WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer]

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  • Brais Abeleira
    Brais Abeleira 3 минуты назад

    song of the begining?

  • Shahzaib maqsood
    Shahzaib maqsood 24 минуты назад

    #WonderWoman play and full free download . http://atomcurve.com/zTJ

  • Darren Arni
    Darren Arni 4 часа назад

    best movie, since Brave Heart.

  • Pranay Mokal
    Pranay Mokal 5 часов назад

    its amazing movie,this movie is best among all super hero movies.

  • Madison
    Madison 7 часов назад

    DC needs to keep the women who directed this around! The best DC movie ever! They finally struck that perfect balance of great plot and great character development. DC usually lacks on plot and good villains. In real life though Gal Godot is a bad ass considering she is Israeli and all Israelis are required to serve to in Israeli Special Forces and she was no exception. So she actually is trained in combat.

    • Dolphin man
      Dolphin man 7 часов назад

      You mean DCEU lack on plot, not DC lack on plot

  • Lilkinh Knepa
    Lilkinh Knepa 8 часов назад

    Here is reallу full аnd hd Wondeer Wоman => https://twitter.com/2bdeb0e9cf43c54b2/status/867561163340472320

  • mariane tan
    mariane tan 8 часов назад

    is it just me or the only human being she killed in the movie was just the russian general cause she thought he was ares? correct me if im wrong.

  • spike378
    spike378 9 часов назад

    so why did he have to die at the end? I dont get it

  • UrbanExplorer1000
    UrbanExplorer1000 9 часов назад

    this film sucked

  • Justin R
    Justin R 9 часов назад

    Wasnt expecting much but i watched it and now i think its my favorite super hero movie. Super heros and ww1 crossover is amazing

  • Cole Redman
    Cole Redman 9 часов назад

    D.C. Is stepping up their game

  • Jermain Roberts
    Jermain Roberts 10 часов назад

    wonder woman have a stink vagina.. white power!!!!!!!

  • Daiane Rossi
    Daiane Rossi 12 часов назад

    the best movie of a super hero ❤ Great job Patty Jenkins

  • Kenan Gedik
    Kenan Gedik 13 часов назад

    What the fuck is she saying at 0:24. It's been bothering me since I first saw the trailer

  • Indi Bana
    Indi Bana 14 часов назад

    I saw it twice this movie masked me feel so happy. 10/10

  • Alexandra Stoica
    Alexandra Stoica 15 часов назад

    This movie is the best I've seen. You have to go and watch it!

  • A Xoxo
    A Xoxo 16 часов назад

    I've watched it today in a cinema, it's the best movie I've ever seen!

  • tirak2010 tirak
    tirak2010 tirak 17 часов назад

    OMG I just heard warriors xDDD lol

  • Michelle Tran
    Michelle Tran 17 часов назад

    I love wounder women and I already watched the movie I really loved it well I am watching the trailers because I didn't even watch the trailers

  • Guillermo GH
    Guillermo GH 17 часов назад

    What is the music?

  • Guillermo GH
    Guillermo GH 17 часов назад

    what is the música?

  • ניתאי בלדינגר
    ניתאי בלדינגר 18 часов назад

    כל מי שישראלי ורואה את זה לתת לייק

  • sanoja lakmali
    sanoja lakmali 18 часов назад

    trailer itself is boring so is d movie

  • Vii Gee
    Vii Gee 18 часов назад

    OMG! I cried so many times in this movie, from the Amazonian women fight scene to the epic last fight scenes!!! It was wonderfully well done, Gal did and the whole characters did so well too!!! Best WW movie yet!! 💙❤️💙❤️

  • Mai Nguyễn
    Mai Nguyễn 18 часов назад

    this is wonderful movies. i love it

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger 20 часов назад

    7.5 out of 10 Better than BVS and SS but not Man of Steel. There is room for lots of improvement next time

  • mario paladino
    mario paladino 20 часов назад

    nice soundtrack

  • Joel Oel
    Joel Oel 20 часов назад

    William stryker berfore weapon-X program..

  • _ ESGamezone_
    _ ESGamezone_ 20 часов назад

    Fuck the whole feminist and female lead role shit this movie was amazing and i don't even need to think about that stuff

  • AzeRaps
    AzeRaps 21 час назад

    love u Gal gadot

  • valde2609
    valde2609 23 часа назад

    this remix of imagine dragons ''warriors'' is really cancerous to listen to

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi 23 часа назад

    After watching this movie, I'm inspired to renew my gym membership.

  • FallenOnDryTinder
    FallenOnDryTinder 1 день назад

    o more WWII anti white propaganda? it never ends.

  • Micheal Meyers
    Micheal Meyers 1 день назад


  • Berblagoon Cheesecake
    Berblagoon Cheesecake 1 день назад

    I don't get why the villain is a girl because in WW I a man of the name Fritz Harbered and he invented the first know gas chlorine gas and other know gases why didn't they just make Fritz the villain?

  • Arielle Bosnicki
    Arielle Bosnicki 1 день назад

    I watched Wonder Woman and it was so good! Chris Pine and Gal Gadot's acting was on point.

  • Alexia Hackshaw
    Alexia Hackshaw 1 день назад

    I love women

  • bye bye
    bye bye 1 день назад

    i think gal gadot doesnt have the face of wonder woman

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 1 день назад


  • Blood Beryl
    Blood Beryl 1 день назад


  • ya itsmerc
    ya itsmerc 1 день назад

    Who saw The Movie and is rewatching the trailer?

  • Maku Angree
    Maku Angree 1 день назад

    Do adults actually watch this shit?

  • terejov
    terejov 1 день назад

    She is WAY to to skinny to play an amazon roll. It sound be a more muscular woman. Sorry, not convincing at all.

  • John L. F. Silver
    John L. F. Silver 1 день назад

    Nem a musica do lol deixa esse trailer bom.

  • Bieebsarehot
    Bieebsarehot 1 день назад

    Best movie ever!

  • Marcellus Stokes
    Marcellus Stokes 1 день назад

    WONDER WOMAN. is a dore move to watch and it with make you go to sleep

  • Jesus Is Lord
    Jesus Is Lord 1 день назад

    A good movie.

  • Nick R
    Nick R 1 день назад

    off the top of my head... why were germans able to slaughter amazons who are demigods? if Zeus is real it means Jesus Christ isnt. shouldn't the characters have been at least a little taken aback by this? why were the germans able to penetrate a field put up by a god to hide them from other gods and evil forces? why did you think the hokey dialogue between the two main characters was interesting or funny? have you read even one play in your whole life? why was she able to leap so high but has to have special bracelets to protect her from bullets? why didn't the germans just shoot her in the legs? why did that lady scientist have a phantom of the opera mask? why was the editing so choppy? why was the cgi so blatant compared to marvel movies who make it smooth? why was everything so cliched and done to death 1000 times before? how was that finale interesting? What was special about it? why were the fight scenes so bland? This movie couldn't have been worse had it been made as a college project.

  • Lukas R
    Lukas R 1 день назад

    DIe Beste Schauspielerin die es je auf der Wlt gibt und gab <3

  • Lena Bajrami
    Lena Bajrami 1 день назад

    Ohh what a movie ... seriously you guys nailed it this time. Just amazing , like awesome amazing 👏👏👏

  • The Makeup Daddy
    The Makeup Daddy 1 день назад

    Why ain't she an X-man?

  • Lauren Fennelly
    Lauren Fennelly 1 день назад

    This and Logan gave me chills. 10/10

  • harambe is still alive
    harambe is still alive 1 день назад

    Why did Steve die I mean this movie was going to be 10x better if he was still alive😭

  • Sheba Parris
    Sheba Parris 1 день назад

    This is the best movie i've seen this year, just amazing. I watched it here - plus.google.com/u/5/110288371749400647415/posts/cNr72iQwdvx?nceri3

    • Josh Tomlinson
      Josh Tomlinson 15 часов назад

      Someone else tell me if itms real, they clearly like spammed their own comment

  • JKGamer8609 Gamer
    JKGamer8609 Gamer 1 день назад

    0:07 what's so funny

  • Mal Septiceye
    Mal Septiceye 1 день назад

    who already knew this song before

  • Trillspencerrr
    Trillspencerrr 1 день назад

    I cried

  • Nancy I AM
    Nancy I AM 1 день назад

    Want a BETTER ending to the Wonder Woman movie? Why didn't Diana become like an Innocent Loving Child 'as an adult' to conquer evil?? 'Wonder Women' was EXCELLENT and it had ONE BIG Boo-Boo at the end when she killed 'the bad guy' with that special sword. (Sadly, so typical humanity and Hollywood) Why didn't Diana re-remember her innocent pure vulnerable loving sweet child personality and, as an adult, instantly develop a 'childlike innocent pure vulnerable assertive powerful eye-to-eye adult look' of 'powerful light streaming out of her eyes to his' communicating the words "I Love You, because I can't hate you or anyone as it's just NOT in my nature or design" (as she laid down her weapon) and have HIM 'realize and re-remember his evil non-goodness ways' and then 'bow down at her feet'... OR... have HIM 'self-destruct himself' as 'good (finally) conquers evil' and he self-implodes in upon himself and then disappears 'off into the Universe' FOREVER! Isn't THIS 'The Real' answer to Divine Femininity finally conquering the robotic patriarchal ca-ca attitude in order for THE True Gentle-Man and Gentle-Women to emerge and evolve again? Let's return to ONE Human Race with two genders and/or 'mixed or blended' and 7 billion unique 'shades of brown' melanin skin tones creating a NEW 'Golden Brown' civilization! So be it! Amen!

  • Lumii Calderón
    Lumii Calderón 1 день назад

    I didn't like this movie :( ...but I loved Gal Gadot, she is stunning!

  • eff yoo
    eff yoo 1 день назад

    Remember kids, men are disposable!

  • Dustin Haugh
    Dustin Haugh 1 день назад


  • Dj XhilbffyCgh
    Dj XhilbffyCgh 1 день назад

    Why are they always making Germany the bad guy

  • Niko Georgiafentis
    Niko Georgiafentis 1 день назад

    I love how they casted Gal Gadot. Israeli accents are very similar to that of a Greek which makes it much more realistic. I also love how her character is the definition of "love." just like man of steel these 2 movies are heavily integrated with Christian themes. Both representing Jesus, both representing the cross (man of steel as he floats away from the ship, Wonder women as she slays Ares), and both having a devil like enemy (Zod, and more pronounced Ares). I can't wait to see what they do in the future with these movies, all I know is I am very happy to see DC not being afraid of showing Christian themes

  • chez crisden
    chez crisden 1 день назад

    wonderful movie, saw it yesterday:)

  • Raj Babu
    Raj Babu 1 день назад

    dubbing hindi

  • Libo Xue
    Libo Xue 1 день назад

    Jeez stop fighting with ur hair down women!

  • Miss Unique
    Miss Unique 1 день назад

    I want superpowers now

  • MultiHelmon
    MultiHelmon 1 день назад


  • James Bailey
    James Bailey 1 день назад

    did you know gaot's pay was 300k for this part? hollywood assholes..they payed henry cavill's superman 14million

    MASTER 1 день назад

    לייק אם אתם מישראל

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor 1 день назад

    how did Steve sacrifice cause I miss that part all I saw was plane blowup some one pls explain

  • Manuel Medina
    Manuel Medina 2 дня назад

    first song?

  • Jordan Chapelon
    Jordan Chapelon 2 дня назад

    When you tink that the music is from a creation for a league of legend world event, you know that pop culture is here :) in that generation's DNA :)


  • Subkhan Nur
    Subkhan Nur 2 дня назад

    keren bangen

  • Nabiya Ri
    Nabiya Ri 2 дня назад

    Nice movie^^ Tiny bit cheesy. But nice movie. I'm actually a fan of that superhero now, never really had much interest in her. (She wasn't famous in my country at all, so I guess that's part of the reason. Didn't even really know who she was before I watched this) I wonder how this will tie in with the marvel universe, if there ever is an avengers & justice league movie. Zeus, Ares and co seem to be considered actual gods in here, while that is not the case in the marvel universe.

  • Lusten
    Lusten 2 дня назад


  • Wh1t3 Pr1d3
    Wh1t3 Pr1d3 2 дня назад

    Kike propaganda.

  • 3D Monarch Games
    3D Monarch Games 2 дня назад

    Great movie. Seen it twice already. There were some things I saw that were cool. The German fire was pretty accurate. They were hitting moving targets, putting their rounds at the middle of Diana's shield, etc. These are trained soldiers, so you expect them to be accurate, unlike a lot of movies where bad guys can't hit the broad side of a barn. Also. Steve uses a shotgun. This is historically true as WWI US soldiers used shotguns to fight the Germans in the trenches. I also like how WW smiled during the scene she crashed into the German tower.

  • sy play tochips
    sy play tochips 2 дня назад

    IMDB gave it an 8.1 atm but i think its more of a 7.4 the movie is pretty good though

  • Night Phantom
    Night Phantom 2 дня назад

    If Diana (Wonder Woman) is the daughter of ZEUS and Percy Jackson is the son of ZEUS so Percy is the Brother of Diana?

    I'd like to know your opinions. :)

    • Dolphin man
      Dolphin man 2 дня назад

      ...............Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon

  • Rex
    Rex 2 дня назад

    Captain America and Wonder Women should get married and name their kids Marvel and DC :)

  • Bork Lensar,Mayor of Suplex City,Kekistan

    I sttill can't digest a woman superhero,but this looks like a good movie.

  • נבו כליפה
    נבו כליפה 2 дня назад

    Wonder women its gal gadot ?

  • Jimmy G.
    Jimmy G. 2 дня назад

    That was the most Jewish video sequence I've ever seen.

  • Isa Lozano
    Isa Lozano 2 дня назад

    Does anyone know what that "ah , ah" song is in the beginning of the trailer?

    • Isa Lozano
      Isa Lozano 2 дня назад

      Jimmy G. So it's not an actual song? 😫

    • Jimmy G.
      Jimmy G. 2 дня назад

      it was produced by relatives of the producers of this film... oy vey

  • Joshua James
    Joshua James 2 дня назад

    This reminds me of Lora croft the movie lol 😂

  • BallisticBaller
    BallisticBaller 2 дня назад

    What's the song at the beginning of the trailer? The one where she is climbing out of the trenches

  • Brain Lag
    Brain Lag 2 дня назад

    Wait, wasn't the song used during this trailer from the 2014 World Championships in League?

  • Nidalee is too tanky
    Nidalee is too tanky 2 дня назад

    League of Legends music can hype everything lol "just a game"

  • Eki watch
    Eki watch 2 дня назад

    i cant get over that movies now use league of legends music

  • Sebastian Fonseca
    Sebastian Fonseca 2 дня назад

    the league of legends music xd, good movie

  • Nimz Zaidi
    Nimz Zaidi 2 дня назад

    I re-watched 2:34 - 2;37 more than 20 times *o*

  • outsidergua
    outsidergua 2 дня назад

    Amazing movie, taking my daughter to see it for the second time tomorrow morning!

  • Mony Yaadav
    Mony Yaadav 2 дня назад

    Gooose bumps.....😍😍😍😍😍

  • Dust 7215
    Dust 7215 2 дня назад

    The final battle in this movie was fucking epic! I enjoyed it more than any of that marvel trash that seems cheesy and meaningless.

  • Aleta Sykes
    Aleta Sykes 2 дня назад

    African Gods stolen and turned in to marvel and dc super heros

  • Cocky Rocky
    Cocky Rocky 2 дня назад

    im blue

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 2 дня назад

    I watched this amazing movie but I still want more of Wonder Woman!!! Can't wait for justice league

  • gtakros
    gtakros 2 дня назад

    Movie was awesome! Got a bit sad at the end when Steve died :(

  • Dan Scheneider
    Dan Scheneider 2 дня назад

    basura de pelicula q asco