10 Ways to MESS WITH PLAYERS in Minecraft!

  • Published on Jun 9, 2018
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Comments • 4 017

  • crash the gaming master/CanadaSlasher

    If I was on a multiplayer server when I afk I would wear an unenchanted leather or iron helmet

  • Zander Gold
    Zander Gold 2 days ago

    Mumbo: They have to solve a combination in order to save their pet
    What I think after he says that: Hello everybody! I want to play a GAME

  • Skye the DragonGirl
    Skye the DragonGirl 3 days ago

    7:04 this is the funniest prank in this whole video lmaooo

  • Marius Turtle
    Marius Turtle 4 days ago

    saw the hopper under the chest in the first Clip xD was easy to see, that the Wood deappiered

  • Kameron Schad
    Kameron Schad 5 days ago


  • William Hall
    William Hall 6 days ago

    Mumbo was a Gestapo officer in a former life

  • Meow Games
    Meow Games 6 days ago

    We won't PHYSICALLY harm them

  • Remi rip rodrigo Remi

    Mumbo: The pranks aren't meant to harm anyone.
    Also Mumbo: They are getting so mad that they burn down there own houses.

  • educated_potato
    educated_potato 8 days ago

    Actually someone did leave the diorite in the house,it was anti-iskall

  • Ivangamer3230
    Ivangamer3230 8 days ago

    Idea: combine your 1 item chest taker outer machine thingie and your item elevator so that one thing will be taken out of the chest and place on their floor

  • Hooman Person
    Hooman Person 8 days ago

    For stopping the pet killer just mine the bottom glass and co web and replace cobweb with block

  • Levi Elkins
    Levi Elkins 8 days ago

    Anyone know where re link to that "duplicator" is?

  • Alfie Mack
    Alfie Mack 9 days ago

    Another prank: Spawn a creeper on their Nether Portal and hear them scream

  • Dank Gamer
    Dank Gamer 10 days ago


    Can't they just break the glass and the stone and stop the dog from being killed?

  • Kisaca-Pisaca
    Kisaca-Pisaca 11 days ago

    plz do vid on xbox on1

  • Weirdo3
    Weirdo3 11 days ago

    4:32 Mumbo,
    The player put all items in chest, right?
    Now all they have to do to get rid of Curse if Binding pumpkin is to jump down...

  • Error 'n Janelle[Errorelle]

    Imagine doing that last one at Iskall's base he would get so mad

  • Firebird burned
    Firebird burned 11 days ago

    No the only way to take it to far is to get a pumpkin head and put curse of binding but they were in hardcore mode

  • EV Thomas
    EV Thomas 12 days ago

    Mumbo. Use the diorite one on Iskall

  • EV Thomas
    EV Thomas 12 days ago

    All the afk pranks are giving future Grian ideas

  • Rasmus Mikaelsson
    Rasmus Mikaelsson 15 days ago

    Where is the link to the ghost block tutorial

  • Unstoppalezzz Yt
    Unstoppalezzz Yt 15 days ago

    for the door swap make sure to use stone preserplates because they could just thought a item on the preserplates

  • Nevio Laranjo
    Nevio Laranjo 16 days ago

    Mumbo: build a pet killer
    Me: breaks glass and blocks lava

  • Rye Cappo
    Rye Cappo 17 days ago

    I have a prank just replaced every single thing with the slightly different colored like it day of oak logs do it dark oak or they have slabs replace it with a slap that look similar

  • Gacha Boy
    Gacha Boy 17 days ago

    Ow my eyes change ur texture pack oml 0:01

  • James Card
    James Card 17 days ago +1

    Mumbo , NEVER EVER kill a Minecraft dog.

  • The Colours
    The Colours 18 days ago

    I mean Iskall would be scared

  • Cade O'Keefe
    Cade O'Keefe 18 days ago

    He took it to far

  • Nova
    Nova 18 days ago +1

    Do the last one to iskal

  • T.J. Obremski
    T.J. Obremski 18 days ago

    Psychological warfare with Mumbo Jumbo

  • Kaylee Schaffer
    Kaylee Schaffer 19 days ago +1

    I saw the wood like immediately

  • Lou Moon
    Lou Moon 19 days ago

    I got my bf to play Minecraft with me and gave him some cooked cod, pufferfish, and cooked salmon to eat...

  • Harlan Vincent
    Harlan Vincent 19 days ago +1

    My friend tried to do do the flying machine one and I mined the slime block and jumped of it and placed the slime and then I greifed his base

  • Jam.
    Jam. 23 days ago +1

    Mumbo is a sick and twisted person...and that’s why I’m subscribed

  • ShockwaveCentral
    ShockwaveCentral 23 days ago

    um mumbo you already made this video

  • IceCreamJunkie
    IceCreamJunkie 23 days ago

    It’s too bad I’ll never be able to use any of these since none of my friends are cool enough to play Minecraft.

    RADIOSOAP 25 days ago

    Moral of the story: dont grief! But inflicting months of psycological trauma is ok

  • GreenScreen Tips
    GreenScreen Tips 25 days ago +1

    2:02 where is the tutorial???????????

  • Sarah Chee
    Sarah Chee 25 days ago +2

    Step 1: make friends

  • Windows Vista
    Windows Vista 27 days ago +2

    6:22 when you freak out when you have 5 stacks of diamonds

  • Joshua Ng
    Joshua Ng 27 days ago +1

    4:28 *sono chi no sadame plays*

  • Rigel's Second Channel

    I keep thinking that mumbos logo in the corner is the tiktok logo

  • XDRyan 2.O
    XDRyan 2.O Month ago +2

    5:30 jigsaw confirmed

  • D Jungck
    D Jungck Month ago +1

    Mumbo:"Not meant to be harmful, just good fun."
    *at the end*
    "And thats how you put them through months of psychological torture"
    Me: Wait a second-

  • The fast guy
    The fast guy Month ago

    mumbo a pchyco

  • flashback29
    flashback29 Month ago +1

    me; im pretty good at redstone!
    oh, wait, i get most of my contraptions off of youtube.

  • szmon szymon
    szmon szymon Month ago

    ehith the flying machine imagine that if your in the game demise still aliive but was afk so had no blocks

  • Mister Man
    Mister Man Month ago

    One time I had a really good minecraft world on my PS3 a while ago and one time I logged on, I opened my door and it activated tnt that was all over under my house. Apparently my brother put TNT under my base and it was very painful to watch.

  • Stugyguys 123
    Stugyguys 123 Month ago

    3:53 it is hardcore mode

  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse Month ago +1

    the pet murderer is too cruel

  • PrismarineShard 85
    PrismarineShard 85 Month ago

    No tutorial in the description

  • אורי אסף
    אורי אסף Month ago

    U R sooo evillll

  • Eduardo Camilo Weitgenant

    The diorite is not harming anyone

    It's just causing severe mental illness on the owner of the base

  • Slades demise
    Slades demise Month ago

    The one thats the "pet killer", would be solved by my panic, and imediate breaking of all of the glass

  • weird doge with Internet access

    Mumbo:all in good fun
    Also mumbo:just to break all your dreams

  • Abdul Moeed
    Abdul Moeed Month ago

    0:55 first the wood was 62 now it is 61 and then it is 60 and it goes down...

  • Zig The3rd
    Zig The3rd Month ago

    the mob killer is kinda like something from SAW 😂

  • jameela maryam kamlian

    Did you change the redstone texture

  • Captain Nugget
    Captain Nugget Month ago


  • ilpr oko
    ilpr oko Month ago

    You're devil