Best of September | Cakes, Cupcakes and More Yummy Dessert Recipes


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    I love cake to love you guys 😊☺😉😆

  • #potato Army
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    I wish I could bake like that, they got skill! Teach me please!!🙏🏻He/she needs to go on a baking show.

  • Persey Nolan
    Persey Nolan День назад

    I wish they would tell us the recipies for the desserts so we could actually make them.

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    Alguém BR

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    I love these recipies

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    Zosimo Flores Hernandez 4 дня назад

    esta muy rico los postres provecho 😎

  • RachiCupcakeChan Amarachi
    RachiCupcakeChan Amarachi 4 дня назад

    Can you make more unicorn cakes?

  • RachiCupcakeChan Amarachi
    RachiCupcakeChan Amarachi 4 дня назад

    Give this a like if you want to eat this

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    7:49 and7:59 so satisfying

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    xXyEetUs DelTuSSXx 7 дней назад

    Wait you can bake with spoons

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    que delícia eu vou pidi para a minha mãe faze

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  • La Prina Bébé
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    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I didnt get thumbnailed
    And neither did you

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    Ở đây có ai ng vn k ?

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    😍😍😍😍😍Watching this video makes me hungry

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    Yay food

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    الي بحب الله يحط لايك

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    Love how good they look 😋

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    my mouth is watering right now!!! :3

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    So cool! Can I get 10 likes?

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    Alguém BR?

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    The raspberry mouse looked like ice cream at first XD

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    Ëmmm so ymmy

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    Things I hate:
    1- lists
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    All of these foods are good but some o would not eat

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    Happy baby

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    I Love So Yummy

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    Autumn Love 27 дней назад

    Omg. They look all sooo good!! But isn't that a bit to sweet? I can't stand to much sweet but i love sweet.

  • Holly_ Muir
    Holly_ Muir 27 дней назад

    4:04 or you could just get the worlds biggest Rice Krispie? It’s literally the same size and it would same you a lot of time..

  • -Eskimo-
    -Eskimo- 27 дней назад

    🌸 These desserts are so beautiful! 🌸

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    MSP HAYRANI 27 дней назад

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    the 5. 4 one you didnt eat it you cutted with knief and shown means is there something fishie?

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    i did the fruity pebble rolls a few days ago and it tastes....

    so yummy

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    Tell the names of ingredients which you use for cooking

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    This stuff looks hella yummy.

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    I feel like ive seen these somewhere before...hmmmmm....maybe last year?

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