Sister Location Trailer 1

  • Published on May 21, 2016
  • This is the first trailer for the upcoming game, Sister Location. Featuring original trailer music by Leon Riskin.
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  • lefty animations
    lefty animations Hour ago +1

    because your other account was deleted?

  • Dinamicguywarhp
    Dinamicguywarhp 2 hours ago

    Scott? Has ur channel been hacked?

  • EclipseSleeps uwu
    EclipseSleeps uwu 3 hours ago

    Wow 3 years ago?...

  • KookieTaex_Roach
    KookieTaex_Roach 12 hours ago

    We need to revive Scott 🐋

  • Toy Berry Draws Trash
    Toy Berry Draws Trash 13 hours ago +1

    If people are still looking back on this, first of all, hello. You might not believe me but, my life became amazing cause of fnaf. I know it sounds stupid but, it's not. I've learned how to draw, I've learned how to sing, I've learned how to dance. All because of this game, My current hobby is Art,I've been doing it for four years, and just now I'm starting to get into animation. Fnaf will always be my favorite game, cause it made my life amazing! It will always hold a place in my heart.

  • random mini games
    random mini games 14 hours ago

    foxy in hard and normal stimulation he openning to fast and this is not fair

  • David Guerra
    David Guerra Day ago

    Years later fnaf is dead Minecraft came back fortnite is bad and Ms Monopoly is a thing let's destroy ms monopoly

  • The King
    The King Day ago

    Wow i used to replay this trailer over and over when i was like 9 , good memories🤧

  • Alex HenryJames
    Alex HenryJames Day ago


  • planta vs zombies com hack br

    I haver an Idea for fnaf not to end

  • Kyawkyaw Lwin
    Kyawkyaw Lwin Day ago

    Baby made me shocked because she moved like she was unhappy

  • ShadowDragon
    ShadowDragon Day ago +1

    I swear to god,it feels like just last year i was watching videos and leaks about the game and then i was watching the trailer on this channel. Now i came back and it's been 3 years. 3 years that felt just like yesterday. Time goes extremely faster as more as i think about it. My life never looked so short. 3 years are a lot of your life If You think about it and they just passed so fast. I'm so surprised because i can vividly remember watching all the videos about the game. Now i think i want to start and do something with my life. Like start a RUclip channel. Seeing how fast time goes makes me more motivated.

  • DAn & An
    DAn & An 2 days ago

    the suicide did not work

  • RobloxNoob 7279
    RobloxNoob 7279 2 days ago

    When the animatronics moved there face was that used in Join Us For A Bite

  • Ocean Star 176
    Ocean Star 176 2 days ago +1

    Scott I love your videos I love them so much I all most have all the plushy and I love fnaf alot make more videos please I love them I support you all the time 💖😁

  • Benjamin Jordan
    Benjamin Jordan 2 days ago

    Scott I see what you were originally doing with this channel and it was beautiful, more importantly God saw. So sad that you went into this darkness, maybe partly because of the hate, but come back to the light brother, the Lord will redeem you.

  • Foxy Animates
    Foxy Animates 2 days ago

    What was the name of the running game that you used for a fake fnaf 3 leek I forgot the name but I really wanna play it, it’s on mobile I know I just can’t find it

  • Cristhofer Campos
    Cristhofer Campos 2 days ago

    Wow eso fue impresionante

  • SpeedSkeleton 250
    SpeedSkeleton 250 2 days ago

    Hey scott i can't wait for Five Nights at Freddy's 7 not ucn or FNaF 8

  • lan D on
    lan D on 2 days ago

    Scott how come they used freddy as a pooping figure without you promission

  • •Bübblē_ Gūm•

    My favorite traler about fnaf!!!

  • Zine [BS][ТИ]
    Zine [BS][ТИ] 2 days ago


  • Yeonbin My Heartu
    Yeonbin My Heartu 2 days ago +1

    Waiting for trailer 2....

  • King Kong
    King Kong 2 days ago

    he is now making fnaf 9 and ar ass hole

  • ponchuk
    ponchuk 2 days ago


  • EndermanPierce Or Void Soul

    Dude I remember first hearing when fnaf 5 came out ah nostalgia

  • D and K Expeditions llc

    make a fnaf 8 scott if thats ganna happen

  • Dang Bang Lee & Leaf Chu

    0:49 who heard the child baby killed?!?!? I dont know what she said but if you can figure out please reply to this comment!
    Edit: 1:29 is that baby or Ennard pretending to be her?
    Edit2: 0:11 You dont know whats against us... And 0:18 what is it? I dont know what she says but reply if you know!
    Edit2: Also Elizabeth is baby bc baby had blue eyes but when she killed baby her soul went into her and Elizabeth had green eyes so baby has green eyes, also springtrap(Purple guy) is her dad but thats why he told her not to go with her bc he knew she kills children and he didn't want to lose a child again(From frebear killing the boy and his big brother ran away atleast I think so though) but she died anyway but if purple guy left springtrap then springtrap wouldn't be the dad bc it was purple guy also in fnaf5 he goes into ballora so that means ballora is a female but in the insider a male is in her but He left and went back to springtrap but again I guess this is my game theory(Feel free to dislike this comment or like it😊
    👇 👇

  • señora vicktoria
    señora vicktoria 3 days ago

    Scott cawton traduce esto en inglés o en tu idioma soy tu fan

  • BendyZPlayz
    BendyZPlayz 3 days ago

    If you are the real Scott cawthon then read this and reply. How do I send things to you?

  • MissKawaiiCanine
    MissKawaiiCanine 3 days ago

    Did scott hand over fnaf 1 and 2 to another company? Cause i was looking to see fnaf how much it was on google play, and it said totally a different company, and not scott cawthon. I even looked on the app store on my phone (apple) and it said the same thing. But all the other fnafs are under scott cawthons name. Im confused

  • Darkban : Norske greier

    3 Years ago!

  • Audrey Sofía Berdugo Avilés

    This Mangle is a 2.0 model of the one in the second game?

  • jonas Gutiérrez
    jonas Gutiérrez 3 days ago

    I love FNAF Thanks for much FNAF Scott.

  • Bill chipher
    Bill chipher 3 days ago

    tell me what kind of music is on

  • Luiz Davi Carvalhos Pontes

    못생긴 맛있는

  • twizz mafia
    twizz mafia 3 days ago +1

    This guy is good at hide and seek.
    You can come out now. :(

  • Alexandre Mercier
    Alexandre Mercier 4 days ago

    I watched all the trailers one by one!!!

  • Chibiusa 14
    Chibiusa 14 4 days ago +1

    Don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us don't hold it against us

    Uhhhh ok baby chill! I won't hold it against you!

  • Chibiusa 14
    Chibiusa 14 4 days ago

    Aaahhh this is more like it I accedentldy just subed to a FAKE Scott cawthon.... Whoops

  • Brodie time Life
    Brodie time Life 4 days ago

    Wen r u gonna add glitchtrap to Ucn

  • Soy tu Padre :v
    Soy tu Padre :v 4 days ago +1

    Like si este es tu juego favorito de todos

  • Maxi Gaming
    Maxi Gaming 4 days ago

    Dear Scott, when the idea for FNAF

  • Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon

    This game is everything to me

  • PastelGamer21
    PastelGamer21 4 days ago +2

    Frikin baby havin a seizure at the end

  • Zeynep Uydaş
    Zeynep Uydaş 4 days ago

    Shhhhh! I am a glichtrap

  • LautyElPerro
    LautyElPerro 4 days ago

    the last trailer

  • Blooky
    Blooky 4 days ago

    Still nuffyn? Ok I know the new channel but come on.

  • ArtInMotion
    ArtInMotion 5 days ago

    I MISS IT!!!😭😭😭😭

  • AЯ_ 15
    AЯ_ 15 5 days ago +1

    Scott can I be next creator of fnaf

  • Beargirl 1359
    Beargirl 1359 5 days ago +2

    “Don’t hold it against us.” What does she mean?

    • Beargirl 1359
      Beargirl 1359 Day ago

      @Jeremy Irwin Thank you both for filling me in, this is the one FNAF game backstory I don't know about.

    • Jeremy Irwin
      Jeremy Irwin 2 days ago +2

      Circus baby and the other animatronics were built to kidnap. What she is talking about is the incident with Afton's daughter being murdered by circus baby, but baby didn't mean to. Basically "don't hold it against us." Is her telling you that what she had done wasn't on purpose.

    • Chibiusa 14
      Chibiusa 14 4 days ago +1

      Don't hold the attacks against them

  • CR4ARXx _86
    CR4ARXx _86 5 days ago


  • huster104 gaming
    huster104 gaming 5 days ago

    Question Scott why you bully mat

    Well idc update is a update when mat gets bullied by fnaf updates or new games it means its good content but is dread bear like a forgotten or like failure prototype,nightmare or a old dead victim or none a virus to the vr game like I like to say reborn springtrap

  • Funtime Freddy
    Funtime Freddy 5 days ago

    Thanks for designing me! :D

    ILSTAROM 5 days ago

    Эммм скот где треллеры

  • Jorgey Boi
    Jorgey Boi 5 days ago

    Shows baby
    Baby is the nicest one out of all of them
    Yet she is the one the did the worst thiny

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Plz come back :(

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Fnaf ar coming out soon

  • NaxinilianNus
    NaxinilianNus 6 days ago

    Scott won't tell us the real story
    Let's motivate him with a controlled shock

    • Chibiusa 14
      Chibiusa 14 4 days ago

      Scott I make the same mistake all the time! Saying scoot instead of Scott but hey
      That's just a theory.. A GAME THEORY!!!!!

  • Freexy FNAF
    Freexy FNAF 6 days ago +6

    Who watch this in 2019 ?

    Ah the only one :'c

    • AiMac
      AiMac 4 days ago +1

      Freexy FNAF seen your comment.
      Today is October 18, 2019 Friday and 7:48pm