Gold & Silver Price Update - September 27, 2017 + Gold Miners in a Stock Market Crash?

  • Published on Sep 28, 2017
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Comments • 81

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton 2 years ago

    We missed you too.
    Awaiting next N Korea missile to raise gold..nothing else will..(cynical )...haha..good time to stack ?

  • dmit1703
    dmit1703 2 years ago

    how would you say gold streaming companies like Sandstorm would perform in these situations? Would they look more similar to gold prices or mining companies? Thank you.

  • Brent
    Brent 2 years ago

    appriciate your knowledge

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton 2 years ago

    After the lataest retracement...really
    .whsts the point...corrupt

  • Crypto Dwayne
    Crypto Dwayne 2 years ago +1

    Gold is manipulated in alliance with Silver..The Banks and the Federal Reserve actually have an illegal strangle hold on Silver.
    According to TF Metal reports the COMEX hasn't sourced one ounce of Silver in Three years. So it's the Bankers who are sourcing all the metals to the end users. Here's the problem the Mining sector relies on the Banks for loans to fund their en devours.
    Then in turn the bankers get to control the Physical Silver markets. This is the key..Without this physical control of Silver the whole paper market manipulation wouldn't work. So Seven banks thru the LBMA have total control of the physical market like it or not.

  • Bob Zemko
    Bob Zemko 2 years ago

    I hear you chrisden, I have been stacking both since 2004. The PM manipulation is beyond insane. Just hold on. Cryptos? WTF are they really? Physical and in your hand, Gold/Silver is the only real currency once the present system crash & burns. Food, Medicines, Ammo, & Booze will also be very valuable.

  • rofsjan
    rofsjan 2 years ago

    Great comparison. It is useful for sure.
    btw, it is time to update the silver / gold / GDX triangles. stonger USD drove them back down.

  • Alessandro V Berlingeri

    What do you think about Elliot wave internationals take on "why we should be excited about metals" see their video from today....

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green 2 years ago

    Finally, someone who is realistic about gold prices. I'm tired of all of the spammers and pumpers on gold and silver too. This is setting up to be a good bull market, comparable to 2001-2011. Maybe even a little stronger. However, those idiots have been predicting $50,000 gold and $1,000 silver since 2010 or so. Be patient. Gold moves slowly. It'll probably see $10,000 by 2024. Anything more than that would be icing on the cake, but don't count on it. Great video. I subscribed to your channel.

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell 2 years ago

    Screw gold, I'll take Bitcoin. gold is manipulated. Bitcoin is decentralized and is the only way to true FREEDOM from Banksters.

  • John Rand
    John Rand 2 years ago +3

    Just hold physical and relax. If you are in this to make a quick buck you will drive yourself crazy.

  • Gerry Tlis
    Gerry Tlis 2 years ago

    There is no technical here. This thing is beyond an illusion, "they" have been keeping this in a circular price range and every time there is potential to bounce, the algorithms screw with all technical and it falls cant guess what some pedophile inbred banking monopolies are thinking by reading charts!

  • Philip Kempler
    Philip Kempler 2 years ago

    i thought this was a great analysis of the gold market and would actually sign up with this service

  • Jessy James
    Jessy James 2 years ago

    Here is an interesting, recent statement from a "CIA insider" that is also touting the "gold will be revalued at $10,000" meme. (39:34)
    Use your own critical thinking skills when making decisions about your currency. Remember, the government and skumbuckets such as Jamie Dimon and the guy in the podcast, will do whatever it takes to retain power. Do you think they care 2-turds-in-a-bucket what happens to you, your investments, the economy, or the value of the $$$$? I would NOT throw all your cash at cryptos; but, it is a unique opportunity to learn how brokers have been screwing you in the equity market game because the crypto exchanges are very similar. Do NOT have all your currency in the stock market; Jamie Dimon makes billions on the short game and it is obvious he will NEVER get fired, no matter how many pension funds he destroys.

  • Robin18us
    Robin18us 2 years ago

    Gold will continue to be held down until it rising benefits the elite.

  • Nasser Hassan
    Nasser Hassan 2 years ago

    Most of the mining stocks are NASDAK so in 2007-2008 crises there was the fall of NASDAK as well which I think was the reason of stock mining price fall at that time

  • Jas L Land
    Jas L Land 2 years ago +3

    The gold market is totally manipulated by The Fed and New York banks by the use of gold paper contracts that they create out of thin air. The COMEX is their tool of manipulation. Price depends on demand and supply. The criminals of The Fed and New York banks can create endless supply of paper gold. Thereby, controlling the price. It is a total criminal operation and the perpetrators have destroyed any semblance of a free market and should be in jail.

  • Erhard Dinges
    Erhard Dinges 2 years ago

    Very good analysis and overview of how it works.

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory 2 years ago +2

    I sold my bitcoin Two weeks ago and purchased physical gold silver and mining shares. I'll tell you why it's because China and all of the east end of the world is going to start using gold backed currency in three months and the price of gold will jump $10-$15,000 an ounce.oh yes this is happening right now china has open banks in several countries and are no longer using the petro dollar.

    • Website guy
      Website guy 2 years ago

      I agree . I have mostly silver but the pressure will be on gold.

    • Robin18us
      Robin18us 2 years ago

      Yes, China will be setting the gold price and it will be much higher than now.

    DEERENDRA DUBEY 2 years ago

    It's very useful. How about China long holiday to gold? Will it going more lower? or Time to buy?

  • BC SG
    BC SG 2 years ago

    Thanks for your weekley videos and insight very helpful to watch thanks Igold advisor

  • Seva Manukyan
    Seva Manukyan 2 years ago

    Very interesting as always. Do you have one for the projection of silver outperforming gold in next 2-3 years?

  • neal lariviere
    neal lariviere 2 years ago

    still over my head but you do give taught. my best 2u n yrs, thanks.

  • Lilian Priwsek
    Lilian Priwsek 2 years ago

    Thanks Chris, as always great presentation.

  • King Danny
    King Danny 2 years ago +3

    when almost everyone lost hope on gold and silver thats when you should buy buy buy. the elites does not want you to own gold and silver and all the real things, they wish to crash your faith on real assets. you should preserve cash and gold and silver now, one day you will double your fortune. investing is a psychological game, not a IQ game. time beats everything, buy and hold, focus on somethings else.

    • Patrick Booth
      Patrick Booth Year ago

      I will never ever trust any fiat currency EVER again. cash stockpile is a stupid idea.

  • WarsOfate
    WarsOfate 2 years ago

    I always appreciate your analysis. Thanks for doing it!

  • Chris Garrity
    Chris Garrity 2 years ago

    Miners down 68% from 2011.....Dow 20,300 Beautiful.......:)

    THE GREAT McGONICAL 2 years ago


    • Robin18us
      Robin18us 2 years ago

      So digits are better than gold? Later when bitcoin is gold and silver backed, then it will have value, but for now, it's only digits

  • Patriot for Truth
    Patriot for Truth 2 years ago

    Thanks Chris for another great presentation.

  • SilverLining
    SilverLining 2 years ago

    "Keeping it real..." there are very few of you left. Thanks. It's much appreciated.

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison 2 years ago

    Brilliant! Many thanks!

  • Steve Bryan
    Steve Bryan 2 years ago +1

    Also when the stock market started to really collapse the fed kicked the hell out of gold and silver so they would not rise.

  • Girish Hinduja
    Girish Hinduja 2 years ago

    Thanks Chris, this type of analysis is very useful for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • R&D
    R&D 2 years ago

    Thanks for this video. It is the best analysis I have seen.

  • crg7127
    crg7127 2 years ago

    Excellent!!! KWN non sense, throw in that clown Andrew Macguire, 'large sovereign buyer, blahblahblah." Jim Willie, Bill Murphy of GATA has his heart in right place but seems vastly jaded now as many of us due to phony paper prices via COMEX market.

  • Arno
    Arno 2 years ago

    You have great insight and value that you share. This might add value but might be a matter POV to the resistance levels. I have a possible different view on resistance levels the next and rather point for me more likely is 1269-1264. staying above the triangle would stil validate a move back but lack of luster, while we do need an ABC down which seem to end at that point. Looking at the key MA as in daily and weekly chart. , When you see that on cycles there are key MA turning points which line up with tops and bottoms. They in many cases form a line that are used for charts, but the MA could have more value as they line up charting points more by chance that are seen as key resistance horizontal lines. Tell me what you think looking carefully.

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor  2 years ago

      Appreciate the charts Arno. I have never been a huge fan of MA's as I see too many false signals when using them. However, occasionally I know they are important trigger points for traders. You may well be right on that target if it goes that low, and it would fit in with my view of needing to hold above $1,240-50 to maintain the triangle.

  • Bala Deva
    Bala Deva 2 years ago

    important topic here with miners. my question; is there a real threat of bank bail in's and brockerage house closures in a major stock market crash?

  • NH beach metaldetecting

    another super video!! keep them coming!!

  • Joe April
    Joe April 2 years ago +3

    I have been stacking for 8 years, its useless,,,waste of time, money and space,,,getting sick of it. I am now in Bitcoin,,

    • blue7474 jack
      blue7474 jack Year ago

      Joe April yeah I'd be pissed too buying at such high prices, and watching it steadily decline, and now your in bitcoin...well stop buying high and selling low, and now it seems your about to repeat the cycle again...

  • songforguy1
    songforguy1 2 years ago

    Sound analysis, many thanks, cheers!

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox 2 years ago

    Thanks for countering the claims of stacking only by lots out here!

  • FilipinoFilipinaHeart. com


  • Pablo
    Pablo 2 years ago

    Really insightful analysis as always. I really look forward to your weekly update.
    The main unknown factor this time is the $4 trillion in printed money being used to manipulate all markets.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Paul Wiffen
    Paul Wiffen 2 years ago +1

    Spot gold just been down to 1278 which means the criminal bullion banks and central bank manipulators are still firmly in control, thanks to their new ammo provided by the recent BIS physical swaps.

  • Callisto
    Callisto 2 years ago

    How much naked shorting was taking place in the 2001 and the 2008 period? Will a market or a government set the price in the next down turn? Its getting hard to believe traditional analysis will apply when the rise in these assets is in opposition to fiat currencies.

  • Luckyplate Goodies Channel

    in a world wide stock crash , all stocks are vulnerable. only PM have a chance. however if you think about it, that is still a low possiblity for a world wide crash unless all the banks run occur.

  • Luckyplate Goodies Channel

    what happen to all that money ? it is used to feed the pigs in the banking family

  • Teoman Dincer
    Teoman Dincer 2 years ago

    Chris, you are wonderful, thanks in advanced, my question is ; is this a normal issue that every body in this world, knows evrey details about JP morgan silver stockpile ?! (If I know JPM position, something is wrong in this point), Pleasly ask you to answer this question, Regards

    • Crypto Dwayne
      Crypto Dwayne 2 years ago +1

      The JPM Silver stockpile is a hedge against silver stockpile shortages. It's silver they can pump back into the market in case of a major shortage. If the Federal Reserve Silver controllers don't have physical Silver, The law of supply and demand will kick in. So they need that stockpile to maintain control to avoid being run over by the market.

  • Oren Elbaz
    Oren Elbaz 2 years ago +2

    As I myself have been telling people, there is no guaranty that gold and mining stocks will sell off during the next crisis as they did in 2008, because there is hardly any "hot money" in neither of them. Hedge funds are not holding any gold nowadays. If anything they are short gold. On top of that everyone already knows what kind of reaction to expect from the Fed - more ZIRP, more QE - and everyone will buy gold in anticipation of these measures.

    • Ascanius
      Ascanius 2 years ago

      Oren Elbaz I agree and add to that hyper inflation and the exit of other countries from the petro $ this is a clear cut path to BIG trouble ahead. Can't see as to how many people that were awake have been so disillusioned with all the distractions but the path has been cut long ago.

  • jskaralia
    jskaralia 2 years ago +10

    as long as foreign countries are stocking up on silver and gold ima do the same with silver... I can wait or pass it on 😎

    • Ascanius
      Ascanius 2 years ago

      jskaralia I dis agree with much of what is said and this is because markets and information has never been to the point at where we are at currently. Most people that are in the metals are either rich, stupid or we see something. That something has been going on since 2008 and that is PRINTING of the USD. Also china and Russia just pulled out of the petro dollar and other countries are going that way as well that spells BIG TROUBLE for the $ I've been in and out of silver since 1999 and in full since 2008 buddy trust me WE don't have long to wait inflation and then hyper inflation taking hold as the fed said so just make sure you have food and water as well and a BIBLE brother. Peace

  • chrisiden
    chrisiden 2 years ago +10

    ive been holding since 2011 highs and now ready to trade it all for Bitcoin... seems that Cryptos are the only game in town now for me... being a silver/gold bug used to b fun, now its not anymore... dont have time to wait...... but what if the stock market crashes? will silver gold go UP?

    • Carol B
      Carol B 2 years ago

      chrisiden I wouldn't do that if i were you. That is a stupid move! You can buy some crytos with extra money and trade in and out but it is digital and can disappear at the stroke of a key. Crytos is a set up and will crash and it wont be decentalized because the evil banks are going to have a worldwide cryto and be in control of a blockchain. I dont believe some Asian guy is behind the development of Bitcoin either. The metals are your insursnce!

    • Tra Dom
      Tra Dom 2 years ago

      Buy NEO before it goes up. it is at a low now and getting ready to explode look at the charts.

    • Jeff Green
      Jeff Green 2 years ago

      You missed the Bitcoin craze. It's actually time to sell Bitcoin and move back into gold stocks or silver now. Don't feel bad. I missed the Bitcoin craze too. It's way too risky to get in now though, as prices are too high, there are way too many other crypto-currencies competing with it and the World Bank could shut it all down at any moment. Gold stocks and silver bullion are perfect buys at this level. Big upleg, which started in July and should last another 10 months, will continue in about a week.

    • Kevin Campbell
      Kevin Campbell 2 years ago

      Smart move. Bitcoin is the new store of value and only way to break free from banksters.

    • Robin18us
      Robin18us 2 years ago

      What value is there in bitcoin. You prefer digits to gold which has been of value for thousands of years. If our grid gets knocked out from a solar flare, where is your digits?

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  • richard wharton
    richard wharton 2 years ago +10

    There’s about five RUclip channels that I really find great value in & I watch as soon as I have time. Great vid as usual & thanks Chris.

    • iGold Advisor
      iGold Advisor  2 years ago

      Thanks Richard I do appreciate hearing from you.