Best Friends Swap Men And Women's Halloween Costumes

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • "I have to give the costume producers credit, they can find the sexy angle for any costume!"
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    Head Nurse:
    Inflatable Banana:
    Dashing Doctor:
    Dirty Cop:
    Peeled Banana:
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Comments • 2 418

  • Andrianna Leonard
    Andrianna Leonard 4 days ago

    Wait wait, why is ify's elbows so ashy lol, like whyyyyy

  • Dorea Childs
    Dorea Childs 4 days ago

    The feminist have entered the room

  • Emma Arff
    Emma Arff 8 days ago

    Can someone for Halloween please be a sexy BuzzFeed producer.

  • Marta Lopez
    Marta Lopez 12 days ago

    If the try guys were “edgy” teens who thought they were deep for getting political in the slightest.

  • Kädëē’s Wõrłd!!

    iffy looks good asf, but his elbows so ashyy😂🤦🏻‍♀️😍

  • Rachael McLeod
    Rachael McLeod 17 days ago

    Kelsey looks really good in a lot of it

  • Adrienne Sophie
    Adrienne Sophie 20 days ago +1

    Just dress in a Pikachu one side and here ya go!

  • anahita mem
    anahita mem 20 days ago

    ify is everything

  • Billie E
    Billie E 22 days ago +1

    No one is gonna talk about how ashy the black guy is 💀💀 I-

  • Frida Ramirez
    Frida Ramirez 24 days ago

    Ify is SOOOO CUTE ❤️, and hilarious too 👀

  • Kimberlin Cleophas
    Kimberlin Cleophas 25 days ago

    Kelsey suits all of the outfits

  • hien dinh
    hien dinh Month ago

    3:09 oh my God that ashy elbow tho

  • Lynette dunn
    Lynette dunn Month ago

    Iffy is too cute to jave ash elbows

  • tatizarias
    tatizarias Month ago

    Ify though... He looked great on both costumes.

  • Karkat Vantas
    Karkat Vantas Month ago

    More like...Under d-arrest

  • Francesca Lam
    Francesca Lam Month ago

    In the banana costume they look so a peeling.......hahahahaha

  • Evalynn Chen
    Evalynn Chen Month ago

    Hellloooooo nurse !

  • Lixi XXX
    Lixi XXX Month ago

    Course, it's not good that different positions are marketed towards different genders, but goddam. Cis men and women have different parts and proportions. Of course, they'll be marketed towards men or women.

  • A Useless Hufflepuff

    1:30 i recognise the phone cover from the lanky box video.

  • Lumos SK
    Lumos SK Month ago

    That doctor costume is totally unisex. They should sell it as such

    • dbzcupcake
      dbzcupcake Month ago

      nothing stops a girl from buying it any more than getting the "male" products in any other store

  • Idk Man??
    Idk Man?? Month ago

    Hah I wish I could have courage to wear sexy costumes

  • E Wagner
    E Wagner Month ago +1

    How is the male doctor sexy

  • Roxy Animated
    Roxy Animated Month ago

    Ify looks like a God in every costume

  • Heresy
    Heresy Month ago

    “I like it when men struggle”
    let’s see what that looks like turned around
    “I like it when women struggle”

  • Sara Lemmens
    Sara Lemmens Month ago

    The dirty cop costume was better on men than it would be on women. Also the under arrest costume is horrible desingned

  • Bellatrix Silverly
    Bellatrix Silverly 2 months ago

    Ify looks great in the costumes, interesting video

  • Epic zombieh
    Epic zombieh 2 months ago

    It you don't like female costumes just don't wear them or don't wear costumes

  • Lucille Ridgely
    Lucille Ridgely 2 months ago

    I once wore a wizard costumes for boys and I liked it more than the girls costume

  • h o n e y h e r n a n d e z

    Broooo the black dude look good in the sexy cop costume❤️

  • Lexi Morland
    Lexi Morland 2 months ago

    Ify my man ☺️😍

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia 2 months ago

    The comment section is filled with some next level whiny bitchfest lol

  • ManyMonsters Media
    ManyMonsters Media 2 months ago +1

    I'm a sexy fruit ;3

  • Rutger Pittman
    Rutger Pittman 2 months ago +1

    ‘i like when men struggle’
    ‘supports equal rights’

  • Amanda Jonson
    Amanda Jonson 2 months ago

    Chantel is so annoying 😫😫😫

  • Random llama
    Random llama 2 months ago

    Wait what why was the man a doctor and the woman was a nurse wth I am so over these costumes

  • Chicken Mage
    Chicken Mage 2 months ago

    ify looks like that cop dad from cloudy with a chance of meatballs in the sexy police costume

  • Abhishek Bhagat
    Abhishek Bhagat 2 months ago

    I really wanted to see girls wear that nurse dress

  • Tae Spill
    Tae Spill 2 months ago +1

    How did they turn a fun video into....”WOMEn sHoulD NEVEr Be SExY”

  • Rainbowstorm
    Rainbowstorm 3 months ago

    Kelsey and Ify were adorable

  • Retno Anggraeni
    Retno Anggraeni 3 months ago


  • clouds r pretty
    clouds r pretty 3 months ago


  • clouds r pretty
    clouds r pretty 3 months ago

    i think all of them look better switched tbh 😂

  • Mystery Human
    Mystery Human 3 months ago

    Kelsey looks really good in the cop one

  • larissa calume eduardo
    larissa calume eduardo 3 months ago

    Can ify make a RUclip channel and leave buzz feed

  • Angel Jumienardo
    Angel Jumienardo 3 months ago

    "Oh! You're under arrest" HAHAHAHAHHA :D

  • Harley Rogers
    Harley Rogers 3 months ago

    Kelsey love your shirt

  • Serpenttiini
    Serpenttiini 3 months ago +1

    I feel bad for the gay guy

  • Syntyriel
    Syntyriel 4 months ago

    "I am a sexy fruit."
    Me: Yes you are!😍😘

  • Kep Step
    Kep Step 4 months ago +1

    “I love it when men struggle.”
    ExCusE mE?

  • So So
    So So 4 months ago

    No women Custome, then how ab u make a women custome; it’s all business not sexism

  • Kye Beilschmidt
    Kye Beilschmidt 4 months ago

    I love Ify and Kelsey. The other pairs, not so much :/

  • Karen Hodo
    Karen Hodo 4 months ago

    Ify just standin there lookin like a whole-ass snacc

  • CrizpeeBiskwit Heyo
    CrizpeeBiskwit Heyo 4 months ago

    Please stop being political and just make an enjoyable video

  • cathartic reverie
    cathartic reverie 4 months ago

    lol all these straight guys crying and whining about feminism in the comments 😂

  • Maria Manuela Delgado
    Maria Manuela Delgado 4 months ago

    why is chantel looking so hot?

  • Kylie S
    Kylie S 4 months ago

    Okay yall getting deep but you ever think that some girls like to dress up sexy for halloween. Also Ify rocked everything.

  • Lt wesley
    Lt wesley 4 months ago

    Why did he do this with ashy ass elbows 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Cyniskull
    Cyniskull 4 months ago


  • Jack jack
    Jack jack 5 months ago

    My guy need some lotion real bad. Them elbows is killing.

  • Oceane Galamo
    Oceane Galamo 5 months ago

    Buzzfeed is running out of video ideas, so they get annoying femmisnt who turn everything into a bad thing. Like THERE ARE OTHER COSTUMES, even if you want to make it stereotypical. You guys are grown aldults, you guys know that it dose not matter. Just stop making ANNOYING ASS videos then say your oppressed.

    • Oceane Galamo
      Oceane Galamo 5 months ago


  • starrainbow
    starrainbow 5 months ago

    ew all the people here who are complaining

  • marshmellow506
    marshmellow506 5 months ago

    Kelsey and Ify would be the most attractive couple, goddamn

  • Speckled Sweetie
    Speckled Sweetie 5 months ago

    Did they ever think that maybe a lot of women like sexy costumes with company’s like leg avenue and eye candy that are made for women by women

  • Abigail Armah
    Abigail Armah 5 months ago

    4:28 my mom’s a doctor and she wears the stuff the girls are wearing

  • Stefan Sarrazin
    Stefan Sarrazin 5 months ago

    Halloween is a time of the year to be slutty

  • avaleste
    avaleste 5 months ago

    "i like when men struggle" MOOD

  • Mykaela Paradis
    Mykaela Paradis 5 months ago

    "Why would you dress up as someone's real job and try to make it sexy?"
    Have you seen nurse costumes? Also, they have nurse costumes in the video!!

  • Mr. Lincoln
    Mr. Lincoln 5 months ago

    The black guy and the gay guy both looked hot in those costumes.

  • J. S
    J. S 5 months ago

    WHO LET HIM ON CAMERA WITH HIS ELBOWS ASHY LIKE THAT??? they don’t care about you 😭

  • YRN AX
    YRN AX 5 months ago

    I ship Kelsey and ify 🤫🤔🤭

  • Shawn
    Shawn 5 months ago

    funny how feminism offends people...get over it....women need to be HEARD

  • Ryne_168
    Ryne_168 5 months ago

    How about the ceos. Who the hell wants to be a ceo for Christmas 😂

  • Clow
    Clow 5 months ago

    "why make them [the costumes] sexy anyways?"
    bc sex sells, duh. companies will stop making sexy costumes when women stop buying them to look "sexy" in.
    I personally don't think they look sexy, just cold, and unflattering, that's why I always make my own costume or buy the male versions. but each to their own!

  • Anoud
    Anoud 5 months ago +1

    3:41 that was adorable

  • Yuko14
    Yuko14 5 months ago

    1:14 I love Chantel

  • Jason Tung
    Jason Tung 5 months ago

    In Asia, we try to avoid ghosts during Hungry Ghost Festival. In Halloween we try to look like ghosts. 💁💁💁

  • Z Z
    Z Z 5 months ago

    Lol that's not true, just look up the majority of women on IG, they dress up half naked

  • Donna Barr
    Donna Barr 5 months ago

    I had serious points to make but then the guys showed up in the hot cop shifts and my brain melted.

  • Jordan Indewey
    Jordan Indewey 5 months ago

    i love that no one told chantal her hood was inside out

  • MR ZEW
    MR ZEW 5 months ago


  • Alex Sawyer
    Alex Sawyer 5 months ago

    They just can't help themselves. They just can't wait to squeeze feminism and gender inequality into every single sentence....

  • River Vixens
    River Vixens 5 months ago

    Nobody is forcing a boy to buy a “boy” costume and nobody is forcing ago to buy a “girl” costume

  • Nightcore by Nico
    Nightcore by Nico 5 months ago

    One of my male class mates wore a prom dress to school as his costume, it was great, and everyone called him Eugene and that was also great.

  • Vedang L
    Vedang L 5 months ago

    2:17 “what about the sexy buzzfeed producers guys?”
    Ummmm sooo like, a Eugene costume?🤔

  • angelface12m 11497
    angelface12m 11497 5 months ago

    I'm sorry but his elbows we're white as I don't know what

  • NileshR12
    NileshR12 5 months ago

    Ify is freaking jacked. What’s his Instagram? Lol

  • alice
    alice 5 months ago +1

    1:12 Chantel, your gay is showing lol

  • alice
    alice 5 months ago


    • alice
      alice 5 months ago +1

      I love the fact that she was just a fan at first, but now she's KILLING IT

  • Roslyn Lee
    Roslyn Lee 5 months ago +2

    Stop saying 'opposite gender' if you claim to support non-binary people. Just sayin

  • alice
    alice 5 months ago +2

    Women and men look so much sexier the more clothes that they wear #unpopularopinion

  • Dylan Ryan
    Dylan Ryan 5 months ago

    I’m done with this Chanel buzzfeed unsolved was the only thing good that came out of this same with ruining history

  • Litty Tsukada
    Litty Tsukada 5 months ago

    "I like when men struggle" Buzzfeed

  • chondele
    chondele 5 months ago

    God bless Ify.

  • Sarcastic Peridot
    Sarcastic Peridot 5 months ago

    Le epically bad. Not an epic fortnite vid le horrible

  • Emilie VIGUIER
    Emilie VIGUIER 5 months ago

    *kisses teeth* Wait WHAT??

  • Lord Praxxis
    Lord Praxxis 5 months ago

    Ify looks great in the police costume

  • cool koolaid
    cool koolaid 5 months ago

    Side note: when the guys put on the police outfit one of them looks like the cop from cloudy with a Chance of meatballs :)

  • Victerran
    Victerran 5 months ago

    This is what America is doing while it's middle class is choking to death.

  • Javier Marmol
    Javier Marmol 5 months ago


  • ExistentialPotato
    ExistentialPotato 5 months ago

    When I was trying to find a costume, I wanted to be a superhero, specifically marvel and Spiderman, that kind of thing. I got to the store, and I found one Spiderman costume. But it wasn't Spiderman. The label was spidergirl. All the other superhero costumes were the superhero symbol on a crop top, and a mini mini skirt. I ended up crying about 3 times because I just wanted to be a superhero, not some superhero fangirl.