Found a Working iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

  • Published on May 18, 2018
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    In this video I found a lost iPhone X in the river while scuba diving and returned it to the owner!
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    Found Working iPhone X in River While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner)

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    DALLMYD  Year ago +6877

    Thank you so much for 4,000,000 subscribers! You have all changed my life and I am forever grateful. I feel so lucky and blessed to reach this incredible milestone. Thank you! UPDATE: I've received a lot of comments stating that this may be fake. I have never setup a find and/or video and I never will. This is exactly how the story unfolded. I could've simple "found" the iPhone X again to have the clip in the video, but I'm a honest guy so I showed you guys exactly how the story unfolded. Sucks I didn't have the iPhone X on film when I found it, but it is what it is. I'm not going to refilm and act like I found it again. For those asking about the thumbnail, I took a picture of the phone underwater with Jack camera after I found it. I think setting up finds would absolutely ruin the fun and I will never do that. I just need to livestream for you guys haha maybe one day ;)

    • Tannah Smith
      Tannah Smith Month ago

      DALLMYD do you have verbal diherea like dude shut the hell up
      Btw I don’t know how to spell diahirrea

    • Chris Reno
      Chris Reno 3 months ago

      You're awesome to watch and fun to watch basically all I do is watch you but you're correct on what bone that was it was a human spine bone I only know that cuz my papa .

    • Emma Louise
      Emma Louise 3 months ago

      I adore you! You don’t just pick up lost items like phones, watches, necklaces... but you also pick up trash in the way! We need more people like you! Lots of love 💕

    • Gabe de Moraes
      Gabe de Moraes 3 months ago

      Those are cool goggles

    • The Real Head Honcho
      The Real Head Honcho 3 months ago

      You're a legend. Joog squad, jiggin with jordan, yappy twan twan 😎 i love you all. Do more collaborations with Jack!

  • Posh Label Hair
    Posh Label Hair 17 hours ago

    So cool 😎.... I wish I won a 11 pro

  • John Davison Rockefeller SR.

    I swear someone is killed there

  • DecentAtBedWars GGman

    Jack is tfue brother

  • Fortnitegod God
    Fortnitegod God 3 days ago

    iPhone 8 or 7 or 6

  • darth blacc
    darth blacc 3 days ago +2

    Keep the things you find from now on that's what I'd do

    • xX_Lauren xX
      xX_Lauren xX 16 hours ago +1

      darth blacc yeah but it’s not his if I found a iPhone 10 and it wasn’t mine I would gladly return it because I’d hope someone would do the same for me. Otherwise, they wasted $1,000 on it for nothin and idk about nobody else but I would be upset if I spent $1,000 on a phone then later found out someone found it but didn’t try to return it.

  • karen handhgggy
    karen handhgggy 3 days ago


  • Rival Nolan
    Rival Nolan 4 days ago +1

    He founded a iPhone 7 or 6

  • Rylee Gaylord
    Rylee Gaylord 7 days ago +7

    2:44 yeah his name is Caleb

  • Nayelis Perez
    Nayelis Perez 7 days ago

    IM SO SCARED!!!!

  • Nayelis Perez
    Nayelis Perez 7 days ago +1

    I dont like the spots hat are dark that you go past.

  • [ySro_S4d_b0y] ;-; multiplayer master

    uwon my please

  • Aleksa Maric
    Aleksa Maric 9 days ago +1

    Carefull boys! You also can find some dead corps or body parts...everything is possible and everything is happend...

  • Mostashirul Haque
    Mostashirul Haque 9 days ago

    at 6:16 the was a bone

    JOSHUA CLIFTON 9 days ago +2

    That’s a snake bone

  • fiberotter
    fiberotter 10 days ago +1

    I don't know. Hearing you narrate every move you make is disturbing. Plus I bet you ran out of air faster in your tank.

  • Auto Savage
    Auto Savage 10 days ago +2

    Did no one see the alligator

  • blackpink in your area yeah

    Your viove is different under water

  • Elijah Davenport
    Elijah Davenport 12 days ago

    At 6:20 it was cool becuse it might be a alligator bone or it’s a different bone

  • Praveena Ruud
    Praveena Ruud 13 days ago +1

    Damn dude that guy is tall man

  • ur secret Admirer on tiktok

    1:33 u can see a man floating the looks like it poop

  • Izzaz M
    Izzaz M 14 days ago

    In kolkata i found in ganga iphone11pro max i pod

  • zyrusin OvO ph
    zyrusin OvO ph 14 days ago

    hey bruh i subs your vibs thanks me

  • Marian herghea
    Marian herghea 15 days ago

    Lies you mie

  • Heather Adams
    Heather Adams 15 days ago +1

    he is totally skipping trash

  • Jack Darby
    Jack Darby 16 days ago

    How does he breath underwater? What is he using?

  • Terai/Caydence Wong
    Terai/Caydence Wong 18 days ago +2

    The iphone that jack found was the iphone 7 my sister had that same phone

  • kenzo LIVE
    kenzo LIVE 18 days ago

    i think this are haunted =-l

  • Alannax Edits
    Alannax Edits 18 days ago

    But the iPhone X has Face ID tho

  • KeiraBird—likes food
    KeiraBird—likes food 20 days ago +2

    It’s a spine .

  • Diana Calderon
    Diana Calderon 22 days ago +9

    Why is the water red

  • StrangerEthan
    StrangerEthan 22 days ago +1

    That’s either an iPhone 7+ or 8+

  • SH00K
    SH00K 22 days ago +3

    This is how many items dallmyd dropped in a river just to go look for it again and records it as finding "missing" items underwater


  • TWS Savage Monkey
    TWS Savage Monkey 22 days ago

    I’m out once I hear alligator infested waters!!! YIKES 🐊

  • Adam Ak
    Adam Ak 24 days ago +2

    Good job 5million subs in a year and half

    AZHAR GAMING 776 26 days ago +8

    6:30 thats a backbone 🤮

  • DahAnimeLoaf And Bread :3

    Him talking underwater makes me worried even tho he’s okay.

  • تقنيتي Taknity
    تقنيتي Taknity Month ago +3

    is there R.B sunglass Store behind the River ? loool

  • HannahSnipez 604
    HannahSnipez 604 Month ago +2

    the iphone he found was iphone 7-8

  • Ellinor
    Ellinor Month ago +3

    You sound weird when you talk underwater

  • Rocky Coutts
    Rocky Coutts Month ago +3

    I like how he says that he will pick up every bit of trash that he finds. But yet when he found the 4x gold he didn’t pick it up😂😂

  • Peter Majer
    Peter Majer Month ago +1

    Catfish lol this fish can attack you

  • E :3
    E :3 Month ago +1

    Like for the trash bag, that's awesome!

  • Luis Loja
    Luis Loja Month ago +3

    Alguien aqui que hable español like

    TFG POTATO Month ago +2

    Tfues Brother

  • Rocket Boss
    Rocket Boss Month ago +4

    I dont think his camera died but he says that bc he didn’t find it, he asked the dude if he could take the phone for his video.

    • Salad Fingers
      Salad Fingers Month ago +4

      It wouldn't be hard for him to simply plant it there himself and shoot the video though

  • Monkey D Goth
    Monkey D Goth Month ago +3

    Ah *ja*

  • Juan Carillo
    Juan Carillo Month ago +1

    That bone you found it look like human bone

  • Contraverse
    Contraverse Month ago +2

    Holy moly that (lost phone) guy is huge

  • Christina Rezny
    Christina Rezny Month ago

    That iPhone is an 8

  • Cory Hammett
    Cory Hammett Month ago

    The iPhone jack found was probabaly a 6 or 7

  • Cory Hammett
    Cory Hammett Month ago

    That is scary!!! It’s sooooo dark I’d be horrified if I saw an alligator right the and there

  • Cory Hammett
    Cory Hammett Month ago +1

    The thing U thought was bone is a medium aged alligator spine vertebrae

  • Johneice Black
    Johneice Black Month ago +6

    Yesterday I found water in underwater water

  • Ruby Abbott
    Ruby Abbott Month ago +9

    7:00 pretty sure it’s some kind of skull

  • Looservill Z
    Looservill Z Month ago +7

    How did he get into the phone hmm. Kinda sus.

    • ethan ivory
      ethan ivory 29 days ago +1

      im boutta watch and see if the face id is activated or if the phone doesnt have a passcode hold up

    • The Gaming Llama
      The Gaming Llama Month ago +2

      sus lol do you know ses?

    • Pugsy life77
      Pugsy life77 Month ago +1

      it might of not had a pass or it might have had an easy pass

  • Looservill Z
    Looservill Z Month ago +4

    Imagine if it was human. Uhhhhh scary.

  • Looservill Z
    Looservill Z Month ago +2

    That guy just looks dumb because of his brother tfue now he just looks dumb.

    • Luke Gerrity
      Luke Gerrity 17 days ago +1

      Looservill Z that makes no sense

    RYUL STUDIOS Month ago +3

    Is jack tfue’s brother?

  • Vnk_ Rukitis
    Vnk_ Rukitis Month ago +2

    Send me please one rayban im huge fan!!!!✌✌