Look Who Joined Season 2 of Cobra Kai

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • New fighters are joining Cobra Kai. Meet Tory and Stingray and then watch Season 2 of Cobra Kai. All episodes now streaming.
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  • Juan Guevara
    Juan Guevara 7 days ago

    is that peyton list from jessie damn it

  • Poonam Singh
    Poonam Singh 9 days ago

    Season 3🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • MrEnergee1987
    MrEnergee1987 10 days ago

    Tory is hot-headed like Ajax from the warriors

  • Darth Skygamer
    Darth Skygamer 15 days ago

    Man Robby must feel awful, considering the fact that he tried to stop the fight but Miguel rushed on him.

  • Jose Angel Izquierdo
    Jose Angel Izquierdo 19 days ago

    when in blu ray or dvd?

  • Ari Bhugoo
    Ari Bhugoo 22 days ago

    Much prefer Sam over Tory. Tory is the stereotypical bad girl with attitude I've seen in dozens of teen shows. They really don't know how to write teens except make them stereotypes ie. Nerd, jock, valley girl etc.

  • SslenderKiller
    SslenderKiller 22 days ago


  • kristopher cone
    kristopher cone 24 days ago

    I cant afford premium but the free episodes are hella dope.

  • Laron Green
    Laron Green 26 days ago

    In Cobra Kai The Characters Return Johnny Lawerence/Daniel LaRusso/Amanda LaRusso/Miguel Diaz/Samantha LaRusso/Tory/Hawk/Robby/Aisha/Kyler/Moon/Kyler/Demetri/Yasmine/John Kresse/Ali Mills/Chozen Toguchi/Kumiko/Carmen Diaz. Season 3 2020

  • tonytrulove
    tonytrulove 29 days ago

    Where can I watch season 2? Not buying RUclip red tho..

  • Heroes United
    Heroes United Month ago

    And miyagi do

  • Heroes United
    Heroes United Month ago

    Imagine Cobra Kai joined in endgame

  • ty Y
    ty Y Month ago

    I hope it doesn't follow a Beverly hills 92010 theme ..as seasons progesss

  • حاكيم اغا
    حاكيم اغا Month ago

    الحلقه رقم،3...حتا الاخير مهمش كملين

  • David Oscar Flores
    David Oscar Flores Month ago +1

    Cobra Kai would be lost without Johnny Lawrance (William Zabka). He's the main reason why I'm putting up with the teenage antics. ;)

  • Isa Freitas
    Isa Freitas Month ago

    You need to do the eps more longer ,like 50 minutes 😍😍😍😂😂 AND SAM NEED STAY WITH ROBBY PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Kurt X
    Kurt X Month ago

    For a guy whose supposed to be Cobra kais champ...Miguel hits like a girl.
    He cant knock out a mall rat? Please...what a useless system. Doesnt even teach the student how to punch correctly...elbows sticking out ,weak fist formation...Total Pseudo-Ryu.

  • victoryeneyda d
    victoryeneyda d Month ago

    This girl is looooonnnnnneeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!

  • GAMPLEY NIJA pro gamer

    your Cobra Kai yoru DANGER ON THE ONLI😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Dragonfire111
    Dragonfire111 Month ago

    Maybe she's really Mike Barnes daughter

  • icce
    icce Month ago

    I like the Miguel and Tory relationship, they should keep it going a little longer.

  • Samuel Mundala
    Samuel Mundala Month ago

    can you add season 3 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Samuel Mundala
    Samuel Mundala Month ago +1

    why do you have RUclip premium anyway , because it's a good karate series and exampled of karate .( I like your hoodie )

  • hallobre
    hallobre Month ago

    I know people will be pissed off by this but... it’s actually Sam's fault that Miguel is in this state. She had the hots for him, then a shirtless dude that somehow looks like terry silver comes to her and she falls for him. While in itself it’s not that bad. I mean, she’s still young and experimenting. But she got angry at Miguel for finding a girl while she had a thing going on with Robbie, while still being in a “relationship” with Miguel

  • Kay Private
    Kay Private Month ago +1

    Tory started the school fight with Sam, but Sam started their war in the first place. Once she put her hands on Tory and accused her of stealing, she started their rivalry. Then Sam kissed Miguel knowing he was with Tory. Miguel kissed back and it was wrong, but Sam knew how much Miguel missed her and wanted to work things out. She didn't want him, until she saw him with another girl. Sam needs to get it together in Season 3.

  • Lima Jackson
    Lima Jackson Month ago

    I love her

  • Pillow Nation
    Pillow Nation Month ago

    I thought Stingray had a GF

  • Alexander Patrick
    Alexander Patrick Month ago

    What's really cool is season 3 is going to feature Richie and Fonzie with a hologram of mr. Miyagi.

  • Joshé Martínez
    Joshé Martínez Month ago

    Season 3 it's totally going to start with Daniel and Johnny dealing with legal problems.

  • Renee Cheung
    Renee Cheung Month ago

    i got an announcement by this fall season 1 and 2 will be free. season three will be free with ads!!!!!!!!!!! No more premium account for me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson Month ago

    IS TORY ,,,TERRY "QUICK" SILVER'S DAUGHTER?????JUST ASKING...as I don't know not finished the season yet !! lol

  • CJLAKE1234
    CJLAKE1234 Month ago

    I have no idea who she is. But, he's hilarious! 👍👍👍

  • marcelo78
    marcelo78 Month ago

    Tory would destroy Star Wars' Rey in a few seconds.

  • jorgeshss
    jorgeshss Month ago

    Isn’t she the daughter of the evil master of cobra Kai?

  • ryan collyer
    ryan collyer Month ago

    Who was the girl that stingray was with at the party?

  • James Martin
    James Martin Month ago

    Once you or ya have joined cobra kai ya with us for life.

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops Month ago

    That was unexpected that Payton would take the act for Tory

  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago


  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago


  • Tristan Tristan
    Tristan Tristan Month ago

    Tory she is cool

  • Maverick
    Maverick Month ago +3

    Thumbs Up if you think that Tory is Sexier than Samantha LaRusso !!!

  • Jenna Beatz
    Jenna Beatz Month ago

    Like the show but are the writers and directors intentional about Daniel's pious attitude? I mean will he change? In season two Daniel said Miyagi had "tricks". Mr. Miyagi wasn't tricky or manipulative. He was wise. Daniel isn't wise at all in the show. He's arrogant and using Miyagi's past wisdom as tricks instead of growing in wisdom himself like Miyagi would've wanted him to.

  • Tony Ross
    Tony Ross Month ago

    Raymond is like Randy Marsh

  • Sean Immanuel
    Sean Immanuel Month ago +3

    We need Julie, Ali, Jessica, Chozen, and Kumiko
    All in🤣🤣🤣

    • SamDaWise GameOnG
      SamDaWise GameOnG 2 days ago

      I am glad someone here knows all the Karate Kid history past the first movie.

  • LS Batalha
    LS Batalha Month ago

    I need season 3

  • sirbrad4
    sirbrad4 Month ago

    Bullshido that would never happen in real life lol.

  • Ghoul
    Ghoul Month ago

    To broke for premium so I just rely on Facebook to upload to episodes

  • Glory Days31
    Glory Days31 Month ago +2

    **cracks open a coors banquet
    Hellyeah! Season 3 here we come baby!! Cobra Kai never dies!

  • Starscream91
    Starscream91 Month ago

    Got the free trial for RUclip Red the day it came out and binged the entire series. I'm going to have to do it again before it runs out at the end of the month.

  • sirbrad4
    sirbrad4 Month ago

    This series needs to be released on DVD. I only buy physical discs as I do not allow big companies to control what I watch and when I watch it, or when they decide to shut down servers in an effort to force me to keep buying the next digital download. Sorry I am not a puppet for big companies like most. Release this on DVD or pirates will and profit from it regardless.

    • Studebricker
      Studebricker Month ago +1

      Same...couldn't have said it better.

  • 711m670w zxwqa
    711m670w zxwqa Month ago +2

    I love it love it love it... all countries, all languages, all cultures love karate kid/Cobra Kai. Please I want the saga continues....

  • C L W
    C L W Month ago +1

    Wild theory:
    She is the illegitimate daughter of Daniel LaRusso

    • C L W
      C L W 28 days ago

      Would be interesting if it were true

    • Andrew Miller
      Andrew Miller 28 days ago

      Except she isn't.

  • gabriel alves
    gabriel alves Month ago

    E muita sacanagem fazer cada temporada por ano AFS vai que a serei vai ate a 5 temporada ai vamos ficar mais 3 anos esperando a vai a merda.

  • Cowboy Cowboy
    Cowboy Cowboy Month ago

    DVD RELEASE????????

  • Zha G
    Zha G Month ago

    To me Peyton List will always be Emma Ross

  • Ken Davis
    Ken Davis Month ago

    I love Tory but please don't make her hook up with Robby lol

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges Month ago

    I love stingray

  • آبہدعہتہ آبہغہيہآبہكہ

    هل يوجد جزء ثالث

  • FireBlade4k
    FireBlade4k Month ago


    I swear if Miguel dies...JUST DONT (who's with me?)

  • nebules UwU
    nebules UwU Month ago

    Name’s Tori
    With a ‘why?’

  • jr7king 73
    jr7king 73 Month ago

    What happened to tylor and his gang and to Yasmin??

  • やきそばチャーハン

    空手。 「カラァリィ」…?アメリカ製日本語ww 毎回楽しみに観ています 日本人は出演してこないのかな…

  • Los libros de Casanto

    All my book of Mythology an Amazon.
    *Carlos Sandoval Torres

  • SlateAlloy 582
    SlateAlloy 582 Month ago

    Please get season 3 out fast no matter how bad it is just make a good ending and a nice overall show PLEASE
    Can’t wait for S3 that’s why I made this comment

  • Nazuro
    Nazuro Month ago

    Saison 3 plz ❤️❤️❤️

  • Plazor
    Plazor Month ago

    Barny Stinson would be proud of this show

  • Devoured Eagle
    Devoured Eagle Month ago

    Lovable? 🤔 Hmm...not exactly how I would describe his character though...

  • Najib -Pianist-
    Najib -Pianist- Month ago +1

    When is season 3 coming out.

  • Mohammadriski Hamdani

    when episode 2 coming ??

  • G_Fon Св
    G_Fon Св Month ago

    Бля... Что было в последней серии??? Продолжение будет!??? 3 сезон будет!? Что с Мигелем!??? Напишите кто Русский

  • CorsicaMovies
    CorsicaMovies Month ago

    I'm looking forward to the next season.

  • Kathy Patry
    Kathy Patry Month ago

    did you find the last episode of the two state bad series?

  • Mathi Pro
    Mathi Pro Month ago

    When is season 3

  • Arhum nasir
    Arhum nasir Month ago

    Plz do season 3 guys

  • MrHousecup
    MrHousecup Month ago

    No, Raymond's annoying.

  • g323g
    g323g Month ago

    I have premium cuz of this show when is season 3 I want more please!!!

  • sirbrad4
    sirbrad4 Month ago +1

    The most important question never asked, when will this be on DVD?

    • sirbrad4
      sirbrad4 Month ago

      This series needs to be released on DVD. I only buy physical discs as I
      do not allow big companies to control what I watch and when I watch it,
      or when they decide to shut down servers in an effort to force me to
      keep buying the next digital download. Sorry I am not a puppet for big
      companies like most. Release this on DVD or pirates will and profit from
      it regardless.

    • Heather Melendez
      Heather Melendez Month ago

      I am wondering this also.

  • vegan4 life
    vegan4 life Month ago +1

    You guys have totally watered down part 1.
    Enough of the series make a part 4 and have it follow Daniel from part 2 going back to Okinawa.

  • Mick R Lee
    Mick R Lee Month ago +2

    We need Mike Barnes, Terry Silver, Kumiko, Chozun, Hillary Swank....bring them all!

  • REX Tennyson
    REX Tennyson Month ago +1

    We cobra kais want season 3

  • Notorius Juan
    Notorius Juan Month ago

    WHERE IS EPISODE 2 ?????????

  • Sana Raja
    Sana Raja Month ago +1

    Why doesn't cobra Kai release season 3 for the end of this year like a new year special on the first of January.

  • MR Camus
    MR Camus Month ago +21

    Best series.

    I made a video about cobra kai, could take a look

  • Rock D
    Rock D Month ago

    She’s got a wonderful pair of boobs!

  • Tristan Tristan
    Tristan Tristan Month ago

    Daniel Larusso attacked the Cobra kai dojo all the time and even provoked . with guilty Daniel Larusso Dojo Cobra kai has been divided . Daniel Larusso and johnny lawrence are the main characters of the Cobra kai series . it seems to me that in season 3 or 4 johnny lawrence will recover the cobra kai dojo.

  • B Z
    B Z Month ago

    six seasons and a movie !

  • Elelow Gaming
    Elelow Gaming Month ago

    Btw which episode when she came first time to dojo

  • Elelow Gaming
    Elelow Gaming Month ago

    Season 3 is indeed we are COBRAS we will come on season 3 idc how much it cost 🔥

  • Brion
    Brion Month ago

    Peyton as Tory is great at the choreography fights. Very impressed

  • Karks & Censored
    Karks & Censored Month ago

    Watch my hawk venom mashup

  • Rocky P
    Rocky P Month ago

    Cobra kai tee shirt hmmmm🧐

  • Red Night224
    Red Night224 Month ago

    Can’t wait for season 3

  • Alex Plays 2.O
    Alex Plays 2.O Month ago

    Ok everyone stop rushing them give them time

  • christina knott
    christina knott Month ago

    Love this ...

  • bonecanoe86
    bonecanoe86 Month ago

    Let's be honest: Stingray is basically a surrogate for all of us.

  • nadz yea
    nadz yea Month ago

    best way explain cobra kai is comparing it to religions, no one is ever right or wrong , but at least we get to see both points of view

  • Killer Girl
    Killer Girl Month ago +1

    I think that cobra Kai is my first addiction 😂😂😂

  • Killer Girl
    Killer Girl Month ago

    My mom said that I can buy 3 things of clothes tomorrow and i said to her i want cobra Kai merch and She said girl you can buy it😂😂😍😍😍 (it’s actually true 😂😂)


    Qué reverenda estupidez, es una estúpida herencia del cine torpe de los 90's