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US (2019) Ending Explained

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • #us #endingexplained
    In US, the second film from Jordan Peele (Get Out) a family's vacation turns to chaos when a group of malevolent doppelgängers descends upon their home. Learn all about who The Tethered are, what they want, and looking at the film's bigger meaning and hidden messages.
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Comments • 8 373

  • blackklash
    blackklash Hour ago

    Excellent review thnx u hit every edge of the symbolism that was portrayed👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ern'ary Kpana
    Ern'ary Kpana Hour ago

    The little boy was switched too if y'all didn't notice

  • Miyavi Jack
    Miyavi Jack 8 hours ago

    The biggest plot hole for me in this movie is how did the clones survive on rabbits. Humans who only eat rabbits have been known to die since rabbits don't have the amount of vitamins and healthy nutrients we need to survive. YOU CAN DIE WITH A FULL STOMACH FROM EATING JUST RABBIT.

  • IceWhiteNinFan •
    IceWhiteNinFan • 10 hours ago

    That movie was AWESOME I liked it so much

  • Melissa Nijimbere
    Melissa Nijimbere 13 hours ago

    Why did Red (Adelaide) act like she had gone through trauma when she took Adelaide (Red) down and escaped???

  • Jaylee DeLa O'
    Jaylee DeLa O' 14 hours ago

    i also would like to know, the tunnel taht leaves to all the rooms where the rabbits are walkign around in the end, its so freaking CLEAN, i mean who cleans it? with what? and how, just saying!

  • Arel Felser
    Arel Felser 16 hours ago

    “Ophelia, call the police”
    “Now playing ‘Fuck Tha Police’ by NWA”

  • Queef Jerky
    Queef Jerky 19 hours ago

    This movie mind fucked me harder than hereditary

  • master chief
    master chief 21 hour ago

    there's it and us what next me or you

  • Norm Manski
    Norm Manski 21 hour ago +1

    Omg u kept saying Jordan but it was Jason u literally said it at the beginning of the vid

  • Olas
    Olas 23 hours ago

    I didn't come here for a resumé after just watching the movie....

  • Brandon W
    Brandon W Day ago +1

    How many times did you refer as the family's son character named 'Jason' as "Jordan"? Jordan is the name of the Writer/Director, Jordan Peele.
    Jason is the character's name.

  • Brighton Lund
    Brighton Lund Day ago

    I just realized that I wasn’t subscribed to the channel, even though I’ve watched a ton of your videos. I subscribed :) sorry!

  • Sapa Inti
    Sapa Inti Day ago

    I knew the mom was the doppelganger as soon as she saw her doppelganger I knew ittt

  • Mahad Salman
    Mahad Salman Day ago +2

    I just finished the movie at 11:11
    Isn't it a coincidence?

    • ToastyClaws
      ToastyClaws Day ago +1

      Mahad Salman same i was shook lol

  • ToastyClaws
    ToastyClaws Day ago +2

    I just watched the movie and it finished at 11:11 i am shook bro.

    • Johnson Songrov
      Johnson Songrov Day ago +1

      Bruh same I was like wtf I even have a knife just incase

  • Marina Rodriguez

    Me and my friend were also laughing throughout the movie in the theater. Everyone else was gasping and screaming.

  • Lord Mercy
    Lord Mercy 2 days ago

    I’m still on the real red’s side bc she was protecting her family and also why would she be scared of the doubles when she was one of them. Btw something else notice how the doubles were hard to kill? That’s why red didn’t die when she got stabbed in the stomach 😂

    Edit: Just saying this in the Bible (Jeremiah 11:11) it says the Lord won’t save them by praying (or something like that) the reason he says he won’t save them bc they were serving a false god and doing rituals. And one of the rituals were burning your children and kinda near the end of the movie Jason had his doubled burnt. Idk what that’s supposed to prove but 🤷‍♀️😂

  • tsa_ReTrOz
    tsa_ReTrOz 2 days ago +1

    M baku was a bitch in this movie 😂

  • Royboy
    Royboy 2 days ago

    Those 14 minutes are still not over!

  • Rasheed Dawson
    Rasheed Dawson 2 days ago

    What about the fact the son realizes the mom is different

  • FueledToGame
    FueledToGame 2 days ago

    Guys at 1:45:45 in the movie after The fake mom breaks reds neck she makes the same sound the clones make throughout the movie indicating right there she is a clone. Likely how the son Jason realized she is a clone

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 days ago +1


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 days ago +4

    Red clothe, brown leather fingerless gloves & scissors = FREDDY KRUGER :P HAHAHAH!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 days ago +1

    US = you yourself is your own worse enemy :P HAHAHAH!

  • ShepStar Productions
    ShepStar Productions 2 days ago +1

    Good review, work on the William Shatner-ish delivery.

  • Kaden Robbins
    Kaden Robbins 2 days ago

    Police never showed up

  • Keeghan Meyer
    Keeghan Meyer 2 days ago +4

    I refuse to still watch this movie because of how bad get out messed me up physiologically

  • Mr. Strontium
    Mr. Strontium 3 days ago

    I'm glad I watched this instead of the actual movie.

  • Harribo
    Harribo 3 days ago

    Why the dopplegangers wearing the infinity gauntlet?

    INDEX _SKRUBBOI 3 days ago

    Alexa call the Cops.

    RD RED DIABLO 3 days ago

    what about the flashback, why'll they were driving away and Adelaide Thomas, and red switched body's does that mean that red was posing as Adelaide Thomas and Adelaide Thomas was posing as red

  • Joy Watson
    Joy Watson 4 days ago +1

    Jordan?? I thought his name was Jason***

    • Crispyy
      Crispyy 17 hours ago +2

      It is jason.

  • Let's Daze
    Let's Daze 4 days ago

    The ending got me sooo fucking good I cried during the end credits

  • Pillral Garden
    Pillral Garden 4 days ago

    So the clone who kidnapped the real one is the main character that killed the original one she kidnapped before many years?

  • OotzybOotzy MJ Mixes

    I am here to get an answer to one question but so far nope. How come the original one down underground while standing at the blackboard, talks like she is one of the clones? She was already talking normal before she was snatched? Just finished watching this for the first time. But i counted at least 4 flaws. Hopefully on a second watch at least a couple will be explained. Its good but not the masterpiece get out was. Also it is essentially just a rendition of day of the triffids.

  • OotzybOotzy MJ Mixes

    This is not an explanation of the ending this is just a commentary of everything that happens in the film.. Seriously there is a difference. Very annoying.

  • Ryley Alger-Hempstead

    The movie never mentions "government" in relation to the creation of the Tethered. Red starts that whole speech saying "I believe" so she doesn't know it for a fact. She also says it in the same breath as saying God spoke to her, if you believe her about the experiment, you can't just say she's crazy when she says God spoke to her. Plus, there is literally no way Red could know how the Tethered were created, as there was no one around to tell her

  • Cilvar Frey
    Cilvar Frey 5 days ago

    Atmosphere and execution was well done, but the plot is trash. I've seen so many reviews just sweep these gaping questions under the rug "just because", and really, the story could have been so much better.
    Is the movie junk as a result of that? No. It's still a good movie overall, but it could have been so much better yet.

  • Pestilenssi
    Pestilenssi 5 days ago

    Natalie is so pretty

  • Mc Fuckity
    Mc Fuckity 5 days ago

    Realizing Red was the real Adelaide made me so mad that I was rooting for the fake one the whole time.

  • Micah Cook
    Micah Cook 5 days ago

    I see the switch in a different life, if we are on own worst enemy especially given the circumstances we come from in life. Say you have horrible parents, you do what it takes to get better and to get a better life. Plus it’s sad that that’s the only behavior real Red knew as a child. Remember traits can be passed down through generations so the “Fierceness” Real Adelaide’s daughter had was what real Red has as a child. She was born into that behavior and wanted out of the clone world. It still is off putting though that she forced herself to learn how to be human but i think after awhile of focusing on how to be a person, creating her own personality and identity and soul unlike her clone counterparts, the emotions she experienced were real. I think she really was scared the real Adelaide would make her pay for what she’s done. Take away the life she fought for. Regardless though, the real Red was smarter than any of the other I believe the tethering would have happened anyway even if they didn’t switch. Real Red wanted a way out and if she was abandoned by the government instead of real Adelaide, the tethering would have been more gruesome and bloodier. The family would have no chance of surviving if it was the other way around. And that’s the thing with some families. If one didn’t realize the worst of themselves and do the utmost to fix it or better themselves they would end up killing off the good for good. Hence, the rich white suburban family didn’t make it because none of them were a switch tbh. That’s metaphorically speaking however.

  • All Things Periphery
    All Things Periphery 5 days ago +5

    You make good videos, but do you really need to shout the ENTIRE time? Relax, dude. 😂

  • Blue Patch1413
    Blue Patch1413 5 days ago

    The word for today is JOB, J.O.B

  • Yafav. Kialie
    Yafav. Kialie 5 days ago

    At the end of the movie all the doubles were doing the hands across america and it was alot of them. I wonder if their was anymore survivors other than the family, and we also saw that the doubles not only kill themselves but others as well, So maybe the 1M+ doubles Would also come after the family??

  • הראל מטלו
    הראל מטלו 5 days ago

    You good bro? You look like you’re shaking...

  • AJ Grimes
    AJ Grimes 6 days ago

    So is Jason a clone after going to the beach

  • Shanya Latta
    Shanya Latta 6 days ago +4

    Dang when ever you need the police they are '' a useless 14 minutes away''
    LIKE HELLLOOOO we dont have that long to live

  • Shanya Latta
    Shanya Latta 6 days ago

    II didn't know you were a sociopath
    oh and psychopath
    oh and crazy ass

  • Christian Gerhardt
    Christian Gerhardt 6 days ago +2

    It amazes me how Bible verses are always open to interpretation at a singular level when the context of the full text is so important!

  • RandomStix
    RandomStix 6 days ago

    Does this guy make movies? I bet itd be good aff if he does

  • Infinite
    Infinite 6 days ago

    I'm honestly confused on how the clones lived. Ik they lived their life like the humans just with everything twisted and dark but how was red (the clone... idk who is who so just go with it) able to break the cycle. Did adel (the real girl... Idk her name) mimic reds behaviors like red did to adel before they switched places?

  • adam fair
    adam fair 6 days ago

    Just watched it and I was surprised

  • Judyann Sims
    Judyann Sims 6 days ago

    I Am Mother I Am Mother I Am Mother

  • Judyann Sims
    Judyann Sims 6 days ago +1

    I Am Mother I Am Mother I Am Mother

  • Judyann Sims
    Judyann Sims 6 days ago

    I Am Mother I Am Mother I Am Mother

  • Judyann Sims
    Judyann Sims 6 days ago

    Can you please do *I Am Mother*

  • Citrato1011
    Citrato1011 6 days ago +5

    Get out: MK ultra
    US: Government cloning underground.
    Just like the first there’s a hidden message in the movie

  • Shadow & Claw
    Shadow & Claw 6 days ago

    Part of reds story has a small reference to God

  • Elit3 foodlantis
    Elit3 foodlantis 6 days ago

    Don’t move your shoulders like that ever again

  • Eric Bonewicz
    Eric Bonewicz 7 days ago

    My question is is when did they do this clone experiment? So why is jason have a tethered if they stopped in the 90s or whenever. Any kids should not have a clone

  • Jillian Silva
    Jillian Silva 7 days ago

    The mother (not red) when both of the clone children died her reactions were very soft and mother like. Like when the daughter clone was in the tree she was trying to shush her and when the boy walked back into the fire she was saying no no no no and stuff like that. I think she realized that they would of been her children if she didn't switch places with red.

  • Kollagedreamz
    Kollagedreamz 7 days ago

    Who else figured the movie out at the movies but watched this video to compare to their theories.. I seen this the night it dropped

  • David Saade Romano
    David Saade Romano 7 days ago

    Where can I see the movie

  • Tome4kkkk
    Tome4kkkk 7 days ago

    14:25 "How we always fear 'others', those we don't understand". And yet the 'others' did proceed to exterminate. I love, LOVE this... consideration. A leftie trying to bang the worn out moral high ground drum actually proving "the biggots" right - "Trust your instinct and protect yourself" is what effectively assured survival of the family in the movie. Not the first time, nor the last :)

  • Tome4kkkk
    Tome4kkkk 7 days ago

    The name of the white yuppie yacht: B-Yacht'ch :D

  • Tome4kkkk
    Tome4kkkk 7 days ago

    The ending twist is of exactly the same "let's cheat the audience" kind as Little Finger's death in Game of Thrones. I rate the movie 7.5/10. Still worse (and less dark) than the K&P horror skit Baby Forest ;)

  • TheClimbTo1
    TheClimbTo1 7 days ago

    This is what I love, your honesty. Jordan Peele is amazing, but no one is perfect. You weren't afraid to call out short-comings in his performance. The wonderful thing is, he's still 'new' to this and still developing. He's already great, he's already amazing, and if he pays attention he'll only get better!
    You're right that he left some plot holes, but that overall the Movie hits the mark and gets his idea across. I hope he continues great work, and improves at the same time, pushing forward his ideas while perfecting his craft.

  • RidingwithSam
    RidingwithSam 7 days ago +1

    The movie is pretty messy to me.. haha.... get out is better

  • KoopaPlays
    KoopaPlays 7 days ago

    So the government was just like cancelled the project and left all those people in an unlocked facility? The mirroring makes no sense, at times people are able to exploit it make the doppleganger fall into danger as if they move in a perfect mirror, other times they move independently.

  • jeremiah jackson
    jeremiah jackson 7 days ago

    I don't think the red jumpsuits were a tribute to thriller but rather the paper cutouts of the the people in the hands across America logo on the commercial/ her shirt. And using the scissors to kill (cut the tether) is symbolic of using scissors to cut out the paper figures holding hands like in the commercial. I can't remember what those are called but like folding a piece of paper and making a few cuts then unfolding to make a snowflake like we learned in art class.
    Essentially they're using the scissors to cut out their own pattern and stretching it across America.
    However the single glove most likely a reference to thriller

  • jeremiah jackson
    jeremiah jackson 7 days ago

    I thought the dad said she was gone 15 minutes not an hour.

  • Riley MSP
    Riley MSP 7 days ago

    Werewolf mask? Really? It was chewbacca

  • Randy
    Randy 7 days ago

    Dam I wonder how me and my doppelgangers fight went

  • oh YEAH YEAH
    oh YEAH YEAH 7 days ago

    It's just such a twist. It's a great played out movie but one of the greatest things about it is that it leaves the audience question how they feel. Like should they feel bad for the real girl Because she wanted revenge and she had a right to do that or should they be on the doubles side because the double became such a human which makes the audience feel bad.

  • It's Moshi
    It's Moshi 7 days ago +24

    This means that there are two Logan Puals in that world...

    Now that's real horror

    • aaronh678
      aaronh678 7 days ago +3

      @Cryptic Mobile No the tethered one will be smarter than the one we have.

    • Cryptic Mobile
      Cryptic Mobile 7 days ago

      And ones dumber than the one we have

  • RachetHoe3000 the 2nd

    That twist at the end lowkey fucked me up

  • Ashish
    Ashish 8 days ago

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to just chained around us without killing anyone

  • ECH
    ECH 8 days ago

    plot twist: Jason and Pluto switched

  • Asyn
    Asyn 8 days ago

    I think that they came to the surface at that time because as Adelaide said she feels something approaching meaning the doppelgangers can feel when they are close to each other.

  • Reagan Lockwood
    Reagan Lockwood 8 days ago

    There’s a good film theory on this by the channel Film Theory. It makes a lot of sense of what MatPat says. He talks about materialism and the American dream because the clones were killed by things showing the American dream. A fancy car, a boat, baseball bat, golf club, etc. It was such a great theory and I love this movie so much more now

  • Dick Mobuy
    Dick Mobuy 8 days ago +1

    The clones always had the ability to come up to the surface....they just didn’t have the push and lead to uprise against the surface people. They were planning the uprising for the right time with Red.

    RED DEAD 8 days ago

    us ending don't make a sense

  • Chenoa H.
    Chenoa H. 8 days ago

    They couldn't just come to the surface?

  • Chenoa H.
    Chenoa H. 8 days ago

    I did not enjoy this. Throughout the movie you suspect it isn't her but the story just doesn't add up. The exposition is just meh (like why the fuck are you telling us this story that you're scared when you know what you did) and I just thought what... what is she supposed to do now? What do the clones do without their leader? Why are there so many of them and how were they able to continue to produce after the scientists died. How the fuck were all of those people down there? Why was Brandon the only one able to control his tether and knew he could?
    It's only saving grace was Lupitas spectacular acting.

  • gorillazsan
    gorillazsan 8 days ago +2

    This just reminds me of the Secret Saturdays and their evil doubles call the Mondays.

  • Bibimbapski
    Bibimbapski 8 days ago +30

    After this movie:

    Me: Never going to Santa Cruz.

  • PROJECT「スカイ」
    PROJECT「スカイ」 8 days ago +16

    Donald Glover vs Childish Gambino belike

  • Mighty Marsha
    Mighty Marsha 8 days ago

    I didn’t get any of that from the movie. I went down the exact rabbit hole I felt it intended. Government experimentation to create humans without souls. Slaves, but evil (satanist twist) .... bodies without souls are vessels for beings (like demons) that need a body. All while showing the duality in the movies that Samaritans, the Illuminati and Satanist play off of. The clue or clues to this spin was all the damn white rabbits

  • Pet Shop
    Pet Shop 8 days ago

    A plot hole is not an unanswered question you fucking idiot. Two different things. Learn what words mean before using them.

  • Mourne
    Mourne 8 days ago +5

    But if the normal person had a very hard/dark life would the tethered have a good one?

  • J.P. Lovecraft
    J.P. Lovecraft 8 days ago +4

    So the one glove all the clones wear on one hand only is also inspired by Michael Jackson?

  • Mahfuz Shaon
    Mahfuz Shaon 8 days ago

    the movie was awful

  • Nat Tilghman
    Nat Tilghman 8 days ago

    TBH I feel like some of the "plot holes" are left for you to infer what you think the over all message is. Example why didn't the doubles just leave before hand? The answer is there's a good chance they're as unawear of the surface as the surface is of them. They might have a sense that something is amiss and not know what untill they see red is different. In fact we can only really assuming 2 people in the movie are a wear of this. I'm also assuming they're confined to their stretch of hallway. which is why we're at is always hitting the wall when she dances and why the double family didn't leave when the surface family's vacation. They simply can't. (But I imagine them being hilariously does pressed against the wall during the whole drive back home)

  • Regina Lannister
    Regina Lannister 8 days ago

    Fun movie that made zero logical sense.

  • Brailyn Blackwell
    Brailyn Blackwell 9 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who noticed that at the end in the car ride the son knew something was up

    • silver350z94
      silver350z94 7 days ago

      He was skeptical when he caught his mom killing the twin double and when she got sad when the son shawdow killed him self

  • Darren Aguilar-Caballero

    Red was only able to speak because she was took but the reason why she couldn’t talk was she had nobody else to talk to. So she couldn’t talk to anyone

  • just your average teen
    just your average teen 9 days ago +22

    this is why you shouldn’t leave wakanda

    • Pastel Bitch
      Pastel Bitch 6 days ago

      just your average teen WAKANDA FOREVER

  • Jonathan Narain
    Jonathan Narain 9 days ago

    Foundflix looks like eren(hisnewlook)

  • Skykiller
    Skykiller 9 days ago

    This was the dumbest, slowest movie I've ever seen. I love his comedy, and his first movie was ok, but this was awful. It could have been two minutes long and still would be a mess.