White People Ruin Every Popular Dance

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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    White People Ruin Every Popular Dance
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  • loveliveserve
    loveliveserve  4 months ago +920

    Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥
    LLS MEETUP TOMORROW AT KING OF PRUSSIA at 3PM upstairs next to Shake Shack 🙌🏼

  • Løøtys USA
    Løøtys USA 7 hours ago

    *Do they deliver in Brazil?*

  • Ga Ro
    Ga Ro 9 hours ago

    They should do meetups once every 3 weeks

  • Renagaid G I N G E R
    Renagaid G I N G E R 22 hours ago

    Boi shut up

  • Pzytxn
    Pzytxn Day ago

    I’m White but I don’t even do any dances.

  • Kear O'Malley
    Kear O'Malley Day ago

    i'm white and i approve of this message

  • Mikey Tyrone
    Mikey Tyrone Day ago

    That's acually fuking racist dude fuck you I'm unsubscribing

  • A h m a d.
    A h m a d. Day ago

    8:25 the typing in rihno top is in arabic This is wired 🤔

  • Annabelle Mcclain

    6:36 he watchin Fridayyyy

  • bob buttercokie
    bob buttercokie 2 days ago

    This is actually so true white people make every dance seem cringey and than every one stops becouse it's cringey 😂

  • Amari Sneed
    Amari Sneed 2 days ago

    I'm soo used to tuffy's voice sounding like dababys so yeaa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Groovyjayfire
    Groovyjayfire 2 days ago

    Origin of noahboat

  • Teo B
    Teo B 3 days ago

    Name of the 0:39 beat?

  • jordan cho-wolfe
    jordan cho-wolfe 3 days ago

    but is really is dat serious

  • jordan cho-wolfe
    jordan cho-wolfe 3 days ago

    dammm nigga noah boat got abbs? his skinny ass

  • jordan cho-wolfe
    jordan cho-wolfe 3 days ago

    nigga said first time seein my penut head

  • ZaP PenguinPlayz
    ZaP PenguinPlayz 3 days ago +1

    My bad

  • Nick Trent
    Nick Trent 3 days ago

    Why do u have to make fun of white people

  • Brent Tayengwa
    Brent Tayengwa 3 days ago

    Noah trying to hit the woah (cringe)

  • pixelatedsmilez
    pixelatedsmilez 4 days ago

    I'm sad to be white whish I had rhino's skin tone

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 days ago +1

      pixelatedsmilez just be your self don’t be like others cause u like who they are just be u

  • BaBy Criminal
    BaBy Criminal 6 days ago

    How long has everyone been watching??
    Me, I've been watching since 2017.

  • Painmaker Chris Jericho

    Why Is This So True

  • Taylor Vaughn
    Taylor Vaughn 6 days ago +1

    Rhino bald as fuck

  • GS Flames
    GS Flames 7 days ago

    We respect you and we like you and we do want you to be a Twitter meme on it 👨🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻

  • Yung Drip
    Yung Drip 8 days ago

    No disrespect bc I actually live u guys(no homo) but it’s kinda offensive the way ur always making white people seem so annoying and weird but not all white people u know what I mean. But anyways keep up good work

  • Jake LaRosa
    Jake LaRosa 8 days ago +1

    This was the rocky training montage of black culture

  • Nightmare Nightmare
    Nightmare Nightmare 8 days ago

    This is true

  • S Maseth
    S Maseth 10 days ago +1

    Noah is every kid at my school

  • Charlie Gomez
    Charlie Gomez 11 days ago

    Should be fortnite ruins every popular dance

  • retryingRED .0
    retryingRED .0 11 days ago

    This is how many white people clicked 👇on this vid

  • Nissi Takunda
    Nissi Takunda 12 days ago

    They ain't teach him the woah. They jus turned him black 😂😂

  • Twinz_Wraith15 YT
    Twinz_Wraith15 YT 13 days ago +1

    If there is booty I'm crossing the ocean to come to the mall🤣

  • Berke Eraksoy
    Berke Eraksoy 13 days ago

    Broh does tuffy have a piercing on his nose or is it a pimple?

  • Decaying Waffle
    Decaying Waffle 14 days ago

    This was straight up one of the best videos LLS has ever made.
    Absolutely loved it.
    Great Job!

  • David Hebert
    David Hebert 14 days ago

    Fucking racist/bias.

  • Siyannah Hadley
    Siyannah Hadley 15 days ago

    I- why

  • SavannahKYT
    SavannahKYT 16 days ago +1

    We white people can dance, but this is funny lol 😂

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez 16 days ago

    Racist title

  • musab khan
    musab khan 16 days ago

    "You need help"

  • Unknown TryHard
    Unknown TryHard 16 days ago

    My brothers say im a peanut.....
    Soooo hi sibling

  • Gaming 4lif3
    Gaming 4lif3 17 days ago

    Wow ur mean why do u have to say in the title white guys ruin popular dances huh?

  • Void
    Void 18 days ago

    0:20 ty me l8ter

    CHICKEN KURRY 18 days ago

    Training your white friend to be able to say "Nigga" without offending everyone.

  • Mystic Myah
    Mystic Myah 18 days ago

    When i saw da title-😆

  • Omar Huneidi
    Omar Huneidi 19 days ago

    Dam noa be lookin fresh at the end

  • Marcus Fajardo
    Marcus Fajardo 19 days ago

    Also they do it too much that they are making the dance dead

  • Keishawn Begay
    Keishawn Begay 19 days ago

    0:20 Damn she thiccc!!!🤥

  • Blacknite 07
    Blacknite 07 19 days ago +1

    How Noah became noah

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 20 days ago +1

    i hate obama‼️

  • Yung_ Supreme
    Yung_ Supreme 20 days ago


  • Nuclear Tomato 1212
    Nuclear Tomato 1212 20 days ago +1

    Yeah...... we were thought to do that at a young age

  • Froxsty YT
    Froxsty YT 21 day ago

    In you king of Prussia mall I was just there 3 hours ago at the exact spot you said were the milkshakes are and also got some Gucci

  • Dylan Boddie
    Dylan Boddie 22 days ago

    Fuck you racist boy

  • Kally Marie
    Kally Marie 22 days ago

    Idea stealer

  • OxygenLab9 LABEL
    OxygenLab9 LABEL 22 days ago

    this is racisttt

  • Default Boy
    Default Boy 23 days ago

    Julia rose is a Thot

  • Gandan
    Gandan 25 days ago +1

    *If Ski Mask The Slump God was in your class*

  • Krxnical
    Krxnical 26 days ago

    you know lls did that certain pic on purpose

  • jøSh Adex
    jøSh Adex 26 days ago

    Never thought hitting the woah was so emotional

  • Dissent Truth-
    Dissent Truth- 27 days ago

    What motivational speech is this from?