Stainless Steel Mascara Wand vs Screw

I try out the Hourglass Stainless Steel "Lash Curator" and pit it against a screw I got from a hardware store as a mascara wand! I thankfully didn't lose an eye, but you guys are gonna have to let me know who you think the winner is. And also, if it's a good dupe or just a bad idea?

Other videos trying out the Screw Mascara Wand Dupe!

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Mind The Gap
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Hot Sole
Take The Fast Train
You Can Dance

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Автор Safiya Nygaard ( назад)
WHERE IS MY NOTIF SQUAD!?! love u guys! also, sorry for the lack of weekend video, i was ded but my antibiotics have brought me back to life! expect 4 videos this week to make up for it! 🖤🖤🖤 also, what do u guys think of the intro? i just whipped it up really quick! still experimenting!

Автор Jayla Blackwell ( назад)
I always read your last name as niggered. lol

Автор Jessica Bailey ( назад)
You could stab someone with that pointy end of the mascara wand 🙄

Автор Zoey Kiss ( назад)
They look identical

Автор Tal Drevensek ( назад)
Isn't shakeweight also called a strokemeister

Автор Stef C ( назад)
It's not like the screw has a point or anything..I dunno but if you poke yourself with a regular mascara wand it's just as bad..I think it's just harder to handle without a..well..handle on the screw..def not worth that dang 78 dollars for that "original' one..

Автор Lil Potterhead ( назад)
They both look clumpy as hell.

Автор Georgia Leslie May ( назад)
Omg i love this video :D

Автор CJ S ( назад)
Cute shirt, Saf! Love your face!

Автор smiles4miles ( назад)
i would just use the screw and a lash separator😂👌

Автор Maria MagdalenaB ( назад)
The screw side is better 😂😂😂😂

Автор Lia McManus ( назад)
Oddly enough, I choose screw

Автор Usagi-Chan ( назад)
the puns xD

Автор Bright Life ( назад)
I think the screw looks better

Автор - MayahBlue15 ( назад)
I mean, from having a 77$ difference the screw is pretty good.

Автор beauty and beads 31 ( назад)
the screw is legit better

Автор InnocentOnPaper ( назад)
Both your lashes look like crap lol. This was a terrible invention.

Автор InnocentOnPaper ( назад)
Can't wait till another company swoops in and makes a reasonably priced version for the people who actually live on planet Earth.

Автор Pokeasaurous Rex ( назад)
I didn't know until just now that eyelash primer was a thing

Автор Sabrina ann ( назад)
$150 for mascara + wand? Screw that.

Автор regional atgabby ( назад)
when mascara aint working, screw it!

Автор rainbowecake101 ( назад)
honestly the screw is way better, i find...

Автор Maddy Cooper ( назад)
Who thought that when she said Maddie that she was talking to you?

Автор Beauty Geek ( назад)
screw side is def better

Автор Kawaii_Kyoshi Byun ( назад)
I love the way how she starts her video with "hello friends" 😂😂😂

Автор Lou vdhelm ( назад)
At least if she did lose an eye, she's got a new one on her necklace

Автор Becky Tillson ( назад)
I think the screw won

Автор Hana A. ( назад)
why didnt i watch u before omg i love your channel so much

Автор owl234 ( назад)
I love you saf and Tyler is doing great on riverdale and did great on 13 reasonswhy. :)

Автор Garnet Grizzly ( назад)
Does anyone else think she looks like The Gabbie Show

Автор Teresa Torres ( назад)
Back in the 70s when our mascara stuck our eyelashes together we would use a straight pin to separate them oh so carefully not a great idea but it worked, p.s I do not recomend this to anyone and if my mom knew we did this she would have made us throw it all away.Remember I said do not try this 70s method of mascara wearing, it is better to find the mascara that has a little comb.

Автор Flo ( назад)
$78 for a piece of metal!? no thank you lol

Автор Ingrid AL ( назад)
Omg, the Charlotte's Web reference😂

Автор Rylee Hennig ( назад)
Hey can I use any mascara with the wand? not just the $35 one?

Автор Sarah Berry ( назад)
Man your the best saf 😂👌

Автор sabrina ariel ( назад)
man whoever made this product...screw you!

Автор Victoria Torres ( назад)
Where did you buy the bralette that you were wearing for this shot?

Автор just unboxing ( назад)
the screw looks better

Автор park miller ( назад)
That feel when the screw is better tbh 😂😂

Автор Anita_sofie ( назад)
I think the screw was way better 😂😂😂

Автор Chrysler McGee ( назад)
you should do a makeup tutorial using tools from home depot!

Автор Reice Newell ( назад)
I personally think the screw did better😂😂

Автор Ladyy Trench ( назад)

Автор animangachu96 ( назад)
was this sponsored or did she actually drop $100+ for mascara?

Автор Stormy Gunchoski ( назад)
I feel like you would make good friends with corrin from threadbanger

Автор MondayMorningPress ( назад)
SAF! Where did you get that cute shirt/bar!???

Автор SomethingReallyStrange ( назад)
Saf is such a gem. like what did we as as human race do, to deserve such a human being?

Автор Char's_Squishies ( назад)
Tbh, I liked the screw better than the wand

Автор Bungy ( назад)
ah screw this

Автор Immanuel Adams ( назад)
They are giving away makeup samples and brushes at makeup717. com

Автор weeree Areekulpradit ( назад)

Автор gabriela gonzalez ( назад)
i like the screw better

Автор Rem ( назад)
Screw side looks better, in my opinion.

Автор Jessica Zelaya ( назад)
As I watch my fifth video, it's official: you're my favorite Youtuber.

Автор Anna Priore ( назад)
I liked the screw side better each time! It'd be intresting to see the same test with a different mascara

Автор Kaylee Johnson ( назад)
Lol saf, "is this ours?" I do that all the time and my boyfriend is there for me too. I ya girl keep being you lol

Автор dakota genduso ( назад)
the music in the background sounds like its from chowder

Автор Sami Stern ( назад)
I thought the screw turned out noticeably better lol

Автор trash digger ( назад)
wow you have really nice eyelashes

Автор Pgn Sharri ( назад)
Notification squad

Автор Mina Våden ( назад)
Oh shit! Screw the mascara brush!

Автор Anime Trash ( назад)
You should just keep this in your purse at night and take it out when anyone try's to fuck with you. It would work.

Автор LadyMagicka ( назад)
Why would you be more concerned about the screw than the instrument? They are made of the same material and therefore carry the same risks for eyes.

Автор Jlomme here! ( назад)
I like the screw part or side better

Автор Amelia Roberts ( назад)
the mascara wand doesn't even do a good job ?? why is it so expensive it doesn't separate the lashes

Автор Emzy 050 ( назад)
The screw is way better

Автор Laney ( назад)
For something that expensive you'd think they'd shape the wand in a way to make it easier to apply mascara. A straight wand really sucks because you're probably gonna accidentally hit yourself in the face with it. For $70 I am not going to deal with a straight god damn mascara wand

Автор The Best Of Artists JK ( назад)
I like the skrew better

Автор Carmen86 ( назад)
Just wondering how you're supposed to go back and forth between the primer and the mascara... I guess that Hourglass did not think this through eh (or are they expecting you to buy two curators?)

It's a no for me. I, too, will stay with my better than sex mascara.

Автор EIijahBracey ( назад)
honestly i thought you were gonna be screwed

Автор Lily Cash ( назад)
I guess you could say screw it

Автор Jillian Howell ( назад)
"It looks like dandruff, why does this always happen to me?"
Same Saf. Same.

Автор Chi Ngo ( назад)
the top layering 😍

Автор Sierra Burmese ( назад)
Lmao is there a video where she doesn't bring up dandruff

Автор Kayla Mango ( назад)
This is a bolt... not a screw. I was really concerned when I thought a screw was going to be used 😂😂😂

Автор arashi4dreams ( назад)
the screw side looks really nice and thick which is what I personally want so I may give it a try.

Автор Mia Smith ( назад)
Love ya saf!!!!! Your eyelashes are so pretty!!!!

Автор Claudia Ella M. ( назад)
I LOVE your content

Автор Abigail C ( назад)
With primer, the screw is better. Without, the Curator was better. Is it just me?

Автор Alexia Rivers ( назад)
I love your personality you're so fun to watch! very different from other makeup reviewers 😊

Автор Lysandra G. ( назад)
Saf, You remind me of Naomi Scott...❤

Автор Daniela Castro ( назад)
Want to smash?

Автор Honor T ( назад)
but what if you hit yourself in the eye

Автор Angela Hooper ( назад)
but hey, if you were in a pinch and all you had were some real small, thin screws, you could definitely use them for mascara. 😂

Автор Grace Ellen ( назад)
Sub to my YouTube Grace Ellen

Автор Brown eyes & Blazin' Guns ( назад)
Have you tried using it to comb out your eyebrows after you fill them in? If so did it work well even with it being made of metal? If not, could you and then possibly make a video letting us know?!

Автор Daini L. ( назад)
when she wasn't in the videos I was sad*

Автор Daini L. ( назад)
safiya was my favorite person on buzzfeed and sometimes she wasn't always on buzzfeed and when she wasnt in the videos and now she has her own youtube channel I'm so happy now!

Автор Senseitional ( назад)
Yasss we have the same favorite mascara!

Автор mewnyanko ( назад)
They look soooo much better without the primer omg. I think the screw (without the primer) looks pretty much like what it looks like if you use a normal mascara wand (if you're good at applying mascara), while the "Lash Curator" (without primer) looks like you are /really/ good at separating lashes when using a normal wand. (Ps, is that part of your bra? maybe weird to say but it looks so pretty and cute)

Автор happytwin2 ( назад)
I love how she calls the screw a she, even though it is a male dominated profession

Автор Kadiee L ( назад)
I love your brows.

Автор Renegade Queen ( назад)
next time use the mascara as soon as you coat your lashes with the primer... don't let it dry!

Автор Florence Major ( назад)
Who the hell would dislike Saf's videos?!

Автор Jazmine ( назад)
Why does he look like Ross Butler from 13 reasons why holly fuck !😂😂

Автор Alice La Vecchia ( назад)
Your eyebrows look amazing!!!

Автор Whimsical Nessa ( назад)
I'll stick to regular mascara. XD

Автор Emily Kwan ( назад)
This packaging for the mascara wand looks like a unicorn horn

Автор Savannah F Hall ( назад)
I loved Hocus Pocus reference 😂😂💙💙💙💙

Автор Kid1303 ( назад)
Yeah, the wand isn't that great..

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