The Right Way to Get Rid of Old Prescription Drugs | Consumer Reports

The first day of spring of each year is Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet Day. Here are five tips to help you get the job done.

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Автор 43128lucky4 ( назад)
i thought you were supposed to give it away on craigslist

Автор Robert S ( назад)
stop flushing drugs, the water supply?

Автор Nishant Sirohi ( назад)
Why not sell the used medicine to charities for poor ppl.. Oh wait helping the poor in USA is something that is not understood

Автор Wyatt Rowe ( назад)
This shit is trending.

Автор Cruz er ( назад)
Why is flushing them a last resort? No explaination...

Автор ladanielm ( назад)
is flushing them not safe ?

Автор Kenny Ruiz ( назад)
Why is this trending

Автор ItsYaBoyLuke Jar ( назад)
Trending with 500 views, definitely gonna see this on social media later, because of how popular it is.

Автор Ann Frances ( назад)
Trending with 500 views?? What is happening here YouTube?

Автор Jake Sucks balls ( назад)
Or just throw it out

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
or sell them.....

Автор Jaehee Cho ( назад)
One thing to consider is to not keep them in a medicine cabinet to begin with as medicine cabinets are mostly in bathrooms. Moisture changes to medications can cause changes in efficacy and safety. Medications should generally and preferably be kept in a cool, dry, and dark area out of the reach of children. Just something to keep in mind! :)

Автор Jesse LZ ( назад)
We all know which ones to get rid of and which ones to just.... ya know ^_^

Автор Omega8kilo ( назад)
Flush them all and let it all get into the water supply and let everyone else deal with the problems..# I come 1st

Автор Black Loops ( назад)
My home is a certified meds disposer. Just bring them here and i will take care of it

Автор David G ( назад)
Hand me over your unused norco I'll dispose of it properly

Автор Its Mr Cream ( назад)
Swallow them all at once

Автор Josh _ ( назад)
YouTube, this has 500 views on it. Take it off of trending ya cunts.

Автор Pineapple Fanta ( назад)
560 views, #32 on trending

Автор Oscar Atlas ( назад)
Why should we restrict people who want to harm/benefit from drugs or used drugs in any possible way?

Автор Evan Augustine ( назад)

Автор George Feb ( назад)
Sell it, bitch! ☺

Автор Arthur Garcia ( назад)
Crush them and snort 'em.

Автор Continuiti ( назад)
I've wondering about this for a while. I've been to forgetful to google it. Thanks CR.

Автор O Arias ( назад)
So you dont take the remaining amounts at once? 🤔🤔

Автор Dimitry Ttt ( назад)
yeah right...

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