James Blake - Radio Silence at Radio 1’s Headliners

James Blake performs a haunting live version of Radio Silence as part of Radio 1’s Headliners with Annie Mac, at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios


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Автор M M ( назад)
I'm tired of the world not putting him on top of the Billboard 100

Автор Danny Juarez ( назад)

Автор Simmone Davis ( назад)
I love him, but for the first lyric, he sounded high or on something. I stopped at 1:40 to see other comments

Автор xevissimo ( назад)

Автор BeautifullaCrissi27 ( назад)
His voice will make u faint get back up n then faint again goodness🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵❤❤❤😳lol Love me some JB

Автор Ashley H ( назад)
omg he is so underrated...his music is indescribably amazing and beautiful...brings back the melancholy sexy beautiful 90s sound like Portishead and Massive Attack minus the heavy electronic influence

Автор Aidan Moore ( назад)
I liked about 12 songs on TCOA. The others were too repetitive or just had bad melodies. "I Hope My Life" is really annoying. But the ones where he's just singing with the piano are the best. #opinion

Автор Amanda Solis ( назад)
I am entirely in love.

Автор jo1star ( назад)
The beginning of this video was haunting.... That run >>>>>>

Автор Jason Bernal ( назад)
Can't wait to see him in Dallas this month! 😳

Автор Melatonin ( назад)
anyone know the make of the adidas ben assiter has on??? please! 2:57

Автор Marten ( назад)
Turn the hihat up!

Автор S A. ( назад)
his song is like voices inside your head after a break up

Автор Sirgøid ( назад)
James Blake really surprised me with this new record of his, starting It off with this track may've been the best decision as well! I wasn't too big a fan of his 2nd record (It was OK) and I wasn't really expecting anything from this. BUT WOW. I WAS PROVEN WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS!! I dont understand the hate this record gets, whatsoever.. I personally believe It's his best, It's so much more an experience than a record. Without a doubt one of 2016's best records next to The 1975 & SHURA! Hoping there's a live version of Put That Away And Talk To Me floatin' about soon.

Автор Dennys Bulnes Campos ( назад)
love. :D

Автор Dae Jae666 ( назад)
Thank you Bang Yongguk !

Автор Christine .Solano ( назад)
his songs seem generally harder to perform live. this was beautiful nonetheless.

Автор Ruby Bang ( назад)
Mr. Bang Yongguk brought me here is this is beautiful!

Автор Desity Katerinova ( назад)
Who came here after Bang YongGuk's tweet?

Автор Harrison Lamber ( назад)
OMG I am dying for his voice!

Автор xCRUCiOx ( назад)
he looks and sounds like he's about to start drooling on himself.

Автор Krystal Zephyrine ( назад)
damn hes beau

Автор Brian Griffin ( назад)
1:48 is the best part of the video..

Автор Oxticus622 ( назад)
can't wait for September when he gets here to Atlanta man best birthday day gift ever!!!

Автор Christopher Sainz ( назад)
I can't wait to see him in Houston at the House of Blues.

Автор JessAmors ( назад)
His voice is so powerful...❤️❤️

Автор Dan Gimberg ( назад)
Yes Great ! I like this one more than the one on Jools Holland, this one sounds better mixed. And James vocals ! so goood

Автор Eve Coffman ( назад)
This is beyond amazing

Автор Alexandra Luss ( назад)
god hes so incredible im almost crying

Автор Pedro Erico ( назад)

Автор Ngoc Vu ( назад)

Автор Harry Riley ( назад)
His voice is very different live than on his album. The song sounds a lot better on the album

Автор Eduardo Aguirre ( назад)

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