How to Hack Wii Games with Gecko OS

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  • Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:
    For part 3 once you download gecko os, there will be different folders named gecko1931 inside of others. Keep going into those folders untill you find the one that is named gecko1931 and when you open it you see boot.dol and an icon. Put that one into the apps folder of the SD card.

    I hacked Animal Crossing City Folk because it's fun to hack. =]
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  • Gabriel Akande
    Gabriel Akande 3 месяца назад

    Help. When I load it it freezes at the safety precautions

    • Edzag
      Edzag 2 месяца назад

      Gabriel Akande If it freezes on the Wii's safety things, then your Wii is bricked. (I think...)

  • GhostT SpeedRuns
    GhostT SpeedRuns 5 месяцев назад

    How did you get the select channel option to appear?

  • Rayangaming65
    Rayangaming65 6 месяцев назад

    why u have so many homebrew channels by the way? and how do you get them?

  • GhostT SpeedRuns
    GhostT SpeedRuns 6 месяцев назад

    how do you get launch channel?

  • dragon trap101
    dragon trap101 7 месяцев назад


  • Complisto 03
    Complisto 03 7 месяцев назад

    actual download not the same name but same thing

  • Goldman76289
    Goldman76289 7 месяцев назад

    I have only one problem................................. WHY DO THE CONTROLS NOT WORK!? I launched Gecko, but it won't let me launch the game because the controller turned off and I can't turn it on!

    • Dex Morgan
      Dex Morgan 2 месяца назад

      Even I tried an old controller, and it did not work.

    • Dev Swan
      Dev Swan 6 месяцев назад

      Goldman76289 you need an old controller I myself had the same problem but it worked fine I was hacking mw3 24/7 😂😍

    • phasma games
      phasma games 7 месяцев назад

      it happened to me too

  • Jack Garcia
    Jack Garcia 8 месяцев назад

    I followed the whole process and did everything like you did, but when i start the game it says "no sd codes found". Any help?

  • Reiven76
    Reiven76 9 месяцев назад

    i followed the whole process but when i launch the game,it crashes and starts sounding a loud bip noice...does anyone have a clue and a solution for that?

  • Anthony Bishop
    Anthony Bishop 11 месяцев назад

    +Thanks for 1k subs! how do you get the launch channel option?

  • Kuumba
    Kuumba 11 месяцев назад

    I want to play majoras mask with some cheats but when I copy gecko1931 the one in the hbc folder it doesnt give me the option to lanch a channel

  • BassRemedy
    BassRemedy Год назад

    2:42 look how swanky his wii is- is that the homer channel?? a custom pointer?? how do i do all that!?

  • Mason Gaming
    Mason Gaming Год назад

    it says the ocarina page has a DNS Error Please help

  • Pokemon Pokemon
    Pokemon Pokemon Год назад

    fix the link plz

  • Fwantch Twoost
    Fwantch Twoost Год назад

    does it matter that the water on our homebrew channel is black? what does that mean?

    • ProG64
      ProG64 11 месяцев назад

      He use a custom Wii Design.

  • Teknical Blu
    Teknical Blu Год назад

    I cant even install the homebrew channel.. .-.

  • Beckett Whritenour
    Beckett Whritenour Год назад

    I've done everything right but it says no codes found. help please!

  • Michael Lyga
    Michael Lyga Год назад

    thats a shit ton of toolbars

  • NKGaming
    NKGaming Год назад

    It detects the codes list i made but when i start the cheats dont work?

  • Garret the parrot
    Garret the parrot Год назад

    Can I Undo the codes?

  • nat michaels
    nat michaels Год назад

    how come you have like 20 homebrew

  • thesnowflake aj
    thesnowflake aj Год назад

    i wish i had an sd card my last one has broken ;w;

  • Celina Roman
    Celina Roman Год назад

    will this brick the wii

  • TechnoBastard
    TechnoBastard Год назад

    any other file wbsite??!!

  • TechnoBastard
    TechnoBastard Год назад

    any other file wbsite??!!

  • zelda triforcekiller
    zelda triforcekiller Год назад

    its on me no dvd found

    • ExTec DARK
      ExTec DARK 28 дней назад

      put in the game that you wanted the cheats on

  • ريح السموم
    ريح السموم Год назад

    مفيش طريقة للمحاكى الدولفين للكمبيوتر جربت كل طرق اضافة الشفرات لمحاكى الدولفن ولكن مفيش اى تاثير على اللعبة

  • Professor FatSak
    Professor FatSak Год назад

    Will I lose my current village?

    • MarOnic
      MarOnic Год назад

      +Professor FatSak He had just proved with Animal Crossing City Folk that you will still have your current village but with hacks

  • Professor FatSak
    Professor FatSak Год назад

    no waybim doing animal crossing as well

  • Miksul
    Miksul Год назад

    Do you have to have the game disk? Or can you do it with a game iso?

    • MarOnic
      MarOnic Год назад

      +Miksul64 I tried that with Brawl, it worked for disc and iso versions

  • Accj21
    Accj21 2 года назад +1

    It worked! Thanks so much! And yes, Part 2's link is not what the description says.

  • Muffin Videos xD
    Muffin Videos xD 2 года назад +1

    orcaina when I use the site it shoes ip with
    ERROR 1001

  • Derrick G Wood
    Derrick G Wood 2 года назад

    Isn't there a way, using only my Wii, that I can just type in an unlock everything code for Mario Kart? That way I don't have to use an SD and download software and codes and all that?

  • Rookie
    Rookie 2 года назад +1

    the site where you get ocarina is down for me

    • xLOLxLOLxIRAJx
      xLOLxLOLxIRAJx Год назад

  • Grant Greenlee
    Grant Greenlee 2 года назад

    Help it says in gecko no SD codes found when I put the codes in

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob Год назад

      Me too, anyone help

  • Euan McCormick
    Euan McCormick 2 года назад

    Whenever i click the 2nd link it says cloud flare error how can i fix this?

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 2 года назад +1

    I get an error message when I click the link for Ocarina.

  • Unscene
    Unscene 2 года назад

    it says for me too many lines

  • Horizon Thunder
    Horizon Thunder 2 года назад +1

    Thank you so much you earned yourself a sub

  • Cidens Boo
    Cidens Boo 2 года назад

    Do I need a disc for gecko OS?

  • josh mendenhall
    josh mendenhall 2 года назад

    dont work, with home brew

  • nerds
    nerds 2 года назад

    Does this work for Universal codes too?

  • ㅤㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤㅤ 2 года назад

    it failed to store it

  • Creeper_668
    Creeper_668 2 года назад

    Why did my Wii crash when I loaded a 250km/h race on Mario Kart Wii??!! :( Plz help.

  • Tsary _
    Tsary _ 2 года назад

    Does it work for wiiware like super mario 64

  • Tsary _
    Tsary _ 2 года назад

    Does it work for wiiware like super mario 64

  • Awesome Gamer
    Awesome Gamer 2 года назад

    i got my gecko from the homebrewbrowser

  • Boulder Jackson
    Boulder Jackson 3 года назад

    Alternate Link for Ocarina download?

  • Boulder Jackson
    Boulder Jackson 3 года назад

    Do you need Ocarina, or just codegmr?

  • Albert12324's Official page
    Albert12324's Official page 3 года назад

    Almost not hacked! XD

  • Aquai Watertatoe
    Aquai Watertatoe 3 года назад

    what is error code 048A0184 2D2D23ZZ? plz help

  • Bob Mc
    Bob Mc 3 года назад

    it just ceeps crrashing HELP ME

    • Bob Mc
      Bob Mc 2 года назад

      +Cillit Bang 47w i like checked everything 10 times but still its crashing

  • Ninx
    Ninx 3 года назад

    i cant download ocorina because its in cloud flare or some thing plz help

  • ShadowFlareY
    ShadowFlareY 3 года назад

    it says dns error

  • freddy SHAMS
    freddy SHAMS 3 года назад

    How to choose a game can you tell me

  • Jim hacks
    Jim hacks 3 года назад

    ocarina link broken also please fix

  • Jim hacks
    Jim hacks 3 года назад

    anyone know why my windows 8 computer wont recognize sd cards?

  • lnstantBoner
    lnstantBoner 3 года назад +1

    GUYS! I know this video is old but if anyone can PLEASEEE tell me if it's possible to still use gecko codes but for downloaded wii games! as in like you don't have the physical disk you downloaded the game and have it on usbloader. The reason I don't have the disk is 'cause I lost it. :> 
    Thanks anyone who can help me!

  • Nitroausome
    Nitroausome 3 года назад

    "Error at code: 0242A558 0000XXYY 0042A4E7 0000000R 0442B55C ZZZZzzzz Maybe you have to replace placeholders first (like XX)" Could someone help me?

  • Jose Miguel Gomez
    Jose Miguel Gomez 3 года назад

    Metroid prime trilogy keeps freezing . 😩

  • Mariolol5555
    Mariolol5555 3 года назад

    when i click on export to GCT it says "error at code 48000000 809B8F88
    DE000000 90009380
    5A010000 000XXXXX
    32000000 FFFFFFFF
    14000000 FFFFFFFF
    32000004 031FFFFC
    14000004 031FFFFC maybe you have to replace placeholders first (like XX)" HELP ME!

    • geo manzo
      geo manzo 3 года назад

      You may be checking more then one codes tryonly checking one box

  • kevin moore
    kevin moore 3 года назад

    Everytime I launch the game it just brings me to please insert the super smash bros brawl disc plz help me its very annoying

    • Phong Vu
      Phong Vu 3 года назад

      +kevin moore did you put in the game ID correctly? every game has a game ID right now im doing golden eye So my game ID is SJBE52 type ur game ID in the Game ID

    • kevin moore
      kevin moore 3 года назад

      I cleaned it like 50 times

    • kevin moore
      kevin moore 3 года назад

      It is

    • kevin moore
      kevin moore 3 года назад

      +Wolf MC no I already have the disc in

  • I used to be a musician.
    I used to be a musician. 3 года назад

    O_O Cool. You're a she fan.

  • MrChristopherGB
    MrChristopherGB 3 года назад

    i cant download ocaraina

  • Thorns_
    Thorns_ 3 года назад

    The Link for the ocarina manager is broke >.>

  • The_Eraser
    The_Eraser 3 года назад


  • Xcris22X
    Xcris22X 3 года назад +3

    My controler turns off and wont alow me to turn on with out i cant press launch game in gecko os i have a black wii

    • Xcris22X
      Xcris22X 6 месяцев назад


    • Xcris22X
      Xcris22X 6 месяцев назад

      Rayangaming65 yea i kinda figured that out 2 years ago bit thx😂

    • Rayangaming65
      Rayangaming65 6 месяцев назад

      is it a wii motion plus inside? then it does not work...

  • amcheung10
    amcheung10 3 года назад

    it says DNS error when i try to open the link for step 2 to download ocarina

  • Juanitoes
    Juanitoes 3 года назад

    shit, the Hackmii Installer Made My SD Card Write-Protected -_-

  • craiyo rogers
    craiyo rogers 3 года назад

    how do u if u dont have homebrew

    • Griffen Lawrence
      Griffen Lawrence 3 года назад

      You dont

    • Ness Kun
      Ness Kun 3 года назад

      I hav Hombrew in my Wii U, just saying

    • Positive Vibes
      Positive Vibes 3 года назад

      +craiyo rogers
      The only way you could fuck up your wii is if you do something wrong. Don't worry there are some good tutorials out there if you want to install it right. But its like The guy above me said: no homebrew, no hax.

    • Thorns_
      Thorns_ 3 года назад

      +aidan rogers It's impossible to do it without having the homebrew channel. so if you want cheats then you HAVE to have the homebrew channel.

    • craiyo rogers
      craiyo rogers 3 года назад

      tyler are you a retard i said WITHOUT HOMEBREW

  • craiyo rogers
    craiyo rogers 3 года назад

    it keeps saying error with every code on ssbb

  • waffleKING44
    waffleKING44 3 года назад

    What is this song

  • nariel gonzalez
    nariel gonzalez 3 года назад +1

    For me it says applying then the game starts and the codes aren't being used ;(

  • nariel gonzalez
    nariel gonzalez 3 года назад

    Lying piece of doodoo it don't work

  • mariofan12ify
    mariofan12ify 3 года назад

    is it possible to get us codes to work on a pal console? please answer

  • MrChristopherGB
    MrChristopherGB 3 года назад +3

    My gecko says codes found applying but there is no codes. Help?

  • Secla Troy
    Secla Troy 3 года назад

    I can't Export the codes to GCT! Help?

  • LayDog22
    LayDog22 3 года назад

    Every time I do it, it says no sd codes found. Is something wrong?

  • The Black Whale
    The Black Whale 3 года назад

    when i open gecko it just shows a black screen and nothing happens also and i tried another thing like ocaria or something and it says error 2 when i launch the game in blue screen i also tried again and i played but right it says loading just as you get the game running it freezes at the loading screen someone please HELP

  • Holy Clips
    Holy Clips 3 года назад

    My game starts up, it says codes are being applied but then just before the game comes to the opening screen, it goes black and stays black...

  • Rhys Bauer
    Rhys Bauer 3 года назад +1

    No SD Codes Found. Help?

  • MarOnic
    MarOnic 3 года назад

    When I Go To Homebrew, Gecko Isn't On There. Help!

  • Prolific Pops
    Prolific Pops 3 года назад

    When I get to the Gecko Os screen and it starts loading up my game, the scrren turns black and says Code Exception and displays a bunch of random codes. Plzz help me!

    • Anthony Johnson
      Anthony Johnson 3 года назад

      Lol I am a pussy? Look who's talking mr. hide behind a computer screen all day

    • Prolific Pops
      Prolific Pops 3 года назад

      Alright but you're still a pussy :D I'm out!

    • Prolific Pops
      Prolific Pops 3 года назад

      Why even ask anyway? Codes from a pussy like you would suck anyway :p Dueces anyway!

    • Anthony Johnson
      Anthony Johnson 3 года назад

      +kingsmashman You mean what codes have you created*. Go to the website and hit CTRL + F and then type in spunit which will lead you to spunit262 and then you will see my codes. If you want to see the rest type in WiiMa and then you will see the rest on my other Acc. Enjoy scrub

    • Prolific Pops
      Prolific Pops 3 года назад

      What codes do you have for SSBB?

  • The Special Ed
    The Special Ed 3 года назад

    how do u get the launch channel option on gecko OS, i have geck, but i dont have the Launc Channel at all

  • ItsDraqz
    ItsDraqz 3 года назад

    hey can u use a burnt game because its not letting me load it in gecko

    • Anthony Johnson
      Anthony Johnson 3 года назад

      No dip sherlock you need USB LOADER 

  • Billy
    Billy 3 года назад

    It says theres no codes please like for the creator of the video see this :(

  • Kegan Isan
    Kegan Isan 3 года назад

    Tony get accio hacks and search for the game

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 3 года назад

    Its says that there no codes on my sd is

  • Michael Doan
    Michael Doan 3 года назад

    Does it work with uloader?

  • Vic757
    Vic757 3 года назад

    Mine says theres no codes found on SD

  • strongmateo
    strongmateo 3 года назад

    Help it keeps turning my wii remote off :(

  • Shockwave & Soundwave
    Shockwave & Soundwave 3 года назад

    I followed this video some years ago and now im a second time here to follow it cause I have a new wii, i remember my first time hacking trough that video. Awesome.

  • RankinTvNetwork
    RankinTvNetwork 3 года назад

    Thank you

  • Hitman Scarfo
    Hitman Scarfo 3 года назад

    my wii freezes when i load gecko? help please?

  • Tyler Monllor
    Tyler Monllor 4 года назад

    I press load game, it says it finds the codes, so then it loads the game, but then gets stuck at a black screen saying "Loading" in the corner.. help?

  • Nykadi
    Nykadi 4 года назад

    When the SD card is that it does not find it is because the my game on my Wii is German?
    because I'm German

  • Roger Gu
    Roger Gu 4 года назад

    how did you get everything that is in the sd card?

  • !nsan!ty Edits
    !nsan!ty Edits 4 года назад

    Mine wont work when I go to homebrew channel plz help

  • Bryan Chung
    Bryan Chung 4 года назад

    I downloaded Homebrew Channel to my wii, so do I just create an apps folder and put the Gecko folder in there?

  • Grant Gardner
    Grant Gardner 4 года назад

    wow. I was struggilin and this was hecka easy. thanks