Stainless Steel Mascara Wand vs Screw

I try out the Hourglass Stainless Steel "Lash Curator" and pit it against a screw I got from a hardware store as a mascara wand! I thankfully didn't lose an eye, but you guys are gonna have to let me know who you think the winner is. And also, if it's a good dupe or just a bad idea?

Other videos trying out the Screw Mascara Wand Dupe!

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Автор Safiya Nygaard ( назад)
WHERE IS MY NOTIF SQUAD!?! love u guys! also, sorry for the lack of weekend video, i was ded but my antibiotics have brought me back to life! expect 4 videos this week to make up for it! 🖤🖤🖤 also, what do u guys think of the intro? i just whipped it up really quick! still experimenting!

Автор Zavier Fabijan ( назад)
Did you not wipe the wand between changing products?

Автор Cora Close ( назад)
The Better Than Sex Melt Off wand looks exactly the same other than the fact that it's plastic instead of stainless steel

Автор Sydney Bean ( назад)
I like the screw side better 😂

Автор Allison Gray ( назад)
I love how your view count and your sub count is almost the same number, you have so much loyal subs. I love your videos btw/// ive been watching u since Buzzfeed <333

Автор Ella Rosado ( назад)
Safe, stop "screwing" around, your intro is so long.

Автор Meredith Hucks ( назад)
omg "is this ours?" @ that starbucks drink. some shit i do, i was laughing so hard.

Автор Kim Robertson ( назад)
i like the screw side more

Автор jennacablair ( назад)
tbh screw side was better imo

Автор Lety'sLife ! ( назад)
im just afraid of pocking my eye with metal

Автор Alisha ( назад)
You can take Safiya out of Buzzfeed, but you can't take the buzzfeed out of Safiya

Автор Julie's World of Fun! ( назад)
In my opinion the screw is better XD

Автор Chloe Chavez ( назад)
Screws are a good dupe. I'm gunna go buy me a screw.

Автор Jayne-Marie Linguist ( назад)
see if you can use the screw/mascara instrument with a regular mascara

Автор Olivia Xo ( назад)
personally I think the screw looks better 😂

Автор SHIFA MOHIUDDIN ( назад)
r u a muslim?

Автор Kate King ( назад)
It looks exactly the same. Seriously, don't be an idiot and buy the mascara wand.

Автор Sparkle kitty101 ( назад)
Omg the screw won against an actual makeup applicator

Автор Robyn Caplinger ( назад)
Several years ago Bare Essentials made a mascara with a wand with grooves instead of bristles like this, but it wasn't metal. I think the mascara was a little thinner too. I really liked the want but no way would I have paid $78!

Автор Danina D ( назад)
1 MIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Sunny Monroe ( назад)
how the eff did she get 1M so fast?? is she gonna do a thank u vid?

Автор Chrissi H ( назад)
Dumb Pet Peeve #1027: People calling bolts "screws," ahahaha

Neat trick, though! I'm curious to know if it would work with other mascara; the Hourglass brand you were using looks a bit more fluid than others I've used, so I'm wondering if that's necessary for the metal wand, or if it's just the way they make their product in general.

Автор suparna sunil ( назад)
This is Talia : (
she has cancer
i like = 1 prayer

Автор {FIRST_NAME} {LAST_NAME} ( назад)
Metal -Massacre- Mascara

Автор Adelle Rodriguez Steen ( назад)
"Is this ours?"
Ha, dying over here. Who else is leaving a random Starbucks laying around Home Depot? I can't remember the boyfriend's name, but I love them together.

Автор Alicia Mirabal ( назад)
As soon as you said "Oh, screw" I thought of hocus pocus

Автор Jeweliann Geering ( назад)
*HOW I FEEL THIS WHOLE THING WENT DOWN *The company probably had spent a various amount of time trying to come up with ideas and then someone just said " SCREW THIS ! " and someone just went " YESSSS DAN YESSSSS EXACTLY " .

Автор Megan Kathleen ( назад)
You're supposed to do primer then mascara right after each other. Never let the primer dry.

Автор McCall Davis ( назад)
1-the Charlotte reference. 2-the Hocus Pocus reference. That. Is. All. 😂😂😂

Автор CookieSwirlC Lover ( назад)
hahaha! What a great idea for a video! SO CREATIVE!! <3 :D

Автор Julia Castro ( назад)
yeah, screw mascara. who needs it, anyways.

Автор Picky Doe ( назад)
no way in a million years would I spend that much on mascara

Автор Allison Chiliak ( назад)
This video leads me to believe that someone needs to do a full face using only makeup applicators found at Home Depot :D

Автор POVgames ( назад)
"lets sell a $78 screw with a handle to women, for... um... makeup! they don't know what screws are anyway"

Автор Wait What ( назад)
Is it just me or does Safire sound a bit like Robin from How i meet your Mother

Автор Osob Jama ( назад)
What's next? Injecting foundation into our skin?!

Автор Amanda Gacina ( назад)
The screw looks 10x better, by far. Lol. That is crazy !

Автор evie dsouza ( назад)
hey Saf... hope u r doing well.. plz do a review or one brand tutorial with milani products

Автор Cameron Dungey ( назад)
#ScrewIt 😂 I'm team screw

Автор Beth D ( назад)
lol, buzzfeed ad before her video.

Автор Sandra Salazar ( назад)
Screw the left eye

Автор Deedee Jordan ( назад)
love you give other you tubers credit

Автор Amanda Chandler ( назад)
*picks up starbucks*
is this ours?
bf: yes
so me and my man...all the time

Автор Kayla Glover ( назад)
I love all your movie references...you are my spirit animal! #ohhhbook

Автор wasup39 ( назад)
Lol I looked at Safiyas face thinking this was a buzzfeed video but then I remember that she quit 😂

Автор Helene ( назад)
For this price I would say to the make up company
'screw you.'

I know, I know.

Автор Old Man ( назад)
Im new to SAF's content...she sounds like someone. Who does she sound like?

Автор heaven Laya ( назад)
Most screws have chemicals on them. Lube and other chemicals. Hope you cleaned them.

Автор Carys Christianson ( назад)
I really like the screw😂

Автор Kittystar ( назад)
Wow! This looked awful in comparison to regular mascara. They should be ashamed of tricking people especially for that price wtf!! The screw did the same or better too lol.

Автор Crystal Cafiero ( назад)
wonder how this would go with the better than sex mascara, idk if that hourglass mascara itself is good :/ but the wand/screw seems to work for sure

Автор Smart Beauty ( назад)

Автор 21phansathedicso Lolilovemyname ( назад)
I thought the screw looked better

Автор Alaina Byrne ( назад)
I never noticed how amazing her eyebrows are..😍

Автор Juliette Dubose ( назад)
The screw is 20x better.

Автор M Mae Obarb ( назад)
Hey! I'm not sure if someone else asked this, but I was wondering, if you're not going to use that mascara wand anymore, how does one expose of it? I mean can you recycle it?

Автор Asian Blobasour ( назад)
So uh, when will Freddie be featured in your videos?

Автор Caroline Crigger ( назад)
Lash primer is great! My favorite is the one by Tarte. I highly recommend it; it gives your lashes a lot of length, but if you're not careful it can make your lashes a bit spidery.

Автор Annette_ K ( назад)
your eyebrows look very dark

Автор Gabriela Fernandes ( назад)
Who else thinks the pointy one looks like the nail polish bottle on Simplynail logical video

Автор Goo gle ( назад)
I think the .20 screw did 30 times better

Автор Mak Maw ( назад)
You should do a high end mascara (better than sex) vs drugstore maybelline the colossal volume is the one I use)

Автор Tayler Monae ( назад)
They look pretty much exactly the same. Wow

Автор Stephanie Riley ( назад)
Saf, I'm sorry to hear that you left Buzzfeed, but I totally get why, and am loving your new content! :) Looking forward to more videos from you!

Автор Sharlene Saunoa ( назад)
Hi Safiya! I love you so much 😭😭😭 Can you do a review of the Wunderbrow?

Автор CreepShow Kid ( назад)
I'm a guy so please don't be too hard on me but....what is a dupe?

Автор Dayanna Torres ( назад)
saf i would love to see your whole lipstick collection

Автор Natalia Torres ( назад)
some may screw this up, but you nailed it 😝

Автор Stefanie Umali ( назад)
What camera did you use during the close up?

Автор Maria Tovar ( назад)
When she quoted Hocus Pocus!!! yaaas!

Автор Livia Ion ( назад)
I think the screw looked better!!

Автор Kailey Patterson ( назад)
honestly I think the screw did better

Автор Britt S. ( назад)
notice me senpai

Автор Qwertygrl JV ( назад)
she is my favorite buzzfeed girl besides freddy

Автор May メイ ( назад)
The screw totally won tbh

Автор Sophie N ( назад)
TBH, the screw looks better, although neither are very good.

Автор Michelle Bradley ( назад)
Safiya, I think you would love a lash lift. It's basically a perm for your lashes. It keeps your lashes curled for a month. I love it!

Автор Addison Whited ( назад)
They look the exact same

Автор AlwaysstrongpowerThankyou Kaepjjang ( назад)
I kinda like the screw better

Автор Katie Harper ( назад)
im not a fan of the actual formula by the look of the mascara finish. it may just be the primer, but it is pretty clumpy for the prjce o.o

Автор Maggie Callahan ( назад)
I respect the fact that you shared links to other YouTubers. That is something that you never see on Buzzfeed. Rock on!

Автор steelsheen ( назад)
tbh, theres barely a difference between that expensive metal wand and the screw 😂. go save $76 and change and just use a screw then

Автор Jessi Jordan ( назад)
Cashier - So what're you building?
Saf - Oh nothing, just buying a new mascara wand

Автор Hai Mathews ( назад)
the best mascara i've ever tried is The Balm Cosmetics Mad Lash mascara, it's AMAZING, 10/10 would recommend

Автор patricia bell ( назад)
wow, for that price, I would use a stick, (i.e. smash the end with a stick first ):-)

Автор Kate Uren ( назад)

Автор Hannah Lilly ( назад)
It's weird that the screw did better than the wand but hey now we know lol.

Автор Ashlee Bernal ( назад)
I can't believe I'm JUST watching your videos! I love them you're so funny! Already subscribed and notifications are on!!

Автор Kehau Jai ( назад)
Please do "sprinkle lips" next!

Автор Marissa Rusczyk ( назад)
Will you ever do a review for Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette??

Автор Iana Samson ( назад)
Was it Nicole Skyes? -- the You tuber you saw in Home Depot

Автор Bonita ( назад)
oddly prefer the screw-eye

Автор Amy L ( назад)
Does Safiya have eyebrow tattoos?

Автор Devon ( назад)
To me both eyes look exactly the same

Автор Rachel Hollars ( назад)
Wow you have long lashes

Автор ColoursByBirdie ( назад)
Love the top!! (maybe it's the bra?) 😍😍🤔

Автор PlanetJackie ( назад)
This is EPICly awesome! I laughed, I cried, I raided my screw box.

Автор Nasya Stanley ( назад)
It looks like it's the actual mascara formula

Автор Lizzie Lou ( назад)
Oh screeeew!

Автор kordulus ( назад)
i speak for all your single-minded hopeless male fans when i say for the sake of an intelligent mature fan-like relationship to continue, you must make more videos about screws.. and talk about how you can't wait for the screws more.. we would also like you to find a fav type of screw and make many videos spotlighting this screw and discussing key points on why it's your ultimate screw.

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