German daredevil rope swings off 850ft waterfall in Canada

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
  • German daredevil Friedi Kuehne rope swings down Hunlen falls, Canada's third tallest waterfall.
    Filmed in 2016, Kuehne stands at the top of the waterfall in British Columbia counting down before launching himself down the daunting 853ft drop.
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Comments • 13

  • Micha Grill
    Micha Grill 26 days ago

    Oh damn 😨hahaha greetings from germany btw 👋😄

  • Qцёєи Bёє
    Qцёєи Bёє Month ago

    Can you imagine how amazing that must feel? Feeling the cool rush of water droplets on your face as you swing freely. Looks like so much fun. But I'd never do it. I will live vicariously through him 😂😂

  • ninja2kernow
    ninja2kernow Month ago

    850 waterfall .not a 850 jump.usual miss leading headline.

    ITSNOT MYFAULT Month ago +1

    Off my bucket list. Not the jump. The sight of pure insanity. Incredible!!!!!!

  • Max
    Max Month ago +1

    he has big balls

  • Abby Normal
    Abby Normal Month ago

    How does he get down?

  • American troll girl girl

    Id would much rather sit back and enjoy the beauty and sounds of the falls and nature than watch some persons screaming and yelling doing tricks.

    • Qцёєи Bёє
      Qцёєи Bёє Month ago

      @Saxon Germania Omg...You're so damn ignorant it's beyond words. Do you think that's cute or funny? News flash, it isn't. You just sound twice as stupid.

    • Saxon Germania
      Saxon Germania Month ago

      @American troll girl girl DAS BE RACIST YO!

    • American troll girl girl
      American troll girl girl Month ago +1

      @Saxon Germania if it was not for white people you would still be a slave speaking German or Japanese. lol

    • Saxon Germania
      Saxon Germania Month ago

      dees muhfuggan white peepo be smellin like mayonaise an sheet

  • Señor Trump
    Señor Trump Month ago +2


    • American troll girl girl
      American troll girl girl Month ago +2

      I totally agree. Id rather enjoy the beauity of the falls. Assuming your meaning of that word is the same as my mother and father taught me.