The Ghastly Cleveland Torso Murders

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • We tackle one of the most gruesome serial killers of all time.
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    Medical supplies at the Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey Circus. Including vitamin extracts, milk of magnesia and liver extract.
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    Eliot Ness
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    Bodies From Valentine's Day Massacre
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    Jesse Owens Returning After The Olympic Games, In 1936
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    The Boston Globe Front Page: July 19, 1998
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    MAY 15 1973, MAY 17 1973;
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    Shantytown During Depression
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Comments • 11 588

  • Tuba Khan
    Tuba Khan 10 hours ago

    These victims seem similar to the black dahlia murder..wonder if there was any correlation to that case? 🤔

  • Phoenix Inferno
    Phoenix Inferno 13 hours ago

    If anyone has read Stalking Jack the Ripper than you know you immediately thought of Thomas Cresswell when they said getting bodies that were unclaimed

  • Sabia Khanam
    Sabia Khanam Day ago

    Ness: *PK FIRE*

  • Alexandre Iannuzzi
    Alexandre Iannuzzi 2 days ago

    Anyone knows how to send them a case suggestion? I’d love them to look at the case of Ambrose Small!

  • Jimena Cervantes
    Jimena Cervantes 2 days ago

    That poor man Dolezal :(

  • Swaga tron
    Swaga tron 3 days ago

    These two are a shining light in the shithouse which is buzzfeed

  • Spencer Jamieson
    Spencer Jamieson 3 days ago

    16:20 You don't hang someone from the head . . . .

  • fatima zara
    fatima zara 3 days ago

    idk why but i have the fattest crush on ryan and well, 7:12 was basically a death sentence on me🙂

  • Gracie gore
    Gracie gore 4 days ago +1

    there should be a mix between the saniacs and the bugaras cause that is totally me

  • Karie Fort
    Karie Fort 4 days ago

    this is gruesome but in myhome town, a guy did hang himself in his closet, he had to bend his knees and thats how they found him

  • Kathy Kishanto
    Kathy Kishanto 4 days ago

    Serial killers shouldn’t be killed they should be put in a hunger games type scenario then the winner is killed

  • Blaze Phantomhive
    Blaze Phantomhive 5 days ago

    Everytime they say Sweeney my Brian just goes to Sweeney Todd

  • CosmicGamer6411
    CosmicGamer6411 5 days ago

    I was born on August 18 wow.

  • That Blueface Spider
    That Blueface Spider 5 days ago +1

    i’m a simple woman, i see a bloody knife in the thumbnail and “torso” in the title,
    *i click.*

  • Poisonous Jinx
    Poisonous Jinx 5 days ago

    The woman who was found on February 23 we found on my birthday cool

  • August N
    August N 5 days ago +1

    idk if you guys know this, but you don't have to be perfectly straight like a board to hang oneself.
    cause like.
    ya know.
    the knees can bend.
    just sayin.

  • M
    M 5 days ago

    2:38 "so no head?"

  • Creativeness
    Creativeness 5 days ago +1

    *I would move to a different town*

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin 6 days ago

    I was born in Cleveland....damn

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin 6 days ago

    It’s gonna sound gruesome but dolezal could have just lifted his feet up while hanging. 😔😔

  • Liam Ray
    Liam Ray 6 days ago

    I wonder if anyone has explored the possibility of Ness himself being the killer

  • bossyboots
    bossyboots 6 days ago

    So.....what happened to Sweeney?

  • Gaming Sokz
    Gaming Sokz 6 days ago +1

    5:04 lol

  • Karan Trivedi
    Karan Trivedi 6 days ago

    Do zodiac killer please!!!

  • Asutosh Padhy
    Asutosh Padhy 6 days ago

    I guess Dexter the TV series was inspired by this killer ...

  • Anna N
    Anna N 7 days ago

    Even if you were beheaded below your vocal chords you wouldn’t be able to speak...
    You need air
    No one needed to know that

    • judy c
      judy c 5 days ago

      Anna N duh ... it’s just a joke

  • Mishy Moo
    Mishy Moo 7 days ago

    “He’s just .. death 😂”. Omg the 30s were ruthless tho :0

  • Lexie Painter
    Lexie Painter 7 days ago +5

    ‘Hey brah,
    It’s ya boi
    Sweeney’. 😂😂

  • The everything fun channel by N and D

    Isn’t this solved?

  • Smi-Le nguyen
    Smi-Le nguyen 8 days ago

    What if it was the undertaker?

  • S M
    S M 8 days ago

    20:37 the postcard “Hey brah, it’s ya boy Sweeney” 😂... that was 100% Shane.

  • Natural Naethan
    Natural Naethan 9 days ago


  • Ariana Kanze
    Ariana Kanze 9 days ago +1

    "I charge you with being homeless!"
    "I'll plead guilty"

  • Ariana McCune
    Ariana McCune 10 days ago

    Anyone seen the series The Alienist, seems quite similar to this case

  • Yoonmin
    Yoonmin 10 days ago

    Welcome to Ohio! We have Cedar Point, Kings Island, The Schuster Performance theatre, Cleveland Torso Killer, The Dayton Mall etc. Tons of fun things to do and see while you’re here hope you come and join us! 🙃

  • Khyati Sharma
    Khyati Sharma 10 days ago

    is this one of the stories being covered in the Movie 'Sin City'

  • Jaida Folk
    Jaida Folk 10 days ago

    When he says “hello my baby”

  • Danny
    Danny 10 days ago

    Wow, I am so indebted to Eliot Ness even though I'm just 18. He's a role model for me now.

  • Bookgirl333
    Bookgirl333 10 days ago

    Hey brah

    It's ya boi


  • TopNotchAdvice
    TopNotchAdvice 11 days ago

    number 1 youtubers hands down

  • Jaymee McAliece
    Jaymee McAliece 11 days ago

    Queen Mary of Scots took 7 strikes to behead

  • Dylan Stanhope
    Dylan Stanhope 11 days ago

    Queen mary

  • Nhun Yah
    Nhun Yah 12 days ago

    Bruh I was two minutes in watching this and my power deadass went out

  • Oliver Plomer
    Oliver Plomer 12 days ago

    Charles I

  • croccie
    croccie 12 days ago

    law enforcement armies

  • leticia chan
    leticia chan 12 days ago

    Honestly the 5,8 tall guy i think it would be possible to hangout himself he could just lift his knees as long as he could till he passed out or he jumped and and tried not to land the floor still lifting his knees .....
    Does that seem weird

  • I Da Fish
    I Da Fish 12 days ago +1

    The thing is that I could of been a woman or is it just me

  • Josh Cranefield
    Josh Cranefield 12 days ago +1

    Do The Lady of The Dunes

  • yissy23
    yissy23 13 days ago +1

    What is more sad is that what if they had family and since they are unidentifiable their family will never know what happened to them

  • Creepypastadraws Hi
    Creepypastadraws Hi 13 days ago +1

    Oooooooof I was born in Cleveland Ohio

  • Monica Heisz
    Monica Heisz 13 days ago +1

    Without a head, in the 30s, they're able to identify age?

  • Ryann Newsome
    Ryann Newsome 13 days ago +1

    when I heard them say "lake erie" low-key freaked out even though this happened years ago because I live in Michigan which unluckily is by all 5 Great Lakes

  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat 13 days ago +4

    Who is *_the_* most violent murder of all time?

  • mlem uwu
    mlem uwu 13 days ago +1

    im beggin u to look at 19:33

  • RoadKill 961
    RoadKill 961 13 days ago +1

    5:06 when you realise that your best friend is a bigger psycho than you are

  • Bianco Productions
    Bianco Productions 13 days ago +3

    Hey brah, it ya boi

  • Matthew Sabre
    Matthew Sabre 14 days ago +1

    Why does this case remind me of Jack the Ripper

    because if you think about there were no leads, no clues, and lead suspects

  • Reyem Ashihara
    Reyem Ashihara 14 days ago

    james badal u the man

  • Miya Felder
    Miya Felder 14 days ago +2

    What if the killer was someone living with the homeless. He would have medical education but was unable to get a proper job and decided to go killing people proving his skills with the human body.

  • Elizabeth Starks
    Elizabeth Starks 14 days ago

    If I die I want you to do a episode about me.

  • BananaMan2093
    BananaMan2093 14 days ago

    Hey brah, it's ya boi sweeny

  • Danny Devito
    Danny Devito 14 days ago

    You can hang yourself if you’re taller than the floor. Hanging yourself breaks vertebrae in your neck, and doesn’t suffocate you. He could’ve jumped up, tucked his knees, and killed himself.

  • Cringi Boi 1000
    Cringi Boi 1000 14 days ago

    5:04 I cant take it

  • GamerGal
    GamerGal 14 days ago

    After your decapitated you can still think for 13 to 15 seconds after because your not technically brain dead yet, I did a project on gilotien and how it works

    • GamerGal
      GamerGal 14 days ago

      Deaths Mark .... maybe

    • Deaths Mark
      Deaths Mark 14 days ago

      GamerGal .....wait so.... did you kill someone????

  • Daniel Wechter
    Daniel Wechter 14 days ago +2

    Sweeney fit the profile, had the same movements, failed the lie detector tests, and was clinically insane. Hmm.

  • Taylor Bickel
    Taylor Bickel 14 days ago

    Multiple English royals in Henry the 8th's England had issues during their beheading. The most memorable though is the story of Marie Antoinette, she had to be guillotined multiple times to get her head to separate from her body.

  • Donald White
    Donald White 14 days ago +1

    Bro why every bad thing have to start in September

  • Blake's Gaming PC
    Blake's Gaming PC 15 days ago

    When people hang themselves they usually stand on a box which they kick out from under themselves otherwise they will not go through with it.

  • Hayly Koonts
    Hayly Koonts 15 days ago

    Sweeney was totally the killer, there is no way it isn’t.

  • Meghan Richards
    Meghan Richards 15 days ago +1

    I love the way Ryan talks when their talking ab the case

  • adrianabananaish
    adrianabananaish 15 days ago

    Maybe the rope was 5 feet 7 inches off of the ground because it stretched an inch or two while he hung

  • jjchick95
    jjchick95 15 days ago +2

    i recently just found u guys! i cant stop watching ur videos. ryan, i love u and u are a great narrator. shane, i have depression and u have made me lauh out loud and helped my depression :) thank u guys so much!!! want more videos! ive watched almost all of them!!!!

  • Trinni Im
    Trinni Im 15 days ago

    ..............he's not Batman

  • Leszczynka
    Leszczynka 15 days ago

    That's a weird hill to die on, but okay

  • LeonKrasAlb
    LeonKrasAlb 15 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like that guy from Snl

  • Jayden_Cat
    Jayden_Cat 15 days ago

    I have a theory, what if the torso killer was just a man trying to cut meat and his knife just did that

  • WhatInTheWorld
    WhatInTheWorld 15 days ago

    Why is there so many dislikes,,,,,,,,,

  • Yamato no Ryuujin
    Yamato no Ryuujin 15 days ago +2

    I bet you Ness did that fire as a statement to the killer if he was getting bolder so was ness he wasn’t going to let some shiny image to stop him from getting the killer one way or another also I think it was a warning going like he’ll burn it all down if it meant stopping the killer

  • Evilcupcakecat
    Evilcupcakecat 16 days ago

    That is the gayest thing I have ever heard.

  • Aubryella Otero
    Aubryella Otero 16 days ago

    Sweeney Todd anyone?

  • SpartanPikachu
    SpartanPikachu 16 days ago

    I still think it’s amazing how these people went unidentified. Like didn’t these people have loved ones or bills to pay?

  • SpartanPikachu
    SpartanPikachu 16 days ago

    What’s a vagrant?

  • Corissa Dorethy
    Corissa Dorethy 16 days ago

    Ryan is right there is a book called the "Underground education" that as a section all about 'after decapitation' activity

  • Lydia K
    Lydia K 16 days ago

    Instead of another day another dollar, it's another day another body.

  • ᴄᴇɴᴛᴜʀɪᴇs ᴏғ ᴅᴀᴍɴ

    It's actually probably more common to commit suicide from hanging with your feet still on the ground. You lean in to the rope in a position that stops your carotid arteries pumping blood to your brain and you pass out shortly afterwards, then die while unconscious. It's less pain and easier to pull off. Frank Dolezal could have committed suicide.

  • AmberWolfo •
    AmberWolfo • 16 days ago

    Killing sex workers? Now my british self is thinking about Jack the Ripper. Cause that’s who he killed I think. Well he killed prostitutes
    “It was a british royal”
    OwO we British burned people and cut their heads off! **angelic smile**

  • Victoria
    Victoria 16 days ago

    Ryan: That'd be a happy dog, that's a big bone!
    Shane: Am I a joke to you?

  • Golden Potate
    Golden Potate 16 days ago

    Plot twist, Ness was the killer all along

  • Jackson Leonard
    Jackson Leonard 17 days ago

    12 and 13 killings happened on my birthday

  • Ana Plumlee
    Ana Plumlee 17 days ago

    They now call Kingsbury Run “East Cleveland”

  • Book Worm
    Book Worm 17 days ago

    Batman did kill in the original comics

  • Cat
    Cat 17 days ago

    Y do I put myself through this

  • Dragonangel
    Dragonangel 17 days ago +1

    You guys should do an video about Albert fish while he was caught his murders were crazy scary and he cannibalizes the victims

  • Leah Bee Walker
    Leah Bee Walker 17 days ago +4

    Ness seems a bit sketchy but it makes sense that he did what he did with the burning and detainment of the homeless. They get tried and convicted and go to jail? Aka relative safety, food, and shelter.

  • Kena Chandler
    Kena Chandler 17 days ago

    Sweeney Todd

  • Abigail Bagnell
    Abigail Bagnell 17 days ago

    I know some people that would kill themselves if they had no modern day devices

  • anthony sizemore
    anthony sizemore 17 days ago

    ness should have got sweeny on tax evasion

  • anthony sizemore
    anthony sizemore 17 days ago +1

    keeler thought of his machine was his frankenstein monster as he knew it gave false positives 30 percent of the time and caused innocent people to be tried and convicted it's odd that it can be used to get you indited and tried but can't be used to exhonorate you

  • anthony sizemore
    anthony sizemore 17 days ago

    i did it i was born in 1967 the perfect crime

  • suganyde
    suganyde 17 days ago

    but if sweeny did so it, then that essentially means Ness had a more than perfect record