Green Pizza Taste Test

It's St. Patrick's Day and we're turning a bunch of food green! GMM #1096!
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Автор Tech Crew ( назад)
We're on the plane coming to you Twinkie.

Автор Lone Wolf ( назад)
Taste the GREEN!!!!

Автор Ugly Duckling ( назад)
LOL I was drinking green milk before I even clicked on this video:)

Автор Kirsten Schardin ( назад)
Why for the dipping sauce did they not do a guac layer??

Автор Tyler Ellison ( назад)
When he said he was coming!

Автор naters pataters Major ( назад)
Rhetts always excited because he drinks redbull before recording

Автор naters pataters Major ( назад)
Rhett's still drinking the redbull after he learned redbull has cow bile in it from a previous episode

Автор R nel ( назад)
ok so i droped my phone wyal whaching dis video and it tocke me 10 minutes to figure out it was cracked 😭😭😭😭😭

Автор Alex Hued ( назад)
They could've put green food dye in the buffalo sauce

Автор snaggedsteak 10 ( назад)
both of them are racist to the Irish community

Автор Mariann La Rosa ( назад)
Pretty Patties :P

Автор Jake Guard ( назад)

Автор Anjipa Malla ( назад)
Here I am, watching two regular old men tasting 'green' while I'm meant to be revising

Автор Gábor Benedek ( назад)
That green pizza looks like poision. :D

Автор YuraCura2006 ( назад)
Food straight from The Emerald City lol

Автор Christian Brown ( назад)
I'm really surprised no one has said those burgers are pretty patties

Автор Leah Van Ert ( назад)
but what was the poop situation like after this video

Автор The DuDe ( назад)
Elbows of the table boys

Автор Tobias ( назад)
This made me feel very ill 🤢😂

Автор Tasha Parsons ( назад)
I have seen green tweenky beefor 😀☺🌈🍀

Автор Tasha Parsons ( назад)
i have seen green tweenky beefor 😀☺🌈🍀

Автор Tasha Parsons ( назад)
i have seen green tweenky beefor 😀☺🌈🍀

Автор Mike Coolkingz ( назад)
My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is pizza!!!

Автор #TheLeaf's Channel ( назад)
paDDy, not paTTy 🙄 *facepalm*

Автор TheGamingRiley ( назад)
link do you have a weak stomach

Автор TheGamingRiley ( назад)
I love 7 layer dip

Автор Tech & Jube Jube ( назад)
Can you guys do a Will It Cream Cheese?

Автор Katie O'Sullivan ( назад)
No offence I am subscribed I just had to say

Автор Katie O'Sullivan ( назад)
I am from Ireland and we don't talk like that

Автор Warren Fitzsimons ( назад)
irish don't talk like that and in ireland beer isn't green

Автор LPS Egypt ( назад)
"I can really taste the green" you can't taste a color...

Автор Zaire ( назад)
casually offending any and all Irish/ Northern Irish people
i know its not intentional.

Автор Mutated Butterflies ( назад)
Will it green?

Автор Sugarloveaj ( назад)
Sooooo..... I'm the only one that remembers Dr. Seuss' book called Green eggs and ham? ;-;

Автор Umaka -Cchan ( назад)
where were the green eggs and ham

Автор Potater Apple ( назад)
Pretty Patties on FLEEK

Автор Pastel Umbreon ( назад)
I thought they were impersonating Jacksepticeye at the beginning

Автор Kenleigh Newman ( назад)
The burgers remind me of the spongebob pretty patties episodes.

Автор john malloy ( назад)
Irish for the win!!!!!!!!😄

Автор Donovoculus ( назад)

Автор Cici Chocoholic ( назад)
Zombie Pizza 😂

Автор Kyle Sekenski ( назад)
This is disgusting 😂

Автор GoldMondays ( назад)
Leprechauns are real!

Автор Azlyn Grox ( назад)
I eat seaweed 4 or 5 times a week and I love it I've ate it ever since I was 3 years old and also I have it in sandwiches with cheerios and I will eat sushi

Автор Gabby Barreto ( назад)
So they're 2 regular old men
Who can taste green
*On St. Patrick's Day*

Coincidence? I think not.
Mystery? Maybe.
Hotel? Trivago.

Автор Angela Ando ( назад)
Food dye is dangerous

Автор Xbell 123-EXTRAS ( назад)
sham burger = pretty patties

Автор Mary Maslover ( назад)
Am I the only one wondering "what does green taste like?" ??

Автор TraumaQueen65 ( назад)
The layer dip wasn't all green tho. I call shenanigans :P

Автор Gary Henderson ( назад)
Who's lurlene

Автор MoteKat ( назад)
Wanna play a drinking game while watching this? Take a shot everytime you hear the word "GREEN" in this video..Youd probably die from Alchohol poison, but youd win the game!

Автор zomb13 mincraft ( назад)
man they had me rolling today,too hilarious,btw i like rhetts hair,that little curly top of his hehe

Автор Shivaun Theriault ( назад)
yay my name finally gets used!

Автор Chris Johnson ( назад)
Rhett wore that same shirt in episode #625.

Автор Taia Brymer ( назад)

Автор Calvin ( назад)
was it boiled for safety?

Автор Eva Reynolds ( назад)
Oh, their poop must've been horrible after this.

Автор Jensenga ( назад)
Pretty patties

Автор KayWal1981 ( назад)
I lost it with the salad part, I literally started ganging and had to pause it and walk outside in the yard... Grasshoppers yuck

Автор Heather Buchert ( назад)
that day I cam back from poinetand we went to micdonoles and I got a shamrok shake.

Автор The Purple Potato ( назад)
"We can taste colors"

That might be an LSD trip

Автор Brendon's Forehead ( назад)

Автор Tsinij ( назад)
I love you idiots.

Автор Lily Guindon ( назад)
They should have put pickles on the green burgers😁💚

Автор Ace Ace ( назад)
once they said turtle meat I was out

Автор RyanTheFlyinLion ( назад)
I am colorblind, so most of the food looked like normal food to me

Автор pyroclown ( назад)
"in 50 years from now, were all gonna be eatin alien meat" - link 2017

Автор Jess Rose ( назад)
Color taste test really should be a video

Автор Silver Cookie ( назад)
I love how he said warning for the wassabi, but when he said grass he acted totally normal! ^^

Автор trans4mers434 ( назад)
i kind of want to meet the shady meat man xD

Автор musky metal ( назад)
Link is nailing the accent

Автор GhostOfRhurValley 1945 ( назад)
What does green taste like ?

Автор Iamwafflestv ( назад)
did anyone else hear link swear at 0:57

Автор Danna Ornelas ( назад)
Like si eres Mexicano <3 y comenta de que pais eres :v

Автор D Vlogs ( назад)
Best video ever do will it bagel

Автор Andrea Churchill ( назад)
I want to meet this shady meat guy

Автор MsBrollox ( назад)
I love your shows

Автор s2 aeronnn ( назад)
Who keeps repeating the intro song

Автор Jason Lyons ( назад)
Sees green burger: *PRETTTY PATTIESS!*

Автор theghostofluigi ( назад)
you should have gotten jacksepticeye to be a guest

Автор irThumper ( назад)
Rhet, Rhet, Rhet.... :P

Автор irThumper ( назад)
I bet they pooped green for a week, LOL!

Автор Memoo HD ( назад)
Does green has a taste ?? its a damn color xD

Автор Phizix ( назад)
You should do a modified food taste test where you taste normal food and the same food but modified in some way, see if you can tell which one is modified.

Автор Isaac Simard ( назад)
your grandma was supposed to be on the show years ago? ever think of looking for her?

Автор Elijah Nelson ( назад)
That what he said when he was cumming

Автор Ashe Bonsal ( назад)
What kind of savage animal puts mayo on a burger? #Justwhitepeoplethings

Автор Audreyonna Dozier ( назад)
I can smell purpel

Автор Unlocked ( назад)
"50 years from now, we're all gonna be eating alien meat" -Link

Автор Unlocked ( назад)
0:15 The moment Rhett realizes that they're probably offending a lot of people but just lets Link keep on going.

Автор April Phillips ( назад)
I think this this is one of those episodes I'll watch again and laugh just as much

Автор michael menichelli ( назад)
They need to have jacksepticeye on the show. Especially if it's on st Patrick's day. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Can I get pinned by gmm?

Автор Alex Hostetter ( назад)
seriously anyone remember when Heinz dyed different condiments, I remember green ketchup, and purple something.

Автор XxCatCrewxX Kat ( назад)
They're gonna have green poop.

Автор Nina Cava ( назад)
Pretty patties!!!!

Автор WolfGoat ( назад)
I think gmm just referenced Jacksepticeye

Автор Aliyah Olawale ( назад)
offending i am IRISH

ps log the vid

Автор bezilliox ( назад)
Two regular old men, lol

Автор AZUSweetCake ( назад)
lol that 'top of the mornin' from the famous irish

Автор Debi Vandenboom ( назад)
Is that legal????😟

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