Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports

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For this list, we're looking at moves made famous by some of the greatest names in the game.

Special thanks to our user Ayoub Mahmoud for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest

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Автор Mikelife TV ( назад)
oh god that lacrose move in hockey just killed me !

Автор Juan´s Dashcam ( назад)
What about the tweener in tennis??

Автор Abel Visser ( назад)
As a soccer player, I feel good knowing I can perform all the Soccer moves :)

Автор Емил Александров ( назад)
where is the hot dog in tennis!?

Автор Der Saabo ( назад)
my favoriute move is "elastico"

Автор Gavyn Nayandra ( назад)
DAMN! im a football player but I enjoy hockey so much! it takes a looot of skill!

Автор nsideufo ( назад)
i think will ferrel's black mom invented the alley-oop

Автор Tyler Hall ( назад)
#4 is soccers gyroball

Автор Pottan23 ( назад)
Not showing Carlos freekick goal against France. Arguably one of the most iconic "bending" freekicks in football history.

What the shit watchmojo?

Автор מעוז עוגן ( назад)
they shuld of pot the knuckle ball in number 1

Автор dushku1 ( назад)
Datsyuk deke?

Автор You're* ( назад)
It seems the only sports that watchmojo knows (or cares to acknowledge) are Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey and American Football.

Автор Shaco Trolling ( назад)

Автор Bryce Pierson ( назад)
As a tennis player, I was hoping to see the "tweener" made famous by Roger Federer. Everything on the list was merited, though!

Автор MrBrodawka AcDc ( назад)
berba spin

Автор Jaiy Bernat ( назад)
no lock pass can be in any ball sport

Автор jucargarma ( назад)
Bycicle kick is not the correct name. It is called "chilena".

Bycicle move is "step over"

Автор Tom Matthews ( назад)
amazing skill! hats off

Автор AurorityHD ( назад)
No rugby or hurling????

Автор The Code ( назад)
Sigh. Watch mojo. The spinarama is associated to Denis Savard. At least show ONE of his many spinaramas

Автор Ryan Postlethwait ( назад)
Is it just me, or would this video have been better if there was no commentator??

Автор MincFifa Lol ( назад)
Kempa move

Автор Tm.Phoenix ( назад)
In Handball: the kempa, its baisicly an aley up

Автор Olivers Abens ( назад)
The knuckleball...?

Автор Soundisch jonZZonZ ( назад)
zlatan is number one as always;)

Автор Jonezyy ( назад)
Where is the CR7 Chop

Автор veikkv ( назад)
Granlund <3333333

Автор polaroido ( назад)
good clip, altho you can clearly tell its been made by americans without knowledge of football... the curl... not only done with the inside of the foot... most spectacular "curl" goal ever scored by brasil's roberto carlos - 40m free kick curled with the outside of his foot - against france. epic...

Автор Poish ( назад)
two swedes forsberg and zlatan

Автор trung hoang ( назад)
What about PGG Blackhole or 6m Echo slam?

Автор TheBeastlyRebel ( назад)
Where is the meg?

Автор Jesus Christ Avocado ( назад)
Daaaamn mojo back at it again with overexplaning the obvious

Автор buzzikea ( назад)
Silly Americans call it a bicycle move =). It's a scissors kick LMAO a bicycle move hahahahahahahah

Автор Gary Richter ( назад)
How do,you not use Pele for the bicycle kick!?!?!?

Автор Voltzlad ( назад)
Andy Carrol

Автор Jack-0- Lantern ( назад)
Shoulder Roll Defense by Mayweather Jr

Автор Fernando Rufino ( назад)
Talks about bycicle and doesn't mention Leônidas da Silva :P

Автор Joselito Narte ( назад)
Isn't the Dunk an iconic move?

Автор Alexander ( назад)
"the alley oop ends with a slam dunk" thats simply not true.

Автор RBNHO Music ( назад)
umm... wheres the megs skill move?? (football or soccer)

Автор Kevin Jeanson ( назад)
An alley oop doesn't end with a slam dunk all the time

Автор letang eliot ( назад)
wtf where is the tweener from tennis? ...

Автор Ironjagg ( назад)
you people forgot the "B rush " move

Автор Nic Phillips ( назад)
they forgot the scorpion kick, the Giroud goal from arsenal is an example

Автор Eat Sleep JDM ( назад)

Автор Beeble76 ( назад)
what about nut meg

Автор Beeble76 ( назад)
what about the sky hook

Автор human Mcperson ( назад)
over paid boring morons

Автор NeilHolmes72 ( назад)
How can you mention the no look pass without showing a clip of Magic or the killer crossover without showing Tim Hardaway?

Автор befo 2003 ( назад)
Do a just hockey list

Автор Isaac Hunter ( назад)
No tweener in tennis?

Автор Pablo Hueso Merino ( назад)
For me the 10 is the hardest lol

Автор Ügõtpömïã ( назад)
Where was the Datsuk move?

Автор Kaasce ( назад)

Автор SLYFOXX93 ( назад)
Forsberg didn't learn that move from kent nils on it was preformed a lot before he used it Alexei zhamnov used it in the mid 80s

Автор Derek Lee ( назад)
why is there no side step from rugby

Автор Dalton Yoder ( назад)
Peter also used it while playing in Colorado

Автор arsenio daniel ( назад)
bicycle kick?, eso es una "Chilena" y es conocida mundialmente como tal, porque la invento un chileno, raom unzaga, español, nacionalizado chileno a los 18 años,luego de esto realizo la memorable chilena en la ciudad de talcahuano, saludos!

Автор PhantomKrieger ( назад)
I'll save you some time.

"Essentially, the player moves in one direction, then moves in the other and does the thing."

Автор Moss Man ( назад)

Автор Theodor Lanner ( назад)
3:40 im proud for being a swede

Автор Erik Olsson ( назад)
I agre

Автор ShadowWall ( назад)
Where is the Hertl move??

Автор LesioJunior1 ( назад)
I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOUR LIST. Jesus, where is Ronaldinho?!

Автор Adam Myrén ( назад)
FYI, "The Lacrosse move" is called the Zorro move.

Автор Nick Soccer ( назад)
this video only reminded me that American football is the worst sport ever created in history of all sports starting with dinosaur Olympics when they competed on who can throw their shit the furthest

Автор Jeffrey Simon ( назад)
The Lacrosse move is actually called the Michigan as it was popularized by a goal by Michigan against Boston College.

Автор MLT05 ( назад)
bullshit video

Автор PhilOsSlash ( назад)
I dont know much about hockey, but it realy impressed me. some of those moves ,almost seem like they are handling spears.

Автор Alex Vazquez ( назад)
how is the roulette not here. it is in in football, nfl, and basketball

Автор Piotr Pawłowski ( назад)

Автор port leader ( назад)
the spi arama was baned because you are not aloud to go backwards in a shoot out and the spinarama has a backwards motion

Автор BergmanMusic ( назад)
Peter Fucking Forsberg.

Автор Mr. Wolf ( назад)
why not lacrosse? :(

Автор candymonster ( назад)
Sweden still got it in hockey. We still got in football too.

Автор Naphon Tonitiwong ( назад)
watch mojo watches just hockey, football, american football and basketball?

Автор UrbanMender540 Gaming,and more ( назад)
What about the rainbow?

Автор Matthew Grainger ( назад)
If I hear the word Direction one more time I'm going to snap

Автор Chris Holmes ( назад)
Crossover should be 1

Автор EdWoodWood ( назад)
they should have done the knuckleball!

Автор Dexter walker ( назад)
lawn bowling is more of a sport than basketball.

Автор Bud Smoker ( назад)
they didn't ban the spin o rama cause it was too effective. it was cause the puck has to continuously move towards the goalie.

Автор Jew Lais ( назад)
wow what the fuck you tought it was more important that crosby did a crappy lacrosse move in a kid game than the real Finland vs Russia lacrosse move.. retard channel

Автор Lukas Van Daele ( назад)
zidane ?

Автор Kyle Wolfreys ( назад)
They banned the spin o rama because it wasn't legitimate in the shootout. you have to keep the puck moving forward and that move involves a dead stop, not because it was "too effective"

Автор Erick Torres ( назад)
Who tf cares about hockey

Автор carlo maria toso ( назад)
scorpion of higuita

Автор Chris Hess ( назад)
Where is the jeter jumpthrow ?

Автор Rotguns ( назад)

Автор Did Pul ( назад)
Does an alley-oop really end with a slam dunk? what do you call those plays where a player lets the ball bounce off the board just to catch it again and shoot it or lay it in? are there other terms for those?

Автор Charlie MS ( назад)
6:16 Payet's free kick was sick

Автор Christian K ( назад)
what about real hockey?

Автор Martin Johansson ( назад)
The Panenka penalty

Автор IamDavid BN ( назад)
You should have included the rainbow flick in football

Автор Sean Layton ( назад)
Who the hell calls a Michigan "The Lacross move"? no one

Автор Matúš Krčmárek ( назад)
No Panenka penalty kick? Shame...

Автор Keegan Viehweg ( назад)
you should have put the soccer/football nutmeg.very iconic

Автор Keegan Viehweg ( назад)
you barely ever NOT use the outside of your foot to kick

Автор Red Rangers ( назад)
The spin o Rama can be used in many sports - in footballs it could be portrayed similar to a maradona/roulette

Автор PONYBOYonline ( назад)
It amazes me how seriously people take this list. Do you know how big the world of sports is!? To narrow that down to just 10 skill moves is impossible. So instead of whining about how inaccurate this list is or how so and so should've gotten on the list, just enjoy the clips...

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