Me vs All

  • Published on Jan 31, 2018
  • I decided to do a Takeover, Enjoy!
    I do not own any of the music.
    All rights reserved to their respective owners!!!
    This video is not meant to infringe any of the copyrights.
    This is for people's enjoyment only.
    Songs: Never Gonna have a Migraine (Goblin Mashups)
    Make You Lost (Goblin Mashups)
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  • Kotek polish
    Kotek polish 4 months ago

    „ty" in Polish mean: „you"

  • QyoTo X
    QyoTo X 7 months ago +1

    1 Sword or axe?
    2 Katana or great axe?

  • Aziim Wong
    Aziim Wong 8 months ago

    Never mind if u die but I like u get many kill

  • CyberSavage Turk
    CyberSavage Turk Year ago


  • фантайм фредди TV

    👹a m killl you

  • ItZ Hateful
    ItZ Hateful Year ago

    nice video bro your videos are blowing up!!!!!

  • Таня Юревич


  • Jimmy Rejl
    Jimmy Rejl Year ago

    you noob

  • Didi Plays
    Didi Plays Year ago

    I'll just use bull helmet then hit then spike ya! 《●o●》

  • Didi Plays
    Didi Plays Year ago

    Hey CastBound your good.i mean i can beat you.

  • Andrea Nino-Arguelles

    U shoulda placed spike at 3:18

  • Clohckify
    Clohckify Year ago


  • giovani de oliveira nunes nunes

    y new subscrib :)

  • ZeBrA GaMeS
    ZeBrA GaMeS Year ago

    Go play with me,please?

  • jAm jAm
    jAm jAm Year ago

    stephanie is right tho use hot keys for everything i think. thats what i do. ive beaten hood man and gold in 1v1s like that. good luck with youtube cast!

  • jAm jAm
    jAm jAm Year ago

    Well done

  • Sky Frost
    Sky Frost Year ago

    Nice video! I hope you can get to 1,000 subs.

  • Shroock
    Shroock Year ago

    So EPIC!

  • Adorable PenguinMC

    He use typer look he can reach the trap but if he use spike he need to click probably a autotyper

  • ZnetsixE
    ZnetsixE Year ago

    sydney server iwas just on the ...

  • Ποπη Πιτσικοπουλου

    bro u are good but u want wark

  • Haskel Nguyen
    Haskel Nguyen Year ago

    Dragons is my freind

  • Jacob Fishman
    Jacob Fishman Year ago

    wow i can't believe your friend's with me on your own discord server im lucky to be one of those few people

  • NJ lol
    NJ lol Year ago

    wow almost as good as my 300+ kill takeover...wait

  • Michael Atkinson
    Michael Atkinson Year ago

    more plz Nice vid!!!!!

  • _ Sarmale _
    _ Sarmale _ Year ago


    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +1

      *Pros* *in* *life*

  • coreva 916
    coreva 916 Year ago


  • DOGIk Dogiki
    DOGIk Dogiki Year ago


  • Kervin Steve Roy
    Kervin Steve Roy Year ago +1

    To be Legend like Corrupt X and Quattro

  • Kervin Steve Roy
    Kervin Steve Roy Year ago +1

    And don't forget to food spam

  • Kervin Steve Roy
    Kervin Steve Roy Year ago

    You are good and I like that video but you are not fast of putting spikes so you died on the lvl,Tip:Put spikes fast

  • Soldier Gaming
    Soldier Gaming Year ago +1

    Nice video

  • Nukyyy
    Nukyyy Year ago +5

    TRICK for unexperienced moomoo players:
    Heal with Q
    place spikes with 5
    place pittraps with 7
    place turrets with 8/9

    trap the enemies with a pit trap. surround them with spieks,(4-5 should be enough)and place one turret if you use axe. the turret will hit the player, he will get knockback and he will ram into spikes like in one sevond 200 times(youre not able to see). even autohelaers will be defeated. when they destroy your spikes before destroying your trap.replace them with ease. *to the axe palyers when you use kataana, you dont have to palce a turret. only hit them... same effect

    • Дамир Шамильевич
      Дамир Шамильевич 11 months ago

      HDN_ Nukyyy 😁

    • Marian Marian
      Marian Marian Year ago

      HDN_ Nukyyy hi its me Hate

    • Da Wae
      Da Wae Year ago +2

      The 3 key is also pretty good for healing to :P

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +1

      good,but correct yourself for typing and do a tutorial for other things. ex:boost pads,bases,animals etc.

    • CastBound
      CastBound  Year ago

      Thanks for the tip!

  • Ghost_GG
    Ghost_GG Year ago +1

    TOPPPPP TOP Video super you PRO!!!

  • Skittles
    Skittles Year ago

    the guy you 1 v 1 had no skill compared to you if you got your hot keys better and could spam food you would be great and the fact your good enough to have a habit on putting trap behind you which takes more space and is a door to walk out of spike circles is great keep it up :)

  • Kawbrah
    Kawbrah Year ago +1

    Okay .... good vid 👌

  • der fish
    der fish Year ago

    Im better then you

    • Soldier Gaming
      Soldier Gaming Year ago

      der fish Try to beat him now... He's alot better than on the videos

  • Derpity Derp
    Derpity Derp Year ago

    how do u stream???!!!

  • Jaxxy
    Jaxxy Year ago +1


  • MoMo Jr
    MoMo Jr Year ago

    add me on discord i how u :D

  • MoMo Jr
    MoMo Jr Year ago +3

    this dude is trash
    i would have been killed dragline

  • Brandon Majeyu
    Brandon Majeyu Year ago +1

    Nice video. Keep it up!

  • Richard
    Richard Year ago +9

    so.. you're New to this game.Tip:try to learn at least the hotkeys for spikes, so I can give you a like.

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +1

      ok good.

    • Joash Player
      Joash Player Year ago +1

      It takes me 5 secs ors less to do a full circle of death.

    • Richard
      Richard Year ago +1

      Fei Li How much time does it takes to you to put a spike?

    • Fei Li
      Fei Li Year ago +1

      The hotkey for spike is 5 right? My finger just aren't that fast

    • UnLimitedSkillX
      UnLimitedSkillX Year ago +1

      yes agreed, I pvped him yesterday I won 2-1 but before I rekted him and I saw he mastered hotkeys so he's now way better

  • StAtiʞ
    StAtiʞ Year ago +1

    Editing is good game play isnt

    • CastBound
      CastBound  Year ago +1

      Sorry, I'll try to get better.

  • UnLimitedSkillX
    UnLimitedSkillX Year ago

    cast im proud what you told me on discord was true, well nice video loved it

  • MEI
    MEI Year ago +1


  • iKewl
    iKewl Year ago +2

    Good Video!