[Official Trailer] STEP UP: HIGH WATER Season 2

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
  • Mark your calendar -- STEP UP: HIGH WATER is back for season 2 on March 20, 2019! Don't miss the supersized drama, dancing and special guest stars. Subscribe to this channel for bonus content and trailers, and be the first to know when the new season launches.
    Available with RUclip Premium - ruclip.com/user/premiumorigi.... To see if Premium is available in your country, click here: goo.gl/A3HtfP
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  • Nkhensani Khen
    Nkhensani Khen Month ago

    POPPYYYYY & RIGOOOO. So much love all the way from South Africa! Anyhooo, I've binged watched all the free episodes available how do I watch the rest?

  • Pubg Oyuncusu
    Pubg Oyuncusu 4 months ago

    Background music ?

  • tatiana hornbeak
    tatiana hornbeak 4 months ago +1

    Where the hell do you watch this at I just looked up Step Up High Water season 2 it is not showing nothing but season 1 but then I look at the previews and what they're saying about it they're saying March 2019 okay well where the hell do I find season 2 I never had a problem finding anything if there truly is a season 2

  • Róża Games
    Róża Games 5 months ago

    Poland is

  • Linda Puertes Deals
    Linda Puertes Deals 5 months ago

    Wow...really enjoy Jenna Dewan dance, sexy, talented..in control...spectacular!

  • Dae’s Supreme
    Dae’s Supreme 5 months ago +1

    When is season 3???

  • Gata Bruja
    Gata Bruja 5 months ago

    Es preciosa esa serie, me encAnta

  • pawan avhad
    pawan avhad 5 months ago

    But u don't Kings are better than this

  • Marta Sychta
    Marta Sychta 6 months ago

    What happened to Jade?

  • mr. ALLcaps
    mr. ALLcaps 7 months ago

    “Modernity is a tribe of pygmies furiously trying to bury the Giants that came before them so as not to feel inadequate.”

  • goyitom tekle
    goyitom tekle 7 months ago


  • Johnathan Ford
    Johnathan Ford 7 months ago

    @1:01 was she smoking a blunt 😂💀

  • Pavor
    Pavor 7 months ago

    10m people have some explaining to do......

    I AM DOCTORCAT 8 months ago

    White girl is hot than black

  • Ultralogan
    Ultralogan 8 months ago

    Can someone tell me the song that starts around 0:48?

    • BiMyoung
      BiMyoung 8 months ago

      Take the Throne ft. Terrence Green

  • Silas Council
    Silas Council 8 months ago

    Why is RUclip suggesting this for me? I've no interest in seeing people who might next star with Jessie Smollette try to promote diversity thru dance.

  • iamwho iam
    iamwho iam 8 months ago

    why does this reminds me of empire??? Am I the only one or .......

  • Robert Heiser
    Robert Heiser 8 months ago +1

    "PREMIUM" I have to watch this stupid ad now for weeks. RUclip stay with your roots or the Rewind 2019 gets even worse. You are destroying the trust of this community.

  • Freem Freeman
    Freem Freeman 8 months ago

    хуйня какая то, швабраголовый моет пол

  • Emilie DELAUNAY
    Emilie DELAUNAY 8 months ago

    Bonjour est ce que quelqu'un connait un site où regardait les episodes de la saison 1
    en vostfr ? a ce jour je n'ai pu regardé que les deux premiers et c'est
    frustrant de devoir s'arreter alors que ca commence a etre vraiment
    interessant !

  • john gavin
    john gavin 8 months ago


  • Iker Billordo
    Iker Billordo 8 months ago

    me parece un peliCULON

    RED BOX 8 months ago

    This is duplicate version of step up

    RED BOX 8 months ago


  • florence
    florence 8 months ago

    not gonna lie, this looks good?

    TATRUN 8 months ago


  • Ad SJB
    Ad SJB 8 months ago +3

    So, basically, RUclips recommending all it's shows to *everyone.* And I bet half of you here clicked for the thumbnail. ;)

    WELL, SHAME ON YOU! *Rings bell behind you ask you walk.* "SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!"

  • thedivine011
    thedivine011 8 months ago +1

    Como puedo desactivar sus anuncios, ya me cansa tanta repetición de su segunda temporada en todos los videos que quiero ver o escuchar, lo peor es que no puedo denunciar cuando es un anuncio, me hartan

  • Алексей Сотников

    say me music please:)

  • Roonii Prado
    Roonii Prado 8 months ago


  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 8 months ago

    a huge letdown. nothing like the old times.

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 8 months ago


  • Maria Abdul
    Maria Abdul 8 months ago

    Where can I watch season 2 for free

  • L S
    L S 8 months ago

    where's lauryn????? I don't see her... so I'm good.

  • TheJewishHeart
    TheJewishHeart 8 months ago


  • Drip
    Drip 8 months ago

    I'm over white protagonists for dancing franchises. Further, Moose is not in it, therefore, this is not worth watching tbh.

  • Real Reaction
    Real Reaction 8 months ago

    The name song please ! Please ! ☺☺☺ please

  • Njabulo Zimu
    Njabulo Zimu 8 months ago

    looks boring

  • kvj1989
    kvj1989 8 months ago

    People pay to watch this crap.

  • Blood Scust
    Blood Scust 8 months ago

    I clicked on this

  • Creole Zindieenne
    Creole Zindieenne 8 months ago +2

    Season 3 Can't Wait
    Finish All the Episodes.

  • Hulk Smash 24/7
    Hulk Smash 24/7 8 months ago +1

    What is this the millenial version of "Fame"..

  • EingeL
    EingeL 8 months ago +1

    good boobs good video

  • Enrolados outra vez a Serie

    Tô na temporada 1 ep5 comecei ontem série foda

  • Gwen Nascimento
    Gwen Nascimento 8 months ago +2

    What happened to Janelle?! ( O que aconteceu à Janelle?!)

    • BMXUS
      BMXUS 8 months ago

      sei não

  • komujimaru
    komujimaru 8 months ago


  • komujimaru
    komujimaru 8 months ago


  • Job Search
    Job Search 8 months ago

    lol at boys and men who dance! lmao at males who watch people dancing on reality shows......sadly

  • League of Fasmatikós
    League of Fasmatikós 8 months ago

    Glee dance

  • Hirthirt hirt
    Hirthirt hirt 8 months ago

    what a crap the youth got to watch today....oh lord....

  • Community Edits
    Community Edits 8 months ago

    i wonder did youtube bot these view's or the people who make this show so they get renewed for season 3.
    10million people dont = 1k comment's if u wanna try and say im lying or 10mil people dont=40k like's the real numbers would be somewhere at 5k plus comments and 100k plus like's

    ABDUL MALIK 8 months ago

    what the hell, very bad trailer

  • nathan oshea
    nathan oshea 8 months ago

    Step Up has been around for years at this point

  • Владимир
    Владимир 8 months ago


  • brisk kat
    brisk kat 8 months ago

    that is not a movie trailer stop calling every thingt trailer when its not A trailer is a commercial advertisement for a feature film that will be exhibited in the future at a cinema, the result of creative and technical work. The term "trailer" dates back to the distribution of movies on reels of film. The that is tv show

  • Andy Appleseed
    Andy Appleseed 8 months ago

    Looks Dope Cant't wait to see it !!!

  • Aven Ninja
    Aven Ninja 8 months ago

    Who watches this junk?

  • Black Joker
    Black Joker 8 months ago

    0:25 song?

  • Heleve Joergon
    Heleve Joergon 8 months ago

    I have zero interest in this type of show. Goodbye black people, enjoy da show

  • xTanionaTx cic
    xTanionaTx cic 8 months ago

    Acting Level over Negative 9000