Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
    The one thing I learned from this trip to Anaheim was how much of a monopoly Jojo Siwa has on glitter clothing. If there was a small child anywhere in vidcon, she had her hair in a bow and was wearing the sparkliest jacket you could imagine (all from Jojo Siwa's line of loud clothing, of course). I mean, good for her, but isn't it terrifying that there are currently 44 million of her bows out in the wild at the moment? That's insane. She can literally create an army of 5 year olds in glitter uniform. What can I say; the end is near my dudes.
    I mean, I have nothing against the kid; she can keep doing what she's doing. What she has to stop doing though is pretending to be some sick hybrid of Elton John and Freddie Mercury during her live performances:
    - No.
    - Never.
    - Stop it.
    - It smells bad.
    I'm sorry Jojo, but you are not, have never, and never will be either of those singers. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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    With love,
    Jamila Cabello
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  • Tsumugi_aro
    Tsumugi_aro 4 months ago +35187

    She’s not actually in the US for vidcon, she’s in the US for the Area 51 raid

    • Amélie Sylte
      Amélie Sylte Month ago

      Wait but its the 15 october

    • Juli Pritchett
      Juli Pritchett Month ago

      Update: it’s tomorrow

    • lemon_vxbe
      lemon_vxbe 2 months ago

      @Jade M. It's the 21st ;-;

    • Anzu
      Anzu 2 months ago

      Tsumugi_aro oh no

    • Jade M.
      Jade M. 2 months ago

      @Xochitl Valdez
      Lmao I was joking back, my dude.

  • marta
    marta 21 hour ago


  • holo mad max
    holo mad max 2 days ago +1


  • Zoe Bigbee
    Zoe Bigbee 4 days ago

    I'm screaming I watched Bohemian Rhapsody on the plane as well
    Except my flight was 10 hours

  • Alafredo.exe
    Alafredo.exe 6 days ago


  • Issy C
    Issy C 7 days ago

    What??! US target has fresh food???

  • Honey’s Studio
    Honey’s Studio 8 days ago +1

    I honestly aspire to be like her when I’m older

  • Natalie Ethridge
    Natalie Ethridge 9 days ago

    Imagine going to a steak house and getting a salad.

  • pradeep kbc
    pradeep kbc 10 days ago

    11:04 Dayyyuuummm look at da ringgss!! Prestige!

  • Presley League
    Presley League 11 days ago

    Eww no one wants to suck your left toe horizontally from the ceiling

  • Ivy Kamen
    Ivy Kamen 11 days ago

    12:41 it said" suck my toe horizontally from the ceiling"

  • Erek Kendrick
    Erek Kendrick 11 days ago

    Is anyone else just binge watching Joana?

  • • - Tea Cup - •
    • - Tea Cup - • 11 days ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Me: 1:58 “JoAnAcamp0s CeddiA” 😱

  • Daily Vlogs
    Daily Vlogs 11 days ago

    You are the funniest and best RUclip don’t let anything stop you

  • Kiwisquash Slimes!
    Kiwisquash Slimes! 11 days ago

    I went to Anaheim in May 2019

  • Leah Goodman
    Leah Goodman 12 days ago

    Idk why people dislike this😜

  • Melissa Hesselman
    Melissa Hesselman 12 days ago

    I love you but don’t like how you called the parking lot ghetto but anyway-

  • Laurence Jang
    Laurence Jang 12 days ago

    너무너무 재밌는것.....

  • Angela Nguyen
    Angela Nguyen 12 days ago

    what is the “uhoh vietnam flashbacks” in the captain and what does it have to do with logan paul

  • Arianna Lam
    Arianna Lam 14 days ago +1

    Pretend I said something really offensive and comment off of that.

  • The amazing baby dino aka llama productions

    F RIP mini microphone

  • Zarifa Raja
    Zarifa Raja 15 days ago +2

    no one:

    joana: suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling

  • Camila Ortiz
    Camila Ortiz 15 days ago


  • Milk Chocolate
    Milk Chocolate 16 days ago

    almost 2 million views and not even 1k dislike xD
    Danielle conh's music videos are jealous

  • Nate Nate
    Nate Nate 17 days ago

    In the intro she looks like Freddie Mercury in the bohemian rhapsody music video

  • Harshita Khanna
    Harshita Khanna 18 days ago +1

    It has been found that JC, also known by the name of Joana Ceddia, went to the US this year to take part in the secretive activities taking place in Area 51. Her intentions are still unknown to this day.
    Now, over to the weather guy,

  • Manuel III Curameng
    Manuel III Curameng 18 days ago

    *G A T E 6 9*

  • Noah Martinez
    Noah Martinez 18 days ago

    You do know that you and your mom look the same the same glasses and the same look

  • laura doguim
    laura doguim 19 days ago

    I think there is something you should know
    here’s a tidbit of common sense:


  • 乌贼/Squid
    乌贼/Squid 19 days ago

    0:34 she looks like her mom oh my god

  • Som X Candy
    Som X Candy 20 days ago

    Joana goes to New York, Anaheim, Massachusetts, etc.


  • Nick G
    Nick G 20 days ago

    This bitch is high as a kite

  • Yoinky Doink
    Yoinky Doink 21 day ago

    Can u imagine her on a plane for 15 hours?

  • Isabelle Thiry
    Isabelle Thiry 22 days ago

    Watch up

  • Valeria Flores Gomez
    Valeria Flores Gomez 26 days ago +1

    it's a tv

  • Rolize Oosthuizen
    Rolize Oosthuizen 27 days ago +1

    you know there’s actually christians watching your videos, so it’s kinda disrespectful that you make fun of it

  • Hannah Fox
    Hannah Fox 27 days ago


  • Elise M
    Elise M 28 days ago


  • Heen
    Heen 29 days ago +2

    "you don't want to see me for 5hrs"
    Me- it's actually the opposite..

  • Stella Kim
    Stella Kim 29 days ago


  • Haleigh George
    Haleigh George 29 days ago +1

    12:41 suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling

  • Susan Richard
    Susan Richard Month ago


  • Angela Maris
    Angela Maris Month ago

    She looks pretty without glasses

  • God -
    God - Month ago +2

    Me when the teacher leans over the the desk next to mine and his/her butt is in my face: 1:13

  • God -
    God - Month ago +2

    Me literally ever single Monday morning: 0:01

  • Kaniz Sohana
    Kaniz Sohana Month ago

    Joanna-“U dont wanna see me for 5 hours”
    Me-i mean,i wouldve eagerly watched 5 hours of joana

  • Brianna Bartholomew

    I'm surprised she knows what ghetto means

  • some duck without pants

    Wait if i turn vegan, will i become a vegetable?

  • Emma Reilly
    Emma Reilly Month ago +1

    Wait is her full name Joanacampos that’s like the coolest name I have ever heard

  • Himali Patel
    Himali Patel Month ago

    The airport in Toronto is really nice I would now my flight to India looked like this:
    Montréal 🛫 🛬 Toronto 🛫 🛬 India

  • sofia mororó
    sofia mororó Month ago


  • Bridget_ blue
    Bridget_ blue Month ago

    I got an alien ad on this video


  • Paige Cheatham
    Paige Cheatham Month ago +4

    If Joseph Cedarwood doesn’t end up as the face of Aritzia, I may cry

  • Queen Lady1232
    Queen Lady1232 Month ago

    John cena how was the Area 51 rai-I mean vidcon

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up Month ago


  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark Month ago

    Why are recommending me this video RUclip?!

  • Kannna
    Kannna Month ago

    Papa Goose Voice Relive.

  • Amy Christian
    Amy Christian Month ago


  • WolfieKittzz [BBLUE]


  • L.S.I.
    L.S.I. Month ago