A tour of our terrible Minecraft Server

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Fun fact: Notch, the God of Lego, has personally approved of the Pickle Rick on this server. No seriously, this actually happened
    ~Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/rtgamecrowd
    ~Merch Shop: eu.rtgame.net/
    ~Twitter: twitter.com/RTGameCrowd
    ~Discord: discord.gg/rtgame
    ~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~
    Music is Pokemon Sun - Hau'oli City (Day).
    Special thanks to all of my moderators for joining me for this session! You can find the full tour on the Twitch channel.
    Special thanks to Nitrous Networks for hosting our Minecraft server. See their site for quality server hosting across a variety of games: nitrous-networks.com/
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  • RTGame
    RTGame  3 months ago +3388

    Thanks again to my moderators for joining me for this session - they work hard to resolve Lego and Discord suffering. If you'd like to play on the server yourself, it's open 24/7 for Twitch Subscribers. To join, type !server on Twitch to obtain the login info and whitelist you need. The reason it's exclusive is because there'd be way too many people otherwise - and let's be honest, the server is already hell www.twitch.tv/rtgamecrowd

  • fkebfpahxirvxiqpqidiehxjan

    That map room is really impressive

  • craZend
    craZend 17 hours ago

    Ho ho ho, Lancer joins the server!

  • Susseratal
    Susseratal 4 days ago

    Is dave from boyinaband one of your mods? I swear someone in this sounds so much like him

  • Ryan Rockz
    Ryan Rockz 6 days ago +1

    Is there a way to download this world, or any of the projects on it

  • Organicbadboy X
    Organicbadboy X 6 days ago

    What's the server name? PC I'm assuming right??

    NOAHPCPRO 6 days ago

    can i join

  • Gracie Draws stuff
    Gracie Draws stuff 7 days ago

    Is there a way to join the sever??

  • Amruth
    Amruth 7 days ago

    5:38 Federalist #10????????????

  • GMD Foxee
    GMD Foxee 8 days ago +2

    "Prison or apartment complex?"
    "Same thing." ~RTGame 2019

  • killswitch plays
    killswitch plays 11 days ago +2

    oh shit I'm a new Zealand

  • eevee fan101
    eevee fan101 14 days ago

    What’s the realm code

  • Studio Zollinar
    Studio Zollinar 14 days ago

    one thing how do I join

  • Giggltastic
    Giggltastic 15 days ago +1

    I am a New Zealander and I can confirm we exist.

  • the doge
    the doge 15 days ago +1

    lets all agree that this server is better than 2b2t

  • Hayden Boyd
    Hayden Boyd 15 days ago +3

    as a new Zealander i can say that new Zealand is NOT a real place

  • Will Brickner
    Will Brickner 16 days ago

    Next episode in the server probably make a futuristic snow City something like that in you should be a washer and snap place that mean Air Force that you can make it to only come Wars and stuff they'll be awesome how about different cities and continents that would be awesome can you please do this for me yo pretty please with a cherry on top is dictators.

  • PewD¡ePie
    PewD¡ePie 19 days ago


  • The Supreme Meme
    The Supreme Meme 20 days ago

    Please do not ever reset this server, and if you do, you should release it as a downloadable map.

  • BADASS princess
    BADASS princess 21 day ago

    Who else wrote moto moto and happened to find one of rts vids

  • Guinea Pig Grunt
    Guinea Pig Grunt 25 days ago +1

    I think the random anime people are nice and should stay

  • qwerty
    qwerty 25 days ago

    i wanna live there. i could explore for thousands of years.

    • Oof McOofy
      Oof McOofy 5 days ago

      Try exploring 2b2t, there are countless ruins literally everywhere on the entire map. You will die many times, but its still worth exploring and looking for years old bases

  • Crayon Andrew
    Crayon Andrew 26 days ago +1

    What's the ip?

  • Rowan Walter
    Rowan Walter 27 days ago +1

    What’s the server ip?

  • Some Edgy Sniper Main
    Some Edgy Sniper Main 28 days ago +1

    16:29 - And then it snows in March and the UK is like, "Guess I'll die"

  • Manta Turtle
    Manta Turtle 28 days ago

    Pls pls d9 more Minecraft it’s amazing

  • Weed-lee
    Weed-lee 29 days ago

    Server IP??

  • Ugly CosmicBrownie
    Ugly CosmicBrownie Month ago

    Nice Pokémon music

  • Shitstenk
    Shitstenk Month ago

    This server actually looks like fun

  • Bindi Rolton
    Bindi Rolton Month ago +1

    i live in new zealand catch me disappearing

  • Masterzoroark 666
    Masterzoroark 666 Month ago

    When you started talking about digging a hole instead of building a castle on the beach that reminded me that I usually did that. And funny thing is that once I've dug a hole on the route where people were walking and someone's dog fell into the hole. He was kinda traumatised when they get him out

  • Mack Cadarette
    Mack Cadarette Month ago


  • Lagspresso
    Lagspresso Month ago +1

    Force them to make a crazy ass rollercoaster with like 50 of those death corkscrews, an underwater passage, and whatever else suits you.

  • Nicole Reitz
    Nicole Reitz Month ago +1

    whats the ip? I want to join

  • Saul Is a person
    Saul Is a person Month ago

    Lol he was playing the ike town theme from Pokemon

  • Onyx Prime
    Onyx Prime Month ago +1

    When utter chaos looks better than all your maps combined.

  • TheFive8th
    TheFive8th Month ago

    As an Australian, I can indeed confirm that New Zealand doesn't exist

  • maids with knives amirite

    Three things I learned in this video:
    1. RT is a weeb
    2. RT actually has friends
    3. RT is the owner of Minecraft Hell
    4. Love

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago +1

    Ah I see RT is a man of culture as well

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Month ago

    This video seemed very peaceful, a nice change of pace among all your hectic content lol.

  • Bryce King
    Bryce King Month ago

    I know it sounds really nerdy but on the new server you should build Wayne manor and the bat cave or the avengers tower

  • Archdruid Bookwalter

    they said our game was dead...

  • Jman Simp
    Jman Simp Month ago

    Remember it’s all fun and games until they begin having Wars

  • The Aramusha
    The Aramusha Month ago

    Ireland is part of the uk

  • The-lazy-ace-emerald

    Wait the servers getting reset?!
    I just started and got a good base going!

  • Boob
    Boob Month ago

    how do i join his server shit

  • Bilious Slick
    Bilious Slick Month ago

    Made in Abyss? As in, the 2012 manga/2017 anime? I want to see that landmark so badly, but I don't wanna subscribe on Twitch _just_ for that...

  • Tim Chen
    Tim Chen Month ago

    RT should make a copy of this map and release it to the general public, then watch people go to town on it even more than his subscribers already have.

  • Tommy
    Tommy Month ago

    How do you become a mod? (sorry not sorry)

  • Domino cracker
    Domino cracker Month ago

    Dat thumbnail tho

  • platinxmz s
    platinxmz s Month ago

    1000000th VIEW LETS GO

  • ABigFatBlob
    ABigFatBlob Month ago

    this just fills me with a desire to explore a brand new world in minecraft and make great things.
    too bad i can't build well or get ideas

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago

    How can I join the server?

  • Lieutenant McFuckshit

    What the fuck does RT mean in his name
    I have been trying to find out weeks

  • Penumbris
    Penumbris Month ago +1

    Chaotic server? *Laughs in 2b2t*

  • Large Dong
    Large Dong Month ago

    I once joined a server like this literally 10 min before it reset and I spent 4-5 years working on my factions and stuff and I didn’t realize and then it kicked me off I joined back and literally cried when everything was gone

  • Creepinson Productions

    what's the ip?

  • Kluadia The Wolf
    Kluadia The Wolf Month ago

    I was a god at pvp before
    A: I forgot my old google password and my phone factory reset (this deleting my mcpe and disabling me from getting it back)
    B: i lost my PS4 MC

  • Carl Mickey Angelo Alamban

    Pickle rick pickle rick pickle rick pickle rick pickle rick IN ROBLOX : PR update r2da PR update r2da

  • temple bro2
    temple bro2 Month ago

    plz do more minecraft

  • jt shaffner
    jt shaffner Month ago

    If I were to sub to you on twitch, would I keep my access to the server or would I have to also maintain my sub?

    BNORT Month ago

    14:00 uh oh

  • Mr V
    Mr V Month ago

    Hi RT, new sub, love the vids man and the server looks wonder
    I would like to propose an expedition to colonize the snowy continent

  • Kiel
    Kiel Month ago

    Damn this makes me want to buy mine craft and explore lol

  • HarmøniaCherries
    HarmøniaCherries Month ago

    Idea - for the next server make it a state, with towns and laws and jobs. The admins can be the demanding political officials tho

  • Oink Box
    Oink Box Month ago

    Please make another of those 100 players things it’s so funny!!

  • Gam3Junkie7
    Gam3Junkie7 Month ago

    You say it's terrible, but it's honestly quite beautiful. This server is a work of art, born of the actions of people allowed to let their imagination go wild...and the delusions of grandeur of their cruel tyrannical overlord. All hail RT! *totally not a rebel*

  • Hanhansolo912 PS4
    Hanhansolo912 PS4 Month ago


  • Gummy Guppy
    Gummy Guppy Month ago

    I just imagine bombers dropping TNT minecarts in the great minecraft war.

  • Dew F
    Dew F Month ago

    This is adorable. I wish I could make something like this.

  • YourRyeBread
    YourRyeBread 2 months ago +1

    Oh god this is bad timing for me to be watching this with the horrible attack on humanity that happened in new zealand last week

  • TheRighteousGhost
    TheRighteousGhost 2 months ago

    Make Heaven Next

  • Kaz Avali
    Kaz Avali 2 months ago

    Force people to build in the NETHER

  • Gunter van Straaten
    Gunter van Straaten 2 months ago

    I've been playing minecraft for ages, but on console, and have maps and maps full of cities, I want to get monecraft for pc
    Is there a server where i can build in creative like, help build citties modern or old?

  • FluffyX Snoballs
    FluffyX Snoballs 2 months ago

    I swear minecraft is gonna be the reason the Matrix is built but everybody is going to know. And pretty much everyone is gonna have there own world.

  • Zachary Findley
    Zachary Findley 2 months ago

    I think it’s amazing that you literally have a world that has more and more people building their own society,amazing lad. Just amazing

  • Just Weeb
    Just Weeb 2 months ago

    What's the server ip?

  • Wolfram42
    Wolfram42 2 months ago

    Can confirm. Live in New Zealand and it doesnt exist

  • Brandon Anderson
    Brandon Anderson 2 months ago

    those new zealand jokes are real fucking awkward fast forward a month......

  • Jonny Williams
    Jonny Williams 2 months ago



  • Ram Ranch Really Rocks
    Ram Ranch Really Rocks 2 months ago

    Can we have a dowload pls

  • DBZFighter79
    DBZFighter79 2 months ago

    how do i join?

  • newguy. exe
    newguy. exe 2 months ago +1

    8:24 the true intro

  • lolitsjochem
    lolitsjochem 2 months ago

    Why will there be a reset?

  • Dubstep Dude
    Dubstep Dude 2 months ago

    14:00 HMMMMMMM INTERESTING Combine that with the News hmmmmmm

  • WDKinc
    WDKinc 2 months ago

    1:27 That's not 02.

  • GrillTheClasher
    GrillTheClasher 2 months ago

    14:00 r/agedlikemilk

  • Justin Casper
    Justin Casper 2 months ago

    Notch sold MOJANG to MICROSOFT

  • Brucey Boi
    Brucey Boi 2 months ago

    I’m curious about New Alaska

  • SL4V 47
    SL4V 47 2 months ago

    Кто-нибудь из вас заметил, что снег полностью обошел все деревья?

  • Cubed
    Cubed 2 months ago

    How 2 enter server????

  • PoPjerdalaJ _
    PoPjerdalaJ _ 2 months ago

    Where can i get ip?

  • 5unn
    5unn 2 months ago +1

    Title should be "We Explore our Server"

  • Nate
    Nate 2 months ago

    server IP?

  • MR.ARTEMIS_2923
    MR.ARTEMIS_2923 2 months ago

    I got an mafia ad wtf?

  • Salty AF
    Salty AF 2 months ago

    What does rt stand for?

  • Luis Crusader
    Luis Crusader 2 months ago


  • Fingers Up
    Fingers Up 2 months ago

    New ICTON vibes


    How do I join this server

  • That one guy
    That one guy 2 months ago

    10:54 Top ten anime fights.