Hillclimb Gorjanci 2019 - Crash and Action


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  • Romi Arkan
    Romi Arkan 7 months ago

    So penalties are awarded for how much of the tire barrier is hit on that tight chicane?

  • Giannis Papaioannou
    Giannis Papaioannou 7 months ago +3

    Liked a lot the fact that you follow the car until it disappears from the shot...excellent!!!

  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez 7 months ago +2

    Ofcourse Rover crash,becease its junk:)
    7:44 Brake fail or driver dont know track?

    • Tony Valdez
      Tony Valdez 7 months ago

      @Draken Fire I know that but Rover is junk car:)Trust me..
      And about braking,well its happend sometimes:(I hope repairs are not expensive.

    • Draken Fire
      Draken Fire 7 months ago

      He locked brakes and was unable to turn on time... Probably started breaking to late, when he realized he went full mental on brakes.... It is a chicane, this happens all the time, even to experienced drivers...
      And dude, more than half of this guys are privateers.... calling someone car junk is kind of retarded, especially when most of this cars are modified in home garages.... with alot of time and sweat =)