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Look at the young kids and fans as they cry or give other similar reactions when they meet their idols including:
● David Luiz
● Neymar Jr
● Samuel Eto'o
● Christino Ronaldo
● James Rodriguez
● Falcao


● Additional tags ●
Fans meeting their idols
Fans meeting football players
emotional moments of football players
respect Emotional Moments in Video Games football respect
Clementine is alone (The Walking Dead) Joel's daughter dies (The Last of Us) Emotional Olympic Moments That Probably Made You Grab a Tissue Derek Redmond: At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Redmond had qualified for the semifinal of the 400m with the fastest time in his heat and was therefore a hopeful for the gold. How son finish the race. Tyson Gay: The Team USA sprinter walked away empty-handed in 2012 when he finished fourth in the 100-meter final that was dominated by Usain Bolt. But the biggest heartbreak? Gay lost the medal by a hair, finishing 0.01 seconds behind. "I tried, man," Gay said at the time as tears streamed down his face. "I tried my best." Tiffany Foster: In 2008, the Canadian equestrian suffered a devastating injury when she fell off her horse and broke her back. After recovering from the difficult setback, Foster continued to fight for the gold in London 2012, however, she ended up getting disqualified from the event due to her horse's front leg being deemed hypersensitive. At the time, Foster said, "I've come back from bigger setbacks in my career, and I know I can overcome this." emotional moments of football farewell ceremonies tears Inspirational Video Players Crying Most Honest And Emotional Football Moments Best football moments emotional Football RESPECT Emotional Momentstop 10 emotional moments in football try not to cry challenge arsenal AFC Bournemouth Arsenal Burnley Chelsea Crystal Palace Everton Hull City Leicester City Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Middlesbrough Southampton Stoke City Sunderland Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur Watford West Bromwich Albion West Ham United
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Комментарии: 258

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Автор Hafiy C ( назад)
i have tears in my eyes right now.. simple acts of kindness , go sooooooooooo far !

Автор Turki Alzahrani ( назад)
Football is not just a game

Автор Lester Navarro ( назад)
number 1 was so cute

Автор Steven Sandhu ( назад)
Made me cry, the power.

Автор Kuzovaj ( назад)

Автор GalaxyGaming 15 ( назад)
whole world.. 800k views 😂😂

Автор Charles Fontanello ( назад)
Just a simple act of kindness can make the world of difference 😀🙏🏻

Автор Atbash 77 ( назад)
I shed a tear watching this. Holy shit. Faith in humanity restored!!

Автор Mori LaBelle ( назад)
i cried with the Falcao reaction so emotional

Автор InspireNewGeneration ( назад)
Even soccer player started crying.

Автор John Kelly ( назад)

Автор Raja Zeeshan ( назад)
I love ur videos.
Keep posting.

Автор MrKiwispirit ( назад)
oh Gosh

Автор iya Lya ( назад)

Автор stillmatic880 ( назад)
That's ridiculously amazing the effect that a person can have on another human being. The good that can be done with that is unimaginable

Автор Eminy Sanz ( назад)
This video is so emotional, happy and sad. It made me cry. God bless this guys for making those kids dreams come true.

Автор nooh marri ( назад)

Автор Mexicoboss 14 ( назад)
I wish I can meet my idol

Автор Anass Achraf ( назад)
that last one man......damn

Автор YoSneeze ( назад)
Falcao was like goddamn it now i'm crying

Автор Rain Drifter ( назад)
What's up with the funeral music?

Автор titansful ( назад)
so important for these professionals to realize how much of an impact they have on kids

Автор Dennis Noseworthy ( назад)
I have not needed a tissue for 60 years.I think I need one now.

Автор Jose Sanchez ( назад)
This tears me up, man. A simple act of kindness and appreciation from a sports figure to the young fan that idolizes him will forever be engraved in their soul. This is the beautiful side of human nature I almost never see.

Автор xmads45x xx ( назад)
My mother was and is my hero

Waiting for her to come back :(

Автор Duke Moose ( назад)
Need more of this in the world today.

Автор christina c ( назад)
poor little boy lost his parents, i wonder how. what an emotional day for him meeting cristiano. 💞

Автор 2Irishgurlz ( назад)
my eyes are having a puddling problem right now...

Автор 2Irishgurlz ( назад)

Автор 2Irishgurlz ( назад)

Автор businesslaw JohnJames ( назад)
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Автор S L Tan ( назад)

Автор Cherry Berry ( назад)
#1 is one of the best ones I've ever seen I cried so much I watch this over over the love in his heart I'm surprised it did not go viral this deserves around of applause

Автор Nick O'Neill ( назад)
This channel is a copy of most amazing top 10

Автор mahoganyhottness ( назад)
Omg #1 was sooooo touching😭😭 I'm bawling like a baby... I wonder what that little boy said... his reaction was intense when he kissed his hand I totally lost it!!! Thanx for sharing

Автор Leroy O Neill ( назад)
This shit wrecks me. lol The wee man at the end was in bits and i would love to know what he said to Falco. Id be the same if i met Henrik Larsson now and im 40 years old. lol

Автор Dulom Dampu ( назад)
OMG I like to get emotional it seems

Автор Roronoa Zoro ( назад)
fuuuuck that last one has me crying and the music made it 10x sadder

Автор york ryan ( назад)
great video and i dont even follow soccer

Автор Tim Ockeloen ( назад)
money can.t buy any of That pureness of That last kid imagine if they can have a wife like That if u now what i mean.

Автор Miss Amazon ( назад)
I cried after the first one and it all went down hill from there!!

Автор daniel nolte ( назад)
Ronaldo is class...

Автор Marcos Peitao ( назад)
muito massa emocoes amilllllllllll

Автор myanitabonita ( назад)
Why the creepy music?

Автор Noel Molina ( назад)
Amazing video...

Автор Muhammad Zukri Karim ( назад)
deng... david liuz ?

Автор voyie brister ( назад)
I Love So Much To See Children When They Are So Happy....That last one, he touched his hero so deeply...so Beautiful...

Автор Maryam Anwar ( назад)
my cousin is crying so bad cus the vid made him :(

Автор jikook 2jae ( назад)
(mom I told you don't cut the onions in here 😥😥😥)

Автор laldinsanga fanai ( назад)
i cried the whole time..

Автор afeeq areesya ( назад)
beautiful video...damn...whose cutting the onions...

Автор Pete Zereeah ( назад)
I had to stop a minute when the soccer players bounced up that little kid. I will never cut onions again watching this.

Автор RUXCKLENEITOR ( назад)
Pure heart.
No hate.

Автор Jody Grimmett ( назад)
What's wrong with us people? Watch this and then ask yourself, why do we hate? We didn't start out that way.

Автор Elly & Maury ( назад)
I found myself in the same situation when I met my handball idol Goce Georgievski (Handball player in the Macedonian Representation Team, also player in the club Metalurg) 😭❤❤❤😭😊😊😊
Im his bigesst fan he knows me and respects me he gave me his jersey we drank some coffie and we were chating together after his training i also have his autogram... I miss him so much he left Metalurg and he went in the club Tolouse to play in France he moved in Tolouse with his wife and I want to see him again and hug him soo tight untill my tears start falling I hope he still remembers me :') I LOVE YOU GOCE GEORGIEVSKI #22 😢❤❤

Автор Rhen Fernandez ( назад)
nice video dude

Автор stng100gmailcom ( назад)
music should be happier not like someone is going to die

Автор TheCourlourfulLion ( назад)
u spelt cristiano Ronaldo wong

Автор Dimas Dimdim ( назад)
Falcao little fan .. touching moment

Автор J Jplayz ( назад)
Either This Was Copied Or Someone Else Copied It

Автор Carlos Jw ( назад)
que triste, feo para mi como Argentino que no aparezca ninguno de mis compatriotas. sé que han saludado pero tan tibios son sus saludos que no aparecen acá. muy buen video. ya son millonarios, nadie les va a pedir plata, pero saluden, abracen, regalen su camiseta. no sean ratones con el cariño.

Автор M Cutrone ( назад)
This is so, so sweet

Автор Robby Rotten ( назад)
the best in life is to make someone happy and to see his/her smile!

Автор Gurubilli Sateesh ( назад)
amazing video

Автор Korakaris ( назад)

Автор spartanator117 ( назад)
jesus christ that last one was unbelievably emotional

Автор lamont rolle ( назад)
#1 makes you just wanna be a better person can't understand how ppl hurt or neglect kids

Автор FlyingTurtle263 ( назад)
Yo this really melted my heart ❤️😭😁

1:37s Pfff... It's Just A kid! Why the security's guy !?

Автор Tom Sizemore ( назад)
The American NBA players beat the shit out of their fans.

Автор ninosimone x ( назад)
that last one brought me to tears im not going to lie

Автор Jasmine Brumfield ( назад)
OMG! That last one had me crying like a baby... So sweet and heartfelt😭

Автор Onky Luna ( назад)
All those hero's had hero's to when they were young and before famous.
Be there and that will be enuf

Автор Rolf Nazareth ( назад)
the guy that cried for falcao i will react that way if ever god knows i see Cristiano Ronaldo

Автор formattester6 ( назад)
that was one of the weirdest music tracks I've heard on youtube to play with a video like this but it worked great!

Автор Ray Harkins ( назад)
very moving

Автор svend kjærbye ( назад)
Why the sad music ??

Автор Dommeldal Videos ( назад)
OMg thats so cute

Автор Manuel Alcantar ( назад)
I'm not crying my eyes are sweating

Автор Muhim Mandeq ( назад)
the last one made me cry like 3yrd old kid 😓😓😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Автор Seebo Seebo ( назад)
great ... emotional ... thanks ... great love ... touching ♥♥♥♥♥

Автор POKER ANARCHY ( назад)
terrible music

Автор Some random guy ( назад)
Ronaldo is such a legend

Автор Sick of these thots ( назад)
Isnt the last a mexican goal keeper???

Автор MeinOhrenkino.de ( назад)
Great Music. What is it? Can you tell me the title, please?

Автор irishblood ( назад)
Falcao one destroyed mem

Автор LmfaoYou ( назад)
#3 and #1 made me cry. But why no Messi though?

Автор Sa3.6 Sa ( назад)
OMG number 1 it's sooo 😢😢😢

Автор هاشم الكباوي ( назад)

Автор N. Ali ( назад)
dammit i told myself i wouldnt cry. the last one got me

Автор kim mcgrady ( назад)
good video
..made me cry so much

Автор الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟ ( назад)
like only for falcao part and james .

Автор Lorena Arosteguy ( назад)
No christino Ronaldo 😂😂 it's Cristiano Ronaldo * 😂😂

Автор Maisa Mendez ( назад)
This video made me cry.😢😢it takes so little to make a child happy.i see my grandbabys face when she sees me coming home from work how excited and happy she gets when she sees me her tiny eyes glow and her smile is as big as u can imagin.i get my welcome home everyday and without bringing a toy.its just pure love.😘😙🍼🍼🍼

Автор Mike Dara ( назад)
Who are the 67 that would dare give this a thumbs down when these athletes take time out to make a child happy or possibly change their life!

Автор Nida Suhail ( назад)
Don't know bout the others but no.3 did make me cry.

Автор Dee Skye ( назад)
falcao ... OMG 😢

Автор Asanda Zameka ( назад)
Wow... Speechless. Thanks

Автор bakar billionaire ( назад)
the last boy is me meeting ozil😢😢😢😢

Автор Martinos Evangelou ( назад)
whats the intro remix?!

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