Sister Location Trailer 1

  • Published on May 21, 2016
  • This is the first trailer for the upcoming game, Sister Location. Featuring original trailer music by Leon Riskin.
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  • Ava Games Før You
    Ava Games Før You 2 hours ago

    It’s been so long
    Sense Scott uploaded
    *he needs a controlled shock*
    *he needs to upload more*
    *like the FNAF VR TRAILER*

  • Lorelai Galway
    Lorelai Galway 2 hours ago

    99% of comments
    *LeTs FiX ThAt WiTH A CONTROLED ShOck*

    *meaning full stuff about the series*

  • KaymBro 15
    KaymBro 15 3 hours ago

    Which channel is the real Scott cathon? There's two channels!?

    • Static
      Static 2 hours ago

      @KaymBro 15 I am the worst at explaining things. Trust me, this channel is 100% Scotts channel.

    • KaymBro 15
      KaymBro 15 2 hours ago

      Ah well.. okay then...

    • Static
      Static 2 hours ago

      ​@KaymBro 15 This is his channel. He hasnt uploaded in 3 years. Also there's way more than 2 channels with the name Scott Cawthon. Look at his videos. They go back to 12 years ago. I've been subbed to this channel since 2014. All the other channels are clearly fake.

    • KaymBro 15
      KaymBro 15 3 hours ago

      Is there proof?

    • Static
      Static 3 hours ago

      This is the real one.

  • Jolee Thorne
    Jolee Thorne 3 hours ago

    Is funtime foxy a boy or a girl

    • Static
      Static 3 hours ago +1

      Either. To me he's a boy.

  • GD Killers
    GD Killers 3 hours ago

    Best FNAF trailer

  • xشمر
    xشمر 6 hours ago


  • xشمر
    xشمر 6 hours ago


  • Bonnie mc queen
    Bonnie mc queen 7 hours ago

    i like fnaf

  • Madeline McAdams
    Madeline McAdams 9 hours ago

    A very well done trailer. Wish someone would actually make these animatronics. Specificaly Funtime Foxy!

  • gadem 39
    gadem 39 12 hours ago

    mr scott you are a legend

  • A D E L I N A
    A D E L I N A 12 hours ago

    Hi Scott I have a question can you please tell me if Foxy Funtime is the girl or the boy?

  • Lexie Corona
    Lexie Corona 13 hours ago +1


  • Crepy LoudEro PastEro
    Crepy LoudEro PastEro 14 hours ago

    #FNAFV Oh #FiveNightsAtFredyV 1:18

  • Z n T
    Z n T 15 hours ago

    hey Scott, just suggesting but I'd LOVE a Fnaf world update 3 with new characters like ones from Fnaf 6, and pizzeria sim and a fan even made an fake trailer that you shold check out so keep updating your games!!!

    BOO OOM 17 hours ago

    Why circus baby have a hand and scap baby haven not a normal hand

  • DemonBoi 101
    DemonBoi 101 22 hours ago

    Glitchtrap or what ever the vr springbonnie is, it is terrifying

  • DemonBoi 101
    DemonBoi 101 22 hours ago

    Scott your games are amazing you did a great job on the VR game

  • Olivia Coe
    Olivia Coe 22 hours ago

    I LOVE FNAf no but seriously thanks Scott for creating the best game series ever I have all the books merch and I played all the games thanks Scott!

  • gothmedli
    gothmedli Day ago

    this still a bop

  • Sally Party
    Sally Party Day ago +1

    "Fnaf sister location"

    Day 1:
    *Sees Funtime freddy is a ACTUAL GAY BOY*
    Most are them. He's the "Chica" of the group. Where's Chica?

    Day 2:
    Why are there human anmitronics here? WHY IS THERE A ONE CALLED CIRCUS BABY? BABY = PEDOS WANTING HER- Why are they called funtimes actually? Time to see ships

    Day 3: (or more like skip a heccing bunch until of late 2018 i know about ucn after mid-2018 of learning abot SL)

    Half of them are girls. FUNTIME FOXY U F***ING TRAP UR MORE TRAPPER THAN TOY BONNIE, SPRINGBONNIE AND POSSIBLY MANGLE COMBINED. (Forgetting that there is toy freddy and FT.Fr00d)

    Day 4:
    Heh. Ennard.

    Day 5:
    I love the memes the things but still....
    Why is it called sister location? Or is it called cause FINALLY A FEMALE RUNS THE GROUP.
    That isnt a bear but a human.

    No F's. At least one animtronic of theirs is on the top 3.
    Hint: From sister location
    Overall. I came late into this late when I finished my fnaf fandom at 2016 or 17. came into probably when the toys were here and some days later: Zombie-bunny (ignore that)
    And again a concusion of being late into this:

    At least fnaf and ut/dr have something similar
    Both late for me.

  • Елена Борисовна

    Я вас обожаю! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rustplayer 35
    Rustplayer 35 Day ago +2

    Hey Scott im have a question

  • kai tasukeda
    kai tasukeda Day ago

    Fnaf 2 use the same word righting fnaf 5 has samething to do with fnaf 2 im just saying btw

  • GachaMemes xX
    GachaMemes xX Day ago

    Hi Scott! I know your not gonna see this comment, but I hope you do. Just like a whole bunch of other people, I read the whole FNaF books series. And I loved every bit of it. I thought to my self that I was the biggest FNaF fan ever, but of course I’m not! I just wanted to say that I loved every bit of your FNaF books series, and, of course, your game series. I am really really REALLY hoping that you will make another book about Charlie, John, Marla, and everyone else. Thank you for always making me happy everytime a game or a book would come out. And keep up the amazing work please!

  • daisy Orita delima

    I am a very good voice actor can you add me in please

  • Oepoz
    Oepoz Day ago +2

    Plz anthor game scoot! Five night at frddey 8

  • Dab Police ink plush channel

    Why you didn’t add phantom puppet in the ultimate custom night

  • stargaming lior
    stargaming lior Day ago

    fnaf 9 coming?

  • Bearcave
    Bearcave Day ago +1

    Scott finally used his channel again...

    To donate to Dawko’s channel

  • Little_unknown
    Little_unknown Day ago +2

    *i guess you forgot about me*

  • Manu Da rosa dos santos

    Someone speech portuguese

  • RivalXL
    RivalXL Day ago

    I cannot believe this is three years ago

  • Gwendolyn Rosebook
    Gwendolyn Rosebook 2 days ago +2

    its been 3 years since sister location was released? woah.. time flies by-

    • Greta Schuster
      Greta Schuster Day ago

      sorry my spelling sucks

    • Greta Schuster
      Greta Schuster Day ago +2

      it does expressly when you spend an hour a day trying to pick apart the lore

  • Purple HeartVR
    Purple HeartVR 2 days ago

    Did nobody else except me noticed that the FNAF WORLD TRAILER IS GONE?!

  • GIF 2008 Fernández
    GIF 2008 Fernández 2 days ago

    this is a best video game of terror

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster 2 days ago +2

    Where fnaf world update 3 and ucn with other animatronics

  • CamCam Playz
    CamCam Playz 2 days ago +1

    I bet Scott won’t love this comment...
    I bet all my lore, fnaf funds, and soul to William afton
    Please Scott save me from glitchtrap...

  • Not Justin Y.
    Not Justin Y. 2 days ago +3

    It says trailer 1, was there ever gonna be a trailer 2

  • 8-Bit Mark 101
    8-Bit Mark 101 2 days ago +1

    Hello Scott Cawthon

  • Javier Dude 19
    Javier Dude 19 2 days ago

    Fnaf 6

  • Jamal Laghrib
    Jamal Laghrib 2 days ago

    Scott can u answer why golden Freddy not in help wanted vr

  • Alice Maden
    Alice Maden 2 days ago +4

    Dude I Remember everyone being so fricking stoked about this game

  • The beluga gaming
    The beluga gaming 2 days ago +1

    At 1:17, you can hear an air raid siren, does a nuclear war going on in the events of sister location?

  • springbonnie the springster

    I Love fnaf 1,2,3,4,5,6 and VR game

  • c h a r binch
    c h a r binch 2 days ago

    it still feels like the other day this came out it can’t have been three years

  • rty KirbyChalenger
    rty KirbyChalenger 2 days ago

    Is his channel dead?

  • Icats 3002
    Icats 3002 2 days ago +2

    Live on in 2019-2020 forever

  • Dr. Scicobis
    Dr. Scicobis 2 days ago +2

    Sweetie, I dont feel dread when I play FNaF 3, i feel lust.

    I mean have you seen Springtrap's thicc thighs?

  • Luis Saldierna
    Luis Saldierna 3 days ago

    oye me puedes poner un juego por él por teléfono porque van a ser mamá no es que el teléfono de mi abuela no funciona okay pues sólo lo quiero probar si está bueno te voy a dar like y me suscribí a tu canal si no me das todos esos juegos que llame a la policía y te vas a 😄👿💨💣

  • • FrostedGlobe816 •

    40% of these comments are saying like, "ah I remember this" and so on so forth 10% are people talking about the channel pretending to be Scott and 50% are people joking about how Scott hasn't been on youtube for three years

  • Nicholas Leyva
    Nicholas Leyva 3 days ago

    **calls on phone**
    Hello? Hello hello?
    Um... I don't know if you can see this but when I saw FNAF world the game I was full of joy that you have manage to make a FNAF themed RPG but since you got rid of it I am now sad but you can try to remake FNAF World as the way you want... With every game over you can put a jumpscare into it and not only that but I can help you to grow and develop the new FNAF World but of course when you put it first the game was cute but since the halloween update you put Nightmare balloon boy as it self and now I'm asking you now to take the deal or don't take it I didn't save FNAF World then but I can save it now
    **phone hangs up**

  • Vicenta Rodriguez de los santos


  • BryceBlazeGaming YT
    BryceBlazeGaming YT 3 days ago

    Is this made in I movie?

  • Anthony Floven.
    Anthony Floven. 3 days ago

    Aun extraño los trailers en este canal

  • The Rodger
    The Rodger 3 days ago

    Its been 3 years already!

  • youtuber crew
    youtuber crew 3 days ago

    I know I probably won't get an answer I really wish I can talk to you I want some help yeah making a game but that's not what I want help with you know if you're willing to help me with that I would take it I need help with something else I don't know if you care about your sins that much but I really do need your help and I'm one of your biggest fans

  • Luis Paz
    Luis Paz 3 days ago +3

    It's gets better on 0:51
    I meant the stuff kicks in on 0:53

  • Truddy chan
    Truddy chan 3 days ago

    Pero igual está re cool el juego

  • Truddy chan
    Truddy chan 3 days ago

    Sería mejor en español

  • Arda İZMİRLİ
    Arda İZMİRLİ 3 days ago

    hey cawthon you can make a fnaf8,9 and 10 Pls.Pls.Pls.

  • Anafen Çocuk
    Anafen Çocuk 3 days ago

    Thank You Scott :)

  • blue dimond
    blue dimond 3 days ago

    Yo scott why doesennard have a button

  • Roxane Tonge
    Roxane Tonge 3 days ago

    its hard to think sister location was 3 years ago

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft 3 days ago +1

    1:33 In 2x Speed You Will Hear Circus Baby Says You Don't Know What We Been Threw.

    Gotcha The Easter Egg

  • Minecraft
    Minecraft 3 days ago

    In 2x speed is better

  • Соня Ильина

    3 years waiting for a new video

  • unmistakable Ods
    unmistakable Ods 3 days ago

    I wish he came back to see this the mr hippo line i was wondering is it for matpat

  • ali abrar
    ali abrar 3 days ago

    If you reverse this video " suicide didnt work" could be heard throughout the whole video

  • Stacy Ravenlotus
    Stacy Ravenlotus 3 days ago

    Okay I know you might not reply but I AM A HUGE FAN OF FNaF AND Maybe one day I could voice one of the characters for you I'm a really good voice actor

  • matt the phoenix
    matt the phoenix 4 days ago

    hey scott whats the aaa game called cause im really htped for the new games and keep it up

  • johnny Sanchez
    johnny Sanchez 4 days ago +1

    Hey Scott if get this am a big fan I know you haven't used this account since 3 years I love your game even if I cant play sometimes I see people play if I cant play hope you get .

    Sincerely your big fan.😊

  • Frank Dr Leon
    Frank Dr Leon 4 days ago

    YOU TOOK FNAF 4 TO FAR!!!!!!

  • porfesser baker a.k.a new ozpin

    scott cawthon I'm Hunter Baker nice to meet you I'm your biggest fan biggest fan I like your video games that you made I want to join you because I like your fnaf

  • محمد الحربي

    كم سعر الدجاجه

  • Ms. Dudette
    Ms. Dudette 4 days ago

    I wanna see him play one of his games. Who agrees?

  • Oscar OM
    Oscar OM 4 days ago


  • LilPPro666 the puppy
    LilPPro666 the puppy 4 days ago +2

    SCOTT! Where r u ;-; ILL WAIT. :>

  • Z
    Z 4 days ago +1

    i have found the scooper

    RAHAF RAHAF 4 days ago

    Security team is winning this game became useless and shit and you make it more not useless your game been used for Hotel Bently taking the place of the Warriors you know should do you should check to number seven to make it more intense we went to bed and didn’t happy endings do you need your sister something in your head right now do you want a new chapter we don’t want you to watch this Siri to continue started coughing

  • Theodoro Poch
    Theodoro Poch 4 days ago +2


  • Jaiden Roblox
    Jaiden Roblox 4 days ago

    Are you making more fnaf games? We need them to get intertained and love em! We love your fnaf games!

  • Nxice
    Nxice 4 days ago

    You was at the club

  • Zaner
    Zaner 4 days ago

    I want you to make a new virtual reality games here I leavethis animation of how

  • funtime foxy comete
    funtime foxy comete 4 days ago +2

    you are Scott

  • lego gwiezdne wojny Adi

    Ja jak pomyśle o chłopcu z fnaf4 zaczynam płakać😢 i mówie dlaczego ja nie jestem chłpcem z fnaf4

  • DavidJoaca 22
    DavidJoaca 22 4 days ago


  • Ultra Cool
    Ultra Cool 4 days ago

    Scott cawthons is killing people

  • Valanta Hondou
    Valanta Hondou 4 days ago

    Scott springtrap is purple guy or spring bonnie

  • Mary Bercaru
    Mary Bercaru 4 days ago

    Why did he make trailers untill only fnaf 5 (sister location) wheres freddy fazbearz simulator (fnaf 6)
    Trailer AND EVEN FNAF WORLD litteralyy fnaf world i
    Is great why is that not on your channel
    I KNOW THERE IS A TRAILER FOR IT but not on scotts channel

  • Bobble Ice
    Bobble Ice 4 days ago

    Still waiting for the second trailer.

  • jadyn carrasquillp
    jadyn carrasquillp 4 days ago

    I love scott i still play his games

  • Ann Kierzek
    Ann Kierzek 4 days ago

    And I saw you text a song called make your move I think it's called

  • Ann Kierzek
    Ann Kierzek 4 days ago

    Scott I love you buddy

  • GiZmO
    GiZmO 5 days ago


  • Ines Ortega Hernandez

    Has crossover de fnaf y fnac

  • rosa Alvarez 2 fangirl of india

    Hey Scott I can't buy it please put free not a demo

  • F Williams
    F Williams 5 days ago

    Hey Scott can you make r do you make five nights at wolfsand can I be the actor of Fred Wolf in Fred and can it be wolf Bonnie and wolf chica and wolf foxy

  • LaVerne Armijo
    LaVerne Armijo 5 days ago

    does this song have a name?

    • jmevp
      jmevp 5 days ago

      Not to my knowledge I think it was just made for this trailer so ya.

  • azcavan
    azcavan 5 days ago

    Scott um is it true that you have a channel were people are saying that you are not the Scott cawthon

    • jmevp
      jmevp 5 days ago

      @azcavan no problem.

    • azcavan
      azcavan 5 days ago

      @jmevp thanks

    • jmevp
      jmevp 5 days ago

      People like to copy other people wether to trick them or well that's mostly the only reason but this is his official channel so just try not to listen to anyone that's pretending to be him and you'll be fine.

  • Lex 06
    Lex 06 5 days ago +1

    Hi Scott I wanted to ask you if the Puppet is a woman or a man