• Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • NEW Line just Dropped!! --
    Everything was going smoothly until someone actually crashed.
    When someone spends their one Make-A-Wish on hanging out with you for the day, you know you gotta pull out all the stops.
    Free merch, playing in my warehouse, launches in Guaczilla and the new Porsche, going back to the Fox Compound and hanging out with my roommates and me....

    CAMERA GEAR: Sony a7S II
    Sony 16-35mm Lense
    Rode Microphone
    SD Card
    Canon G7 X Mark II

    TFOX Signature Scooter Wheels!
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    outro song!
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  • Christopher Hallman
    Christopher Hallman 6 months ago +552

    Awesome video!! I love seeing Make A Wish kids dreams come true!!! He was amazing on video!!

    • Michelle Douglass
      Michelle Douglass Month ago

      Is Damien but this is my moms account I love you Tanner fox I think you’re the best RUclip or ever in my Pinyan

    • Desiree Abarquez
      Desiree Abarquez 2 months ago

      Can you send me every shirts and stuff that you have

    • Desiree Abarquez
      Desiree Abarquez 2 months ago

      Can you come to my house

    • KindredVirus 31
      KindredVirus 31 5 months ago

      I 1 vs 1 him on fortnite

  • Caden Murdock
    Caden Murdock Day ago

    Can I do make a wish I want to see you

  • Nathan Weldon
    Nathan Weldon 3 days ago

    i love u nhmu and i love cars

  • chet flowers
    chet flowers 3 days ago

    i smiled through the whole damn video thats dope that you get to make poeples day like that, awesome shit keep it up

  • todd koen
    todd koen 6 days ago

    I would love to meet you please like and share so he sees it

  • Caden Murdock
    Caden Murdock 9 days ago +1

    How do I get chosen to go there it’s my dream

  • juancina noneya
    juancina noneya 10 days ago +2

    He is scared as fuck 😂😂😂.

  • Hyper Gamer
    Hyper Gamer 12 days ago

    The GTR aww

  • Corinne Fazio
    Corinne Fazio 14 days ago

    That kid was amazing with is speech props to him

  • Emylet Colmenarez
    Emylet Colmenarez 16 days ago


  • Fox Racer
    Fox Racer 19 days ago

    It was so awesome that u made his one wish he wanted to come true. Tanner we need more caring people like u in the world who wanna give back. Your truly an inspiration and this is a day this kid will never forget.

  • K & M Outdoors
    K & M Outdoors 20 days ago

    why does this kid look like jarvis

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 20 days ago


  • coolade beast
    coolade beast 21 day ago

    I whoud pick pewdiepie

  • IonicYT22
    IonicYT22 22 days ago

    I don’t know if this is Rude but I would pop every Spot on his face if I was him

  • Speedway charlie Trana
    Speedway charlie Trana 22 days ago +1

    Yo I’m friends with Damian now I just meet him at a motto race

  • pinche dox
    pinche dox 23 days ago

    when he gave him the braclet it touched my fuckin heart i wanted to cry. he has nothing they have everything. he thought they wouldnt want the bracelets i felt like.

  • Morez
    Morez 24 days ago

    Ive been watching since 5k

  • Jordan L. Overton
    Jordan L. Overton 24 days ago

    Its chase malone i love your videos

  • Elliot Small
    Elliot Small 24 days ago

    You can pull the cup holders out

  • Micah Beast
    Micah Beast 24 days ago +1

    Tanner is the best he does great things and really inspires me thank you l just subscribed and turned on notifications

  • Sneaky Jason
    Sneaky Jason 24 days ago

    I dislike because he littered

  • Spaz Beetles
    Spaz Beetles 25 days ago +1

    There is legit nothing wrong with this guy

  • Cooper Peffers
    Cooper Peffers 25 days ago

    I whant to come its my drem

  • appolo 69
    appolo 69 25 days ago

    Hey tanner have u tried curlogy

  • george wilks
    george wilks 26 days ago


  • george wilks
    george wilks 26 days ago


  • AlphaAg3nt66
    AlphaAg3nt66 26 days ago

    Rip no virtual cockpit in the Porsche

  • Sturdy Steak5995
    Sturdy Steak5995 27 days ago

    Ohh my god he was diagnosed on my birthday

  • Dymsh0t
    Dymsh0t 27 days ago

    I had one but I was only 5 and didn’t know anything about u

  • vI iShxrp Iv
    vI iShxrp Iv 27 days ago

    Hy i live in SA lave your vlogs🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Topchartgamming 0422
    Topchartgamming 0422 27 days ago +2


  • Quentin Pogue
    Quentin Pogue 27 days ago

    My neighbor has a Lamborghini

  • Jake Coolio
    Jake Coolio 27 days ago

    How the fuck is this kid so rich??

  • Omar Sandoval
    Omar Sandoval 28 days ago

    Isn’t this an old video

  • Ralph Jason Herman
    Ralph Jason Herman 28 days ago

    hope to be in your house soon!! and ride on the gtr! from philippines

  • WrathXFury Games
    WrathXFury Games 28 days ago


  • Adam Ribeiro
    Adam Ribeiro 28 days ago +1

    Never thought tfox was a generally good guy

  • Fuzion semenilen
    Fuzion semenilen 28 days ago

    I like the kawi

  • Red Hound
    Red Hound 29 days ago +1

    Yo Tanner you should make a duffle bag

  • Brandon Mountain
    Brandon Mountain 29 days ago

    I got my tfox sig off of amazon

  • samthespam
    samthespam 29 days ago

    The start of the vid there was a dirt bike jumping the little jump and I wanted to say this I dirt bike with races I love in maine and last week I went to New York to do a race with my truck and trailer to race a 2 day event and watch a pro race at the track called unadilla and this weekend yesterday I just had a race on sunday a race in maine 2 hours away from my house and I ride an 85ccbut i need a 125cc right now cuz I'm to big for the 85 but I'm getting a brand new 125 2019 or2018 ktm and immature try to get trophies but it's gonna be harder cuZ it's a new bike but ill be fast but I just got 4th place last night and I had a bad crash 2 in the same race and broke my plastics or side fenders on my bike cuz I went over forwards and it's cuz I tried to send a 80 foot jump going into the sand and I got like 3 feet cased it and it kicked my bike forwards but ur a tucking funny pass youtuber and ur a pretty amazing dude over all I'm 14 and my life with my mom and dad was very bad my dad leaving me at a week old and my mom got in a fight with her bfn and got arrested for a day when I was 10 coming back from my friends I saw her getting g handcuffed outside going g into a police car and police were like lied to me and said were just giving her a ride to her mom's house and my mom told him my kids not dumb and I ran into the house crying cuz I wasn't dumb and I new what was happening but I love with my great aunt and uncle and my uncle's 56 and he still dirtiest on a 450 but he got me into dirt biking and I'm getting really insanely fast lol I love yours vids tanner be ur self and keep doing what ur doing same with my dirt biking keep doing what I'm doing and someday I will get a first not second

    • Tes_c \**/
      Tes_c \**/ 28 days ago

      samthespam razz xd cx Edtthn g👌🏻😰😂

  • SadnessKills
    SadnessKills 29 days ago

    Respect 🗣️💙

  • the slayer
    the slayer 29 days ago

    It's called Porsche with an e at the and and not Porsch!

  • ⅆXⅆⅆy_ñįçö Nicolas Tovar

    Stay Strong Damian ❤🙏🙏

      THEXKILLERS 500 25 days ago

      ⅆXⅆⅆy_ñįçö Nicolas Tovar what’s wrong with him

  • DTS_BlondeBoy
    DTS_BlondeBoy Month ago

    Vsco girl leaves the chat

  • thelittleone22
    thelittleone22 Month ago

    The cup holders get bigger just pull the sides out

  • Joshua Sherin
    Joshua Sherin Month ago

    The two of ye actually look like brothers same checks matching clothes man get better stay strong

  • MatureTV
    MatureTV Month ago +7

    1:38 That guy looks like lil xan without face tats 😂

  • Aden Oestreich
    Aden Oestreich Month ago

    awesome video. love make a wish it make tons of kids happy.

  • Mechanics 2006
    Mechanics 2006 Month ago

    Good job tanner

  • Virginia Anderson
    Virginia Anderson Month ago

    Get a g wagon

  • mason roberts
    mason roberts Month ago

    He looks like FaZe kay

  • Harrison Hudgins
    Harrison Hudgins Month ago +9

    The cup holders can extend just pull the side of it out

  • Jamie Mathis
    Jamie Mathis Month ago

    Boy I watch every single

  • diamond kid101
    diamond kid101 Month ago

    I have ur hot wheels guackzilla

  • Abraham Crawford
    Abraham Crawford Month ago

    Porush sounds mean

  • Cecil French
    Cecil French Month ago

    Never seen the older vids i know you wont see this but from what i have saw you are suck a amazing young man there is alot more to you than flips and scooter tricks you deserve all you get out of this life and i got your back 100%

  • Nick Riederer
    Nick Riederer Month ago

    Tanner I don't really watch you but damn bro speechless and shit you might not read this my life is so boring compared to yours

  • Abdulla Alremeithi
    Abdulla Alremeithi Month ago +1

    The cup holder is the same as the m5 e60