Kids Talk Trump - SNL

Kids share their views on Donald Trump's election win.

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Длительность: 1:33
Комментарии: 873

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Автор Anthony Heflin ( назад)
Aw the future of a brainwashed mass. Children are going to be mindless zombies against a noble cause. May I say if they continue to brainwash them then this country will be off as worse as communist countries or even worse the fascist countries in which we so hate.

Автор FallnAngel07 ( назад)
lol the little girl is my daughter 😂😂😂

Автор LegoJackson54 ( назад)

The democrats think I had the smallest crowd size ever at my inauguration. You can't ignore the alternative facts! Sad!

Автор Clara Kolterman ( назад)
Me laughing haha pussy's their cat the little kid thought that.... oh... OH!😖

Автор Bruce Shepard ( назад)
SNL writers are idiots and leftist Nazis. Fuck em all. .l..

Автор Lemon Nuggets ( назад)
The reason these kids are talking about this is because of the Media and their Parents, Trump did not teach them what "racist" was, or what "dark ages of white president" is, the kids parents did, the media did, not a Trump supporter but the media and all these parents need to chill, teaching kids hate will not make this a better country.

Автор TokinCamel ( назад)
I used to enjoy Dave Chappell

Автор treyvin cox ( назад)
lets talk about Hillary's corruption and the Cliton foundation

Автор BassettHoundLover ( назад)
This is terrible, they told these kids what to say, just to make people hat Trump more

Автор Jason ( назад)
The comments on these type of videos are unreadable. Shut the hell up -_-

Автор IAmaPersion ( назад)
We must now return to the dark ages of white presidents? And somehow I don't think SNL would have gone there if Hillary (white) was elected.

SNL's anti-trump agenda has just gone overboard. If you think racism is caused by one person, why then did we see a real exposure of it in this country under Obama? People will blame Trump for it but not the other. LOL

Автор Jr Aguirre ( назад)
Trump is a racist and whoever likes him are racist immigrants too

Автор JAS ( назад)
This is Beck Bennett's job

Автор Dondre Murray ( назад)
Best cat name ever

Автор chio uruakpa ( назад)
she looks like she's dave chapelles actual daughter

Автор Matthew Castillo ( назад)
Are we just gonna ignore how Dave fucking chappelle was the dad?

Автор RT Moody ( назад)
DAVE!!! No! Come baaaaack!

Автор Bill Pahountis ( назад)
Im speechless.

Автор - Zamazawarma ( назад)
Butthurt Trump supporters are like winter. Supposedly they're coming but I haven't seen them yet.

Автор Manoj Rijal ( назад)
Divided Nation

Автор emma u ( назад)
wooo I just love arguing about politics in the comment section of some dumb video

Автор heather k ( назад)
That girl killed me with the comment about cat frisking lmaoo lost it there

Автор John H Baumgaertner ( назад)
There are more comments claiming most comments are from "butthurt" Trump supporters than there are comments by angry Trump supporters.

Автор Lonesome Queen ( назад)
"The dark ages of white presidents"?
Also it cracks me up that this whole comment section is Trump supporters rolling their eyes while liberals go " But we're riiighhhttt why are they so MEAN?? BOO HOO HOOOO"

Автор Joe Mama ( назад)
This is actually pathetic.

Автор David S. ( назад)
Grab her by the pussy.

Автор Bertha Martin ( назад)
Hilarious !!!

Автор Luke Waggoner ( назад)
fuck these snl liberals

Автор Rarest Pepe ( назад)
See it pretty funny to see but hurt liberals having to use kids for comedic humor,liberals have just hit an all time low.

Автор expostfactum ( назад)
Isn't this pathetic that they are using kids now to spread their hate. There is no dick too dirty that the liberals won't suck to get their crying bullshit ways rammed down everyone's throat.

Автор 1000Subscribers NoVideo! ( назад)
It's funny because so many people are talking about butt hurt Trump supporters in the comments but I see none.

Автор Raju Manuel ( назад)
Thank you Trump for making Pussy grabbing legal !!

Автор RivalsAirsoft3 ( назад)
But who cares if he offends people? I sure don't! Export the illegals, protect our borders, expand defense budget, reduce national spending, defund sanctuary cities, sounds good to me! *But he said, "Grab her by the pussy" 15 years ago, so it doesn't matter, he is a homophobic racist bigot who hates women!* Ay how about go live in Iraq with them brown people for a few days, come back, and tell us all about the great time you had!

Автор ThothHeart Maat ( назад)
get you puppet hand out of kids butts you sick pedophiles...

Автор Stephen Trash ( назад)
So many comments talking about butthurt Trump supporters but not A SINGLE BUTTHURT TRUMP SUPPORTER. Complaining about fabricated comments kinda makes you look like the butthurt fool, hm? This is one of the only SNL skits that makes fun of liberals, saying how they can go extremely overboard especially with their kids. Conservatives who like SNL are probably rejoicing, not commenting over something that doesn't need to be commented about. Like you guys are doing

Автор sandiricebeauty ( назад)
Dave's daughter is too cute! Her facial expression is just like her dad's - that smile LOL

Автор Anita Bhojani ( назад)
Hmmmm.... I like Trump better than Clinton cause she's a bitch but this is really funny 😂😂

Автор Fari ( назад)
girl with a straight hair looks like Maya!!

Автор jeffsjuststoked ( назад)
Grandparents and parents had me convinced Republicans were evil as a kid. Then I grew up and realized that both sides had a ton of flaws and I didn't want to belong to either party. Now I only care about the constitution and capitalism when it comes to politics.

Автор Yellow Thunder ( назад)
The stop and frisk joke was too good.

Автор BLAH BLAH BLAH ( назад)
Ultra triggered Trump supporters incoming

Автор Rick James ( назад)
The best way to taint the minds of the youth is to put unrealistic ideals in their impressionable minds and conform them to their cry baby / we all deserve a trophy / be tolerant of other people's beliefs but bash them if their ideas intertwine with yours elders of 2017. I thought the idea of liberalism was to enforce free thinking, not to raise dependent intolerant mongoloids?

Автор Slurburbler ( назад)
Trump supporters are the biggest snowflakes, someone go find them a safe space 😂😂

Автор j pt ( назад)

Автор Christopher John ( назад)

Автор roadhouse699 ( назад)
"We gotta go get pussy from the vet" Jesus christ...

Автор Ken Brownfield ( назад)
Good sketch

Автор RebornPKMN ( назад)
Just a friendly reminder that disliking a comment only makes you feel good, it doesn't actually do anything.

Автор A Salsa Wizard ( назад)
The dark ages of white presidents? Wtf is wrong with that girls parents

Автор Gary Luggman ( назад)
Wow. This was inappropriate to make a child memorize those lines...

Автор mmmbelove ( назад)
This black man talking about his daughter's pussy is disgusting! But I'm sure lefts just love it because it is sexual education.

Автор XXX ( назад)
"we have a black cat...his name is pussy" 😂

Автор Drew Berndsen ( назад)
I can't take any of these comments serious. If you want to write about politics and be taken serious, learn how to spell.

Автор B Neff ( назад)
ahaha fucken SNL

Автор DutchEastIndianApplePie ( назад)
Sure that little girl totally knows what the word "xenophobia" means right!?....Trump saved what's left of America and instead of being thankfu you liberals are bitching about how bad he is. I know he isn't perfect but he's not a corrupt sellout politician like Hillary Clinton.

Автор Ian Patterson ( назад)
Please like this comment if you know what a proprietary patent is. It doesn't matter if you are democrat, republican, liberal, etc. I just want to know if you know what it is. All that you have to do is like this comment. You don"t even have to comment yourself.

Автор omg its a dog ( назад)
What did us Liberals PERSONALLY do to you conservatives to get called "libtards"? Oh right, we supported a company that" hates Christians" because they had red for their holiday cup.

Автор BurgerInParadice34 ( назад)

Автор John Mac ( назад)
Cant believe i came here and gave them an extra view on this drek. Oh well, at least i can thumbs down on my way out.

Автор skylar yeager ( назад)
this was perfect. It just kept getting better.

Автор Zvery Lamb ( назад)
yeah they shouldn't have done that it's not like politics is going to affect the kids or there future. how could the liberals do that!!! I sleep well at night knowing conservatives parents don't push their agenda on their kids

Автор Chuck Noris ( назад)
Suck it, liberals. Trump is your President. Deal with it!

Автор Peter Connaghan ( назад)
In reality, half the kids would have said no, our parents didn't vote, and one kid would have said that trump would maga

Автор Xgennn57 ( назад)
There are so many Liberal smartasses in the comment section.

Автор GinaB ( назад)
A joke as president, what could go wrong?

Автор omniscipotentato ( назад)
Guys, stop complaining about how they're "liberal-izing" the kids.
The message this video is trying to deliver is not to enforce what the father is saying, it's to stop talking about your political views in front of small children--because they remember and retain everything you say.
It goes as much for one end of the political spectrum as it does the other; in this case, they were making fun of the liberal extreme.

Автор Aragorn Stellar ( назад)
How ironic that Trump dropped the "p***y" bomb in a private conversation but it's the leftists who are making it public.

Автор salg ( назад)
Weatherman predicts a blizzard is trumping it's way in.

Автор Mark Bortnovsky ( назад)
Kids should not be allowed into politics. They ruin everything! They twist everything!!!

Автор Gwendolyn Scott ( назад)
What I fear is people that teach their children to bully others and make fun of them because you don't like their politics. Wow!! Pretty sad SNL.

Автор Waryaa Seetahay ( назад)
Pussy is their cat kkkkkkk

Автор wampus cat ( назад)
how low can they go?

Автор Paul ( назад)
Wow SNL was doing well there for a while. Now they're just CNN 2 with all of the Trump bashing. Oh well. Unsubscribe and stop watching.

Автор ethan cordell ( назад)
Maybe we should educate the kids on the other candidate who was under Federal investigation! That she is a crook and her mentor Robert Byrd was a KKK member. Wonder what the kids would think about that? Or maybe ignore the cold hard facts about her? That's what most of you did right? Weren't you really asking their parents what they thought? Since they brainwashed their kids with lies! Oh well, we know who won the election! Trump did, now get the hell over it!

Автор Frir10 ( назад)
I like how Vanessa is the most kid-friendly person they could put on :D

Автор TROBINI SHINI ( назад)
I think they should make different skits, because these ones are really getting old.

Автор GGBABE ( назад)
pussy the cat eh?

Автор Spone Mr ( назад)
can someone help pls .
i am using Firefox and i can see every video on YouTube but the SNL videos are all black but i get clear audio .
HELP im missing president Baldwin !!!!

Автор prizvolix ( назад)

Автор Alice ARMY VIP * ( назад)
So Dave Chappell can go grab vet pussy, but Trump can't?

I'm only joking. Dislodge the panty wad that your ass gulped up, and breathe now.

Автор One Punch Mofo ( назад)
I understand this show is for entertainment reasons but it's also brainwashing viewers to make them think that trump is the bad guy, stay out of politics you liberal SNL faggots!

Автор Roberto Carrasco ( назад)
lmao omg

Автор Louis Vlogs ( назад)
How to spot a trump supporter: check the snl comments.

Автор Sarah Miller ( назад)
Damn Dave funny af

Автор Ari Herzog ( назад)
I want to like this but a laugh button is better.

Автор proud redneck ( назад)
nuke Syria

Автор proud redneck ( назад)
bill Clinton is a rapist

Автор Rpp Wing ( назад)
Trump supporters probably think this is real 😂😂😂

Автор Haydon Ramirez ( назад)
I really really dislike trump, but "muh he says naughty words, children could hear him" is total bullshit

Автор Paris Lith ( назад)
Gotta go get pussy from the vet 😭

Автор 16lucylover ( назад)
That little girl really looks like she can be his daughter!

Автор erikk77 ( назад)
Is that Dave Chapelle?

Автор kcabyats * ( назад)
LMAO!!! The only thing funny about snl anymore is how they FAIL soooo spectacularly at being funny. I love fail videos so keep it up guys.

Автор Stretton Rutherford ( назад)
SNL is great but it sucks the way they are so blatantly evil and biased to Trump. Leave kids out of it.

Автор Jessica Pisetsky ( назад)
Thank you SNL for keeping me sane through this political nightmare. I kept telling people last year that this election was like an SNL sketch from the 90's that somehow became reality!

Автор Lonestarstate ( назад)
It's sad that liberals indoctrinate their kids into hating the president of their country

Автор nebulousisgod ( назад)
Everything about Trump is just begging to be made fun of. That's one big reason SNL does it so much, I'd say.

Автор James Bond ( назад)
To bad they didn't have a pro trump kid

Автор Jack Blommel ( назад)
How much free stuff did you have to promise these kids to become liberals and socialists?

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