• Published on Jun 3, 2019
  • Hello dear friends.
    Hornet and wasps
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  • SkyBek
    SkyBek  2 months ago +470

    Where are you from?

  • Ronan
    Ronan 8 hours ago


  • Xtreme de
    Xtreme de Day ago

    Next episode : wasp vs F22 raptor

  • Alejandra Arocho
    Alejandra Arocho 3 days ago

    Wasp vs Hornet

  • Weabowu
    Weabowu 3 days ago +1

    Stop stealing thumbnails from brave wilderness

  • Jak Hollins
    Jak Hollins 3 days ago

    They all wanted to escape not attack each other

  • Graeme Campbell
    Graeme Campbell 3 days ago

    How to bore someone to sleep in one easy lesson.

  • элина хаски
    элина хаски 3 days ago +1

    Я за шршня

  • Benjamin Owusu
    Benjamin Owusu 4 days ago

    I found a pray mantis and a wasp at school everyone was following it and the wasp was gone

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 4 days ago +1

    0:43 is that some "dancing" I see?😏

  • Jewelstar_yt
    Jewelstar_yt 4 days ago

    nothing happened in this video. thanks for wasting my time

  • boba fett
    boba fett 5 days ago

    this is inifty war there fighting thanos

  • 금동민
    금동민 5 days ago +1

    한국인 손!✋

  • Natalja Balaganski
    Natalja Balaganski 5 days ago


  • Oakland California
    Oakland California 6 days ago

    Where the fuck is the fight?

  • hilltop hilltop
    hilltop hilltop 7 days ago

    Cruel wasp will xie

    Nano ANTARAS DZ 7 days ago

    This is animal torture

  • C.A.T
    C.A.T 10 days ago

    anyone notice the clickbait was from brave wilderness

  • Jonel Gacha!
    Jonel Gacha! 10 days ago

    Your thumbnail when the one that was caught with tweezers was from coyote peterson

  • Jack HD
    Jack HD 11 days ago

    1:00 The wasp on the right twerked to the wasp on the left and the wasp on the left tried to escape

  • Micah Francis
    Micah Francis 12 days ago

    Evil. You should not make animals fight each other

    • Micah Francis
      Micah Francis 11 days ago

      Crawl back in your hole bitch. I am only 5

    • I deserve to die
      I deserve to die 11 days ago

      Shut up you clicked on this to watch animals fight so expect an animal fight

  • Literally just a piece of pie

    She attac

    Really she only attac

  • Johnny Cummins
    Johnny Cummins 14 days ago

    I show you my tweezer technique hi-yeah. Seems to me that they were only looking for a way out. Your so called giant hornet was not aggressive in the least bit and the the smaller wasps were friends with this giant mammoth hornet as you call it. Nothing vs at all really,just a wasting on youtube.

  • Vicoe Mo
    Vicoe Mo 18 days ago +1

    Hornet : Yo dude lets find a way out
    Wazp : *evil plan but keeps forgetting*

  • Great Outdoors
    Great Outdoors 19 days ago +1

    Male cow killer in there with those yellow jackets the males don't have a stinger but thanks for sharing

  • AwsJTheGoldCobra
    AwsJTheGoldCobra 20 days ago

    Two of my worst nightmares killing themsleves. YAY

  • Ултуган Мама

    Конечно шершень!

  • Kronos Gaming/Vines
    Kronos Gaming/Vines 20 days ago

    Stop using the brave wilderness hornet , If you’re in Europe it’s copyright.

  • Solange Alava
    Solange Alava 20 days ago

    Y donde esta el "vs"???

  • Kayden Cofer
    Kayden Cofer 20 days ago

    I’m from the uk

  • Akira Eduard Calixy Alferez

    Is that the giant asian hornet

  • Optimua Prima
    Optimua Prima 21 day ago

    What a waste of 4:29 mintues, im givimg this video a huge thumbs down to it, it's just straight up stupid, there was no fighting in this, just fuck up stupid.

  • Optimua Prima
    Optimua Prima 21 day ago

    I had to turn my volume down because i don't want to hear this stupid ass music.

  • Optimua Prima
    Optimua Prima 21 day ago

    Is the damn music really neasuary ? It's VERY ANNOYING.

  • Brown Cow
    Brown Cow 21 day ago


  • Gabriele Movie
    Gabriele Movie 21 day ago +1

    2:05 what is the name of the song?

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox 21 day ago

    Why are people getting angry you should kill wasps and hornets they kill bees and bees contribute to most of the planet

  • Мемы и Развлечения!_228 Даня

    I’m from in NOVOVOLINSK

  • Jesus is number 1
    Jesus is number 1 21 day ago


  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 22 days ago

    I'm from America

    K4RN EPIC 22 days ago +2

    3:30 that nigga got bullied 🤣🤣

  • Da Boy
    Da Boy 22 days ago

    It’s a mammoth wasp it won’t kill its cousin? The wasp

  • Seby 0906
    Seby 0906 22 days ago


  • Jacek Libosik
    Jacek Libosik 22 days ago

    Fuck off

  • Jacek Libosik
    Jacek Libosik 22 days ago

    Tak nie wolno bo to są owady xapylajace

  • Laura M
    Laura M 23 days ago


  • Michelle Lemorie
    Michelle Lemorie 23 days ago +1

    Who else thought this was coyote Peterson

  • Astratinei Nicoleta
    Astratinei Nicoleta 23 days ago

    cosa ti fumi spiega!!!

  • Мирон Григорьев


  • Diamond Illusion
    Diamond Illusion 24 days ago

    That was cringe for me

  • Gjdhjss Sjsjsjsjsi
    Gjdhjss Sjsjsjsjsi 24 days ago

    estuvo tan emosionante asta que me dormi

  • K Le
    K Le 24 days ago +1

    How can he get so much likes with just clickbait

  • Daniel Mendez
    Daniel Mendez 24 days ago

    Do a tarantula Hawk vs Jap Hornet!

  • Lok One
    Lok One 24 days ago

    What à shit video

  • Nik Azanis85
    Nik Azanis85 24 days ago

    Not best

  • Angel Queen
    Angel Queen 24 days ago +2

    The music is like a chocking bird/chicken

  • Александр Соловьёв

    Ты в курсе что это был не шершень или я ошибаюсь

  • Anna Mcdearmond
    Anna Mcdearmond 25 days ago

    Good vido but thats a moth wasp

  • Березняк Светлана Валерьевна

    чо ты меня лечишь это оса сколия

  • Turtle Man
    Turtle Man 25 days ago +1

    Wow nice vid

  • astroman310
    astroman310 26 days ago +4

    Giant Hornet: give me five
    Wasp: nope

  • Yi Chen
    Yi Chen 26 days ago

    Check out brave wilderness video he got stung by a hornet 🐝 and wasp 🐝 these things are big bees 🐝 bees 🐝 are so small and smaller than wasps and hornets wasp and hornet looks the same wasps and hornets are the biggest known bee ever to live

  • ricky alere
    ricky alere 26 days ago +1

    At first i thought this was Coyote Peterson

  • Bosnian Mapper
    Bosnian Mapper 26 days ago +1

    Thats more like a cicada killer

  • Phoenix Kosito
    Phoenix Kosito 26 days ago

    This guy is a god if he handled/captured them without getting stung

  • Fire Boi 97
    Fire Boi 97 27 days ago +104

    So many things wrong
    1.That wasn't a Hornet.That was a Mammoth wasp .
    2.They weren't fighting.ALL OF THEM WERE TRYING TO ESCAPE
    Edit:Thank you for the likes everyone 😎👌

  • JamieCloughGaming
    JamieCloughGaming 27 days ago +1

    Ok I sold out that's not a Giant Hornet ppl this video is click-bait though the Mammoth Wasp is still an impressive beast...

  • Acakralj13 333
    Acakralj13 333 27 days ago

    So scary!😱😱😱😱😱

  • tamta mumladze
    tamta mumladze 27 days ago


  • Noura Alayli
    Noura Alayli 27 days ago


  • Error G
    Error G 27 days ago +14

    I just realized that the thumbnail has the two bees Photoshopped from a Brave Wilderness video

  • Sunny1870weregudyrs
    Sunny1870weregudyrs 28 days ago

    What kind of music was that?

  • Maximun
    Maximun 28 days ago

    That noise?

  • Vanessa Woods
    Vanessa Woods 28 days ago

    At 132 the the music changes

  • Diamond Tortoise
    Diamond Tortoise 28 days ago

    Battle of Ages: Cunt vs Cunt