Stoop Interview with Phylissia Ross - Chokarella New-York Takeover

  • Stoop Interview with Phylissia Ross - Chokarella New-York Takeover

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  • Marckly KERANORD
    Marckly KERANORD 5 days ago

    M pa konprann sa atis sa ap di la non

  • Mariana Lajoie
    Mariana Lajoie 7 days ago

    Tifi sa pale menm jan ak grann mw

  • Junior Lorveus
    Junior Lorveus 7 days ago

    She is very funny love you phyl

  • Eliassaint Joseph
    Eliassaint Joseph 13 days ago

    Bon travay cárcel avek phylisia Ross

  • James Charles
    James Charles 13 days ago

    Carel ka manje malerez la

  • Jose PREVERT
    Jose PREVERT 14 days ago

    Woww she's my artist, wow I never knew if she was in TCI...woww Thank's Carel Pedre👏Bèl Interview 👏

  • Jean Charles
    Jean Charles 17 days ago

    Phylissia c haitienne li ye'

  • Wanderson Garcon
    Wanderson Garcon 22 days ago +1

    Telman love li, pa janm pap pale de manje😂
    Bon travay Carel

  • I love jada she is rock Phone

    Mrenem Ou

  • Jakito Aventura
    Jakito Aventura 27 days ago

    Y love bby. 💖🍾🍰💋🍓🍸

  • Sumena Lelige
    Sumena Lelige 28 days ago

    Fanm sa se dwet sou bouch,

  • Champion Valkyrie
    Champion Valkyrie Month ago

    Prétentieux ou te ka traité jumeaux yo konsa

    • Casimir Frantz
      Casimir Frantz 13 days ago

      Koman nou ye knsa poukisa ou pa wè jimo yo te mal aji tou sofke carel teka metrize yo yn lòt fason se yo ki koz carel te fache a

  • Hadassa Exant
    Hadassa Exant 2 months ago +1

    Konbyen moun ki wè atis Ross paka fin pale byen mezanmi

  • Miss Panama
    Miss Panama 2 months ago +4

    I wish you could add English subtitles to this video. My boyfriend is Haitian and I have not mastered Haitian Creole yet. I am from Panama originally, and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. so I love my Caribbean culture!!!! Keep filming those videos in Haiti, it is breathtaking. We must continue to honor our beautiful roots and not be afraid where we come from!!!

  • Lucien Ermonde
    Lucien Ermonde 2 months ago

    Jelicitations vous deux

  • Lucien Ermonde
    Lucien Ermonde 2 months ago

    Love you rosse

  • arielle saint come
    arielle saint come 3 months ago +2

    This woman is everything se pa florence avek Blondedy non ki toujou nan Zin. Tchuipsss

  • wilgentzjean jean1
    wilgentzjean jean1 3 months ago +1

    Waw 2 Moun mw yo kèm kontan

  • Darcei Luveyluv
    Darcei Luveyluv 3 months ago

    She's gorgeous 🥰😍😘🤩❤

  • Verieze Vixamar
    Verieze Vixamar 4 months ago +1

    M renmen fanm SA trop
    Li naturel li cool li funny l bel

  • Alain Boiris
    Alain Boiris 7 months ago +2

    Waw Carel mw renmen moun ou ye a, bravo phyllisia Ross😍😍

  • Raymose THELUSMA
    Raymose THELUSMA 8 months ago +1

    Bon bagay

  • bèl ekip nation alcius schneider

    Moun sa yo pap janm fè peyi a kado yn lekòl mizik

    • Eunide D'Haiti
      Eunide D'Haiti 17 days ago

      Komnw ye map mndew pou abone ak chanél mwen an map fel pou back

  • MireilleDidialieDidialie MDd


  • Dorjuste Phito
    Dorjuste Phito 10 months ago +1

    waw, Je laime tellement, Big up Phylissia

  • Dj Justice509
    Dj Justice509 10 months ago +1

    I only know her as a reggae Artist I never knew she was Haitian cause only know her signing with Jah Cure

  • Beatrice Desire
    Beatrice Desire 11 months ago +1

    I love you phyilissa!i wanna thank you for all that you done!thank you for sharing your passion your love of music to the haitian community!because of you being so beautiful inside&out you are a blessing i learned so much from you as a woman who open the door for the rest of us and you helped us to be comfortable in our sking to challenge ourselves more to trust&believe in ourselves to represent what we stand for without any fear to value ourselves more and everytime i listened to one of your song or projects remind me that we can ruled the world with beauty and grace!your mother is wondeful i wanna thank her!growing up watching you is how i started a bussiness without any college degree!you are truly an inspiration to all God bless you&your family!💘&💋

  • AmaniDori
    AmaniDori Year ago +3

    Her voice is so sultry n she is so beautiful 😍 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    • Eunide D'Haiti
      Eunide D'Haiti 17 days ago

      Komnw ye map mndew pou abone ak chanél mwen an map fel pou u back

  • Jerry love
    Jerry love Year ago +3

    Omg fanm nan bèl tout kote nan tout sans. bondye pap fèm kado w 😍 @phylissiaross

    • Eunide D'Haiti
      Eunide D'Haiti 17 days ago

      Komn ye pase abone ak chanel mwen an map fel pou u back

  • Fedna Jean
    Fedna Jean Year ago +1

    I love you Ross

  • Mademoiselle Jolie
    Mademoiselle Jolie Year ago +1

    Chokerella you rock; you have also covered my cousin organization in Haiti Mr.Lerebours Inisyativ 5x4. I live in New York City hope to network with you next time you're back in NYC.

  • Mademoiselle Jolie
    Mademoiselle Jolie Year ago +2

    She's what imagine our artist to be she's IT all across. I know I will get her on my show in #2019

  • Mental and Floss
    Mental and Floss Year ago +1

    Nice one! 😊 🎶

  • Line Haiti
    Line Haiti Year ago +10

    tet mw gen poul vire pou fanm sa ui

  • William Cherubin
    William Cherubin Year ago +1

    Shes great

  • Edline Salva
    Edline Salva Year ago

    Her Creole is getting better.

    GODDESSA Year ago

    She’s such a beauty and she’s very talented

  • Nico Louisor
    Nico Louisor Year ago +4

    M ta renmenl chante ak Jackson Derulo sa tap bel anpil

  • HaitianDoll Francelus

    Great interview..

  • Anita Joseph
    Anita Joseph Year ago +6

    God job mrenmen jan phillisia pale an ...anglais mele a kreyol epil cool anpil

    JOHNY BASS Year ago +2

    She's very cool 👌👍👍✊

    • Eunide D'Haiti
      Eunide D'Haiti 17 days ago

      Kom'w ye map mndew pou abône ak chanél mwen map fel pou back

  • Jhonel Fleurinor
    Jhonel Fleurinor Year ago +1

    Chapo carel mw renmin tande atis la anpil

  • Schneider MARCELIN
    Schneider MARCELIN Year ago +18

    Fanm sa mwen love li twop li two cool... Li degajel antouka poul pale

  • Journal-Foot
    Journal-Foot Year ago +3

    Carel P. Bro respè pou u. Pagen moun ki pafè sou tè sa. Men bro moun ka aprann de ou

  • Dood Delot
    Dood Delot Year ago +1

    Li paka pale kreyòl la nn oh podyab

  • Dood Delot
    Dood Delot Year ago +4

    Carel ap fè yon bon travay Nan medya

  • NeeNee
    NeeNee Year ago +1

    Yass and greet!!

  • NeeNee
    NeeNee Year ago +2


  • Taisha Shama
    Taisha Shama Year ago +2

    good job

    DIVA LOVAH LF7 Year ago +2

    Carel one love😘

  • Reginald Jean Louis
    Reginald Jean Louis Year ago +1

    Map tann nou vinn jourel pou plus anglais li parler a

  • Leo Usman
    Leo Usman Year ago +9

    Mwen damou fi sa a anpil, bon bagay Chokarella!!👏🏽

  • Lubin Reynold
    Lubin Reynold Year ago +4

    I really love Phylissia. She is amazing.

  • Lubin Reynold
    Lubin Reynold Year ago +2

    Good job Carel.

  • Weezkaly Promo
    Weezkaly Promo Year ago +1

    Byen pase

  • Sheneider Gilles
    Sheneider Gilles Year ago +2

    Carel lan inové bagay yo

    MR BIG AROLD7 Year ago +1

    bon bgay phelyssia ross

  • Pro. Marketing
    Pro. Marketing Year ago +13

    Carel Juste fort nan travay li a. Bon Bagay!

  • Jacques Leonard Louis

    100% Real!!! She's so beautiful....

  • Jean Ronald CADET
    Jean Ronald CADET Year ago +7

    Carel. Kenbe la.
    devan devan net.
    Le Chien LP aboie, la Caravane C passe.

  • djody lion nephtaly
    djody lion nephtaly Year ago +5

    I Love u sista Ross

  • Deon Dee
    Deon Dee Year ago +2

    Bon bagay...

  • Sweet Haitian Gyal
    Sweet Haitian Gyal Year ago +2


  • Obeinson P Antoine
    Obeinson P Antoine Year ago +3

    I like her vibes...

  • princess Shéd
    princess Shéd Year ago +2

    you're so cool,cute and averything

  • princess Shéd
    princess Shéd Year ago +2

    u trè bèl ,and I lov your shape

  • princess Shéd
    princess Shéd Year ago +4

    phillisia I just wanna meet you😍 I lov u

  • Fediane Florvil
    Fediane Florvil Year ago +2

    m jis renmen we fi a...malgre m pat konn sil te haïtienne...

  • James Marcelin
    James Marcelin Year ago +11

    Atis mw an pa janm pap pale de manje... Mw renmen'l anpil

  • Cliford Roberto Simeon

    Son an bon anpil! Se feblès on bann nèg ki panse y ap fè medya.

  • Junior Noel
    Junior Noel Year ago +3

    Atis konplè

  • Frantz Ketho Antoine
    Frantz Ketho Antoine Year ago +10

    All my congratulations phylissia.

    • Eunide D'Haiti
      Eunide D'Haiti 17 days ago

      Komnw ye map mndew pou abone ak chanel map fe pou u back

  • Cornet Nahum
    Cornet Nahum Year ago +5

    Wap viv New York mpaka wew phylissia? Janm renmen wew sa

    • Cornet Nahum
      Cornet Nahum Year ago

      @Bermane Jeudi what do you mean? Se sel ayiti w ka we moun? Se pat New York atis la tap viv so li pi fasil now

    • Bermane Jeudi
      Bermane Jeudi Year ago

      Cornet Nahum sanble ou panse se ayiti ou ye😂😂😂😂😂

  • Khalid nocrag
    Khalid nocrag Year ago +8

    Phylicia Ross😍😍😍😍😍 carel p👏👏👏

  • Sandy Bernard
    Sandy Bernard Year ago +5

    Wow beautiful... merci Carel.

  • Djzen312
    Djzen312 Year ago +14

    Omg I’m not sure how I first found her but I’ve been following her for a very long time since she was looking much much younger. I even remember her time playing while still majoring in biology/premed. I think she sang at a game here in Miami while back. That time she reminded me of Alicia Keys but when she started mixing it with Caribbean beat I was amazed. For those who don’t know, she’s very popular in France and the French islands also. She’s just great

  • GSHeverything _27
    GSHeverything _27 Year ago +12

    Chapo ba Mon frè 🇭🇹🔥✊👍👋👊🙏🇭🇹

  • Jean Francois
    Jean Francois Year ago +8

    I love her,she is so cool.

    • menblod
      menblod Year ago

      Love u phyllisia ross

  • T PAN
    T PAN Year ago +19

    Carel, moncher chapo ba! ✊🏾

  • haiti bon mizik
    haiti bon mizik Year ago +15

    Prye Atis feminen mW renmen li cool li San li konprann moun Se del Atis ayisyen mW renmen