Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

In this video I visited the Tsukiji fish market in tokyo japan and feasted on the amazing street food market there. I missed the tuna fish auction but still got to eat some great food.

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Автор trumpspubes ( назад)
crab cum is brownish green... you ate that....

Автор Christine Savana ( назад)
has anyone ever told you look like Jacky Chan? :D btw i'll be there this april, and can't wait to taste those awesome street food! xD thanks for sharing this video. :)

Автор ssanimess ( назад)
Sea urchin 😍

Автор Jack Pattillo having a Vietnam Flashback ( назад)
I'm not convinced that he liked the tamago.

Автор James Ye ( назад)
can you eat oisters cooked??

Автор Lee Galant ( назад)
Omg, he can definitely talk

Автор ploi bates ( назад)
Girls be more like that crab 🦀

Автор Victor Chang ( назад)
can you stop showing off your orgasm?

Автор Byron Lin ( назад)
why is he eating only cooked seafood? youre in japan eat some of the sashima! and he talks too much. just eat the food and tell us how you like it... still cant believe he had everything cooked.

Автор undo.kat ( назад)
that 5 dollar scallop in one bite.. i don't know how hungry i'd need to be to pay for that and eat it like that

Автор Mingi2 ( назад)
Can't stop watching this vid I love all the seafood you ate even the (kina) sea urchin come to New Zealand and do some episodes here we would love to have ya!!

Автор Zankaa ( назад)
I love sea urchin 😍😍 delicious creamy salty fish.

Автор Robert Scott ( назад)
That wasn't flour blowing around in the dessert clip,
it was powdered sugar.

Автор Zainab Mainuddin ( назад)
Lol i thought i was weird for not liking uni!! Thankgod... its so gross

Автор Tigah GamingYT ( назад)
I Like How He Gets So Excited After Tasting His Food.

Автор Tigah GamingYT ( назад)
I Wish I Could Try Mochi.

Автор Antonio Arellano ( назад)
I hate watching this little bowl cut lady boy

Автор Dennis Amith ( назад)
Mikey, if you ever go back to Tsukiji....hope you are willing to take on the Sushi Dai challenge.

Автор we do reviews ( назад)
I love watching his reactions to the food

Автор nick ren ( назад)
gotta use sea urchin as sauce for dipping

Автор The Business Channel ( назад)
Jackie chan?

Автор KillMe Jeno ( назад)
is it just me oe but he kinda looks like jackie chan.☺😄

Автор logical fruit ( назад)
Love to go on a food tour of Japan

Автор Poola Kye ( назад)
all the people who disliked are jealous

Автор Jong Cheul Kim ( назад)
Looks amazing!!!

Автор tp .y. ( назад)
I went to the exact egg roll place haha

Автор Kaimana Kawaii 'The Magic Flash' ( назад)
don't ever watch this video while in the toilet!😭.

Автор Ernest Hung ( назад)
Japan might not be the country for you with all that fish

Автор Yang Zheng ( назад)

Автор nyc0053 ( назад)

Автор Ichigo TRILLONATOR ( назад)
first time I see the food stands outside the market 👌👌👌 thank u man

Автор RainieLove ( назад)
What camera do you use?

Автор PC B ( назад)
Arigato Gozhaimas!

Автор TLLgaming ( назад)
doesnt tamago mean just egg

Автор David Karasek ( назад)
Oh man, when I visited Japan my Grandfathers friend made me try kanimiso, the brown goop in a crab body. But it was on a sushi roll. Anyway. That was pretty much the only thing in Japan that I ate that I actually did not like. It was so gross. Next time I go back though, I will give it another shot.

Автор DarkRedDust ( назад)
whats that yellow thing? Sea o- what?

Автор Dena Redford ( назад)
Some of the people behind you are starring at you .

Автор Brix ( назад)
So after all of this, would you say Tsuchiji is worth it or is it a trap?

Автор Tran Tuan ( назад)
Cái mặt thag loz nhìn lao coho vãi

Автор naisubadi ( назад)
Dude how old are you? Grow up and learn to enjoy raw fish

Автор Sushifoo ( назад)
Only $9? Sir had you had that seafood sampler plate here in the states it would have been outrageously

Автор Jaden Lee ( назад)
Someone give me an idea pls. 1 usd = japanease currency?

Автор Nightx3aw Games ( назад)
what was the ice cream flavour?

Автор Liet Sayri ( назад)
Thanks for sharing all the good food -drools- This makes me really want to go to Japan!

Автор angry beast ( назад)
are you the son of jackie chan ?

Автор Natalie Iliadis ( назад)
Your videos makes me hungry.

Автор Bleachchugger 698 ( назад)
What was the ice cream cone and that cream puff thing that was green? What does it taste like exactly?

Автор Gajiro Sato ( назад)

Автор Jeremy Fitsgerald ( назад)
Strictly Dumplings Everyday Life:

1. Eat 10 Portions Of Different Food Everyday

2.Have 2000 Foodgasms A Day

Автор OG King ( назад)
I watched like 15+ videos and still haven't subscribed... my bad, here you go. keep up the videos!

Автор chinmoy lahkar ( назад)
discover the food in northeast states asia.

Автор anthony garza ( назад)
goddamn with prices like that no wonder the Japanese are endangering so many sea creatures LUL

Автор Ben Gonzalez ( назад)
dude.... stop the talking... eat eat eat... to much blah blah blah....

Автор tsocanuck ( назад)
uhh why are you wearing a shirt with a CANADIAN FLAG ..afraid to travel as an AMERICAN?

Автор Joy Kaiza828 ( назад)
what is mochi..? is it a donut..?

Автор Black Storm ( назад)
You are a food guru.🍷

Автор micah jurmey ( назад)
"I feel like the ocean threw up in my mouth"

Автор Esdez ( назад)
this guy looks like jackie chan

Автор Ethan Shen ( назад)
Love it that you are honest about what foods you like or not. But can't help but thinking when watching you eat the really good ones, that you should get a room.

Автор toadle77 ( назад)
thumbs down for not liking seafood that taste like the ocean 😂🙃🦀🍣🐚

Автор princessrei2001 ( назад)
I love king and snow crab... that and shrimp I could live off of...

Автор Mrafa 121005 ( назад)
tamago its supposed to be sweet

Автор baby lizard ( назад)
I went to masa here in Tallahassee florida and I love it whenever you order the sampler dish for sashimi no matter what it melts in your mouth every time and it's never the same not once has it tasted fishy

Автор Vincent Vega ( назад)
One day i will go to Tokyo and eat those Mochis!!! :D

Автор amazncy ( назад)
Are the prices considered expensive? Also heard the fish market is moving to another place soon

Автор Edwina Lo ( назад)
Why would you go to tsukiji and eat cooked fish??????

Автор Mike9798999 ( назад)
The Mochi he was eating looks good! was the bread part raw dough?? (if anybody knows)

Автор Greg Austin ( назад)
Talk about fresh seafood !!!!!

Автор Con Heo ( назад)
The food looks taste! I'm honestly not a big fan of sea urchin either. And I prefer snow crab over king crab.

Автор Hawkie 22 ( назад)
4:55 that girl have been looking at him for a while and laughed with an attitude smh

Автор Fadhilah Nurul Faida ( назад)
oh my god, all of them look so delicious i swear

Автор Jerra Ng ( назад)
The live auction and the inner part of the market are not open to the public anymore.

Автор Syria Sharia ( назад)
I don't mind ocean taste. I really can't handle river taste. I can't eat river fish ever.. it tastes like fish tank.

Автор Jacob Marshall ( назад)
I'm glad I'm in not the only one who thinks he looks a little like Jackie chan it definitely is a good thing!

Автор Lvsdawgs ( назад)
When you get a chance, visit the pacific northwest. You will change your mind about seafood. Dungeness crab is an experience that will change your mind about King crab. A bitch to clean, but well worth it!

Автор Eso God ( назад)
Your camera quality is great! What camera are you using?

Автор Zymel MCruz ( назад)
It's powdered sugar sprinkled outside the mochi.....

Автор sjsmam ( назад)
Congratulations Mike, this channel is awesome!

I really wanted to see all these different japanese dishes.

Have a nice one!

Автор Andres Diaz ( назад)
that yellow thing on a popsicle stick looks like flan!

Автор unaanguila ( назад)
Thanks for sharing!

Автор Queen Chelsi ( назад)
Dont eat spongebob!

Автор Yohane Sabushimike ( назад)
always watch this to satisfy my hunger

Автор LilPhat Vue ( назад)
Jackie Chan in Tokyo!!!!!

Автор Bananans Banananas ( назад)
This video was like the Twins movie scene where Schwarzenegger's character is eating a different dish in every shot.

Автор GK Boi ( назад)
You looks like jackie chan bro

Автор chyna Nhua ( назад)
You are hilarious! I'm liking your new videos!

Автор boyblue966 ( назад)
That tuna looks awesome

Автор Fire Skull ( назад)
I can not handle sea urchin DX...that ending XD

Автор bony wony ( назад)
Dude looks like Jackie Chan

Автор KERS ( назад)
I love uni

Автор LTZ_ ( назад)
Japan is not only killing off Tuna they are also helping whales go extinct! Thanks Japan [Not] !

Автор Joey's BANANA & MAYO Sandwich REVIEW ( назад)
I hate it when random people look at me while I'm eating. I also hate when people sitting next to me glance at my phone when I'm watching a YouTube video.

Автор Joey's BANANA & MAYO Sandwich REVIEW ( назад)
Anyone told you that you look like Jackie Chan?

Автор Karen Conlan ( назад)
I'm from Vancouver ~~~

Автор eveyluvvs ( назад)
Another awesome vlog!
I feel you on the sea urchin thing and seared scallop in Japan is so amazing. I can eat like 10!

Автор Ellen Junhae ( назад)
wow honestly watching this while going on a diet is extremly hard also because mike makes every food extremly good! love ur vids mike! ur honestly the best and one of my fave youtubers ilysm!

Автор Arturo lopez prado ( назад)
8:54 beautiful hentai girl <3

Автор Jovo Teen ( назад)
first time watching these guy and i like him so much cuz he is the kind of person that is polite and never gets in trouble or drama and he doesn't care about money but he cares about life so thats why i like this guy.

Автор melaniejoy ( назад)
i love it! going to tokyo soon in march,, but I heard they are moving the tsukji market.. hope i dont miss it....

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