Is Earth Actually Flat?

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    Flat Earth gravity simulation by Yeti Dynamics:

    Kansas flatness study: (the pancakes used in the study were from IHOP):

    the flatness of other states:

    "The Meaning Of It All" by Richard Feynman:

    “The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten”:

    related Vsauce video, “Is Anything Real?”

    Minutphysics “TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round”

    Good satirical series about how the Earth IS flat:

    What if Earth was a cube?

    MYTH of the round Earth:

    Earth is round:

    Varrazano bridge:

    Varrazano spelling controversy:

    Flat Earth Society:

    Wilbur Glen Voliva:

    Flat earth map (one theory):

    Poe’s Law:

    Science is always provisional and theories are never conclusively proven:

    Asimov on being “more wrong”:

    Occam’s Razor:

    Newton’s flaming laser sword:

    Other razors:

    relativistic length contractions:

    I really liked this one:

    Earth and cosmic ray perspective:

    wolfram contraction simulator:

    Susan Haack:

    1996 election NYT crossword:
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  • Doctor F.
    Doctor F. 29 минут назад

    To prove the earth is ball, I shall destroy the moon!

  • Buddha GetEm
    Buddha GetEm 41 минуту назад

    Anyone want to sign my petition to ban the spread of false information?

  • Naomi Sutton
    Naomi Sutton Час назад

    I'm here because somebody on Pinterest posited an earth in the shape of a Presto Pizzazz pizza oven, and I suspected that this model was of very limited use, but I couldn't pinpoint why, and after researching the topic to my satisfaction, I started just clicking links that looked interesting.

  • TheJohn11748
    TheJohn11748 Час назад

    Well in my opinion I think it is square

  • Pop Life
    Pop Life 2 часа назад

    5:23 A lunar eclipse just happened today

  • Fierce Deity Lynx
    Fierce Deity Lynx 2 часа назад

    someone should make a scary movie where they're running from Michael. when he enters the room, or comes into camera, his face is the one he has at 0:01. those big eyes and all.

  • Сергей Гайдамаченко

    Сожгите его на костре,как раньше сжигали за то что говорили что Земля круглая.

  • FartBoom
    FartBoom 2 часа назад

    Why would they lie for this long like come on! what would they gain!?

  • Anthony D.
    Anthony D. 3 часа назад

    Next total solar eclipse will be visible in North America on April 8th, 2024 ~ Please explain how scientists can pinpoint the date of future solar eclipses based on a spherical earth model. Don't know anyone who can predict the dates of solar eclipses based on a flat earth theory?

  • nickolie flippo
    nickolie flippo 3 часа назад

    The comment section is pure gold. You got trolls, religous zealots, flat earthers, intelligent people, pseudointellectual's selling snake oil (see religous zealots), and many more. All contained in a little nook on the great eather of the interwebs. *sigh* I love this great wonderful eath full of the varied lifeforms. Some even belive that a 2,000+ year old fairy tale collection of bronze age stories hold all the facts and mysteries to the universe. Or they belive that a mass the size of the earth could be flat. I love most all people. Even the retards and the trolls.
    But. Please. Never go full retard. This has been your P.S.A announcement.

  • R4idenXS
    R4idenXS 3 часа назад

    The gravity model for a flat earth isn't they same theorized model of how gravity works for flat Earthers.

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith 3 часа назад

    "parody of extremism and sincere extremism are hard to distinguish" LITERALLY MEMES IN A NUTSHELL. YOU CAN NEVER TELL IF SOMEONE GENUINELY BELIEVES THE MEME OR NOT LATELY

  • Sam Iyam
    Sam Iyam 3 часа назад


  • Ed Boi
    Ed Boi 4 часа назад

    I don't want flat earthers to realize they are wrong. That would greatly reduce the amount of people i can feel superior to :P

  • lolwhat
    lolwhat 5 часов назад +1

    1900s: we'll have flying cars in the future!
    2017: Is the earth flat

  • Cage
    Cage 5 часов назад

    If the earth would be flat than we would have a border and a end just flying straight and we would arive in space so stupid

  • Gentleman
    Gentleman 6 часов назад

    ok, then dig a hole in the ground that ends on the other side of the flat earth, and tell me what you saw!|!!!!

  • Evil Monster Gaming
    Evil Monster Gaming 6 часов назад

    What's the ritual to summon Hitler already? I know some people he forgot.

  • Loren Gladwill
    Loren Gladwill 6 часов назад

    So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.
    ~Ben Kenobi~

  • Dannon Roney
    Dannon Roney 6 часов назад

    That's how the leaning tower of Pisa works

  • sergiomarchelli
    sergiomarchelli 6 часов назад

    how much the Illuminati pay you??!?1 By the way great video. :-).

  • PotatoChips BeatBattles
    PotatoChips BeatBattles 7 часов назад

    This is stupid everybody knows the earth is a tetrahedron pfffff

  • skydragonslash
    skydragonslash 8 часов назад

    Lmao the tinfoil hat had me dying man.

  • Michael Abracham
    Michael Abracham 8 часов назад

    Aren't people stupid enough without you posting things like this that they're then going to go ahead and believe?

  • Owen Johnson
    Owen Johnson 8 часов назад

    It is flat and motionless. And there is no gravity. Wake up.

  • Laurent Chougrani
    Laurent Chougrani 9 часов назад

    You could do a whatever video. Add a Feynman's quote in the end.Sure to get 16 millions + views ^^

  • Ruski
    Ruski 9 часов назад

    Is the world flat

    Me: no...cunt

  • Beyond Psychology
    Beyond Psychology 10 часов назад +1

    I did a video about Flat Earth and discredited the entire debate using simple infallible logic.

    I also made a video call argUtube wood shows why people continue to inflate their ego by deluding themselves into believing they've scored a basket in some sort of childish game in regards to arguing over who is more or less ignorant.

    Intellectual digital high-five as always.

  • ChooseReason
    ChooseReason 11 часов назад

    Let's drink a toast to all those stars that we used to be able to see, but no longer can since they are now out of our line of sight as we continually travel upward in space, leaving them behind and underneath flat earth.

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 12 часов назад

    If "is the earth actually flat?" Is still a question in anybody's mind, then god speed my friend, you're a fucking idiot lol. Don't even need to watch this video.

  • Karel Tjakradijaja
    Karel Tjakradijaja 13 часов назад

    i believe the Earth is round, but i also believe on the egyptian legend of Ra's nightly journey, and The Yggdrasil Tree. on ancient egypt, people believe that every night Ra would go to the Underworld and be reborn again on the morning, i believe that Antartica is the "night", and Tree of Yggdrasil is in the North Pole invisibly since it is also the "Stairway to Heaven"

    • Karel Tjakradijaja
      Karel Tjakradijaja 13 часов назад

      that means that i also believe in Jesus and the other Gods

  • JohnyyGR
    JohnyyGR 14 часов назад +2

    If the earth is flat then why the fuck we cant see the sun at night ?it should be visible or at least some of it

    • JohnyyGR
      JohnyyGR 7 часов назад

      No Budget Animations lol

    • No Budget Animations
      No Budget Animations 8 часов назад

      JohnyyGR flAt eARtH prOvEn

    • No Budget Animations
      No Budget Animations 8 часов назад

      JohnyyGR Baht teh mayunkraft worrld iss flaet aend sunn goess arawnd it ayniweis

  • My Reviews
    My Reviews 14 часов назад

    A live proof that people are getting dumber and dumber. 😂

  • PUBG Highlights
    PUBG Highlights 16 часов назад

    who the fuck would believe this shit

  • phantom freddy
    phantom freddy 16 часов назад

    You fucking retard. Just you fucking retard

  • Troy Dollar
    Troy Dollar 17 часов назад

    If the Earth was flat I'm sure our planes would've flown off along time ago

  • Nasa
    Nasa 17 часов назад

    Yes The Earth Is Flat!

  • MF 8
    MF 8 17 часов назад +1

    I have a question .
    If the Earth is flat , then is *VERTICAL* or *HORIZONTAL*

  • MF 8
    MF 8 18 часов назад +2

    The Earth is actually on England , which is a city.

  • MF 8
    MF 8 18 часов назад +1

    Well I say that the flat earthers are actually very smart , because they came up with many facts to prove that the Earth is flat.
    *But* they are dumb because they say that the Earth is flat.

  • Andrew Waugaman
    Andrew Waugaman 19 часов назад +1

    For anyone here who actually, truly believes that the Earth is flat, there's a series called "testing flattards". The name is kinda crude but the guy in the video makes valid points. Watch his videos and try proving him wrong. Good luck.

  • Ben Easley
    Ben Easley 20 часов назад

    I live in zion and he is saying I so wrong 😂😂😂

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 20 часов назад +1

    Then how is seasons explained? If the sun is close it would be very hot all year around

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      Noob Noob
      Firstly, it's not close. Look it up. Secondly the way we receive heat is the light from the sun. So that's why it's warmer during the day than during the night.

  • ThePotatoWarrior 720
    ThePotatoWarrior 720 21 час назад

    I feel bad for this man

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      ThePotatoWarrior 720
      I feel bad for you. You can't even disprove anything he said. All you can do is use fallacies.

  • NeuroticHobo
    NeuroticHobo 21 час назад

    The search for knowledge is hopeless and eternal......HOOOORAYYYYY!!!! _ Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth

  • Gavin Santa Catalina
    Gavin Santa Catalina 22 часа назад

    but what if you went to the bottem of the ocean

    GAUGE HARDT 22 часа назад +3


    • No Budget Animations
      No Budget Animations 8 часов назад

      GAUGE HARDT Just kidding, these people are mentally retarded.

    • No Budget Animations
      No Budget Animations 8 часов назад

      GAUGE HARDT dah urth iss flaet bicus mayunkraft is flat flaet urth proven

  • Cheryl Bolton
    Cheryl Bolton 23 часа назад

    If they lie about everything else why not this too??

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      Cheryl Bolton
      How the fuck do people make this up? If you STILL don't believe it then buy a plane ticket and look at earth when you're at its highest altitude. There you go, there is a curvature.

  • My Shiba Inu
    My Shiba Inu 23 часа назад +1

    God didn't like earth so he didn't put a ring on it

  • Tink Tink Gaming
    Tink Tink Gaming 23 часа назад

    They got problems god damn

  • Jack Nemeth
    Jack Nemeth 23 часа назад +1

    I am from the year 2586, people go to and from the black hole in the center of our galaxy regularly, everyone has seen that the earth is in fact, cubed. I wish I could have lived in the early 21st century with the baby booms, online pornography and the greatest president to ever live, Donald trump. Love you guys gotta get back to the future

  • Bananaman 35
    Bananaman 35 День назад

    Any one else find it funny that at the start he has a "flat earth gravity simulation" then later said that "there'd be no gravity." I don't need a theory to prove you wrong, I just need your words. So, in the end, the earth is not round, its spherical. If he's really smart then he would have said it right. We don't believe the earth is round, we believe its spherical. P.S hey trump. Can you nuke the whole spherical earth so we can start again as a human race cause of people like this, thank you.

  • -Erik206-
    -Erik206- День назад +1

    Why didn't anyone ever fall off the egde

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      Because their excuse is "no-one's ever been their"... So stupid.

  • Shwubble Wubble
    Shwubble Wubble День назад +1

    Welcome to *The Flat Earth Society*, we have members all over the globe!

  • MilkieEnglandandMe
    MilkieEnglandandMe День назад

    The solar eclipse is gonna travel west to east across America..but looking down on the North Pole Earth rotation is COUNTER clockwise! It should be moving EAST to WEST!! & ANY point in that shadow should surely experience a ZENITH sun/moon situation..since the moon is directly in between the Earth & Sun right??!!

    • Go away Google
      Go away Google 7 часов назад

      you're confusing "revolution" with "rotation". The earth rotates once every 24 hours, because it's ~2400 miles in circumference and rotating ~1000 mph. The moon completes its orbit in 29 days because its completing a revolution of ~1,400,000 miles and traveling at a speed of ~2,000 mph.

      So when the moon moving 2000 mph casts its shadow on the earth rotating 1000 mph, it will move west to east. It wouldn't make sense for it to act otherwise.

    • MilkieEnglandandMe
      MilkieEnglandandMe 18 часов назад

      Forgetting earths rotation for a second...the moon travels a mere 0.5 degrees across our sky PER HOUR! It's that supposed rotation that's making things happen.

    • MilkieEnglandandMe
      MilkieEnglandandMe 18 часов назад

      Alex siemers your comparing orbits & revolutions..yes the moon is supposedly flying through space @ a faster linear speed than 1100 mph..but the earth does a full revolution in 24hrs the moon a full orbit in 29 or so days!

    • Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers День назад

      The moon orbits faster than the Earth rotates.

    BEST SETUPS !!! День назад

    Your a fucking idiot

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      BEST SETUPS !!!
      He clearly isn't. Nice fallacy and incorrect spelling of "you're", it really suits you.

    MAAAD MIKE День назад

    Flat Earth is what happens when people are really really really into themselves.

  • Sebastian Woodhead-Smith
    Sebastian Woodhead-Smith День назад

    id love to see this guy prove agnosticism

  • Brooklynn Dougherty
    Brooklynn Dougherty День назад

    I just lost a few brain cells

  • That Guy
    That Guy День назад

    I love his intro. It's very unique.

  • Isaiah Schwartz
    Isaiah Schwartz День назад

    7:54 when you see a Jew trying the escape the gas chamber

  • MrFatbad
    MrFatbad День назад +1

    This should honestly just be a video yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

  • Will Smokes
    Will Smokes День назад

    Yes, every other planet is round. But the Earth isn't. Seems reasonable. Almost as reasonable as the idea that a god created us.

    • maddyismypuppy cp
      maddyismypuppy cp 15 часов назад

      Will Smokes the earth is a sphere please actually watch the video

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      Will Smokes
      It makes more sense than the flat earth theory at this point tbh

  • Chris Howard
    Chris Howard День назад +1

    Human beings have crossed over both poles. If flat earth was true, one of the poles would be the edge of earth. Why you niggas always makin' shit up?

  • DalleX
    DalleX День назад +2


    • The0n1yGuy
      The0n1yGuy 9 часов назад

      Gopec Hoyos W A T E R B O T T L E F L I P

    • Gopec Hoyos
      Gopec Hoyos 9 часов назад

      The0n1yGuy of course it is, the earth is water bottled shaped

    • The0n1yGuy
      The0n1yGuy 19 часов назад

      DalleX I really hope this is a joke

  • cauner juarez
    cauner juarez День назад +1

    Have you ever been on a spinning playground toy? You run around it and it spins in circles? You get pushed towards the edge by the centrifical Force. Why would the disc earth push you down and not out like it does in actual first hand experiments?

  • Alex Dudkin
    Alex Dudkin День назад


  • Ulquiorra Uchiha
    Ulquiorra Uchiha День назад +1

    Lunar and solar eclipse cannot took place if the earth was flat

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      Ulquiorra Uchiha
      And then they say the "ur space is fake and ur a sheep" nonsense. I almost feel bad for them...

  • max dashen
    max dashen День назад +1

    Round ha ha the earth is a triangle ha ha im so smart

  • Bob Loosemore
    Bob Loosemore День назад

    Love your enthusiasm and education Michael. Pity you can't always avoid dishonest click baiting in your titles. Still, I know you have to attract stupid people, like me, who want to know more.

  • Sevilou
    Sevilou День назад +1

    it's round but hollow

    • Sevilou
      Sevilou 9 часов назад

      just look up hollow Earth videos and research on youtube or other sites

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад


  • Crystal Clod
    Crystal Clod День назад

    "Gravity isn't real, the earth is flat" -Vsuace

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner День назад +1

    Of course the world is flat. How else would it stay on the Turtle?

  • lora nabil
    lora nabil День назад

    ?Why did they claim that the earth is a ball

    • lora nabil
      lora nabil 7 часов назад

      ?How come are you sure
      I wonder why NASA didn't provide a photo for the earth and instead
      ?they made a Photoshop

    • maddyismypuppy cp
      maddyismypuppy cp 15 часов назад

      lora nabil because it is

  • The best worst
    The best worst День назад +1

    And when you go from South America to Australia you clearly don't go up the North Pole

  • Alan Alban
    Alan Alban День назад

    What if science lied to us about the shape of celestial bodies? Stay woke.

  • venkatesh r
    venkatesh r День назад

    There is no gravity

    • Peter
      Peter День назад

      Then jump off a cliff, come back and let us know how it went

  • That One Kid
    That One Kid День назад

    So flat earthers saying that there is no core to dig to?

  • Delta3 Actual
    Delta3 Actual День назад

    I hate Earth. Can I go somewhere else? Answer: no.

    JESUS CHRIST 2 дня назад


  • The Grand Champion
    The Grand Champion 2 дня назад +1

    How to find out if the Earth is flat:

    Keep sailing till you fall off into space.

  • Pow Pix
    Pow Pix 2 дня назад +1

    Flat Earthers shouldn't be allowed space travel when space travel becomes available in the world.

  • AdamWayneone
    AdamWayneone 2 дня назад +1

    *This just in.. Earth diagnosed as Bi-polar. Says it prefers the term "Manic-Depressive"*

  • Dcry 100
    Dcry 100 2 дня назад

    OK I have to agree this is very very interesting but why do this instead of make our planet earth clean and beautiful? let me tell you guys that our earth will be long gone before we even get our answer that earth is not freaking flat there's a lot of flaws if the earth is flat besides we do have gravity that explains why heavy objects fall faster OK!

  • Soothsayer98
    Soothsayer98 2 дня назад

    *"What if gravity isn't real?"*
    Oh boy, here we go again.

    BIG-NABZ 2 дня назад +1

    'Flat-earthers' are embarrassing people, there is no doubt about that, but they're not as embarrassing as 'mall walkers', those cunts really take the biscuit...

  • Dog
    Dog 2 дня назад

    *at this point Vsauce had completely lost it.

  • Kristina Parry
    Kristina Parry 2 дня назад

    His arguments make so sense and have no backing. He just says something and BOOM! Its "true."

    • Unoriginal YouTube Name
      Unoriginal YouTube Name 19 часов назад

      Kristina Parry
      That's kinda how it goes when someone is trying to prove something. Kinda like with you morons. Your comment is ironic.

  • XxxicebroXxx
    XxxicebroXxx 2 дня назад

    It's round just round only round never flat always round ok good

  • Jacob Berry
    Jacob Berry 2 дня назад

    Don't know what it is but this guy is fucking annoying

  • Daniel Bourgoin
    Daniel Bourgoin 2 дня назад

    Or a deuce
    Should i continue
    The earth is round because gravity is a universal law of physiques meaning considering the mass of the earth it is a constant throughout the cosmic body in question. The gravity of a cosmic body, will make the curves of that body round because gravity is equal everywhere on earth. Are you saying that you're smarther than Isac newton or Albert Einstein. You sir are a philistine and a hack, a propagater of lies and one of countless reasons for humans devolving into animals. Goodbye

    • mikedelhoo
      mikedelhoo 2 дня назад

      +Daniel Bourgoin He wasn't being serious, he was just having some fun with the idea of a flat Earth.

  • HayT
    HayT 2 дня назад

    I clicked on this video just to see how many stupid people still think that way

  • Jesus Lugo
    Jesus Lugo 2 дня назад


  • Daniel Bourgoin
    Daniel Bourgoin 2 дня назад

    Are you an idiot

  • Calec Brayers
    Calec Brayers 2 дня назад +1

    No, guys. The earth is the shape of a Snickers bar. No, I don't mean a rectangular prism. I mean a straight-up Snickers bar.

  • THEGammer
    THEGammer 2 дня назад

    I can't tell if he is actually being serious or not

  • иван пирамида
    иван пирамида 2 дня назад

    Это Путин раздавил! Пару санкций надо добавить!

  • You notme
    You notme 2 дня назад

    Good hypnosis video. FLAT EARTH ? LOL

  • Kit Raphael9X
    Kit Raphael9X 2 дня назад +1

    No the earth is f%cking hexagon

    RAJ KINGS 2 дня назад

    I wonder how a 32 miles diameter sun is being producing energy for such a long time . may be the next explanation from flat earth explorers would be , GOD IS PROVIDING THE ENERGY , LOL