyas jkeryyv
    jerkkyyas jkeryyv Month ago +12

    Instead, ask people in Asian Russia what they know about China.

  • 스제넬
    스제넬 Month ago +11

    Free Hongkong

    • zero tolerance
      zero tolerance 18 days ago

      >Free Hongkong
      free? i'll take two!

    • Kirill
      Kirill 25 days ago

      @ヘンスニヒル Russia support mainland China, not Taiwan or HK. I watched russian tv and never hear good words about HK protests.

    • ヘンスニヒル
      ヘンスニヒル 25 days ago

      @Kirill Thanks for clarifying. Damn what about ppl these days trying to be someone else. Anonymity isn't for being nonsense.
      HK protesters of course self identified as Hongkongers. Some random guy shouting "Free HK" under an unrelated video won't even speak his own language, all for the like button I guess. Or maybe he is from Mainland China then I'll get it.

    • Kirill
      Kirill 25 days ago +1

      @ヘンスニヒル he is not russian, he used google translate, he made many mistakes

    • îþims der åsiåte
      îþims der åsiåte 29 days ago

      @ヘンスニヒル he's from Ukraine