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Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition: FULL EPISODE - Sabotage (S1, E5) | Lifetime

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • A new season of Dance Moms returns in June 2019!
    After winning the right to pick all the dance assignments for the week, one mother takes this week’s skill, survival, to heart. Her strategy to sabotage the other dancers by putting them in their weakest areas creates discord amongst the mothers in Season 1, Episode 5, "Sabotage". #AUDC
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Comments • 906

  • Lifetime
    Lifetime  Month ago +304

    A new season of Dance Moms returns in June 2019!

  • Noor Zaman
    Noor Zaman 5 hours ago

    41:37 ugh..she gave me the chills

  • Emme Biggs
    Emme Biggs 7 hours ago

    I hate Yvette but like she is honestly hilarious and keeps the show having the drama.

  • Inaya Saqib
    Inaya Saqib 11 hours ago

    Who else wants to see Madison without eyeliner 😂😂

  • Franchesca Edouard
    Franchesca Edouard 12 hours ago

    This girl got issues

  • Liliana Flores
    Liliana Flores 13 hours ago +1

    she said that everything is crazy like her hair

  • Josslin Sims
    Josslin Sims 22 hours ago +1

    Yvette- “We’ve had a horrible week”
    Also Yvette- *sMiLeS entire time*
    Gosh golly gee I hate her.

  • PopcornLover69 :D

    I just don't understand why everybody is so critical of Asia! She is frickin 6 she has every right to be a little behind 13 year olds!!!!

  • Rylee Le Roux
    Rylee Le Roux Day ago

    Did anyone else hear Yvette’s evil laugh at the end. I hate her!

  • Layru Ridgell
    Layru Ridgell Day ago

    What was that laugh that. Cqme out of yeveets mouth

  • Layru Ridgell
    Layru Ridgell Day ago

    One minute the dancers are smiling, the next they're upset and crying 😢

  • MJ Swaggerson
    MJ Swaggerson Day ago

    Go asia

  • Josselyn Jazmine
    Josselyn Jazmine Day ago +2

    41:40 I hope she leaves sooner with her broom and I will be making that laugh instead of her

  • Marylu Maldonado
    Marylu Maldonado 2 days ago +1

    40:41 I hate hadly's mom

  • Bailey Miller
    Bailey Miller 2 days ago +1

    Yvette is a monster

  • its sophie
    its sophie 2 days ago +1

    Is Yvette on drugs

  • Kristian Hunter
    Kristian Hunter 2 days ago

    Yvette straight up said after Hadley got called "Roadkill"
    "I know another mom is going to feel good because my daughter feels bad"
    Yet at the end of the episode, she straight up laughs at the girl going home. Pshhh. Fake woman, dear god.

  • Ashley Renee
    Ashley Renee 2 days ago

    elisabeth is ridiculous, I agree hadley should have gone home

  • Brain Candy!
    Brain Candy! 2 days ago

    I can't tell if the tea in my kettle just finished or if elisabeth said something

  • Stephanie Dechant
    Stephanie Dechant 3 days ago

    Hadley hope you lose honey boo boo and my gosh Asia’s only 7 so stop being mean to her Hadley and her mom

  • D-ma Productions
    D-ma Productions 3 days ago

    I’m still crying for zach

  • Morgan T.
    Morgan T. 4 days ago

    “No, listen to me cause I will embarrass you...right now. You better chill out.” is sooooooo my mom lmao

  • Nikima Carter
    Nikima Carter 4 days ago

    Is it just me or is anyone else starting to feel so bad for Jordyn cause it seems like her mom wants it more🤔.

  • Cróga Utreekov
    Cróga Utreekov 4 days ago

    asais mom is an animal lol

  • Norris Productions
    Norris Productions 4 days ago

    Elizabeth is too old for temper tantrums

  • Joanna Murella
    Joanna Murella 4 days ago

    I don't have a problem with Hadley, but Yvette needs to stop smh

  • Cheezy Cheese
    Cheezy Cheese 4 days ago

    i hate yvette

    SHIA ANDERSON 4 days ago

    Just watching this and look up to see Jordan on BIZAARDVARK

  • katethe gr8
    katethe gr8 5 days ago +1

    “You know how you survive in life... is by being a good person” welp Yvette’s gonna die

  • Vivian.101. Dancer
    Vivian.101. Dancer 5 days ago

    I feel so bad for Asia because she’s 7 and everyone else is 12-13

  • Isabelle Potter
    Isabelle Potter 6 days ago

    Who else thinks Elizabeth is so annoying

  • Crystal Win
    Crystal Win 6 days ago

    41:40 omg why is Elizabeth right ?

  • Pablo Ponce
    Pablo Ponce 6 days ago

    24:30 pat pat it is okay

  • Angelica Finch
    Angelica Finch 7 days ago

    My favorites
    1. Asia
    2. Jordan
    3. Lexine
    4. Brianna

  • Leila Simon
    Leila Simon 7 days ago

    The way Elizabeth reacted I'm dead 💀

  • Chevelle Coulter
    Chevelle Coulter 7 days ago

    Hadley needs to keep her mouth shut jut becuse asia is the yougenst start making toilet paper coustumes Hadleylol'

  • AidanFlipz
    AidanFlipz 7 days ago

    and also, can we just mention that Brianna was always nice to Asia??

  • Sherbie Lam
    Sherbie Lam 7 days ago

    i think hadley should have been eliminated

  • Sherbie Lam
    Sherbie Lam 7 days ago

    anyone see that yvette looks more like jordan than hadley??

  • Leah Johnson
    Leah Johnson 8 days ago +1

    Omg Elisabeth is such a spoiled brat, I’m thirteen and I don’t scream at my mom especially after being given a once in a life time opportunity and then blowing it. I’ve honestly been hoping she would go home for a while now... 🙄

  • Jasmine Bolton
    Jasmine Bolton 8 days ago

    okay so.. Hadley sucks at dancing.. and it's pretty obvious that they are only keeping Yvette and Hadley in this competition is because they create drama which keeps people watching..

  • cheys corner
    cheys corner 8 days ago

    hadley should of gone home tbh

  • Aubrey Zow
    Aubrey Zow 9 days ago

    Yvette is a witch

  • JustCallMeBo
    JustCallMeBo 9 days ago

    Hadley and Yvette are disgusting. In this case, the phrase "like mother, like daughter" holds true. If you act a certain way, your child sees it as a model. In this show, Hadley is a mini version of her mother and it's so sad.

  • Grace
    Grace 9 days ago

    Every single time Yvette smiles I want to punch her, omg her voice and her face I just can’t

  • Hope I feel like death
    Hope I feel like death 10 days ago +1

    40:21 Kristi is ecstatic!

    *Cuts to Kristi’s straight face*

  • Hope I feel like death

    1:23 tf? She just get possessed??

  • grassy ass
    grassy ass 10 days ago

    Gotta say this Elisabeth throwing a temper tantrum like a 6 year old at the end is just embarrassing...

  • Kendall M
    Kendall M 11 days ago

    I think Hadley isn’t mean, I think her mom is the reason she says and does certain things. I like Hadley, but her mom needs to go.

  • arantxa tv
    arantxa tv 11 days ago


  • Sasha Ray
    Sasha Ray 11 days ago

    Hadley at 2:12 is so cocky, the funny part is that Madison & Brianna were the top 2 and Hadley wasn't 😂don't flatter yourself hun

  • Aubrey Rivett
    Aubrey Rivett 12 days ago

    I think Yvette needs to loosen up on Hadley and let Hadley make the decisions not her

  • Giunea pigs
    Giunea pigs 12 days ago

    Jordan and Asia are my favorite personally I think Hadley is so freaking annoying but I kind of feel bad for Hadley not her mom

  • Jaelynn Elizalde
    Jaelynn Elizalde 12 days ago

    I want Hadley to leave already she is just like her mom trash

  • faiso abdirahman
    faiso abdirahman 13 days ago +1

    Abby is being mean to Hadley and Jordin please reply if u agree

  • faiso abdirahman
    faiso abdirahman 13 days ago +1

    I love hip hop some of you guys have trouble with hip hop but that's ok you guys got so much better this time and I am proud of you guys because u guys are growing up like if u agree

  • Nora Asfoury
    Nora Asfoury 13 days ago +1

    Robin Attin: PUSSYCAT DOLLS

  • Bella Tuccy
    Bella Tuccy 13 days ago

    17:55 Yvette die

  • Bella Tuccy
    Bella Tuccy 13 days ago

    Only Christi can wear hoops that big geeeeez

  • kenna luvs you
    kenna luvs you 13 days ago

    The way Ivette was laughing when elisabeth was crying, was so horrendous and just evil.

  • Boulevard Of Aldc Dreams

    I swear I’m gonna cut yvette

  • Lauren Friedman
    Lauren Friedman 15 days ago

    41:40 Yvette’s evil laugh at seeing that Elizabeth is completely heartbroken after going home. God, I hate her so much!👿

  • Morgan Marsh
    Morgan Marsh 16 days ago

    I love how when Hadley got yelled at and Kelly Kristi and Erin are just loving the tea lol

  • Anne Herbert
    Anne Herbert 16 days ago

    4:39 was kind of scary
    I meant 41:39

  • Zoila Breana
    Zoila Breana 16 days ago

    like the choreographer said “you do good you get good”

  • D J
    D J 16 days ago

    Yvette, is a (witch) !!!

  • PD Challenges
    PD Challenges 17 days ago +1

    I don’t like lexines mom

  • Mariah Harris
    Mariah Harris 17 days ago

    "Well we saw this ones solo and it SaCkEd" 37:12

  • Miriam Rose
    Miriam Rose 17 days ago +1

    Sorry Hadley but those braids aren’t working for you... 😬

  • Andrea Fields
    Andrea Fields 17 days ago +1

    Kristy's HOOD rat is coming out!! Love her!!

  • Anneliese Kelly
    Anneliese Kelly 17 days ago

    elisabeth's meltdown was a little much

  • Elena Thia
    Elena Thia 17 days ago +1

    Go Asia!!!🥳

  • sherard Mckently
    sherard Mckently 18 days ago

    Who is Yvette laughing at now can someone please tell me.

  • Colleen Donnelly
    Colleen Donnelly 18 days ago

    To make my hate stronger Hadley was on Candy Apples, Cathy’s team

  • Colleen Donnelly
    Colleen Donnelly 18 days ago

    I hate Yvette and Hadley more than anything in the world. And each episode I hate them even more

  • Jovanna Liu
    Jovanna Liu 18 days ago

    it seemed more like Yvette chose the assignments instead of Hadley. Yvette didn't win. Hadley did.

  • Cool kid ReyRey
    Cool kid ReyRey 18 days ago

    Awww Amanda’s so nice!
    “Oh ok” lol that was soo cute she’s soo nice

  • Gamingwith Coryi
    Gamingwith Coryi 18 days ago

    Did anyone notice Zach was the only one that didn’t cry when he was sent home?is not even 13 or over and he doesn’t cry,crazy.....

  • Maria Lane
    Maria Lane 19 days ago

    I think Elisabeth was a little overdramatic... like, i know its dissapointing, but screaming on the floor like a 3 year old is not showing why you should have moved up. Also, I'm 13 too.

  • Katie
    Katie 19 days ago

    yvette is soooo evil.. her laugh is gross and annoying, her daughter deserves beter

  • Eva Olivero
    Eva Olivero 19 days ago

    Hadley should have been the one that left by far

  • NotJustARandomGirl
    NotJustARandomGirl 19 days ago +2

    If these are some of the best dancers 13 and under, then I feel a lot better about myself and my dancing.

  • Joannie Tv.
    Joannie Tv. 19 days ago

    And her mom

  • Joannie Tv.
    Joannie Tv. 19 days ago +1

    Asia is the best

  • Hannah Clay
    Hannah Clay 20 days ago

    Hadley's costume was a replica of a costume in the movie Fifth Element. It's Leeloo's bandage outfit, Hadley even had the orange hair.

  • Lilie Blakesly
    Lilie Blakesly 20 days ago

    Yvette, really???? You must be the cruelest person I have ever met. 41:35

  • Catbug 850
    Catbug 850 20 days ago

    I hate Yvette omg

  • Ally K
    Ally K 20 days ago

    did anybody else hate hadley's hair? why was her hair orange and in terrible braids?


    Honestly hadley should have left. But geeze elisebeth is the biggest cry baby.

  • Sophi R911
    Sophi R911 20 days ago


  • Boss Dross
    Boss Dross 21 day ago +1

    What 52 yr old bullies a 6 yr old and teaches her daughter to do the same!!!sick!

  • Gamingwith Coryi
    Gamingwith Coryi 21 day ago


  • Abby's Life
    Abby's Life 21 day ago

    Ughh noo!! Hadley NEEDED to go home!! Poor Elisabeth!! I totally understand the frustration she has, because Hadley’s outfit wuz horrible, her dance wuz horrible, and her makeup wuz too much too!!

  • Gamingwith Coryi
    Gamingwith Coryi 21 day ago

    Stop talking about Asia!your the one doing bad!

  • Jadah Robinson
    Jadah Robinson 21 day ago

    I hate Yvette and Hadyley

  • crazy kylee vlogs
    crazy kylee vlogs 21 day ago

    2:38 looks like jorden Jones am i right

  • Diamond Thomas
    Diamond Thomas 21 day ago

    I won't wipe that smile off Yvette's face, she's just evil and cruel, it's not even a joke

  • Diamond Thomas
    Diamond Thomas 21 day ago

    Elisabeth's Right, Hadley just was Horrible and Mean and so is her mother

  • b u b l e h n o o d l e z

    When Elizabeth started crying and said "This meant the world to me" I realized that Hadley and her Mom did something really mean.

  • Eva Navarro
    Eva Navarro 22 days ago

    Elizabeth is a brat.