The Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes

  • Published on Jun 3, 2015
  • Top 10 of the best unrehearsed, improvised movie moments of all time. Subscribe to our channel :
    Every big-budget blockbuster or award-winning drama begins with a script, but no movie makes it to the screen without making some changes from the printed page. Sometimes, it's what happens when actors go OFF the script that’s most remembered. Here are ScreenRant's 10 GReatest Unscripted Movie Scenes.
    Raiders of the Lost Ark: Bringing a Gun to a Sword Fight | 0:23
    The Dark Knight: A Round of Applause | 0:50
    Taxi Driver: You Talkin To Me? | 1:22
    Aliens: Game Over, Man | 1:58
    The Usual Suspects: The Line-up | 2:27
    Jaws: A Bigger Boat | 3:10
    The Empire Strikes Back: Han's Goodbye | 3:44
    The Shining: Here's Johnny! | 4:26
    The Silence of the Lambs: A Nice Chianti | 4:58
    Dumb & Dumber: The Most Annoying Sound | 5:34

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  • Danilo Veljkovic
    Danilo Veljkovic 2 months ago

    Unscripted moments are the best moments.

    Mallu ENCYCLOPEDIA 3 months ago

    ഷമ്മി ഹീറോ ആടാ ഹീറോ

  • Mawilk
    Mawilk 3 months ago

    But why male models?

  • alyisdead
    alyisdead 3 months ago

    Who hasn’t been in a bind and screamed, “Game over, man! Game over!”

    PROTOTYPE 03 4 months ago

    'you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off' from the Italian Job?

  • ytiralc
    ytiralc 4 months ago

    This sort of youtube clips needs to die. Please just stop!

  • Bud Stephens
    Bud Stephens 5 months ago

    Please do a video next year with the most annoying face pics of that goofy A O C Congress person

  • Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown 5 months ago

    Chris pratt's "leslie I typed your symptoms into Google and it says here you might have network connectivity issues" from parks and rec is probably my favorite of all time 😂

  • Yeee 01
    Yeee 01 5 months ago

    HEATH 😩😍😍😭😭😭 RIP

  • JuiceLayer
    JuiceLayer 6 months ago

    this is literally the same video as “10 improvised movie scenes that made actors break character...”

  • baldy hardnut
    baldy hardnut 6 months ago +1

    Bruh how can you forget from Fast and Furious 5 when the Rock says "You better hide that forehead"...

  • imicca
    imicca 6 months ago

    I gotta jar of dirt. I gotta jar of dirt.

  • imicca
    imicca 6 months ago

    1:45 because he is italian. thats what italian movies do

  • Jimins infired jams
    Jimins infired jams 6 months ago

    Okay but in Aladdin during the beginning it was unscripted come on guys

  • Aritro Chakraborty
    Aritro Chakraborty 6 months ago

    I am iron man

  • Oh4Chrissake
    Oh4Chrissake 8 months ago

    Apparently they only make movies in the US.

  • Ted Nichols-Payne
    Ted Nichols-Payne 8 months ago

    It's Roy Scheider, not Schneider. And it's Irvin Kirshner, not Ivan. Sheesh.

  • piggyroo100
    piggyroo100 8 months ago

    Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.

  • James Davis
    James Davis 9 months ago

    How is full metal jacket not on here? 20 minutes of the beginning is completely improvised.

  • Sierra Universe
    Sierra Universe 9 months ago

    This isn't a movie, but the "Ride with me" scene from Glee (Season 1 episode 7: Throwdown) was completely unscripted. I can give you the info on how if you want me to

  • Jeanne52573
    Jeanne52573 9 months ago

    The actor you speak of in Aliens is my husband's X10 cousin, the late Bill Paxton.

  • SwOoOp 15
    SwOoOp 15 10 months ago

    That's how *Movie Scenes* work

  • somewhat_toasty
    somewhat_toasty Year ago

    you forgot about the Biggus Dickus scene from Monty Python

  • David White
    David White Year ago

    I can think of the best unscripted scene you forgot. 'I've got a jar of dirt. I've got a jar of dirt. And I know what's inside it' Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) Pirates of the Caribbean. This line left a genuine Say whaaat?' look on the other actors faces. Including Sparrows adversary. So funny.

  • ehern10181990
    ehern10181990 Year ago

    How you gonna use the wrong "youre gonna need a bigger boat"? This is said more than once but the first was in the cabin as quint is getting something ready. Boo.

  • Brian go's way too deep into the joke

    It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again

  • •
     Year ago

    Instead of “I love u” “I know”
    He should’ve said “I know, I love me too”

  • irishkk99
    irishkk99 Year ago

    In Bridemaids when they're on the plane and Annie is acting like she's on drugs. She was supposed to be acting high, but everything that she said she just made up herself. If you look at outtakes, each time she's just rambling something different. HELP ME, I'M POOR

  • Jonno Hannah4
    Jonno Hannah4 Year ago

    full metal jacket?


    I...i don't feel so good.

  • BreadBrothers
    BreadBrothers Year ago +1

    As I'm watching this there are 911 dislikes OMG HE CAUSED 911 AHHH

  • DreSully
    DreSully Year ago

    In "This Is The End".... there is an argument between Danny McBride and James Franco about masturbation... HANDS DOWN FUNNIEST SCENE EVER🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Watermachnic43 Theories

    Two of these are Harrison Ford

  • Dave W
    Dave W Year ago

    Midnight Cowboy... "I'm walking here"

  • Mr Nerd
    Mr Nerd Year ago

    Ya gonna need a bigger boat (music starts)

  • alainut
    alainut Year ago

    Yes you did. In The Outsiders, there was this one scene when Matt Dillon playing as Dallas Winston fell off his hair while trying to put up his feet on the chair in front of him. C. Thomas Howell was laughing and looked at the camera for a second expecting them to say "cut!". Matt kept his character and the movie kept going. THAT WAS JUST SPECIAL AND IT WAS EVERYTHING!! I love The Outsiders!!

  • hotroses3
    hotroses3 Year ago

    Why male models?, I'm walkin' here!

  • jamie burke
    jamie burke Year ago +1

    “I got a jar of dirt. I got a jar of dirt.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 like if you know what I’m talking about!

  • Theodoros PETRIDIS
    Theodoros PETRIDIS Year ago +1

    What about biggus dickus from Monty python

  • Rattlesnake5303
    Rattlesnake5303 Year ago

    If we’re talking about scenes we’ve gotta mention the TMNT movie’s elevator scene it was funny and unscripted plus sick beat

  • VidsByRaz
    VidsByRaz Year ago

    It's Roy Scheider, not Schneider.

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray Year ago +1

    Announcer guy talks way TOO much!!!!

  • vincent cloud
    vincent cloud Year ago

    Empire strikes back it's George lucas

  • EMZEE 22
    EMZEE 22 Year ago

    Leo di Caprio's unscripted scene in Django Unchained ?

  • Timothy Torres
    Timothy Torres Year ago

    4:50 That one line.

  • Timothy Torres
    Timothy Torres Year ago

    The ROTLA was either hilarious, or lazy. It’s like Indy wasn’t in the mood for fighting someone else.

  • Jaycie Greenlees
    Jaycie Greenlees Year ago

    The office when Michael kisses Oscar

  • Diane Wood
    Diane Wood Year ago

    Why's the rum gone ❓

  • meerovermarvel engames

    Guardians of the galacy

  • Klaptrop Production

    Zoey "Game over man... game over"

  • Lord Knicca Mane
    Lord Knicca Mane Year ago

    whats the song in the background in the taxi driver part


    I love jim

  • Credible Sea
    Credible Sea Year ago

    Austin powers Shh scene.

  • Donna Mackie
    Donna Mackie Year ago

    Yeah Joe pesci in Goodfellows, improvised the table scene where Ray Liotta(Henry) tells Tommy(Pesci) that he is a funny guy after he cracks a joke, Pesci asks him why he is so funny putting him on the spot and it escalates from there, Liotta had no idea what was going on as it was not in the script, it was Pesci improvising and he just went along with it, it was kept in

  • ComedyMike
    ComedyMike Year ago

    Jim Carrey the king of improv

  • seungcheol choi
    seungcheol choi Year ago

    ''I'm the king of the world!!!!!!''

  • m1lt0n14 D:
    m1lt0n14 D: Year ago

    Let me guess Leonard DiCaprio cutting his hand is on here😎

  • HollowShell90 _
    HollowShell90 _ Year ago

    Fresh prince of bel air. Will meets his dad and toward the end of the scene will says " I’m going to get through college without him, find me a nice honey, have kids, because there’s nothing to say about loving my kids."( Will starts crying) "Why didn’t want me"

  • Chudius
    Chudius Year ago

    The wolf of wallstreet when Leo and McConaughey are having lunch and he starts humming and thumping his chest.

  • Ryan Lapinski
    Ryan Lapinski Year ago

    The dark knight had multiple scenes that Heath Ledger improvised. Including the scene with the hospital blowing up. It made his character of the joker more real than almost any other actor ever had.