CrossFit Open 19.5 Tips and Strategy

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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    CrossFit Open Workout 19.5 Strategy

    Thrusters and chest-to-bar pull-ups have been in every CrossFit Open so far - so is anyone even surprised by this workout?

    Whether you’re shocked or not, you still want to crush this final workout in the competition - and that’s what we’re here for.

    Join Brute coaches Adrian Conway and Nick Fowler for your 19.5 warm-up and strategy guide.

    What can you do in 20 minutes? Prove it.

    Here’s the workout:

    33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
    Thrusters (95/65)
    Chest-to-bar pull-ups

    Time cap: 20 minutes
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Comments • 12

  • Onno L
    Onno L 6 months ago

    Great tips and advice, going to tackle it today prepared

  • marc m
    marc m 6 months ago

    Do you guys have this warmup in print so I don't have to take a picture of it on my phone? :D

  • Joel Benford
    Joel Benford 6 months ago

    I dropped to my knees and gagged 3 times. I never understood why the need for chalk on the pull-up bars, or anything other than snatches and over head squats, really.

  • Jae Graham
    Jae Graham 6 months ago

    Why are most CrossFit gyms not black male friendly???

    • Jae Graham
      Jae Graham 6 months ago

      @MrShugarshane I tried 3 different states Virginia Indiana and Kentucky

    • MrShugarshane
      MrShugarshane 6 months ago +1

      Wut. Maybe it's your area more than crossfit culture

  • Christos Moutousis
    Christos Moutousis 6 months ago

    Wear lifters? I have to think they won’t slow you down on pull ups but will help a lot on thrusters.

  • V C
    V C 6 months ago

    Fran seems like a breeze now. My body is so sore. Started slow on the 33's and 27's, but those C2b are just to much haha

  • Bernardo Flor
    Bernardo Flor 6 months ago

    mandatory video as always

  • ProBioMech
    ProBioMech 6 months ago +6

    ‘Has your training been supporting that volume?’ Nope...

    • Brute Strength
      Brute Strength  6 months ago +1

      Theres not that many that can answer that with a yes.

  • NotYourAverageMo
    NotYourAverageMo 6 months ago

    Oh yeahhhhh