Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports

  • Published on May 5, 2016
  • You may not play the game, but you still know the moves. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we're looking at moves made famous by some of the greatest names in the game.
    Special thanks to our user Ayoub Mahmoud for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at
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Comments • 6 342

  • Gursewak Singh Kullar

    Wow ice hockey is a great game.👌👌

  • Tamzid Rafi
    Tamzid Rafi 3 days ago +1

    Not a leg spin or reverse sweep from Cricket??? Really?

    • Slyck255
      Slyck255 7 hours ago +1

      American channel. .. lucky it mentioned (real) football

  • Bill B
    Bill B 6 days ago

    Let me help you out. Take ANY 10 touchdowns from Dan Marino in 1984 season. You have 44 to choose from. It's be a much better video.

  • Coolnezz 09
    Coolnezz 09 12 days ago

    I did the Peter forsberg in a game

  • Owen Payne
    Owen Payne 13 days ago

    The crossover was allen iverson

  • Paul McCharmley
    Paul McCharmley 13 days ago

    Where's nutmeg

  • Rowan McShane
    Rowan McShane 19 days ago


  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay 20 days ago

    Just awesome

  • Tommy Goode
    Tommy Goode 22 days ago

    Too much fuckin soccer. Come on get real. This channel is always looking for views. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Terrible video, please take it down. It blows really really bad and needs to be scorched. Take it from me. You can trust my ass.

  • Frankie Peele
    Frankie Peele 23 days ago

    I know it’s not just a basketball list but the fact that the dream shake, the step back, and the sky hook aren’t on here is wrong

  • Komix Santos
    Komix Santos 25 days ago

    I think you have never heard of SEPAK TAKRAW

    VGKMASTER 81 Month ago

    For my hockey skill I love the through the legs move I score on my brother every time

  • Adam Pieters
    Adam Pieters Month ago +1

    I just gotta know who tf plays lacrosse or however you spell it😂

  • Ian Lengua
    Ian Lengua Month ago

    I agree with the number one spot on this list very much😛😛

  • Omar Pinto
    Omar Pinto Month ago

    No look pass: Hockey/ Basketball
    Pat Mahomes: Hold my beer

    • Christian oof
      Christian oof Month ago

      Idk why that wasn't said to be in soccer as well.

  • Nick Barbagallo
    Nick Barbagallo Month ago

    How about the Federer back-turned, between-the-legs return

  • Steve MacDonald
    Steve MacDonald Month ago +1

    Datsyuk flip, anyone?

  • Axel Frick
    Axel Frick Month ago

    Calling the ankle breaking crossover your favorite crossover is like calling a goal your favorite type of shot. Smh...

  • Pommes Gamer
    Pommes Gamer Month ago +1

    Datsyuk flip?

  • Mr. PrInCe_ CARLOS64
    Mr. PrInCe_ CARLOS64 Month ago +2

    It's hard seeing my favorite player in my favorite NHL team getting no looked pass

  • BornAgain Savage
    BornAgain Savage Month ago

    Not sure, but didn’t Pelé from Brazil invent the “bicycle kick”?? Would have been cool to mention the legend.🤗

  • Aaron Flynn
    Aaron Flynn 2 months ago

    I would mention the datsyuk flip

  • john d
    john d 2 months ago

    should have called iverson crossover

  • Sam Vorms
    Sam Vorms 2 months ago

    man i was sure that there were actually more than 4 sports, including 3 where America is the best at

  • ACParker13
    ACParker13 2 months ago

    Haha why did she call the player doing the toe drag a "plug"? 1:47

  • Disappointment Department

    No spinmove?

  • bean boi
    bean boi 3 months ago

    0:47 baker mayfield

  • Harry 34
    Harry 34 3 months ago

    That was a sizzors. Not a stepover

  • David Graham
    David Graham 3 months ago

    Curling isn't really a skill move, rather something that naturally happens when you kick a football. a Knuckleball, however is something completely different

  • Jonathan Mortensen
    Jonathan Mortensen 3 months ago

    It's called la chilena....

  • Henrich Májek
    Henrich Májek 3 months ago

    Glovehand catch by hockey goalies 👌

  • Lise-Lotte Åberg
    Lise-Lotte Åberg 3 months ago

    The Peter Forsberg real name is foopa so fuck you bitch

  • Slav-Squad
    Slav-Squad 3 months ago


  • lope Verbruggen
    lope Verbruggen 3 months ago

    offload in rugby

  • Henning
    Henning 3 months ago +1

    Football/Soccer's da best.

  • kademarcus
    kademarcus 3 months ago

    That was scissor not stepbover on the last one

  • whitney feinberg
    whitney feinberg 3 months ago +1

    What about the hat trick

  • jugurttipurkki
    jugurttipurkki 3 months ago

    The lacross move was perfomed by granlund too (finland) to russias goal in world championships

  • lo boi
    lo boi 3 months ago

    Where is the mikael grandlunds goal in 2011 against russia edit never mind

  • Justin Webster
    Justin Webster 3 months ago

    i would've included the between the legs shot or around the net in tennis

  • carter price
    carter price 3 months ago

    Where’s the mcgeady spin 😂

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 3 months ago

    Simplemente la chilena

  • Ashley Gurski
    Ashley Gurski 3 months ago +1


  • My_Fat_Octopus
    My_Fat_Octopus 3 months ago

    Scorpion kick in football (oh sorry USA, soccer)?

  • Liverpool Seeks
    Liverpool Seeks 3 months ago

    Alright I'm sorry but curving a football is one of the most easy things in futbol

  • Peyton Booth
    Peyton Booth 3 months ago

    The lacrosse behind the back shot was not a behind the back. It was a behind the legs shot. But still that's classic JGJ

  • JJ Supreme
    JJ Supreme 3 months ago


  • Luka Miller
    Luka Miller 3 months ago

    The datsuk flip

  • Mister Mister
    Mister Mister 3 months ago

    Whats up with the quick image flash of a what I'm pretty sure is a dude with a chef hat on?

  • Noobie 3
    Noobie 3 3 months ago


    SRIJAN BARNWAL 4 months ago

    What about ms Dhoni wk skill and Warne's ability to turn the ball in cricket

    MAXMILIAN POLITTE 4 months ago +2

    what about the datsuk and datsuk flip

  • Vishwan Purandat
    Vishwan Purandat 4 months ago

    No cricket?

  • Or Orsatti
    Or Orsatti 4 months ago

    Spin and reverse spin shots in handball? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • Yeety boi
    Yeety boi 4 months ago

    When you make sports seem nerdy

  • Markyy Mark
    Markyy Mark 4 months ago

    I remember doing the forsberg as a kid I had that shit perfected I could do it skating or rollerblading backwards

  • Allan Kear
    Allan Kear 4 months ago


  • Elgin Hawley
    Elgin Hawley 4 months ago +1

    Can you do a video about field hockey? I know there is not that much footage of field hockey but can you just try?

  • Stanley Goldsmith
    Stanley Goldsmith 4 months ago

    A curl is not a fucking skill move

  • Mallory Otsuka
    Mallory Otsuka 4 months ago

    kinda disappointed that no women are represented here

    • OC Beezilla
      OC Beezilla 4 months ago

      Men’s clips are easier to find so yeah

  • Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell 4 months ago

    What they shudve showed is a one hander catch in Australian rules football (AFL) our players dont wear gloves and also take spectacular marks. Heaps of vids on youtube check em out or bouncing a football is a skill that shudve made it in.

  • Brahim Yatim
    Brahim Yatim 4 months ago +2

    You should have put in the datsuk and the datsuk flip

  • Trey Wilkin
    Trey Wilkin 4 months ago

    2:56 so a juke

  • Katie Hatt
    Katie Hatt 4 months ago

    What about the American Football Jule move or the spin move

    LACK0SALT 4 months ago

    Put in the datsyuk flip for hockey

  • Toivotiaine
    Toivotiaine 4 months ago

    0:34 suomi finland perkeleeeeee

  • SupahFans Streetwear
    SupahFans Streetwear 5 months ago

    ⚾️ Ted Williams: "Hitting a Baseball is the most difficult thing to do in Sports"
    📹 Watch Mojo: leaves off the 500-foot Homerun blasted off a Curveball. 🤔

    SS4 DIGBIJOY 5 months ago +2

    Hey, you should enlist the skill of SWING and SPIN BOWLING in CRICKET, I think you should watch the skill one time, then you will regret thinking why you missed this skill in the list.

  • Mark Normand
    Mark Normand 5 months ago

    Left out the Zidane roulette and Ronaldinho flip flap.

  • sam balice
    sam balice 5 months ago

    what about between the legs hockey shot?