Twist Out Hair Tutorial In The Style Of “The Shining” • Hair Flick

  • Published on Sep 7, 2019
  • Quinta Brunson and Freddie Ransome kick hair tutorials up a notch with adding little movie magic. For this episode, Quinta and Freddie show you to do twist outs in the style of Stanley Kubrick’s "The Shining".
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Comments • 643

  • Christy Waldron
    Christy Waldron 16 days ago

    I followed your tutorial (while watching the Shining) on my friend. The curls turned out great, but they flaked really bad. Do you recommend a particular product?

  • Tkarrell
    Tkarrell 21 day ago

    “Overnight” I wish 💀💀💀

  • Irene Nakibongo
    Irene Nakibongo 27 days ago

    So no one is going talk about how an entire bowl of water went in quinta hair and a few drops came out

  • Nini Mf
    Nini Mf Month ago

    I’m so Quinta in this 😂

  • Iida Isotalus
    Iida Isotalus Month ago

    Omg, you look soooo good! 😍 keep up the good work. As a white young woman i never knew you could do all of this with a hair like that. It's fascinating! 😊

  • Gemma J
    Gemma J Month ago

    😂😂😂 Love it!!! Please make more of these! Their hairs beautiful as well!

  • Smilin Prophet
    Smilin Prophet Month ago

    I didn’t realize Quinta still worked for buzzfeed

  • Dayna de Montagnac
    Dayna de Montagnac Month ago

    I LOVE this series!!

  • peej
    peej Month ago

    Where might one obtain curling cream

  • David Val
    David Val Month ago

    That a lot of work.... but They look so good. It's worth it to me but I'm not the only one who has to go through the routine.

  • ABC Nichols
    ABC Nichols Month ago

    I litterly came across this video as I was doing my hair

  • Anna S
    Anna S Month ago

    Shining was legit the worst book to read :( terrified the entire time

  • Jaylen Robinson
    Jaylen Robinson Month ago

    freddie: twist out expectations
    quinta: twist out reality 💀

  • Keka _chu
    Keka _chu Month ago +1

    Quinta looks like she had a long night and her bonnet fell off when she looked at herself she was like deadass?

  • Monica Kanyali
    Monica Kanyali Month ago

    This is so dope 😊🔥

  • lexican foreigner
    lexican foreigner Month ago

    Listen here Misses B. Imma need you to create a show under the title "The Quintasentials" like asap... I snorted at my own pun therefore I demand a show with your name on it in the city of lights. I accept puppies and 'he got moneeeeyyy' as gifts

  • sekretsurfer
    sekretsurfer Month ago

    These vids are so fantastic!!!

  • restless journey
    restless journey Month ago +1

    Their hair is so stunning and I love the cute little dresses too.

  • Phoenix Moon
    Phoenix Moon Month ago

    Wow!! You sistas are amazing! Keep it up!

  • Van Hustin
    Van Hustin 2 months ago


  • Jasmain Jasmain
    Jasmain Jasmain 2 months ago

    This is awesome, perfect for October 🔪 🎃

  • Susan Swain
    Susan Swain 2 months ago

    I can dye happy now, ( my roots are showing 😁). Brilliant!!!!

  • Gi Gi
    Gi Gi 2 months ago

    This and the glam one are the best ❤️

  • Kyla Fuller
    Kyla Fuller 2 months ago

    Never seen the shining but I'm guessing it's weird and creepy. Those are the vibes I got. I love Freddie and Quinta so I know it's not that.

  • Dei Evans
    Dei Evans 2 months ago +1

    I couldn't stop looking away, loved it

  • Afrothentic Fisher
    Afrothentic Fisher 2 months ago

    This was scary for real 😳

  • Stand For Something Positive

    This show is genius! Keep the Hair Flicks coming sistahs!! 😍

  • lifeisabreeze
    lifeisabreeze 2 months ago +1

    Our hair is so beautiful 😍

  • ram white
    ram white 2 months ago +3

    1:43 Nobody:
    Me: Did that fro literally just absorb that whole bowl of water with only a little bit of drip @PlantLife

  • Christelle Jasmin
    Christelle Jasmin 2 months ago +1

    this is soo cool ! i love this

  • YT4Me57
    YT4Me57 2 months ago

    When the twist out doesn't twist THAT'S a real horror movie! Nooooo!!!!😱

  • Ariel Lee
    Ariel Lee 2 months ago +1

    Freddie just changed the game up for me I never thought to do flat twists for my twist outs 🤔

  • n x
    n x 2 months ago +1

    I loved this, you are both so talented!

  • MIL85SB
    MIL85SB 2 months ago


  • Jennifer Barr
    Jennifer Barr 2 months ago

    The cinematography is on point, so creative, and empowering. Can't wait to see what is next up in the series.

  • Victoria Stell-Celestine

    Wash hair mood. Great series

  • Софья Акишева

    Very Us-like, love it.

  • Vanessa Crooks
    Vanessa Crooks 2 months ago +2

    Not only is this show brilliant, but I am also learning so much about hair styling. The production level is amazing. The movie style replication is uncanny. Genius concept.
    Can you do Sophia Coppola? Or Guillermo del Toro? Or Greta Gerwig? Or Tim Burton?

    • Susan Swain
      Susan Swain 2 months ago

      Oooo, Guillermo del Toro would be fabulous!!!!

  • KB S
    KB S 2 months ago

    I hate horror/scary movies too! I mean why!?!
    Who wants to be afraid? I have more things to do with my life.

  • Chaunique Martinez
    Chaunique Martinez 2 months ago

    Lol I love Quinta

  • yousra
    yousra 2 months ago

    Haven't liked a buzzfeed video in a while...good job girls!!

  • Quirky Donut
    Quirky Donut 2 months ago

    Ayyy freddie

  • Keri N
    Keri N 2 months ago

    My hair is so thin and straight. I love black girl's hair. So BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aeriel Nesbitt
    Aeriel Nesbitt 2 months ago

    I can't explain how much I love this.

  • Stacy Gustave
    Stacy Gustave 2 months ago +3

    Quinta starring out in the distance gave me "Get Out" vibes. Please somebody get her a whole Emmy😂😂

  • 2486trixie
    2486trixie 2 months ago

    10/10 This was amazin!!

  • CoolKem C
    CoolKem C 2 months ago

    Haha brilliant!

  • Taiwo Demola
    Taiwo Demola 2 months ago


  • fabuluv
    fabuluv 2 months ago

    I was lowkey scurd.

  • Margit Edwards
    Margit Edwards 2 months ago

    These are genius!

  • Elsie A
    Elsie A 2 months ago

    Quinta will be in the next Jordan Peele film

  • nick orange
    nick orange 2 months ago

    this was good. :O also that music was good. it gave me the creeps. the scenes also were creepy. great job on creepyness. might get a nightmare from that. XD

  • oreally88
    oreally88 2 months ago

    I luv this so creative !!

  • Pr3ttinubian
    Pr3ttinubian 2 months ago

    I really love this movie/hair tutorial concept

  • Hayle Calvin
    Hayle Calvin 2 months ago +1

    Yasssss keep it up ladies!!! I am SO excited for the next video💃🏽

  • lilybee
    lilybee 2 months ago

    i love this!

  • lilybee
    lilybee 2 months ago

    i love this!

  • Nicole Haney
    Nicole Haney 2 months ago +1

    I didn't know I needed this in my life... but dang I do!

  • Kelda
    Kelda 2 months ago

    These videos are excellent!

  • poetic walrus
    poetic walrus 2 months ago

    I also hate horror movies.