PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode March 19, 2017

On this edition for Sunday, March 19, South Korea helps decrease food waste with new policies, and what to expect from the Gorsuch confirmation hearings. Later, remembering rock ‘n’ roll legend Chuck Berry. Hari Sreenivasan anchors from New York.

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Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
Leave it to PBS to bring up negative racial things during obituaries. The depravity of these sick bastards knows no bounds.

Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
Food is biodegradable. It's probably the most biodegradable thing to go into landfills and that's what you're worried about. What idiot would pay that ? why wouldn't you just throw your scraps in a mulch pile? That's probably What the government is doing charging you for the scraps making fertilizer out of it and getting paid on both Ends.

I started writing this before I saw the whole thing, and what do you know they are making money on both ends

It decreased 10% because people are figuring out ways to get around it. fucking stupid liberal media can't even read between the lines.

Автор Samuel Fugatt ( назад)
stopped at start, don't care

Автор B. Terence Harwick ( назад)
Nancy Pelosi and the other corporate democrats haven't figured out they're clueless in how to reach the American people, as evidence by the 2016 outcomes. They're trapped in their ineffectual past. Do your country a favor and retire Nancy. It's not a matter of age. It is a matter of a decrepit mindset. Move over and allow room for a real musician with ears who can play.

Автор notmyrealname ( назад)
I mean honest to fucking god, I watch this show every night. And I've seen you do obituaries for so many different reporters and journalist, and you've never felt it necessary to bring up to bring up scandals or work suspensions before. Unneeded, unnecessary, low down, dirty, cruel, vicious, and just wrong. Apologize!

Автор notmyrealname ( назад)
Why would you bother to bring up the racist thing during an obituary. There's pushing a narrative and then there is shitting on a family going through the worst loss they can experience. That's just low. Maybe it's time to look in the mirror and figure out that common decency is better than what ever self serving self rightous bulshit you're getting high on.

Автор David Hobbs ( назад)
"Deliver me from the days of old."

Автор Rich Carlson ( назад)
Missed the influence of the blues on Chuck Berry's music. Most of his songs are built on standard 12-bar blues chord progressions played faster with a backbeat.

Автор Dave Bass ( назад)
Black lives matter!

Автор Vinko Milic ( назад)
Totally interesting, @hari!!! #PBSNEWS

Автор Sophie Sophia ( назад)
Had such fun dancing to Chuck Berry's music.

Автор Pop News ( назад)
When do we get Judy Woodruff back?

Автор PetShark Studios ( назад)
This comment section gave me cancer

Автор Doodtron ( назад)

Автор Ernest L. Peña ( назад)
No Wall Too Tall To Fall!

Автор Ernest L. Peña ( назад)
When Did Americans in NATO Turn into whats basically mercenaries ?

Автор Ernest L. Peña ( назад)
Impeach Trump AND REmove steve Bannon

Автор Project True Love ( назад)
None is God except Allah. Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah. Best Wishes.

Автор E. D. ( назад)
YAY! Horray for the kerchief!

Автор cycleforwardtime ( назад)
Merrick Garland! They will have to use the nuclear option! Merrick Garland!

Автор prensadhileaproducci ( назад)
Desde Argentina thank you for sharing

Автор James Peter ( назад)
Take back our country. IMPEACH TRUMP.

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