Fantasia Says Women Need to "Fall Back" in a Relationship

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Felicity Huffman was sentenced to two weeks in prison for her role in the college admission scandal. Does the punishment fit the crime?
    Then, Fantasia said that most women are single because they're unwilling to submit to a man and let the man be the leader. Is this too old-fashioned?
    And, Jeff Lewis' 2-year-old daughter was suspended from pre-school. Should the child suffer from her father's mistake?
    Plus, a new procedure can help you get rid of "resting bitch face". Has plastic surgery gone too far?
    Wendy, legal expert Midwin Charles,'s Nikki Boyer and "Hollywood Unlocked's" Jason Lee debate this week's Hot Talk headlines.
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  • John Holman
    John Holman 3 days ago


  • khanyisani Buthelezi

    No wonder women are not getting married and grow old and miserable. Ask the writter of sex and the city who told women to sleep around and do whatever who says she regrets not having kids and getting married. Submit to a man. That is God's order. God over Christ, christ over man, man over women and women over children.

  • Achoo choo choo
    Achoo choo choo 10 days ago

    Pause. Why do you have a gay male speaking on heterosexual relationships? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • E Martinez
    E Martinez 10 days ago

    Jason Lee dresses like a burn victim. No disrespect to burn victims.

  • A Smith
    A Smith 10 days ago

    Love jason ghetto self

  • Brunette Coleman
    Brunette Coleman 10 days ago

    Well a man that’s worthy of submitting to, brings no problem in submitting

  • K C
    K C 10 days ago

    The dude on the panel kinda looks like Daddy Yankee lol.😂😂😂

  • RitaPortugirl♥
    RitaPortugirl♥ 13 days ago

    I dont think Jason was that bad, what are yall talking about?

  • Bonny bearmomma
    Bonny bearmomma 16 days ago


  • Ade Gbenjo
    Ade Gbenjo 18 days ago

    Whoa Jason is getting dragged in these comments...and really, many of them aren't unfounded. In order to make up for his lack of 'homework' the only content he has is about himself.
    Jason, don't knock the lady for doing her job, instead focus on yourself and what insightful additions you can bring to the discussion because this ain't it.

  • Latres Lingerie and Living

    I fell back let my husband lead...lost my house with 300,000 in equity in the process.... neither one of us got the house...set back and watch him ruin our marriage friendship and assets....when I knew he was leading us down the wrong path ....but let the man lead....if you say anything it’s a fight. Now he has regret

  • _pOeTz
    _pOeTz 19 days ago

    I must be a disgusting person. I like Jason🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Sarah Lovebelle
    Sarah Lovebelle 19 days ago

    Lady in leopard should be a recurring round tablet because she mature intelligent well rounded articulate and subjective. The gay guy needs to take notes. He’s a child

  • Tonya Beth
    Tonya Beth 19 days ago

    The 2yr old is not cancelled. She’s not even punished. Rich people have access to tons of schools and preschools. He will find her another one with no trouble. He deserved what happened.

  • Tranasia Barley
    Tranasia Barley 20 days ago

    All over the world...if you truly believe in the bible..submit aint wrong.... just like men should submit to god. So of you have a problem with what she said... read the bible.

  • charlita25
    charlita25 20 days ago

    Go Jason !!!!!!!!

  • Lola Darling
    Lola Darling 20 days ago

    Why are people complaining about Fantasias comment when it high key don’t apply to them. A large majority of women don’t even know how to pick a man let alone decide if he is worthy of their submission. Also, submission, biblically speaking isn’t the same as we understand it today. The husband would also submit to his wife, it’s a balance. Lastly, a very large majority of the world are hethens in which what she said would not apply to them lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • eric echols
    eric echols 20 days ago

    Concerning Fantasia and what she said, about a woman submitting to her hubby, is not a blanket statement, it's a Biblical & Godly, COMMANDMENT & LAW of TMH to first the Nation of Israel, then to gentiles who, are called out of this satanic-world. Fantasia knows she's an Israelite by her husband, telling her, based-off what bible says. The worldly like, wendy (the man) Williams, 'allegedly,' and her little crew are living by the world's standards, and that's why there so offended by Fantasia & her Hubby's, Godly statement, and so is the majority, if not all of the audience. The average person today, have no clue, of what the word (Submission) means, regarding the will of GOD. Peace!!! Praises to AHAYAH!!! 😇

  • A Lupus A Flare
    A Lupus A Flare 20 days ago

    Exactly what work for your relationship 💜💜💜

    REALITEA PARODY 21 day ago

    Jason is good in his element. But he needs to learn his audience. You can’t be talking this reckless and openly admitting past crimes on day time. Lol. He kept detailing the conversation with his unrelated commentary.

  • Velvet Taylor
    Velvet Taylor 21 day ago

    No it's just that Jason needs to understand there's a difference between podcast radio life where you can be messy and say whatever you want. Then there's daytime TV where there's talk show politics and you can't say whatever you want. Wendy merge it well. But Jason being messy and self centered is his brand and it works for his audience. Lol I like him on the radio, but he needs some daytime TV media training

  • Angeliki Petris
    Angeliki Petris 21 day ago +2

    Get this fat ugly looking guy out of there!!! 💩

  • Allison Weekes
    Allison Weekes 21 day ago

    Look I loved what Fantasia said, her husband I've been looking for a God fearing man like that all my life. They need to clone him. Satan is in charge of this world and has altered the way it should be. Thats why relationships are in trouble. Men need to listen to what Fantasias husband said what a mans role is in the marriage. Record it and keep playing it back till it sinks it!! Then begin that metamorphosis to being that man that leads and takes charge and direct and leads his family.💕

  • Dallas Mayle
    Dallas Mayle 21 day ago

    Woman need to stop trying to be men

  • OmBi Long
    OmBi Long 22 days ago

    Wait isn't there one white woman at the table..

  • Gem Gem
    Gem Gem 22 days ago

    I like Jason.

  • Donnie Lee
    Donnie Lee 22 days ago

    Disgusting j

  • Cass L
    Cass L 22 days ago

    Jason is always over the top when it's not needed. I' m so tired of hearing about his sexual trysts and shenanigans...Grow up!!🙄

  • J P
    J P 22 days ago

    If your children aren't smart enough to get in, no amount of money will help celebrity's

  • Alex Deme
    Alex Deme 23 days ago

    Wendy was over it from the every began!

  • Love and Light
    Love and Light 23 days ago +1

    Jason should stop blaming his ex girlfriend for his reasons of being gay. Sir you have a husband and a boyfriend you're the problem smh

  • sandra haywood
    sandra haywood 23 days ago

    Ok but it’s not Old school it’s God’s word and his marriage covenant!! It has to be done under God and that’s it!!!

  • CrisGirl6
    CrisGirl6 23 days ago

    I didn't mind catering to my man, but when I had to be less so that he cud be more, I got the f out!!!

  • Annie Mae
    Annie Mae 23 days ago

    I blame the Rothschilds for supporting the womens movement. We were not intended to be going to work instead we were supposed to be taking care of home and family. Now the men have lost jobs and women are making them feel less than by taking the men's jobs and still doing the work at home...

  • candy k
    candy k 23 days ago

    The bible didnt say women didnt have to have a man. Show me in there

    EDEN ETIENNE 23 days ago


  • roseofjenna
    roseofjenna 23 days ago

    Wendy before you speak you should have taken the opportunity to watch the video Fantasia and her husband did about what she actually meant.

  • Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young 23 days ago

    Didn’t Fantasia steal someone’s man?

  • Growingthefamily Fourup

    Jason makes me cringe

  • Colorful Codes
    Colorful Codes 23 days ago

    I think she got off not only because of her race but money. Look at OJ. Money gets the best lawyers and deals.

  • Dimplez816
    Dimplez816 23 days ago

    I agree it should depend on what works for you. HOWEVER, I think they all need to watch the video where Fantasia's husband chimed in on this topic and even clarified (along with Fantasia) what she meant by "submit" and what that REALLY should look like. The way they BOTH explained it together it was actually pretty dope!

  • Darlena
    Darlena 23 days ago

    Oh please now that fantasia has in house D! She has the right to spew advice......

  • Ruby Barbie Miles
    Ruby Barbie Miles 23 days ago

    I really enjoy watching this love it..

  • Junie B
    Junie B 24 days ago

    Jason said a lot of what people didn't want to hear so don't hate

  • Junie B
    Junie B 24 days ago

    Southern hospitality

  • William Mohamad
    William Mohamad 24 days ago

    That jason guy is a fat loser. Hes a clout chaser. He begged nicki minaj for photos and then months later acted like he never liked her. What a loser

  • VirgoDar
    VirgoDar 24 days ago

    Dear Wendy,
    PLEASE stop fuckin' with Jason Lee!! I don't mean in your personal life, but maybe that too. He just adds nothing to your show.
    Everything is about him and in the most tacky way possible. I can tolerate this on his own show, but it's not a good look for yours.
    Just sayin'. :-/

  • Mariam Bey
    Mariam Bey 24 days ago

    I like and agree with Fantasia. Only if the man can take on the role. To many women who wanna wear the pants..

  • ddoddy76
    ddoddy76 24 days ago

    I didn’t feel it was necessarily a blanket statement jus saying if he’s worthy to be submitted to know ya role know how to be king an queen together!!!!!!!

  • Elisha B
    Elisha B 24 days ago

    I really wish people would stop giving Jason Lee the time of day. Hes so fake and always does his friends wrong for the sake of 15 minutes of screen time. Ugh. Disgusts me.

  • LaToya Harrell
    LaToya Harrell 24 days ago

    It was NOT a blanketed statement. Please listen to the full podcast! That whole piece about Fantasia was some nonsense! Do better Ms. Wendy

  • patricio rodriguez
    patricio rodriguez 24 days ago

    You know he is not coming back ever... wendy was not having it...

  • P. Johnson
    P. Johnson 24 days ago

    Please take the guy out the group. He's flaunting his gay sexuality and it's too much. Everything doesn't have to have a touch of LGBTQ added to it

  • The Business Artist Group

    YEP!!! THE MAN THAT GAVE OUT CHECKS IF! you had no father in the home!!! HAS FORCED US TO ACT JUST LIKE HIM!!! we fell for it and are getting stressed the heck out because we are carrying the load of man and woman!!!AND FAMILY!! WE ARE LOSING BECAUSE OF IT!!the kids are weak and feminine and the women are becoming more masculine to survive!!! you better make it stop in YOUR LIFE and if you check yourself it will help make this world much better for everyone else!

  • Giggles1202
    Giggles1202 24 days ago

    Omg Jason Lee is too much. Idk if he think ppl are joking under the comments but he talks ENTIRELY too much about himself.

  • Gloria Canada
    Gloria Canada 24 days ago

    I LOVE Jason Lee

  • Sapodilla Brown
    Sapodilla Brown 24 days ago

    I LOVE MIDWIN! Keep her! Lose the dude!

  • Liam
    Liam 24 days ago

    Love Fantasia and agree with Midwin. Keep Midwin and please for the love of god get rid of Jason.

  • Ms Trish
    Ms Trish 24 days ago

    They fighting for that seat 🤫

  • Monica Wilcox
    Monica Wilcox 24 days ago

    I like Jason bubbly like this