Toni Braxton Talks Birdman, Family & Upcoming Wedding

  • Published on Nov 13, 2018
  • Toni Braxton dishes about her new Lifetime movie “Every Day Is Christmas”.
    Then, Toni opens up about her relationship with Birdman and reveals how their friendship turned into love.
    Plus, how are things between Toni and her sisters?
    And, don't miss what Toni reveals is the "soft & pinkest" thing about Birdman and which sister will be her maid of honor.
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  • Proud Independent
    Proud Independent 18 days ago


  • sefred7
    sefred7 22 days ago

    I hope she soars up again. She really has an artistic vocal prowess. I still like her songs of the 90s until today. Very emotional singer.

  • D.S. Hite
    D.S. Hite Month ago

    Wear the dress in the courthouse.

  • CandiceRenae -CR
    CandiceRenae -CR Month ago

    love love love...great interview! michelle looks so HOOOTTTTTTTTTT, gorgeous!!!

  • Matthew Marshall
    Matthew Marshall Month ago

    Wendy what’s the talk about when she passes out all the time and the reason why is because of the cocaine she was shooting what a white trash woman

  • Nicole AllmondJoy
    Nicole AllmondJoy Month ago

    Toni is too pretty to be with Birdman. Ain't he kissing dudes still?

  • rufus cannon
    rufus cannon Month ago

    subscribe to Rufus Cannon RUclip see my video with me and Toni Braxton

  • Storrm Davis
    Storrm Davis 2 months ago

    She had to make that clear that he was 49

  • Fatima Musid
    Fatima Musid 2 months ago

    They already broke off their engagement..

  • Hunter v
    Hunter v 2 months ago +1

    Her eyes are so seductive.. Sexy.

  • Ashely Jones
    Ashely Jones 2 months ago

    No one gone tell her she had lip stick on her teeth then they used it for the thumb nail...

  • xoxo ClarissaRene
    xoxo ClarissaRene 3 months ago


  • Maxine Russell
    Maxine Russell 3 months ago

    Once again this is remind me of Whitney Houston Bobby Brown. I wish you all the best cuz I'm not really into Toni Braxton and drama that goes on with them but I was looking through and this video.

  • PVT KK
    PVT KK 3 months ago

    TWO gorgeous black women!!!!!

  • Nkosivumile Nkululeko
    Nkosivumile Nkululeko 3 months ago +1

    am happy for stunna man

  • black000cat
    black000cat 4 months ago

    Money and status can get you any women you want!

  • Shanika Taylor
    Shanika Taylor 4 months ago

    am i the only person why Wendy's face look like qa plastic surgery gone wrong??? like damn what happened.

  • Lisa dance Fernandez
    Lisa dance Fernandez 4 months ago

    Toni still looks stunning you will always be in my prayers I love you. I was raised on your music Kisses and hugs and blessings

  • z
    z 4 months ago

    51????? Holy Lord..she looks half that

  • z
    z 4 months ago

    Still the sexiest woman ever.

  • Hetkanookanders
    Hetkanookanders 4 months ago

    Tony with that ugly dude?

  • Angela Patterson
    Angela Patterson 4 months ago

    She's lovely.*

  • Life With Lee
    Life With Lee 4 months ago

    DAMN IT! Allegedly they broke up!

  • Brother J
    Brother J 4 months ago

    I believe all of that putting off the engagement stuff is a publicity stunt, I think they are still very much getting married ijs.

  • Suiker Poppetje
    Suiker Poppetje 4 months ago

    "She" called herself "michel" 😂 omg you all blind??!! Like when Obama called "michelle" Michael😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vanessa Garmie
    Vanessa Garmie 4 months ago

    Toni is a very beautiful woman!

  • Beautifully African
    Beautifully African 4 months ago

    This woman is so self-assured, i absolutely love it! I haven't seen such a calm confidence like this on any other woman.

  • T P
    T P 4 months ago

    And now they're broken up

  • Jewel Grier
    Jewel Grier 4 months ago

    Bish please lasvegas never closes no date..mmmmm

  • Pam Beck
    Pam Beck 4 months ago

    Kev gangsta side sold drugs in BK didn't he. Sad wendy

  • Pam Beck
    Pam Beck 4 months ago

    Maybe Kev should have been a friend

  • Sagittariusly Kute
    Sagittariusly Kute 4 months ago

    Toni is absolutely beautiful

  • Mfalme Dome
    Mfalme Dome 4 months ago

    I wish this beautiful sistah the best.....❤💚

  • redazi1
    redazi1 4 months ago

    I want to marry her

  • Johnny TV
    Johnny TV 4 months ago

    Toni can still get it!!

  • Jesse Reed
    Jesse Reed 4 months ago

    Wendy's man the same way money

  • Jesse Reed
    Jesse Reed 4 months ago

    She loves the money!

  • Karlisha M
    Karlisha M 4 months ago

    I wonder if they’re married , yet ?

  • Awol Nur
    Awol Nur 4 months ago

    wow wow thank you so much

  • Lee M
    Lee M 4 months ago

    She is in love

  • Phantomplayz
    Phantomplayz 4 months ago

    Respek LOL

  • Mofe John
    Mofe John 5 months ago

    Toni braxton is more beautiful now than she was younger

  • Mofe John
    Mofe John 5 months ago

    beautiful Toni Braxton

  • LAW B
    LAW B 5 months ago +4

    Toni is one the most selfless, beautiful, sweet, real, down to earth, good people, you gotta love her? Librians are always, super feminine, classy, gorgeous, cultured women!! Absolutely, gorgeous, youthful, woman of grace within/out!!!! I am so happy for you TONI, you deserve the very best life has to offer. Positive, true, kind people, who exude 💘, can't help but attract the power of GOD'S Agape, Eros, Philia, ludus, pragma, Philiautia💘!!!!!!! GOD'S Love & Blessings for you both!!!!!!!!

  • Haitian Prodigy
    Haitian Prodigy 5 months ago

    Herbal Refreshment, I like that nickname for weed Ms.Braxton. Herbal Refreshment with a smooth herbal essence😀.

  • Gigi King
    Gigi King 5 months ago +1

    Toni Braxton Looks Amazing.

  • Stacyann James
    Stacyann James 5 months ago

    50 wat omg wat she look like 25

  • Mind Yo Buznes
    Mind Yo Buznes 5 months ago

    Hand 2 God!!! Lol

  • Miss Nay
    Miss Nay 5 months ago

    Toni please cancel Bird's access to Deisel ASAP

  • Miss Nay
    Miss Nay 5 months ago

    The reason why he told Toni they had to get married before the year was out was because of debt and taxes. Share the debt. Wake up , Sis! Evelyn let so much slide thst she got all you girls messed up. Iyanla hit the nail on the head.

  • Z-Bo
    Z-Bo 5 months ago

    Good God Wendy has some big old boobs😘

  • Z-Bo
    Z-Bo 5 months ago

    Toni is so damn cute

  • Z-Bo
    Z-Bo 5 months ago

    I always loved Toni's eyes, sexy and sexy and sexy.

  • Z-Bo
    Z-Bo 5 months ago

    She looks like she's 21... Always a Toni fan.

  • FemalePointofView
    FemalePointofView 5 months ago

    Toni face is full of fillers and botox.

  • Timothy Foster
    Timothy Foster 5 months ago


  • Jenn AG
    Jenn AG 5 months ago

    So beautiful. I still love ur music

  • Marsellus Wallace
    Marsellus Wallace 5 months ago

    I had a shot !!!

  • Debra gipson
    Debra gipson 5 months ago

    not the birdman she could do so much better

  • toy383
    toy383 5 months ago

    Why don't Wendy let it go baby? Tamar has moved on. Lol

  • Uonder Kilkenny
    Uonder Kilkenny 5 months ago

    I didnt like him for her either...But now I get it...Its love..

  • Uonder Kilkenny
    Uonder Kilkenny 5 months ago

    He loves her.A keeper.

  • Chantel Queen of Everything

    Don't catch aides over $ Toni. Birdman gay gay!!!

  • lovchi1d
    lovchi1d 5 months ago

    I genuinely do feel that Wendy does love the Braxton family, she shows a different respect with them

  • Joan Martin
    Joan Martin 5 months ago

    set her straight Toni he is 49

  • Joan Martin
    Joan Martin 5 months ago

    yes Toni you are f*****g hot and you have clearly found the fountain of youth and your clothes you own it girl yes mam

  • Eddie Pratt
    Eddie Pratt 5 months ago +5

    Toni, hang in there LUPUS is a painful disease. Just keep on praying and keep the faith 💐💐

  • 28better
    28better 5 months ago

    Birdman did really great I love me some Toni !!!!!!

  • Ok Kitty Rabbit
    Ok Kitty Rabbit 5 months ago

    What's going on with the wig on tony

  • Kia Holley
    Kia Holley 5 months ago

    Toni will forever be a goddess!

  • Hleziphi Dhlamini
    Hleziphi Dhlamini 5 months ago

    51 she looks gr8

  • gumptown7414
    gumptown7414 5 months ago

    And she still fine DAMN

  • Nadia Gold
    Nadia Gold 5 months ago

    I still can’t believe she’s with birdman.... it’s just.... she such a class act. Like she’s a legend.. Toni.

  • Virginia rudolph
    Virginia rudolph 5 months ago

    Wow toni 51 looking that good& even getting married, wow shud share this wt my sister that worries at 41 but still so fit too

  • Virginia rudolph
    Virginia rudolph 5 months ago

    Always loved toni

  • Mil Njira
    Mil Njira 5 months ago

    Toni braxton so flawless! One of the best artists forever! Still can't get over her deep subtle voice😘💕

  • ineedya123
    ineedya123 5 months ago

    I wish they would have been able to unite and build a sister empire like the kardashians, but its too late for that, they don't work well together.

    KEE SMITTY 5 months ago

    I almost died when she said his TONGUE OMG #clutchingpearlswhilesmiling

    KEE SMITTY 5 months ago

    Dnt listen to Wendy Toni its Quintuplets not Quadruplets smh Ms. I know everything Wendy

  • J C
    J C 5 months ago

    I want her rn pleighboi

  • Cassandra Berry
    Cassandra Berry 5 months ago

    I know how toni feel i have lupus you have good day's and you have bad's...but she look's beautiful

    TAMMY BLANCO 5 months ago

    I loved that man first everyone used to say I was crazy he always been sexy to me

  • Qing China doll
    Qing China doll 5 months ago

    Toni is forever ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💕love her

  • Basil Rodericks
    Basil Rodericks 5 months ago

    Wendy's face.

  • Ben B
    Ben B 5 months ago


  • Y M
    Y M 5 months ago

    Who in the hell would marry a known gay rapper???? Toni you can do better please don't marry a loser!!!!!

  • Elle Driver
    Elle Driver 5 months ago

    So annoying the way wendy interviews

  • Derrick Barnett
    Derrick Barnett 6 months ago

    Like Pebbles said when she first met Toni , she is not the best dresser. She needs Pebbles to come back n give her style tips.

  • Adaku Nwachinemere
    Adaku Nwachinemere 6 months ago

    everyday is Christmas...and i love TOni B.... she is so goood...

  • Jaelynn Garrett
    Jaelynn Garrett 6 months ago +1

    did she say Charles Dickenson lol girl its dickens 😂

  • Sha Theed
    Sha Theed 6 months ago

    Birdman kiss

  • Naomi Nhlane
    Naomi Nhlane 6 months ago

    love love het laugh😂

  • Akilah Lowe
    Akilah Lowe 6 months ago

    She is such a CLASS ACT ...I love me some Toni Braxton💖

  • Tamatha Wilson
    Tamatha Wilson 6 months ago

    Love her,but she will never get married to Bird Man she enjoying the sex that's my opinion

  • dansbyd1
    dansbyd1 6 months ago

    This interview was weird

  • admirable image
    admirable image 6 months ago

    Yes! Ms. Toni, Check Her!!! Love it🤣👋🤣

  • Divine Understanding
    Divine Understanding 6 months ago

    Toni is so beautiful 💖

  • J. Negrete
    J. Negrete 6 months ago

    Toni Braxton was my High School crush. I regret not going to a TB concert!!! Damn!!!! - John N 👮🏻‍♂️🚓🚔

  • Andrea Marie
    Andrea Marie 6 months ago


  • Phantom Of The Shoes
    Phantom Of The Shoes 6 months ago

    wow I love birdman now! Didnt realize how Beautiful this couple is💖💖💖💖