Beginners Guide To SHARKBITE Fittings (Watch till end BEFORE Buying!) | GOT2LEARN

  • Published on Mar 4, 2020
  • There's a LOT of videos that talk about Sharkbite fittings on RUclip, but not from A to Z and in this video, i'll cover everything you need to know from PRICE, to where you can USE these, to all the PROS and CONS.

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    6 tricks to remove a Sharkbite fitting:
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    Start - 0:00
    How a Sharkbite fitting works - 2:00
    On which pipe can they be installed on - 4:22
    How to properly install one - 5:12
    How to remove one - 9:35
    Pros and cons - 9:54
    My opinion on them - 13:34

    DISCLAIMER: Got2Learn is NOT responsible for any damage done to a property of which the plumbing wasn't done by a professional, I do not recommend doing your own plumbing if you are unsure about what you are doing, always hire a LICENSED contractor when doing any type of plumbing so you can be covered by insurances if something does happen, these videos are for entertainment purposes only!

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  • phil wood
    phil wood Year ago +25

    I have had to replace sharkbite couplings that were used underground on a water service. The pipe would sink after several years and pull the sharkbite coupling in to, meaning break in half. I never had any problem with them inside. Use flo-control couplings if needed for outside.

    • Aran
      Aran Month ago +2

      These fittings are never meant to be used underground. They are solely used for easy to access areas like under sink connections.

    • debra van orden
      debra van orden 2 months ago +3

      I'm ready to try thanks

  • Splendor Neko2
    Splendor Neko2 Year ago +177

    That was a great video to watch-actually enjoyable. Professional, clean, concise, coherent, no filler, no bias, and your experienced opinion was saved for last and stated as your preference. This is how videos, especially trade videos, should be done. Thank you for a great video and all the work you put into it.

    • Jim Daniels
      Jim Daniels 4 months ago +2

      Yes, terrific video, and everything you said, appreciated the opinion at the end only AFTER explaining the technology. I agree with his take, that copper sweat connections are proven to last essentially forever, while the push-to-connect doesn't yet have a track record that long.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  10 months ago +3


    • Cam
      Cam 10 months ago +8

      You said it. Not only are his videos good instruction for people who want to learn plumbing, they should be used as how-to videos for everybody else doing how-to videos on the internet.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago +4

      Thank you so much!!

  • peter sebanc
    peter sebanc Year ago +5

    great videos as always. One caution I have not seen though, is to avoid using them on tinned joints ( in reno work the old valve is quite often heated and removed, and a quick temporary cap is often a sharkbite fitting. Be cautious: the teeth do not grab well on the hardened tin surface (don't ask me how I know). Equal caution if you replace with a sharkbite valve

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      Great point, thank you for adding this in Peter!!

  • Frangie W
    Frangie W Year ago +20

    That was a great presentation ....I have heard of those plumping fittings by shark, but never knew much about him until now, you did an Outstanding job explaining it.
    Especially the cross-sectional view that was real impressive....Frankie-Massachusetts

  • Manuel Hoskins
    Manuel Hoskins 10 months ago +22

    Excellent explanation. I especially like the fact that you showed how these fittings work (and the cutaways are a great help.) Now I know specifically what conditions of the cut end could lead to a leaky connection. Lots of valuable info. Also appreciated the quality video, closeups, good sound, etc. Well done! Thanks.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  10 months ago +1

      Thank you soooo much Manuel! 😇😇😇

  • Zemba Craftworks
    Zemba Craftworks Year ago +45

    This is a great video. At first I thought "surely it doesn't need to be 15 minutes" but you really did a fantastic & thorough job covering everything you could possibly want to know about using one of these fittings. I always gotta drop a comment on videos with this much effort put in. Keep it up!

  • fideau one
    fideau one Year ago +146

    When I noticed that my plumber used these to fix a leak, and charged me $250 and took only 15-20 minutes I started looking for them. Since then I have fixed several more and replaced a lot of old copper pipe with Pex and saved thousands. The oldest ones are holding up for near 20 years now.

    • Jason Zackey
      Jason Zackey 2 months ago

      @armandhammer i do that also

    • crapmaster5000
      crapmaster5000 2 months ago +1

      @Max Condra yea we can't use SharkBite's in anything above 2 stories here in Nyc

    • Nina Nina Nina
      Nina Nina Nina 3 months ago

      It may take little time but they are kinda expensive so it makes sense it was $$$

    • Max Condra
      Max Condra 4 months ago +1

      As a plumber we normally have a two hour minimum due to our high insurance and licensing costs our minimum is $260 for residential. I've used these fittings when i had to in emergencies but they are not code for in wall plumbing in MN. Also they cost about 5 times more that normal fittings so learn to solder and if you have cpvc in your house sell it that stuff is trash

    • Oh No
      Oh No 5 months ago +2

      A major plumbing company wanted charge me $689 to fix an easy to burst pipe. I showed him the door. I checked with my neighbors and found a nice hispanic man who works plumbing on new construction. He fixed it for $80. I'm retired and on a fixed income so this avenue was worth the risk.

  • Atanacio Luna
    Atanacio Luna Year ago +16

    What a terrific, clear, concise, and honest report and instructions. Thank you so much, I will start using these, since I did not trust them before, but did not know why. Excellent work.

  • Wayne-O
    Wayne-O 5 months ago +1

    Great demonstrations. Nice to have the grey tipped one's work in converting/repairing PB pipe or just converting to wirsbo. FIP & MIP adapters are handy as well. Having the pipe spin has helped with alignment countless times but if they had one that didn't spin it would be helpful in certain situations too. On to your evoPEX vid..

  • Walter's Playground
    Walter's Playground Year ago +2

    I love your attention to detail. I'm in HVAC and follow all the proper cleaning and preparations of copper tubing/piping. Sad to say I've seen many guys lack this attention to detail.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      Thank you very much, yes unfortunately, some amatures lack the prepping :(

  • Jim Herchak
    Jim Herchak Year ago +11

    Great video! Detailed and clearly explained (especially the cut-a-ways), and you separated opinion from fact, which is something every instructional video should do.

  • dogwink
    dogwink 5 months ago +6

    My personal guideline is to use SharkBite for exposed/accessible plumbing and to use traditional soldering for hidden plumbing. Saves a lot time and is less messy for the quick weekend project. Fittings are on semi-flexible hoses (vibrate a bit) to softener going 6 years and not a drop of leak yet. Just make sure to deburr and lubricate the fitting O-rings.

  • Bob Newcomer
    Bob Newcomer Year ago +1

    Excellent video! I’ve used Sharkbite fittings as a DIYer for about 10 years now and have been very happy with the ease of use and reliability. Although I never fully understood how they worked, your video and explanation showing the tear down actually increases my confidence for their long term viability. Subscribing to your channel for more good tips. Thanks!

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      Awesome, thank you so muchhh!!!

  • Cayman West
    Cayman West Year ago +1

    Excellent unbiased review. I wish others could follow your presentation model. Well done and quite informative. The importance of deburring and Oring lubrication are two great takeaways. Thanks!

  • missiletm
    missiletm 5 months ago +1

    They are great for quick fixes on our vacation home in the desert. The home has polybutylene pipe and shaekbite also makes fittings to adapt from that to copper/pvc/pex. I’ve replaced all the connections to the faucets using these with zero problems. Planning on tearing out the polybutylene and doing a pex repipe in the near future.

  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid Year ago +1

    Great Video, used these type of fittings years ago on super yachts with no reliability problems, I loved the inter connectivity with different types of pipes of the same diameter also the ability to disassemble preserving the pipe ... Personally I like them in cavities with access. I agree in not burying them except in low pressure irrigation.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      You are most welcome, please share if you can, it helps the channel tremendously ✌✌

  • LordPadriac
    LordPadriac Year ago +23

    I had to use these when my wife and I bought a three family home and we had to gut the second and third floors because of their condition. Being a 110 year old, balloon framed house there were walls we just couldn't move. Unfortunately some of the walls had been put in in such a way that there was less than 1/2" of space between the place where I would have needed to put a torch for a solder connection and the 110 year old dry wood studs. Perhaps a professional plumber would have thought nothing of bringing a torch in anyway and perhaps he would have thought that because it wouldn't have been his house that burned down if he was wrong. At any rate I wasn't comfortable bringing a torch in there. I've now had sharkbites in the wall there and in the bathroom for 12 years without a single leak. And yes I know for a fact that they haven't leaked because I make annual inspections of anywhere there might be a leak. If you take the time to properly prepare the pipe by cutting it square, properly deburring the inside AND outside of the pipe and then insert it fully into the connector there's no reason you should have any problem.

    • Serpentine Fire
      Serpentine Fire Month ago +1

      There are literally a hundred ways to solder in tight spaces.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago +7

      Always good to hear real life feedback, thanks!!

  • RC Colorado
    RC Colorado 7 months ago +2

    This just saved me a small fortune when working on my backflow system from my sprinklers. 100x easier for me to just cut the pipe, installed and thread in my ball valve, and then connect the pipe again with the Sharkbite. For $8 I just saved myself a $150 plumber visit - thank you!

  • Michael Proctor
    Michael Proctor 11 months ago +6

    Love the cut-away and burr turbulence demo! No need for mystery on how these work. Knowing what's inside and showing some of the common ways they can fail helps make better decisions on where/when to use these over another product type, thanks for a great video.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  11 months ago

      Thank you very much Michael, I really appreciate it and I am glad I was able to clarify some stuff, have a great day!

  • copperheadharley
    copperheadharley 6 months ago +1

    Great information. Thank you. Car drove into my concrete house foundation two weeks ago and needed to move my copper piping fast. Used the Sharkbite brass push fittings with Pex tubing. Not a single leak because of this awesome video. When I sweat copper back in, I think I am going to tie-in the runs with these due to some really tight areas. Fast and easy, but not cheap.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  6 months ago

      Wowww, nice to hear you were able to get that fixed in a snap, happy to help out 😇

  • JohnGrit JohnGrit
    JohnGrit JohnGrit 7 months ago +59

    Installed my Sharks about 5 years ago for hot water tank. Did not know what I was doing and just stuck them on. They are still working great.

    • JohnGrit JohnGrit
      JohnGrit JohnGrit 8 days ago +1

      @Tony Wheeler Georgia, USA

    • JohnGrit JohnGrit
      JohnGrit JohnGrit 12 days ago

      @Edgar Vera Googled Va lp and I still do not know what it means?

    • Edgar Vera
      Edgar Vera 12 days ago

      Va Ip

    • Cris n Mary Fam
      Cris n Mary Fam 6 months ago +8

      you were probably shown to clean the ends of your pipe up somewhere along the line and make a clean cut. Thats really the only trick. Making sure its seated, and not going to kill itself upon install

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  7 months ago +1


  • David Williams
    David Williams Year ago +2

    Thanks your video covered everything I needed before I started. Most importantly the minor details that could cause issues later if not done. I bought the disconnect tools and deburring tool, then completed my small project using shark bites, cpvc and copper. I'm very confident that I will not have leaks later because I listened to your very helpful video. Thanks again #noleaks

  • Winter Coder
    Winter Coder Year ago +11

    Eight years ago, heating went out for a couple vacation homes where I live.
    The house fitted with copper had destroyed connections throughout the hose. Serious water damage.
    The house fitted with Sharkbite fittings had some 'stretched' pex, but NO leaks... NO failed Sharkbite fittings.
    After seeing those results, when I remodeled my house, adding 1 1/2 bathrooms, a sauna and extra tubs in the basement, I used Sharkbite throughout. Extremely easy... and I took my time to make sure EVERY pipe was properly squared, properly cleaned before insertion. I may never sweat copper again.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      Niceeee, thanks for your input :)

  • Mando 777
    Mando 777 Month ago +1

    Fantastic video! I used PEX to run from my water main to my garage so that I could install a Big Blue water filter. Outside would leave the Big Blue to the elements and the gardeners potential damage. Now I am considering running PEX to the bathrooms with manifolds for both hot and cold. The only reason for this is to avoid cracked PVC and to make replacing the shower valves easier. One way or another, your video is extremely informative and I can tell that you are very experienced.... Bob

  • sbdivemaster
    sbdivemaster 6 months ago +29

    This video is excellent. Clear speaking, quality images, no wasted time. Never checked the time the whole video. Thanks!

  • Dennis Miller
    Dennis Miller Month ago +1

    Great video, excellent explanation, analysis and commentary. I'm actually going to use a different brand than Sharkbite, but I'm sure the info in this video still applies. Thanks so much.

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith Year ago +3

    Very well done and instructional. Time will always be the “Ruler” to measure any new method. Since the copper pipe is looking at 30 Years of measured life time in a closed wall the Push Fitting connectors are very close as of 2020. I guess if we can reduce the amount of chemicals we have put into water by cleaning up the rivers might be a great first step.

  • Roc Treese
    Roc Treese Year ago +2

    You, sir, have done a most excellent job at describing this. Your training techniques are incredible. Great job!

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      Wowwww, thank you sooooo much Roc 😇😇😇🤘

  • carlos perez
    carlos perez 8 months ago +8

    Another pro you missed is the safety feature when working around wood or sheetrock. Holding a blowtorch around those materials could be problematic.

  • Mick Jager
    Mick Jager Year ago +3

    My favorite is barbed fittings with pex. Lower cost, almost as easy to install, pretty easy to take apart and reuse, no o-rings to worry about. haven't tried the plastic barbed fitting, but would like to because I have well water, it's slightly acidic and so leaches metal out of metal fittings. That way with pex and plastic fitting there's be no metal in contact with the water.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago +1

      Video on that here:

    • Dan Curtis
      Dan Curtis Year ago +1

      Use UPONER WIRSBO AQUA-PEX (A-PEX). It goes where copper fears to tread. Stretches if it freezes and goes back to original size when it thaws.

  • Marty Epperly
    Marty Epperly 11 months ago +1

    Thanks for the video. I'm getting ready to replace a water heater in a crawl space with limited space. I have to redo some of the piping to accommodate a larger water heater, so I need the flexibility of pex vs copper. You've put my mind at ease about transitioning from copper to pex.

  • Joe Kennedy
    Joe Kennedy Year ago +3

    I loved this video, particularly the explanation of how they work and how the copper pipe needs to be cleaned first. I have a small job and I wouldn't have installed it properly without this video.

  • Mikecup
    Mikecup Year ago +1

    Thank you for the time you put into this very informative video. I’m installing a water softener for the first time, I’m very nervous about cutting into my cpvc main water line, but these fittings should make things easier, question, is any preparation needed on plastic pipe before using these fittings?

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      No prep needed, just make sure it's clean and intact and you're good to go!

  • R H
    R H Year ago +18

    I have used a ton of these things from installing water fountains, to spigots, and many other applications. Fast, easy, but not cheap. Still worth it when you can't have open flame on a job. They work great!

  • Kenneth Rector
    Kenneth Rector 6 months ago +1

    This is an excellent video. I am a professional plumber and I have one major caveat on installing these type of fittings: Only install these fittings in an accessible area. Do not install behind walls or underground. The main reason is because these type of fittings do not have the strength or longevity of threaded, soldered, or other durable types of fittings.

  • Racin' Jason
    Racin' Jason Year ago +2

    Awesome video! Great info! I have a house that was built in 1969. If there were sharkbites installed behind the walls, I'd be nervous. I'm not nervous about the soldered or compression connections.

  • Mo Poppins
    Mo Poppins 23 days ago +1

    You are SUCH an excellent educator, and I appreciate all the work you put into producing these videos. 👏 Your provide use examples for each case, purchasing & prepping all the materials, and you are SO THOROUGH! Thank you! 🙏

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  22 days ago +1


  • Odie Marilla
    Odie Marilla 3 months ago +1

    this tutorial and info will never get old it will be relevant for a long time. I have learned alot today in this short time than I would have to sit in a class room full of experts. lol. thanks man for the knowledge you have past on to me and I will for sure pass it on the new generation to come and to who ever want or need an advise. I'm a handy man jack of all trade as they call it but never too old to learn, can teach old dog new tricks. thanks you and peace.

  • krishields2
    krishields2 Year ago +9

    They do / can leak if there is too much sideways force applied at the connection - that is, if you flex one of the pipes too far. Such as can occur with PEX connections. You just have to make sure you're pipes are coming into the fitting straight. Also, try not to rotate the fitting too much as the teeth will cut a groove into the PEX weakening it....

    • Detector Collector
      Detector Collector Year ago

      Why would there be sideways force on a plumbing connection? Shitty work much?

  • Paul C
    Paul C Year ago +1

    Very nice video and you explained everything so clearly that an amateur like myself can understand how sharkbites work. Thank you!

  • TwinShards
    TwinShards 10 months ago +6

    What i very like about the Sharkbite is the plug
    In the event of a pipe failing dramatically you could rush quickly get your cutting tool and press fit it on the pipe... Then call a plumber :)
    Even if you didn't deburr a copper pipe, better a small leak from the plug you just put than a water fountain storming in your house.

    • Dru Lessman
      Dru Lessman 10 months ago +1

      They are very convenient for remodels stub outs before paint before you put the supply valves on .. ez and fast

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  10 months ago


  • Tony Neville
    Tony Neville 5 months ago +1

    Appreciate your time that you took to make this video explaining Shark Bite Fittings.
    I’m going to be helping a friend change out a under the sink water filtration system that has Shark Bite Fittings and the Removal Tools and Depth gauges that make working easier. Thank you!

  • Kennith
    Kennith Year ago +3

    Thank you, found your videos helpful to remove the fears I had about these fittings and tackling simple faucet shutoff valve swap out. Measuring the depth saved me.

  • Mike Lewis SELA
    Mike Lewis SELA 7 months ago +1

    I used these to replace my gas water heater. Connected them to copper piping as I didn't feel comfortable soldering. They worked fantastically. And they are accessible and in my garage, so if they fail it wont be a huge deal. Next I am going to try the shark bite washer and dryer dampeners as my washing machine causes banging pipes. I found out about these on one of your other videos. Thanks!

  • Tim
    Tim Year ago +1

    Great video, thank you. I'm getting ready to use a couple SharkBite fittings and PEX to replace a leaking galvanized fitting. This is my first time using these fittings, and your video was extremely helpful.

  • Jordan Bryson
    Jordan Bryson Year ago +1

    Thank you. Sooo thorough and informative. As a professional Handyman, I appreciate this greatly. And well scripted for clarity and brevity.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      You are very welcome Jordan!!

  • Cris T
    Cris T Year ago +2

    The hardware store convinced us to go with the Canadian version of shark bite fittings. I ended up returning them all. The first fitting I tried to use was on a horizontal run and it wouldn’t take the PEX pipe. The white nylon pipe stiffener (ferrule?) refused to stay horizontal, it kept drooping down preventing the pipe from going further into the fitting. The original shark bite fittings have a slight bevel on the outside edge of the nylon ferrule, allowing the end of the pipe to slide around it. The ferrules in these knock-offs were pretty much square cut

  • Allan Qurashi
    Allan Qurashi Year ago +1

    Nice informative video thanks. In the UK we have the JG Speedfit, which is very similar, as you noted. I had to install a mixture of copper along the joists and plastic across the joists in my house because only holes are allowed, cutting a recess on the edge of the joist isn't allowed. A bit of a pain adding wiring alonside for electrical grounding continuity, but he-ho! For 25 years I've worried about the longevity of this system because the seals presumably move when the washing machine solenoid valve slams shut, causing the banging noise in the pipework (even with a damper bulb fitted) so fretting could be a problem, noting these were the original Speedfit type which didn't have a threaded locking device. Speedfit claim their fittings are 'demountable'...interestingly they don't say reusable, but you're saying this is a sharkbite claim......Woah...maybe if used on plastic pipe then yes, but certainly not when used on copper. I've found the pipe end that sits on the wet side of the seal grows green verdigree, which made removal (10 years later) very difficult, and when you succeed in pulling it apart the verdigree scores the seal. As a retired aircraft maintenance engineer, it's day 1 apprentice training; NEVER re-use a seal, so based on that, plus my own DIY plumbing experience, I would treat these as single use only fittings. The other puzzler for me is as you say at 8.17...the pipe surface must be smooth....yet here we have a system based on teeth biting the pipe for as you insert the pipe into the fitting, the section which has to contact the seal, has been run past a ring of teeth causing axial scores. It goes against logic, but I have to say, in 25 years with all these potential problems....I've never yet had one leak. Fingers crossed! Stay safe everyone.

  • stevem268
    stevem268 Year ago +2

    great video, learned some new stuff!! we have a travel trailer that is all pex and some sharkbite fittings(probably retrofit as the rv is 15 yrs old) all the plumbing in the rv is accessible so as repairs are needed, i've been using sharkbites

  • humer101
    humer101 Year ago +1

    I'm using this product for the last 18 years, I believe, and I have never had any problems, so I do it differently than everybody else.
    I always clean and mark the pipe to ensure that the fitting insert correctly.
    Anyway, I use a heating system that reaches 180 degrees and never had any calls back.
    I'm a master plumber in my state and I always use only in an emergency situation only, not on a simple regular repair or vice-versa.
    The best homeowner repair fitting ever made.

  • AKNurseNancy
    AKNurseNancy Year ago +1

    Thank you for this great video. I am completely inexperienced with complex plumbing issues. I had a hose bib leak and I wanted to see if I could fix it myself before I called a professional. I am going to give it a shot after watching your video. Thank you very much. (PS..65 y/o lady here, learning new stuff every day!

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      Awesome, hope your project turns out well :)

  • Kirk Niese
    Kirk Niese Year ago +3

    That was amazingly helpful! I have a 200 year old house and have been patching leaking pipes with copper and solder for years....and I can't believe I'm just considering Sharkbite fittings now. Thank you very very much for your help. This was fantastic!

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      My pleasuee Kirk, have a great day :)

  • Dan Kijanka
    Dan Kijanka 17 days ago

    Love this product because there is no need to be an experienced plumber to use them.I have several in place in my house and so far no problems.This video is excellent as it clearly explains the right and wrong way to use "Sharkbite " push fittings.I learned a lot from the video and will apply that knowledge in any future applications.Thanks very much.

  • Glen Kelley
    Glen Kelley Year ago +10

    Shark Bites are VERY expensive when compared to normal PEX fittings, but do not require the investment into special pex-only crimpers and etc. IMHO, PEX is the way to go if you are doing more than a very simple repair with just a fitting or two.

  • Linsay Culver
    Linsay Culver 6 months ago +1

    Thanks so much for this video. My bathtub plumbing does not have shut off valves, but is accessible through a wall panel. I was weighing all my options for installing a shut off and after watching your video I am going to use the sharkbite system. This video was extremely informative and thorough.

  • Richard D
    Richard D 7 months ago +1

    Great video and still very timely. Great instructor. Now just about any DIY can do it based on this excellent video.

  • G-Dub
    G-Dub 5 months ago +6

    As an electrician who hates dealing with water and solder, I’ll go with these types of fittings any day of the week. However, I appreciate your content, I did learn something, and the info was concise and easy to understand. Great quality.

    • Alamyst2011
      Alamyst2011 4 months ago

      @G-Dub fair enough

    • G-Dub
      G-Dub 4 months ago

      @Alamyst2011 I mean in my DIY situations. I tried it once....never again!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Alamyst2011
      Alamyst2011 5 months ago +1

      Why would you even be doing plumbing? Hire a plumber, add 10% to his price and charge the buyer.

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  5 months ago +1


  • CerealKiller
    CerealKiller Year ago +1

    As a time served H&V Pipefitter/Welder I can take on just about any joint. I evolved into a maintenance engineer years ago and use 'push fit' fittings regularly. I use a brand called Techtite, they are made of copper, and are very small, a little bigger than the Yorkshire fittings ( the ones with solder built in to the joint, you just clean the pipe/fitting and melt the solder ) which are the fittings I use when soldering a joint.

    As you state, the push fittings can be used when there is water present, a tip is, I keep pushfit valves in my box, in an emergency when I'm on call, I can cut a pipe that has had a catastrophic failure, push on a valve, close the valve and immediately stop the leak. I can now come back the next day and sort out a permanent repair at my leisure.

    Also, another major plus for me, I don't need a 'Hot Works Permit' because I'm not having to use a flame, a massive bonus when the work is in an awkward place.

    This is a good video explaining the story of pushfits 👍

  • lechatbotte
    lechatbotte Year ago +3

    The building industry is using them more and more and have gone to larger pipe and fittings. Change always meets with resistance. Twenty years isn’t bad sometimes metal pipe doesn’t last that long. Replacing fittings is cheaper than replacing copper pipe. You can do longer runs with fewer fittings which saves money too.

  • rod928s4
    rod928s4 7 months ago +1

    EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a synthetic rubber that has been used for decades in automotive serpentine drive belts with great success and reliability. Considering the horrendous environments and stresses the belts are exposed to, I have no concerns about the o-rings in the fittings lasting a LONG time. Mechanical damage to the seal from incorrect pipe preparation, however, may mean that behind-the-wall installation could be problematic...

  • carlos perez
    carlos perez 8 months ago +1

    Another (somewhat) con is that they are movable. I installed an outdoor spigot with a shark bite. Not a big deal as long as you secure the pipe between the spigot and the shark bite.

  • My Life Thai
    My Life Thai Year ago +1

    I love Sharkbite fittings. We used them to install my new electric water heater in a carpeted room 14 years ago and have never had any issues.

  • Appliance Fault
    Appliance Fault 5 months ago +1

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      @L Brenner I am with you.SharkBites I would only use temporarily in an emergency situation.I used half inch ball valves with compression fittings to replace the shower valve in my bathroom because the wall behind the shower valve happens to be in a closet (a towel closet is what I believe it is called.) and the space is very tight.Compression fittings unlike soldering and press fittings allow for what ever is attached to be removed and replaced if and when the need arises because replacement brass compression rings are available.

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      Thanks you so much Joe, I really appreciate your comment, please share if you can :)))

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    Sharkbites have worked well for repairs. Video should say pull back hard to ensure fit. I have learned not to reuse them on copper. Pulling back hard will sometimes surprise you. Because Sharkbite fittings - especially $20 flexible couplings - are expensive it is tempting to reuse them. Don't.

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      Good one, thanks RS, really appreciate the input!

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      @Jeremy Marsh You are absolutely correct. Our house is 70 years old and not one fitting failure. I have Sharkbites and I like them but can you imagine a 70 year old house with 40 Sharkbite fittings in walls and ceilings? I wouldn't buy that structure as it would likely require $10K of upgrades, perhaps more.

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    Remove an old valve/fitting from an old copper line by using a torch due to limited length of pipe. The stub will be tinned/dirty and will need to be cleaned with mesh paper. This will wear the copper since it is sanded down. What do you recommend in this situation? I'm thinking, solder a straight coupling with a new copper nipple and install the SB fittings.

    What do you think?

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  5 months ago


    • Etc Tex
      Etc Tex 5 months ago +1

      @Got2Learn Plan A: solder the whole thing.
      B: Pex with clamps.
      C: Sharkbites.

      Just want to have all my bases covered!!!

    • Got2Learn
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      Thankssss!!! At that point you matters well just solder the whole thing, or, cut a little further behind if you can..

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      If it's rough from cutting you must "deburr" the edge of the pipe using the deburring tool I showed (link in description box) and if the pipe needs to be cleaned a bit, just use an abrasive pads, like the ones for doing the dishes, cheers ;)

  • Juan Ce
    Juan Ce Year ago +7

    When you install a sharkbite fitting in an awkward position, the plastic insert may not be aligned, and you may push the pipe damaging the insert and make the fitting unusable. Pushing the pipe is harder in those difficult corners. What I have done is to put plumber's grease inside the sharkbite fittings to prevent the insert from moving and also put some at the end of the pipe for an effortless push. On top of that, it will extend the life of the "o" ring inside.

    • Juan Ce
      Juan Ce Year ago

      @Got2Learn Silicone lubricant should be fine. My local HomeDepot offers plumber's grease from two different vendors, and they run for close to 2 and 3 dollars, although different stores may have different suppliers.

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    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  Year ago

      I'd have to inform myself as Vaseline is Petroleum based and might damage the o-ring in time, I am thinking a silicone lubricant would maybe be more appropriate?

    • Culbyj
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    I have used standard sharkbites on poly pipe without issues for 12 years. Thanks.

    • Tony Crisci
      Tony Crisci Year ago +1

      @Got2Learn Ok. Thanks. I do one thing wrong. I polish the end of copper with fine emery cloth then fine scotch brite. I'm too anal not to.

    • Got2Learn
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      Yes, I show it in this video right here:

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    • benmughal
      benmughal 9 months ago +4

      @Wendy Lacy no. That is not a high pressure situation. High pressure for sharkbite would be a hydraulic line on a CAT9D.

    • Wendy Lacy
      Wendy Lacy Year ago +3

      Does high pressure include a bathroom 3/4" cooper going up from a 3/4×1/2" shark bite el to a 2nd flr. 1/2" cop. Into a Diverter valve.

    • digimaks
      digimaks Year ago

      Technically you suppose to run PEX pipe without any unions until the fixture. So unlike copper you can bend pipe around in directions you need, avoiding need for corners and unions. In places where sharkbite connection is necessary, technically you can make a concealed hatch, like electric junction box . Easy!

  • These Truths
    These Truths 9 months ago +1

    I like them because in natural hard water well areas they allow almost all piping to be PEX which doesn't react to the dissolved minerals in the water and they also have some degree of freeze-burst protection because PEX can swell and return to normal size.

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    Very well-done video. I was going to try these to replace a saddle valve in a 3/4 inch copper line in my basement that goes to the refrigerator. However, there is very little to no give in the pipes down there, so I am afraid that after cutting I will not be able to separate the ends enough to get them into the fitting. Any suggestions?

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  2 months ago

      Yes, you need to bridge the ground for it to keep working 💪

    • Martin Scanlon
      Martin Scanlon 2 months ago +1

      @Got2Learn Thanks, that looks like it would work. I discovered that Sharkbite make a kit for exactly my need (I think it is called ice maker kit or something) but it seems only to be in 1/2 inch, while I need 3/4 inch. Also, I saw someone jumping across the Sharkbite with copper wire to maintain grounding, is this required (I am in Canada)?
      As this gets more and more complicated, I must say I am leaning towards just continuing to use the saddle valve connection- it has been fine for 20 years, and looks OK!

    • Got2Learn
      Got2Learn  2 months ago

      Yes, you'll most likely need a "slip coupling", watch this video here and I mentioned how it's used:

  • Xrayaries
    Xrayaries Year ago +6

    Shark bite actually included instruction to remove the stiffener. Unfortunately people failed to follow the instructions just ripping them out. The instruction were to use the release tool and then remove them. I still remove the stiffener properly.