What's at the bottom of the ocean -- and how we're getting there | Victor Vescovo

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Victor Vescovo is leading the first-ever manned expedition to the deepest point of each of the world's five oceans. In conversation with TED science curator David Biello, Vescovo discusses the technology that's powering the explorations -- a titanium submersible designed to withstand extraordinary conditions -- and shows footage of a never-before-seen creature taken during his journey to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
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Comments • 669

    MTB MOM 3 days ago

    Should've had Morgan Freeman asking the questions. He's got a smooth sophisticated voice. This guys voice is like he's talking down to a 5 year old.

  • Rehan Sheikh
    Rehan Sheikh 6 days ago

    So... What did Elon say?

  • ilKazza
    ilKazza 7 days ago

    Ricco porco

  • OMG Official
    OMG Official 9 days ago

    Don't leave the bottom of the Indian Ocean until you find MH370

  • Георгий Каштанов

    Neat presentation, awful format.

  • Kwk Fortythree
    Kwk Fortythree 13 days ago

    What's in the bottom of the ocean? A titanium sphere. Ah, and I have this short video I took by error

  • Calzonie
    Calzonie 16 days ago +1

    Please stop with the corny jokes I just wanna hear about the amazing technology if I wanted comedy I’d go watch Bill Burr

  • Dove G
    Dove G 18 days ago

    That jelly fish is me as a parent!

  • Harlow Blackadder
    Harlow Blackadder 18 days ago

    I get "douchebag/cringey" vibes from this video...

  • kantemir schogen
    kantemir schogen 18 days ago

    Kind of disrespectful to look in other direction when the only person talking to you is right next to you, anyway great information from you old man.

  • Alex Williamson
    Alex Williamson 19 days ago

    I bet he finds a plastic container/bottle at he bottom at some time....

  • cman
    cman 19 days ago

    So happy to be apart of this era

  • SnoopyDoo
    SnoopyDoo 20 days ago

    What's at the bottom of the ocean? Plastic. A lot of plastic.

  • Plyers2371
    Plyers2371 20 days ago

    No one talking about plastic found on the bottom?

  • Raw Dawg Pendants
    Raw Dawg Pendants 22 days ago

    This was lame. All talk and no real good footage of all the life forms they've seen!? All his face.

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      Apologies . . we couldn't show more until the Discovery Channel series (5 parts) comes out later this year. Then we will be able to show everything we saw and found. I did my best with what we were able to show.

  • Janusz Jaskowicz
    Janusz Jaskowicz 22 days ago

    The title is misleading, should be starting with "Everything we don't know about..."

  • The Mannn!!!
    The Mannn!!! 22 days ago

    6:35 how does he know no human being has been down there to study them for billions of years? How does he not know theres been more advanced humans that have seen it but that civilization was wiped out due to a catastrophic event...hmm🤔

  • CJ Kirby
    CJ Kirby 22 days ago

    I’m eating a biscuit

  • Michelle Britton
    Michelle Britton 22 days ago

    This is too cool!

  • 1776 Infowars
    1776 Infowars 23 days ago

    The sun is what’s controls the weather! Not man.

  • Vbastard
    Vbastard 23 days ago

    landers? landing means either touching down or docking... sinkers maybe better

  • Vbastard
    Vbastard 23 days ago

    not alot down there is there?...

  • olena lesiv
    olena lesiv 24 days ago

    Exploring so humans can damage the oceans deep down as well.....

  • Delbert Grady
    Delbert Grady 24 days ago

    Yo this is wild

  • J.A.M
    J.A.M 24 days ago

    I don’t feel like the other guy was necessary... Why didn’t he just talk?

    • J.A.M
      J.A.M 20 days ago

      Victor Vescovo
      LoL... Okay Victor

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      I'm not sure. It was my first time at TED so I wonder if they eren't sure if I would be okay up there alone. Maybe they'll let me do it solo next time?

  • California Cowboy
    California Cowboy 24 days ago

    Aliens are at bottom of ocean, the species found their look nothing like anything else on earth !

  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes 25 days ago

    What was wrong with just letting the person speak solo?

  • Sully khan
    Sully khan 25 days ago

    I feel sorry for the fishes etc down there now they no longer safe from us humans

  • Lloyd Seaborn
    Lloyd Seaborn 25 days ago

    I dont like rehearsed displays. The stats are great, the concept is incredible but this 'show' turns me off

  • The Luminous One
    The Luminous One 25 days ago

    We'll if you're asking about the mid-atlantic ...it's Atlantis

  • Josh Shirley
    Josh Shirley 26 days ago

    Put a hotel down there or your not really rich

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 26 days ago

    Very cool

  • Martin Roskilly
    Martin Roskilly 26 days ago

    This is what we should’ve been doing ages ago. This is going to be awesome when they have a fleet of these subs scanning the seabed’s. I prefer this than going to Mars.

    • Martin Roskilly
      Martin Roskilly 20 days ago

      Thank you Victor for your vision, insight and your true bravery.... I would love to see what you see and to be amongst the elites of discovery. Absolutely blown away from your technology and advances. I would love to see discovery here on Earth first before some scientists proclaiming there are planets raining down Ruby’s on a planet millions of light years away. Prove it.... 🤦🏻‍♂️
      We need to unleash and understand the oceans and Earth first before other explorations. Just my point of view, however; what you are achieving needs to be no.1 priority. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      Thanks Martin. I agree. Actually, doing both (exploring the sea and going to Mars) would be great.

  • gokurocks9
    gokurocks9 26 days ago +2

    SpaceX: "We're going to Mars!"
    NASA: "We're going back to the Moon..."
    *THIS GUY* :We're going to the ocean"

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      Well, it's a lot closer, and directly affects us here on land more . . .

  • Emz emz
    Emz emz 26 days ago +1

    Maybe we can find lost treasures and some ancient things or sunken alian aircraft

  • Benzi
    Benzi 26 days ago

    I got some weird TechCrunch vibes from this format..

  • Bossman CALL
    Bossman CALL 26 days ago

    See with this type of stuff, no one can determine what's real and what's fake. No one has seen what this man saw, and therefore he could have elaborated a hoax.

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago

      Well, it is a two-person sub so there were other observers, and we also record with video all aspects of the dive, so there is that record as well? It would be pretty impossible to fake what we see down there.

  • MotoMike
    MotoMike 26 days ago

    Elon ain’t got time for dat we tryna find aliens boi 😂

  • John R
    John R 26 days ago

    This is unreal

  • Ninja-Wizard
    Ninja-Wizard 26 days ago

    Is it possible that some dinosaurs could have survived, lurking in these depths, that have eluded us for all this time?

  • Steven Earp
    Steven Earp 26 days ago

    And then we can destroy it.,let we do anything we touch given the means and time. All under the premise and promise of the betterment

  • Brendan Roper
    Brendan Roper 26 days ago +1

    Uhhhh I’m no scientist but that’s not a sphere

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      Well, the capsule we sit in and pilot the craft from is a sphere. You can't see it because it is encased by the fiberglass and other structures that are not pressurized.

  • Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater 26 days ago

    Did he design and engineer the craft or throw a bunch of money at it?

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago

      Mostly I funded it, but I contributed a bit to the design (what material to use), as well a lot of 'human factors' engineering on how to lay it out inside, since I am its principal pilot.

  • Dingus Kahn
    Dingus Kahn 26 days ago

    I want to see the perfect sphere core to the sub

  • You're My Wife Now
    You're My Wife Now 26 days ago


  • Sotdot
    Sotdot 26 days ago


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 26 days ago

    🤔 Aquanauts, submariner is cool but taken.

  • winston smith
    winston smith 26 days ago

    Triest was the name of craft that went down to the challenger deep, based aboard the survey craft challenger, from which it takes its name.

  • Joe S
    Joe S 26 days ago

    Sounds like an advertisement and not an exploration into the unknown....it's about money and not the welfare of all living Beings!!!!!

  • NYCEA2001
    NYCEA2001 27 days ago

    The worst Ted Talks ever. Even if this is legit, it sounds like solicitation to me.

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      Well, I'm not sure what I was soliciting, then. I funded all of it myself and have not asked for any financial support from any government, organization, or individuals. TED just asked me to describe what we were doing and why it might be interesting. Sorry you didn't like the talk. I'll try to do better if they invite me back.

  • jozef grayned
    jozef grayned 27 days ago

    2039 Rhett & Link?

    ANGEL 27 days ago

    James Cameron.....

  • Mayank Gusain
    Mayank Gusain 27 days ago

    Great, informative piece. Incredible. Also i am not used to this format ot TED TALKS. Not a good approach.

  • Kameron Cole
    Kameron Cole 27 days ago

    Tungsten bc in water weight is treated with a different respect...?

  • Chase Ramos
    Chase Ramos 27 days ago

    As the world overpopulates we'll eventually have to live in the ocean

  • Chase Ramos
    Chase Ramos 27 days ago

    I think that as the atmosphere is polluted eventuall we'll have to live in the ocean and pull filtered air from the surface

  • Lizandro Peñaloza
    Lizandro Peñaloza 27 days ago +4

    Go down bermuda triangle and you might find leviathan...you might not come back.

  • Leyton Ninedealz
    Leyton Ninedealz 27 days ago +1

    what a cool dude we need more humans like him love this guy

    • Victor Vescovo
      Victor Vescovo 20 days ago +1

      Thank you very much. That was very kind of you to say.

  • Billy Collins
    Billy Collins 27 days ago +1

    People feel entitled. If your that concerned about the interview instead of the awesome news of man finally reaching the bottom of the ocean then you need to uninstall the youtube app. Thanks. I find this news great news where as going places in the ocean undiscovered and hopefully makeing much more discoveries small and big.

  • King Bora Beats
    King Bora Beats 27 days ago +1

    There is lithium and oil at the bottom of the ocean...

    USA: Atlantis has Nukes, we must go to war!