Trump Fails To Shake Merkel’s Hand | The View

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Автор Bob Johnson ( назад)
Hillary spies on her own people. She said campaign blamed for her loss.  She blames staff, Obama, weiner, comey, Russians, media, etc.  We should sue women for wearing short skirts for sexual harassment.

Автор Dallas Bridge ( назад)
unfucknbelieveable This man is digusting. Fukn Dumb....bigly.

Автор H5N1only ( назад)
You don't shake hands with people who betray the people's trust.

Автор Bob Johnson ( назад)
Trump for 8 years.  How good is that!!!  Hillary gone.  Waters for President!!!!

Автор Jack Bagelz ( назад)
bunch of old yentas..

Автор Bob ( назад)
This whole muslim problem is BUTT STUPID; Islam is NOT even a religion and the Quran is NOT even a holy book, ex muslims and even the son of hamas say this..................yet we are giving away our country's to the radical/violent political system of Islam. This is BUTT STUPID

Автор Aundre Mathews ( назад)
The Left is still out of touch with western politics; they are busy protesting rights they already have, believing the pay-gap exist although every economist in the west has debunk this since the 70's, and BLM (the anti-intellectual movement endorsed by self loathing white liberals); that's what's embarrassing. Merkel's popularity has been declining since the open boarder policy in the EU went unregulated and allowed a flood of refugees at a rate in which they could not be culturally assimilated. Consequently, Europe has parallel communities in which Muslims now have Sharia courts operating separate from western judicial systems which by default allows Muslim women to be oppressed in western society; if it wasn't a religious group, but a social group that did this, western cultures would ban it due to women's rights being infringed upon (Islam needs a reformation)! Populism is rising in the EU due to this and the former globalist such as Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande have even admitted not regulating the huge influx of refugees was a mistake.

Trump didn't shake her hand because he's a populist...like Theresa May, Nigel Ferrage, Marion Le Pen, and other countries such as Greece, Germany, Sweden etc that are rapidly moving toward populism. The Left missed this by a long shot and they still don't get it....this is why they lost the election. Trump tapped into said sentiment thats being felt in Europe, and Conservatives are well aware of this as well; that's why Nigel Ferrage was invited to speak for the Trump campaign (Kellyanne Conway was smart for this political move)!!! Liberals missed that cue as well...too busy talking about Russia (still no evidence btw)...and not about the corruption in their party.

Until the Dems clean up their own house after the DNC scandal, acknowledge radical Islam, denounce the racist rhetoric from 3rd wave feminist/BLM/liberal college snowflakes (which scared the white Americans that voted for Obama into Trump's camp), you can be assured the Dems will continue to lose...just like they lost every branch of government; they now only control the MSM of course, 17 gubernatorial seats (Repubs 33), and effectively only control about 20% of local/state/fed in the country as reported by the Washington Post and other MSM outlets. Wake up Liberals! Youre high on your own ideology. You can say Hillary won the majority...but looking at the map on election day you'll see she only won Metropolitan areas which is NOT all that America is. This will be a major chapter in human history, and the liberals will be wearing their pussyhats protesting and bellyaching about nothing....totally unaware of the economic crisis that the world is about to witness. Wake up liberals...youve fallen asleep at the wheel!!!

Автор S Moses ( назад)
lol @ we're not that cool

Автор david mcmahon ( назад)
This show is such trash!

Автор brian lucas ( назад)
You can tell by his body language-He heard it.

Автор Amanda Adams ( назад)
We're up here in Canada laughing at you...but it's a sad laugh

Автор greg romero ( назад)
what an embarrassment this baboon trump is. for being real smart, he is sure dumb.

Автор Dana Nicole ( назад)
I think he's scared of women.

Автор Cora Davis ( назад)
he wouldn't shake yours either

Автор Jedeons Video Randomness ( назад)
He actually did shake her hand when they first met up! Just because he didn't want to sit there and give in to the media, you all think he's the worst person around.. This is fake news since he did shake her hand!! Some of you folks are just plain despicable!!

Автор Gina Armstrong ( назад)
I missed something? What is the bell??

Автор Andreja Kocjančič ( назад)
Maybe he just doesn't like to shake hands with a traitor. Sounds good to me.

Автор Captain Picard ( назад)
Maybe he wouldnt shake her hand because he knows she has been around muslims too much.
Lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

Автор DieNiranjana ( назад)
Dont you have any idea about power-attitudes? You dont really believe that Trump doesnt know what he does?

Автор Carolyn Smith ( назад)
Trump needs a hearing aid.

Автор Alcagaur1 ( назад)
As shown by the 19 seconds surgically extracted from Shinzo Abe's existence, Agent Orange doesn't know how to shake hands, and having been blocked, analyzed and outshone by Trudeau, I believe he was terrified of what might happen and how many times it would be looped on late night shows.

Автор Martin Rabitsch ( назад)
USA is richer than Germany (a bit) per capita. But the money goes to the richest, no healthcare, no care for jobless, not enough to schools. But military can't get big enough. If Germany would act like this, it might be the richest of the big countries by head. But people would suffer. I am from Austria, so don't think it's propaganda for Germany. Just something to think about

Автор darksideomyass ( назад)
Do these old hags even need tampons or rags monthly any more
to ram up those rotten old dried up lesbian cunts ?

Автор Victoria Crompton ( назад)
He was getting personal and being petty and childish. He represents America, so he should shake hands with American allies.

Автор hategreed1 ( назад)
It is RIDICULOUS for Trump buffoons to be his apologists and claim maybe he doesn't know or maybe he didn't hear. EVERY President has STAFF who tell them EXACTLY what the protocols are, EXACTLY what the ceremony consists of. For Trump supporters to try to explain away his INADEQUACY as inexperience is BUFFOONERY. He has handlers telling him what to do, and he is still incapable, just like W was. They were both erected to con the red state idiots into thinking they had a representative. It's all FAKED, to get your votes, and to RIP YOU OFF.

Автор DR Ir M ( назад)
He's childish.......

Автор 1988vikable ( назад)
I cringed when merkel and trump were sitting next to each other. Trump really did a bad job at showing the public that we value are allies. Then he tweets stuff afterwards about how Germany owes money to the U.S, I mean that's bad diplomacy. He should have talked with merkel instead of a stupid tweet.

Автор SuperSmile2004 ( назад)
Every nation deserves it's own President. Dumb presidents for dumb people. Period! Whoopi is brilliant tho))))

Автор Trina Jeter ( назад)
"side eye moment" by Merkel....*priceless*

Автор a b ( назад)
god I am in love with Sara

Автор Tesslynn Amburgey ( назад)
Michelle Obama couldn't salute our flag...

Автор Suzanne Bellamy ( назад)
These thugs are so pathetic!

Автор Duane Hayes ( назад)
Can someone find me a quote where Donald Trump says "climate change is a hoax?" I cant seem to find ONE.

Автор geekgirrrl ( назад)
I heard all there reporters screaming. "Handshake !!"

Автор Cyrus Dee ( назад)
Joy Behar is now blonde.

Автор Joshy titan ( назад)
Shut the view down to much negativity

Автор Miss Daisy ( назад)
Trump has no dignity or decorum.

Автор XKeyscore KLP ( назад)
Hes breaking down. He knows whats coming. Hes self destructing before anyone else do it for him.


Автор hervy galloway ( назад)
Sorry, Germany for our stupidity.

Автор Kay 100 ( назад)
If Merkel is a three, Trump is a zero!!!Joe, try harder! Who cares what Trump thinks???Dig deeper!!!

Автор kenakaren ( назад)
He refuses to handshake Merkel because he doesn't like globalists, people like Whoopi etc. I hate globalists too

Автор Rachel D ( назад)
trump shook her hand when they first met.... secondly merkel will be voted out because europe hates her, and so do many americans

Автор Ema Star ( назад)
oh whooppppiiiieee love u

Автор Ema Star ( назад)
wow.. what a guy

Автор BostonRedSoxForever ( назад)
I'm missing President Obama so much! A true, classy, intelligent, funny, charming and competent President! First and foremost, he is sane!!! Angela Merkel has more brains in her pinky toe than Trump in his entire orange head!

Whoopi, you rock!

Автор Stevie Wonderful ( назад)
i was raised to respect the presidency...the president should respect the presidency

Автор Jeremy Lipinski ( назад)

Автор 1980Nicoletta ( назад)
so stuttering baby spicer says pmurt dump chump supposedly
"couldn't hear" ( SEVERAL ) reporters yell
"hand shake"???? hes shaken other leader''s hands with no problem ( remember the ridiculously long hand shake with japan's leader) drump truck trump KNOWS of the expectation of hand shake photo op in the oval. THAT'S WHY THE ROOM WAS PACKED/ HOW AWKWARD.
You cannot cherry pick who you want to be diplomatic with. This failure to do one simple task is further PROOF of how incompetent this wacked out clown is to be POTUS. IMPEACH HIM NOW= PLEASE/ ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE!

Автор 1980Nicoletta ( назад)
When can we impeach this clown????????????????????

Автор RubberWilbur ( назад)
Good for Trump. We're getting tired of the American taxpayers getting fleeced by europe

Автор wolfgang flywheel ( назад)
witches all of the them card carrying commies . if you listen to these sorry cunts for political advice or analysis you are the reason President Trump won. keep on resisting till we choke you all out..

Автор Don Francisco ( назад)
The view!? Does anyone watch this crap?

Автор jeff matthews ( назад)
These retards are the reason we need to repeal the 19 amendment!

Автор landsolo ( назад)
The latest fairy tale from Merkel's brilliant refugee immigration program is a 7 year old little girl that was gang raped by FIVE Arabs in a refugee camp in Germany a few of days ago, and let's certainly not forget the 500 cases of sexual assault on New Years Eve in Berlin by Arab Men.
Merkel has sold out Germany and I wouldn't shake her hand either.

Автор Michael D. Williams III ( назад)
You in danger girl!!! Yesss and. Goldberg, she keeps it real!! 👏🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👩🏾❤️I love me some Whoopi, so well said! 👍🏽😃

Автор Smoothie Gamer ( назад)
Angela merkal is bad women she killed hundreds of women

Автор June Ronan ( назад)
did u guys know that markel is against gay marriage?? that was sooo turn off

Автор koukimonzta ( назад)
Trump is the everyday fake news to America.

Автор Sandra Spady ( назад)
So David, and Tippy Toe, you would rather have a dummy in the white house than a smart man?  You may not agree with his policies but guess what he was not under investigation by the FBI... LOCK HIM UP

Автор Tommy Stryker ( назад)
lookliky, what part of the world do you live? May I ask how many houses you own?

Автор Austin Gaston ( назад)
These have to be the stupidest women on the planet.

Автор Ms. Moses ( назад)
Lmao!! That was awesome Whoopi! 😂

Автор PineappleDave Dave ( назад)

Автор Mali Super ( назад)
These women are so disgraceful. Their HATE is palpable and sickening. Couldn't it be that he didn't hear her? No, of course not, it has to be some evil reason.

Автор PineappleDave Dave ( назад)
oh curly u r not even serious...PRESIDENT TRUMP needs to fumigate the whitehouse from all the nappy black pubichairs OMG ...talk about no class...the nizzers in the WH disgraced it with all the black low IQ niggerz visiting and twerking their ugly stinky nasty shitsmelling asses...ODUMBO AND MANCHELLE R TRASHY NIGGERZ...TRUMP AND MELANIA HAVE CLASS

Автор julian arias ( назад)
All these parrots are getting money for take a tea and Donald is fixing the country por 1$....

Автор clubredken ( назад)
Whenever I ring the bell the girls also go crazy :)

Автор J K ( назад)
OMG ! How immature and embarrassing. Even in a corporate meeting you cannot act like this arrogant psychopath did. The pathetic and stupid republicans have chosen their worse leader yet.

Автор Quad Cities ( назад)
Google "Hillary Clinton without Makeup"

Автор ShadowMask1995 ( назад)
isn't she the Leader who Obama Wiretapped?

Автор Black DSP ( назад)
The view fails again. The "Failing" View.

Автор db burns187 ( назад)
why shake that womans hand she ruined her own country and most of europe, well done trump man of principles!

Автор Carolyn Lyford Sullivan ( назад)
Trump is getting things done .Far cry from a ridiculous President. If Hillary Clinton were elected our country would be a mess . She has committed serious crimes. The liberals of our country need to face facts . We have a can do president. Not a see what we can get away with president. These liberal talk shows make me want to vomit . They are behaving like fools and acting like idiots. Watch what is going on in congressional hearings . The Democrats are hanging themselves.

Автор Tango Bango ( назад)
Is this disgusting man, our President, for real? Angela is TWICE the MAN Trump will ever be!

Автор rick payne ( назад)

Автор Free Speech ( назад)
Why would he want to shake her hand! She has ruined Europe for good!

Автор Jim Smith ( назад)
Donna Brazile...

Автор Peter Mullen ( назад)
He's a ignoramous..that was so disrespectful...

Автор alen michailov ( назад)

Автор Exit Light ( назад)
He heard, he is clearly shaking his head "No". No excuses for this pig!

Автор Carolyn Lam ( назад)
Blessed these videos don't have ads

Автор The White Knight of Justice ( назад)
And yet, if he had shaken her hand, the View would be saying "Look how quick he was to shake a German's hand! Proof he is a Nazi!" There is no satisfying a mind as twisted and backward as a liberal. Speaking of twisted and backward, we're still waiting for you to leave, Whoopi!

Автор Aeri Heirsling ( назад)

Автор kmd 0193 ( назад)
What a disrespectful derp.

Автор Jewish Royalty ( назад)
well they did spy on her they bugged her phone and stuff
You people seriously don't know that ???? This here my friends is fake news that's why they're making fun of stuff that really happened

Автор Diane Pancel ( назад)
Yes Whoopi!

Автор Britt-Inger Sundbom ( назад)
Trump is NOT Presidentmaterial!!!!

Автор Ieva pieva ( назад)
this show is only about trump.. wtf.. why?! why media trying destroy him.. and i know. im not protrump or antitrump.. but really why... people, media and news are in danger. look carefully into this situation

Автор H. Lima ( назад)
Uhhhh did no one see him slightly shake his head NO when they asked for a handshake??!! He sure as heck did hear!!

Автор Alex Zander ( назад)
Whoopy your a fucdk tard hate Trump all you want for he is awesome

Автор Walter Higo ( назад)
Personally I don't like world leaders "shaking hands for a picture" when they have DIAMETRICAL OPPOSITE views in almost EVERYTHING. Good for TRUMP for not caring about extreme diplomacy. #KeepItReal #MAGA

Автор Walter Higo ( назад)
The USA owes money to China???? I wonder whom is to blame for that!!

Автор Benjamin P. Boccuzzi ( назад)
Whoopi Is very disrespectful.

Автор Mo Qui ( назад)
He is trash.

Автор citizenxgen ( назад)
the left's rational mind at a work.
"he did not shake hands; let's impeach him"

perhaps the poor bugger did not hear what was being requested.

Автор 2 Frisky Felines ( назад)
I'm so sick and tired of Joy, the same thing day in and day out. No original content on this show. Its not like years ago.

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