Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016)

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  • The best plays in recent United States sports history from 2010 through June of 2016. Enjoy these clutch, memorable, heartbreaking, inspiring, and unbelievable moments in full 1080p 60fps HD! These athletes truly make American sports amazing...PLEASE READ BELOW!


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    Mayweather vs McGregor Promo Trailer | "Fight of the Century":

    College Football Week 1 Pump Up 2017-18:

    NFL Pump Up Trailer 2017-18 | Cinematic Highlights 2016:

    -Sorry if I missed a pivotal moment or your favorite team or sport, cuts had to be made to keep video at a reasonable length.
    -Yes, the second play is Toronto, not USA. The video originally included Canada and I forgot to edit it out.
    -Yes, there should be more soccer and hockey (check my 2016 Sports Highlight linked below for more balance)

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    Edited By Dylan Stradley 2016
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  • WTD Productions
    WTD Productions  Год назад +135


    This is an 18 minute video, of course I can't get EVERYONE'S favorite team or play. Toronto was mistakenly left in there, I originally made the video to include Canada, and I forgot to take it out. Other mistakes have already been addressed in the description. Enjoy it for what it is, not what it isn't. Sorry it's mostly football/basketball, it is what I know best. Best viewed with headphones on. Thank you for understanding. My 2016 sports highlight video is much more balanced.

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  • Casey Winkler
    Casey Winkler День назад

    As a carolina fan who lives in chapel hill it was the most devastating thing to see 2 buzzer beaters almost back to back. That was probably the 2 worst buzzer beaters afainst us

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon День назад

    Yo the only problem is that it says USA but the first clip is in Toronto

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  День назад

      +Nicholas Leon guys. read the pinned comment or the description before pointing things out. that’s all i ask. nearly 4 million people have seen this, im well aware

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith День назад

    I know this is old, you cna't change it but how do you forget when the Yankees were up and the Rays came back with a Grand Slam and Walk off Homer

  • jack v
    jack v День назад

    greatest US sports moments yet the second clip is a Toronto blue jays homerun

  • Panderz
    Panderz День назад

    14:03 even the ref fell

  • Christian Orozco
    Christian Orozco 2 дня назад

    Still wish the Cubs story was in this

  • walker h
    walker h 2 дня назад

    auburn vs alabama 2014 iron bowl win with 1 second left?

  • T Flame
    T Flame 2 дня назад


  • Jaden Mariano
    Jaden Mariano 3 дня назад +1

    *sheds tear

    JED I DIE UGH 3 дня назад


  • Calvin Boi
    Calvin Boi 4 дня назад

    Why were the knicks on here

  • Liam Downey
    Liam Downey 4 дня назад

    I guess the blue jays are american😂

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  4 дня назад

      +Liam Downey well there's the problem. what's the point of the description? it's to give more information on the video. you're not the first and not the last

    • Liam Downey
      Liam Downey 4 дня назад

      WTD Productions I don't read the descriptions man sorry for making a mistake 😂😂

    • Liam Downey
      Liam Downey 4 дня назад

      WTD Productions chill out man

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  4 дня назад

      +Liam Downey well it's a joke that's been said 500 times, and it's really annoying when people comment before taking 3 seconds to read

    • Liam Downey
      Liam Downey 4 дня назад

      WTD Productions buddy chill out I was joking holy

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 5 дней назад

    Thank you for including Lillard's buzzer shot. Would have like to have seen either NoVorro Bowman's "Pick At The Stick", or "The Catch III" in here. But a good video nonetheless.

  • Logang 4 life
    Logang 4 life 5 дней назад

    Funny thing is the cow boys still beat the giants after that catch

  • Brody Torma
    Brody Torma 6 дней назад

    I still remember watching that Blazers game and seeing Lillard drill that 3 point game winner. I just started screaming it was so good

  • Jordan Casey
    Jordan Casey 7 дней назад

    NO BUTT FUMBLE?!?!?! dislike

  • Lisa Butler
    Lisa Butler 9 дней назад +1

    I'm a Cardinals fan what a comeback at 4:27

  • UncleFranku
    UncleFranku 11 дней назад

    If only this was released after the Cubs won the World Series

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  11 дней назад

      +UncleFranku Check my 2016 sports highlight video. Cubs winning is in there

  • The STLFan
    The STLFan 11 дней назад

    Oshie <3

  • The STLFan
    The STLFan 11 дней назад

    "We will see you... tomorrow night!" Chills every time...

  • The STLFan
    The STLFan 11 дней назад


  • Oakenshield
    Oakenshield 12 дней назад

    negraccio land

  • Snafu279er
    Snafu279er 12 дней назад

    In the description it says, "-Yes, there should be more soccer and hockey". Soccer and Hockey aren't US sports, soccer (or football) is British and Hockey is Canadian.

  • steveN111333
    steveN111333 13 дней назад

    10:09 !!!!! HOLY SHIT !!!!

  • Anarchist Accountant
    Anarchist Accountant 14 дней назад

    Eliminate all the NBA trash and this would be a great video

  • Steve G
    Steve G 14 дней назад

    4:23 Adding how it was just the first round and that the blazers hadn't even won one in 14 years kinda ruined the moment tbh

    • Steve G
      Steve G 14 дней назад

      I get being hyped after winning a series like that but mentioning how it took them 14 years to just get past the first round kinda made it less exciting. That's just my opinion

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  14 дней назад

      +Steve G are you joking? that's WHY it was particularly amazing...they finally got it done after 14 years, everyone was hype for it

  • Snawsome Boss
    Snawsome Boss 17 дней назад +1

    bet part of these clips are the announcers reactions

  • Tyler Spain
    Tyler Spain 17 дней назад

    After you put rose hitting that game winner on Cleveland, you gotta add lebron hitting the game winner the very next game in the seriers! Good ass video tho!

  • Chris Payne
    Chris Payne 18 дней назад

    Igudola to curry back to igudola up for the layup oh blocked by James

  • Kenzie Aponte
    Kenzie Aponte 18 дней назад

    4:40 That dude who made it to 3rd base gave that guy with the ball the look you give your older sibling when they're chasing you but you make it to your parent in time.

  • Chris Floriano
    Chris Floriano 19 дней назад

    Awww no 2012 L.A. Kings cup win it was their first in the history of the team
    Or 2014 the underdog story for the L.A. Kings winning 3 game 7's and then winning the cup the following round

  • IcyTigerPvP
    IcyTigerPvP 19 дней назад

    Best moment islanders score greatest goal ever to win the series

  • PsychRock97
    PsychRock97 22 дня назад

    The blue jays aren't even an American team

  • The Beast
    The Beast 22 дня назад

    This video gave me goosebumps

  • GoldenRock
    GoldenRock 23 дня назад

    Why no music

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  23 дня назад

      +GoldenRock there is music? i didn't want it to drown out the commentary though. maybe turn up volume or watch with headphones

  • Hurst's -Vlogs
    Hurst's -Vlogs 23 дня назад

    Blue jays are not us sports I don't think

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  23 дня назад

      +Hurst The Hero okay well if i already addressed the mistake in the description and the pinned comment that i said to read before commenting, why did you feel the need to comment it

    • Hurst's -Vlogs
      Hurst's -Vlogs 23 дня назад

      I know

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  23 дня назад

      +Hurst The Hero read the pinned comment is all i have to say.

  • Scott S.
    Scott S. 24 дня назад +1

    David Johnson > Your favorite RB
    Larry Fitzgerald > Your favorite WR
    Patrick Peterson > Your favorite CB
    Tyraan Mathieu > Your favorite S

  • Kyle and Chase Awesome
    Kyle and Chase Awesome 26 дней назад

    How does this have 727 dislikes! Amazing vid!

  • MLG HotPockets
    MLG HotPockets 27 дней назад

    you should have added the college football game when Kansas State blocked the winning field goal from USC to run it all the way back to win it against Pete Carrol and USC

  • Alan Lu
    Alan Lu 27 дней назад

    crazy how much influence these athletes have. We can all unite if more athletes took a stand

  • Yitzhak Hirschfeld
    Yitzhak Hirschfeld 28 дней назад +1

    90% of this video is football and basketball and then u've put some mlb and hockey, u know there are other sports that ppl play in the us?

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  27 дней назад

      +Yitzhak Hirschfeld check my 2016 highlight video, it's more balanced

  • Stardust Signer
    Stardust Signer 28 дней назад

    I can't wait until the compilations include faze v optic in it

  • molesticles
    molesticles 28 дней назад

    @6:33... Oh my goodness... @6:35 ... "Oh my genius."

  • Jedi Master Joe
    Jedi Master Joe 28 дней назад

    7:31 the best moment of all suck it faggot bama

  • aidan eivazians
    aidan eivazians Месяц назад

    Why are the TORONTO blue jays in here lol

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  29 дней назад

      +aidan eivazians read the pinned comment

  • Matt Legere
    Matt Legere Месяц назад +1

    Not nearly enough hockey but still a good vid

  • TheGamerBoy
    TheGamerBoy Месяц назад

    TROCHECK was triped

  • Patrick McCrime Dog
    Patrick McCrime Dog Месяц назад

    Lord have mercy do I love some college basketball. Student sections are insane

  • Liam Turgeon
    Liam Turgeon Месяц назад

    How is the Bautista homer a US moment?

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper Месяц назад

    4:57 will always be special to me because my cousin and I attended that game together

  • Smith John
    Smith John Месяц назад

    It made me want to go outside and do something awesome.

  • Jake Reid
    Jake Reid Месяц назад

    That freese home run was the best play I've ever seen live so many emotions chills man

  • Madison Foster
    Madison Foster Месяц назад

    Not a huge Kobe fan but the way he went out was dope af

  • HØodime The Sketcher
    HØodime The Sketcher Месяц назад

    No Wrestling?

  • 최지수
    최지수 Месяц назад

    i don't even know what is going on. just here for those hyped moments

  • WOO
    WOO Месяц назад

    The ref tripping at 13:58 is great.

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores Месяц назад

    subscribe to jake paul

  • kingjroc17
    kingjroc17 Месяц назад

    All these are nice and all. But how TF did beastmode not get tackled there. Sigh.

  • matthew eltringham
    matthew eltringham Месяц назад

    00:29 #respectforthebuckeyes

  • Unicorns
    Unicorns Месяц назад

    This actually left me in tears. It was so beautiful.

  • nadrxj
    nadrxj Месяц назад +1

    I love this video so much man

  • Anne Ermish
    Anne Ermish Месяц назад

    what about the USWNT from the 2015 World Cup Final?

  • Awesome Stuff
    Awesome Stuff Месяц назад

    9:36 someone threw his gloves because he thought it was over

  • Nicholas Nadon
    Nicholas Nadon Месяц назад

    Ok really, no Wisconsin upsetting Kentucky in the FINAL FOUR?!!?!!? Some of these moments can't even compare to that game 😑

  • Nicholas Nadon
    Nicholas Nadon Месяц назад

    Man fuck you with those packer highlights. Get us mad, then try to make us happy and failing, then pissed off even more.

  • Mowly Anti
    Mowly Anti Месяц назад

    Where's Jordan's steal and last shot against the Jazz??

    • Mowly Anti
      Mowly Anti Месяц назад

      MY BAD man! MY BAD! Nice vid ^_^

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +Mowly Anti the title of the video. 2010-2016.

  • Jackson Hickey
    Jackson Hickey Месяц назад

    lmao 6:27 they added the 3 to the wrong team

  • Bryan Bryan
    Bryan Bryan Месяц назад

    Odell uses syrup on his gloves

  • Sage Robertson
    Sage Robertson Месяц назад

    ravens vs broncos 2012 mile high miracle???

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +Sage Robertson its in my "most iconic moments" video for the nfl

  • Emmett Mansfield
    Emmett Mansfield Месяц назад

    The announcer on the Michigan vs Michigan st was like TOUCHDO(voice crack)WN ON THE LA(voice crack)ST PLAY IF THE GA(voice crack)ME

  • Jacob Tan
    Jacob Tan Месяц назад

    Who ever made this is not a Oregon Ducks fan

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +Jacob Tan lol i can't tell if you're being sarcastic 😂 but i'm a big Ducks fan.

  • Max Football
    Max Football Месяц назад

    Baseball was very discriminated in this video. It's a great sport.

    • Max Football
      Max Football Месяц назад

      haha I love both. :) but please include more baseball highlights in your next compilation video.

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +Max Football

      1) cool *opinion*
      2) you have a soccer ball as your profile picture 😂

  • joseph gurnsey
    joseph gurnsey Месяц назад

    The second highlight was of a Canadian team

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +joseph gurnsey yes, of course i've noticed. please read the description before commenting as my pinned comment says thanks

  • jack
    jack Месяц назад

    the second clip it's me hard

  • Voltic_ Shock
    Voltic_ Shock Месяц назад

    Let's not talk about the Michigan Michigan state game that was embarrassing

  • charlie Lansky
    charlie Lansky Месяц назад

    6:25 lol when he made the shot the score went up for Kentucky...

  • Gmoney Man
    Gmoney Man Месяц назад

    We got a hook up and I was court side at the arkansas game

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones Месяц назад

    I love videos like this

  • Dez Indeed Dropped It
    Dez Indeed Dropped It Месяц назад


  • Sam Scholten
    Sam Scholten Месяц назад

    0:40 the commentators tho 😂😂😂

  • MacKinnon #29
    MacKinnon #29 Месяц назад

    I just LOVE American sports and USA so much!!<3 Greetings from Finland

  • Jake Cosenza
    Jake Cosenza Месяц назад

    * Saints-49ers 2012 final 4 minutes
    * Colin Kaepernick 181 rushing yards against the Packers
    * Edgar Renteria's 3-Run homer to win the 2010 World Series
    * Travis Ishikawa's walkoff homer to win the NL Pennant (2014)

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +Jake Cosenza Ishikawa's homer is in here.

  • SLagonia
    SLagonia Месяц назад

    I love how literally the second clip on this "US" sports moments video is from Canada.

  • Aaron Denson
    Aaron Denson Месяц назад

    Was hoping for NASCAR highlights. Wasn't disappointed

  • Joseph M
    Joseph M Месяц назад

    Us sports moment and it has the Toronto blue jays😂😂

  • shinzon k
    shinzon k Месяц назад

    i would be nice with some reference game 1,2,3 4 what ever

  • K I N G TM
    K I N G TM Месяц назад

    Why did the seahawks throw the ball?

  • Tad Whitworth
    Tad Whitworth Месяц назад

    Freese to center in the 9th was the greatest baseball game i have ever seen

  • Riley W
    Riley W Месяц назад

    Travis Ishikawa taking the Giants to the World Series has to be the greatest sports moment I witnessed.

  • chey dunn
    chey dunn Месяц назад

    Hate to break it to ya but Toronto isn't in the US.

    • chey dunn
      chey dunn Месяц назад

      WTD Productions Damn it.... I thought for sure I was the first one.

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +chey dunn hate to break it to ya but you're not the first person out of 3 million to notice. read the description. i knew the first day i posted it

  • Riley McGill
    Riley McGill Месяц назад

    The wildest plays seem to happen against Alabama

  • Tanner Gould
    Tanner Gould Месяц назад

    Let's be honest, no MLB closer is throwing an 86mph fastball right down the pipe. Rigged

  • Marcos Chavez
    Marcos Chavez Месяц назад

    That voice crack tho 5:10

  • SeanLeonDrums
    SeanLeonDrums Месяц назад

    You forgot the 0.4 buzzer beater from the Lakers vs Spurs Game 5.

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +SeanLeonDrums that was well before 2010....

  • Jake Ghaust
    Jake Ghaust Месяц назад

    Why are all the baseball moments against Texas Rangers we are like the underdogs, we ain't never won a World Series, but everyone we went against did, like wtf bro

  • Cardinalboy2005
    Cardinalboy2005 Месяц назад

    Hopefully no but hurt seahawk fans

  • Marlin [Bryce]
    Marlin [Bryce] Месяц назад

    missed way to many things.

    • WTD Productions
      WTD Productions  Месяц назад

      +Marlin [Bryce] it's almost like it's an 18 minute video covering 6 years of sports. of course there's things i missed, which is said both in the description and the pinned comment which i said to read before commenting for this very reason.

  • Goose Plays
    Goose Plays Месяц назад

    When Ray Allen made that three against the Spurs me and my dad woke everyone up in my house

  • King Ant
    King Ant Месяц назад

    Great great video . Good work