Mitsubishi 3000GT - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on May 3, 2018
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    The Mitsubishi 3000GT, also known as the Dodge Stealth, was Mitsubishi’s attempt to get on top of the Japanese car market. But did it work? Join James Pumphrey as he gets into what made the 3000GT cool and what made it...not so cool. Hint: it was a little heavy.
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Comments • 4 493

  • james villamor
    james villamor Day ago

    1:05 H E L P M E M A N

  • nome
    nome Day ago

    pink guy had a stealth

  • Tiziano Rigillo
    Tiziano Rigillo Day ago

    2:55 Dude, that's a Testarossa lol

  • Cris Ibarra
    Cris Ibarra Day ago

    Montero SPORT suv? Idk ..

  • Lime
    Lime 2 days ago

    As much as we all love the active areo, tunnable exhaust, 4 wheel steering and djustable suspension, it was ultimately more damaging for performance that it was benificial. To give you an idea how good this car was without all of that, in 1994 they offered an MR model (Mistubishi Racing). It had none of the extra features, just the standard twin turbo setup and the new 6 speed that came with the normal VR-4 for the 1994 model year. Best Motoring, the Japanese TV show, raced it against and R32 GT-R and it beat it. The GT-R was a bit faster on the launch, probably due to the weight but in the straights the GTO just flies past it. I will note that they put a GTO-MR against a GTO and it clearly says GTO-MR, but against the GT-R it just says GTO so i assume this is and MR but i can't tell for certain. Video On a side note, keep watching the video past that time stamp and they put a gen 2 MR2 against an NSX and holy crap does the MR2 smoke it off the line, in the straights the NSX has to fight a bit but it takes it, but still the acceleration on the little Toyota is impressive, put a bit bigger of a turbo on it and you've got a weapon. For those interested the race before the GTO vs GT-R was a Mk 4 Supra and FD RX7 if you want to check that out, basically their racing all the gods against each other.

    The speed on that Supra though, damn what a good car, even in stock form. In the full track race it even beats the non R NSX before it dies. Not to mention the RX7, also passing the non R NSX.

    Results on a small track:
    Name Time Speed across the line (Km/h)
    NSX-R 1,30,802 263.736
    RX7 1,31,061 258.992
    Supra 1,31,509 269.662
    GTO 1,32,578 260.869
    GT-R 1,32,704 257.142
    NSX 1,33,499 254.327
    MR2 1,33,532 244.191
    EVO 1,39,791 233.009

  • Jonny O
    Jonny O 2 days ago

    Why is a fat sweaty guy yelling at me?

  • TheMrJones1994
    TheMrJones1994 4 days ago

    Id take the Stealth

  • Mr. SF
    Mr. SF 5 days ago


  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser 9 days ago

    Imagine if they took the risks and went lighter instead of cheaper.

  • Justin Fox
    Justin Fox 9 days ago

    5:21 priceless

  • hugonubario
    hugonubario 10 days ago

    More powerful than a ferrari 348
    Show a testarossa

  • Chris Williment
    Chris Williment 11 days ago +2

    Yeah this car wasn't the favorite choice even in countries that got the Supra and Skyline GTR. Because of cars major flour. The east to west engine layout. Instead of the north to south. That the other cars had. That's why this car was heavy. And harder and more expensive to modify. And it was alot heavier in the front too. Which made the car understeer alot. Which was a shame as it was a good looking machine.

  • Luis Marcano
    Luis Marcano 15 days ago +1

    I grew in a place were these were gray imports!!! Every time I saw one of the streets in freaking red color my jaw will hit the floor!!!! I meant you see the red Eclipse with the bulbous hood and we said....that's cool but then a freaking VR4 will go by and that was another freaking level!!!! So sad Mitsu went from being a cool brand to that sad SUV manufacturer with Chinese feeling!!!!

  • punchual
    punchual 17 days ago +1

    "dont make it a crossover"
    ford hearing the memo a bit late: 0_0

  • Dingo
    Dingo 19 days ago

    I would pay thousands for this car with the active aero

  • john sosa
    john sosa 20 days ago

    Good luck if you find one that's not been raped or is a lemon.

    • Stephen H.
      Stephen H. 19 days ago

      or a raped lemon. They're the worst.

  • Fernando Pacheco
    Fernando Pacheco 24 days ago

    The ending tho!!! Lmao!!! He so mad! 🤣

  • Juan Caballero
    Juan Caballero 26 days ago

    Forgot to mention the spydervr4

  • Michael Queen
    Michael Queen 29 days ago

    My mom had a 97 model. Last year they made them. We drove it to Colorado like 4 times from TN and everybody would drool over this car. We didn’t truly understand what we had when we had it. We knew it would literally fly and when she sold it for $19,000 I cried and cried I just “knew” this car was gonna be mine when I turned 16. Boy I was wrong..

  • Matt Gonzalez
    Matt Gonzalez Month ago

    God I used to love this car. I wanted a vr4 so bad when I graduated high school in 94. Just couldn't afford it. That thing was crazy expensive back then....such a cool car

  • emix
    emix Month ago

    Why is this guy yelling at us? Jeez...

  • Yaseen Ali
    Yaseen Ali Month ago

    When mom was 15 she had a 3000gt and an eclipse with a long spoiler

  • DJ 12
    DJ 12 Month ago +2

    I love that Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4 1999.

  • SMS570X
    SMS570X Month ago

    Guys get into my channel i got some nice 3000GTs Sub and like !

  • Brian Lima
    Brian Lima Month ago

    Imagine if Mitsubishi brought back the GTO

  • Zoichi Kanoe
    Zoichi Kanoe Month ago

    I do have a sigma (diamante) Mitsubishi, and I KNOW the 3000gt engine fits PERFECTLY, i'm searching for it so badly :d

  • Kenneth Wilson
    Kenneth Wilson Month ago

    The 3000GT was never slow and still isn't. I own a 95, base model. if you need proof see Hennessy,

  • David Castle
    David Castle Month ago

    I have one of these bad boys.........unfortunately NOT the VR-4 Twin Turbo version so it only pushed 160hp. Nothing this guy says applies to my car. Really sucks lol

    FLATLINE Month ago

    i actually ended up with a 93 vr4 and this made me so much more excited that i own one.

  • Miguel M
    Miguel M Month ago

    Still waiting on a video for the history of Ralliart

  • Speed Freak
    Speed Freak Month ago

    You should do the Mazda MX6

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 Month ago

    Twin turbo gran tourismo 1

  • MrAwsomeshot
    MrAwsomeshot Month ago

    had a 92 vr4. was fuckin lit.
    but then I lived in maine and it rusted away

  • Bung Chew
    Bung Chew Month ago +2

    *My impression of this guy: "Something, something, something, something, something, YELL, YELL, Dad leaving reference, something, something, something, something, something, YELL, YELL, Dad leaving reference, something, something, something, something, something, YELL, YELL, Dad leaving reference..." If the dialogue/topic of the video wasn't good as it is, then I'd be out quicker than this dudes dad... ZING. "YELL, YELL, YELL!" Lol.*

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen Month ago +1

    it was just ALL SHOW NO GO.

  • Nevin Valker
    Nevin Valker Month ago

    I just recently bought a 92 Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo. It's in really great shape and I am loving the car. It's a bitch to work on and service is expensive but it was basically a steal at $5,400.

  • moe malik
    moe malik Month ago

    I used to own a 2006 Lancer Evolution 12 years ago I bought it brand new. Now I own a 2019 STI.

  • Bryan Mitchell
    Bryan Mitchell Month ago

    One of my favorites back in the day

  • Frederick Selmon
    Frederick Selmon Month ago

    You nailed it!!

  • Danny_Misleading
    Danny_Misleading Month ago

    I hate crossover, I hate Suv I hate the fucking city car, bring back the old cool sports car. I am Italian and we were the number one in making sport car, and look now. Fiat only makes City car, Crossover or Suv, Lancia is completely gone. Alfa Romeo does something but is not enough.

    VIP_DEF Month ago

    the all new GTO crossover.

  • NateDogg Sliding
    NateDogg Sliding Month ago

    I drove a vr4 when I owned a 05’ Sti. The vr4 felt hella slow

    • Sovietkitty
      Sovietkitty Month ago

      That’s quite surprising, 0-60 times are near identical and the vr4 is a bit faster stock for stock in the quarter. Was anything done to your sti and or the vr4? They (vr4’s) can make around 600 wheel with turbos and supporting fuel on stock internals

  • *Señor Pump*
    *Señor Pump* Month ago

    I actually used this video to buy both my GTO's

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Month ago

    Shame how garbage Mitsubishi became..

  • Carlos Sanchez
    Carlos Sanchez Month ago


  • Chaps' Unlimited
    Chaps' Unlimited 2 months ago

    We couldn’t get the pop up headlights song?! Ah come on!!

  • The blunted car guy
    The blunted car guy 2 months ago

    Bro get tf off post malone for starters his music really isn't good, once he used the rap to get in hes now doing celine Dion type music now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP WITH THE LAME POST MALONE 1995 REFERENCE.

  • Darealpapac
    Darealpapac 2 months ago

    All that high-tech and my 1999 EK with GSR swapped out with a Jackson supercharger would smash every single one on the road. Back in 2003

  • Malte Laurids Brigge
    Malte Laurids Brigge 2 months ago

    Fcuking hell! If you keep telling like this I cannot watch your excellent content. STOP YELLING CONSTANTLY! A one off bit is funny within an informative video but 15 minutes of obnoxiously loud irony and the same der der humer is tiresome. Please. You're ruining your own content. I would have yelled all of that but that would be annoying :)

  • Dylan Crosby
    Dylan Crosby 2 months ago

    Probably the heaviest jdm sports car ever made! GTO IN GRAN TURISMO!

  • SBR
    SBR 2 months ago +2

    0:12 that's a skyline....

    • Jeff Butt
      Jeff Butt 3 days ago

      Yeah... A r33 skyline GTR

  • Mo Ali
    Mo Ali 2 months ago

    Anybody notice the Minecraft? He was coughing

  • Düdmæng Brøssøvítçh

    The 2972gt. LOLOL

  • Kevin Tucker
    Kevin Tucker 2 months ago

    Mitsubishi made the infamous A6M or Zero fighter plane in double u double u 2 that was faster and way more maneuverable than American planes. They’ve been around awhile and know how to make things fast.

  • Stonewall Jackson
    Stonewall Jackson 2 months ago

    This is one nice Dodge Stealth 😎

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 months ago

    My dads first car was the 3000GT and he would race it. He said he had no reason to have that as his first car, but he’s glad he did. Till he hit a truck going 140miles an hour and cut the truck in half pretty much and kept going, it caught a leak in it and when he went to race again it started knocking and he knew it was a goner, so he took it to the scrap yard and wanted to hear it one more time and when he crank it up it one last time it shot a rod through it.

  • J 8
    J 8 2 months ago

    Gd’it this was painful! I really wanted to hear the information about my favorite car.. but that guy was soooooo fuuuuuuuu ckckckckck ing annnnnnooooyyyying

  • Alan Essex
    Alan Essex 2 months ago

    I miss my 3kgt... but I don't know what's happened to Mits... Hope they bring it back one day.

  • Banzai.Drifto
    Banzai.Drifto 2 months ago

    All wheel steering too my dude