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  • I Want To Die
    I Want To Die 2 месяца назад

    Come and fly away with me... This chanell is dead :D

  • Gayan Dilusha Adikaram
    Gayan Dilusha Adikaram 4 месяца назад

    Bob XIII There is something special in MOOMOO.IO for you!!

  • Ceasar Cabrera
    Ceasar Cabrera 6 месяцев назад

    Next song video jackpot fatrat

  • legend 7048
    legend 7048 7 месяцев назад +1

    Unity is the best

  • flamefire HDL5
    flamefire HDL5 7 месяцев назад

    The update was added months ago 5

  • Shroock
    Shroock 8 месяцев назад

    New ;D you k Sub LoL Fight? Bob XIII Please?

  • SnowyViper 0227
    SnowyViper 0227 10 месяцев назад

    Bull killing tip, if u can’t have a pit trap, put a wall next to a tree and get the bull on the wall aka get it stuck cause he can’t go through, then hit the tree but still hit the bull, DONT HIT THE WALL. :D Hope This Helps

  • Susan Werner
    Susan Werner 11 месяцев назад

    Just cheat now bob xiii

  • Julia Helena
    Julia Helena 11 месяцев назад

    Oi jemte

  • Krzysiu Jurczyk
    Krzysiu Jurczyk 11 месяцев назад

    you killet me Bob XLllll

  • christophe paste
    christophe paste 11 месяцев назад

    Ses quoi le nom de la musique ???

  • Rodrigo Quispetito Noda
    Rodrigo Quispetito Noda 11 месяцев назад

    What is the muisic (name)?

  • miha mihaela
    miha mihaela Год назад

    with the platform you cant move on the water by building a bridge.

  • Лъчезар Георгиев


  • chau duongg
    chau duongg Год назад

    Super noob box

  • Potokito
    Potokito Год назад

    The Fat Rat,had +1million subscriber

  • FAN GOLD!! !
    FAN GOLD!! ! Год назад

    Milions suckribe :D

  • Fross 29
    Fross 29 Год назад

    My Best kills \53kills

  • AudiGamer [King Of Thieves]
    AudiGamer [King Of Thieves] Год назад

    8:50 look at how many stone he has xd

  • badx sin
    badx sin Год назад

    fly away

  • Serious Gaming
    Serious Gaming Год назад

    They renamed black bull to bully lol

  • Cynthia Collins
    Cynthia Collins Год назад

    Is it Bob Xiii or bob xlll

  • Jazz Lee
    Jazz Lee Год назад

    The platform is to go over the river like land

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Год назад +1

    It's So Funny Just Looking At you Walking Around With That Sword And Swinging It 😂

  • Jie Jun Liang
    Jie Jun Liang Год назад

    the music is one of my favorites too

  • you are my worst nightmare
    you are my worst nightmare Год назад

    you can build an outpost ....
    using that platform

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller Год назад


  • killer nicholas tube
    killer nicholas tube Год назад

    funny moment is so funny lolвидео.html&t=2s

  • chuen chan
    chuen chan Год назад

    (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  • Mewmore
    Mewmore Год назад

    Fly away is one of my fav songs too xD

  • Goku black A Dinvindade 7
    Goku black A Dinvindade 7 Год назад

    hi friends

    PHANTOM CODE Villa Год назад

    If you use pit trap and one spike if dont damage use walls so it push at spike

  • Ashton Bethany
    Ashton Bethany Год назад

    1:44 am I can't sleep

  • Natalia Triboi
    Natalia Triboi Год назад

    Bob XII vas Corrupt X

  • Wolfie Saturdays
    Wolfie Saturdays Год назад

    I remember this video

  • Dark Hero D
    Dark Hero D Год назад

    bro bob xll i play with you
    rememper me i joker

      MAHMUD ZIYAT 2 месяца назад

      Yes pro bob Xll music love

  • Lapa TV
    Lapa TV Год назад

    я попал в видео я тебя убивал

  • Lapa TV
    Lapa TV Год назад

    я уже подписался

  • Lapa TV
    Lapa TV Год назад

    ты топ

  • Isaiah Cordova
    Isaiah Cordova Год назад

    the plat form is for the river its a brige for the water

    • Darkeninanims GT
      Darkeninanims GT Год назад


  • _VorteX_ - Block Strike
    _VorteX_ - Block Strike Год назад

    6:06 chaos of bulls xD

  • Adrian ZHAO
    Adrian ZHAO Год назад +2

    Hacker noob

    • Marko James Habla
      Marko James Habla 8 месяцев назад

      Adrian ZHAO Maybe your the noob you use hacks

  • He Kis
    He Kis Год назад


  • křupko- žrout
    křupko- žrout Год назад

    to bylo fakt dobri

  • Sarah Wong
    Sarah Wong Год назад

    BOB BOB!!!

  • HenriBlox
    HenriBlox Год назад

    Bob good gg pro

  • Zeng quan Qu
    Zeng quan Qu Год назад

    LMAO 9:08 ROASTED! And Bob, much love!

  • Jacky Red
    Jacky Red Год назад

    I'm 233

  • Jacky Red
    Jacky Red Год назад


  • TheViolinGuy
    TheViolinGuy Год назад

    Soundtrack is the worst
    "One thousand views"

  • AquaDronix
    AquaDronix Год назад

    happy I subed ^μ^

  • Denis Games
    Denis Games Год назад

    subscrybe PLEASE!!!

  • Hakjun
    Hakjun Год назад +1

    dude,At 5.30 Thats Just you who Break the trap not the Bull Is Glitchy

  • EnderMC
    EnderMC Год назад

    from Music: "We're making pooooo!" Lol

  • sönmez pikachu
    sönmez pikachu Год назад

    1:00 music pls?

  • Vegeta Black
    Vegeta Black Год назад

    Bob XIII. no kill me in plz my name GD VACA

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Год назад

    jeeze 8 kills skull
    i did 17 kills in a server and i was whitout skull ._.

  • Uluparon
    Uluparon Год назад +1

    Do a troll by trapping every animal in a corner :D

  • Kacper Pelc
    Kacper Pelc Год назад

    to min nim

  • Ailemami
    Ailemami Год назад


  • Meme Bean
    Meme Bean Год назад

    lol platform could be trolling utopia xD just shooting them over their own walls...imagine it...

  • Đảng Nguyễn
    Đảng Nguyễn Год назад

    Monodi thefatrat

  • 20.WMSH.00 WAM muhammad SHAHMI haikal

    why [pros] are so bad

    cuz they are noobs

  • Tai Rian LIM
    Tai Rian LIM Год назад +2

    your not really good no offense lololololo

    • ChezitEatit
      ChezitEatit Год назад +1

      neither are u probably XD

  • Angelique Buntin
    Angelique Buntin Год назад

    your the best youtuber

  • TV Shiny
    TV Shiny Год назад +1

    music in come play whith me?pls talking me

  • xFlorin x
    xFlorin x Год назад

    Now you has see?

  • Oxygen 氧
    Oxygen 氧 Год назад

    Nice job, as always. ;)

  • Liam McPhee
    Liam McPhee Год назад

    I love your choice of music! it's one of my personal favorites

  • Jay Dodson
    Jay Dodson Год назад +3

    (great update vid)

    • Jay Dodson
      Jay Dodson Год назад +2

      TripleShot Gaming I realized that after I posted my comment and was to lazy to take it down

    • GrIm On YT
      GrIm On YT Год назад +1

      Mr.chad Hayden he said he didn't have enough stone

  • team fortress
    team fortress Год назад

    your next song should be Monday by thefatrat

  • Jeffrey Sun
    Jeffrey Sun Год назад

    ur so pro

  • Xeno X
    Xeno X Год назад +2


  • Просто Костя
    Просто Костя Год назад

    Bob you kill me, why?

  • gps gps
    gps gps Год назад

    and i also keep pet in my base

  • gps gps
    gps gps Год назад

    i tell you my caln is legend and base wall is castle wall

  • gps gps
    gps gps Год назад

    what you attack my GD clan

  • gps gps
    gps gps Год назад

    the platform can shoot over the wall

  • Nery pro
    Nery pro Год назад +2

    shoutout bro ?

  • Kippu Hi
    Kippu Hi Год назад

    7:25 I've been doing that for a days xD

  • Nelson Fernández
    Nelson Fernández Год назад +3

    black bulls are Bullys and when you find a black bull its called Bully when you find the MooMoo Bully it says: GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY!

  • Guillaume Dinkgreve
    Guillaume Dinkgreve Год назад +4


  • Guillaume Dinkgreve
    Guillaume Dinkgreve Год назад +3

    wow hoo proXD

  • Eduardo NETO NETO
    Eduardo NETO NETO Год назад

    so cool!
    you are much pro :D
    i loved the video

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. Год назад +2

    fake IXPLODE at 7:37

  • jean pierre
    jean pierre Год назад +7

    new video experimental please bob xiii

    • yannis b
      yannis b 11 месяцев назад

      Angela Pizzano you suck you. Nub :-)

    • Angela Pizzano
      Angela Pizzano Год назад

      You suck I hate you

  • Glub Glub
    Glub Glub Год назад +2

    This seems more of a update to satisfy everyone while working on a bigger update

  • Shy Rapper
    Shy Rapper Год назад

    hi i like your video so much.i like video fight ! ):D ahaha but i kill 58 guy
    lololololoollololololool but so 1 day i lose .
    i kill 3 ' 3' !

  • bob zilla
    bob zilla Год назад

    hollo pepolzs

  • Edwin Reyes
    Edwin Reyes Год назад

    ilove song from fat rat too

  • Rhondnan De Souza
    Rhondnan De Souza Год назад +2

    i killed 52

  • thegamebrazil10
    thegamebrazil10 Год назад

    like pls

  • I amHere
    I amHere Год назад

    im having problems in it lags so much after 10 minutes of gameplay I was going to quit but nope because its my best game ever but i need help i even fullscreeb it but it doesnt work

    • Glub Glub
      Glub Glub Год назад

      I amHere Do you have multiple tabs open? If so remove them if you need to also try to not join big servers try 15 players to 30

  • Code_ kliffy
    Code_ kliffy Год назад

    it takes me like 15 at least 11 for skull

  • PowerFlameX
    PowerFlameX Год назад

    Bob, you forgot a update, the Black Bull is now bigger and stronger

  • kristerss qıp
    kristerss qıp Год назад

    Bob xiii me follow un youtube

  • Котярендж Channel
    Котярендж Channel Год назад


  • Craig
    Craig Год назад

    bob u need more Spikes to trap the at my it work with two

  • baeniee
    baeniee Год назад +2

    bobxiii u can stand and shoot over mine stones u know

  • Hey350
    Hey350 Год назад